Naruto: Shinobi of Lust

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Chapter 8

Inuzuka Compound

Naruto is in deep shit now; he managed to lose the raging mob of the Hyuuga, which was extremely complicated as their Byakugan was on his tail at all times. But now he is surrounded by a small pack of growling dogs, 3 young identical triplets and an older bluish grey and white one with only one ear and wearing an eye patch. Naruto is now cornered and still in his underwear, a humiliating way to die by mauling from dogs.

This is it for me; I mean I do like dogs, I use to play with the 3 puppies that Kiba's sister has and Tsume-san's companion was nice to me, even Akamaru, despite that he's with that bastard Kiba thought Naruto as the dogs are getting closer and closer towards him.

As Naruto closed his eyes and waits for the sharp fangs to tear him up to shreds, the dogs them pounce on him, and starts to lick his face. Naruto opened his eyes and sees that the 3 dogs are happily licking his face and wagging their tails. The older dog is just sitting there, panting with his tongue out. Then he recognized those dogs and smiles.

"Hello guys" said Naruto as he strokes the first dog's ear and gets a happy bark in response. "My you 3 have grown, and hello to you too, Kuromaru"

"Bark Bark (Hello Naruto)" barks Kuromaru as he looks at Naruto wonders why he's in his underwear.

"Hello there, young kit"

Naruto looks up to see the owner of the Compound; Tsume Inuzuka, matriarch of the Inuzuka clan and (to Naruto opinion) sexy Mother of Kiba's. Naruto stood up and bows to Tsume in respect.

"Hello Tsume-san, I'm sorry for breaking and entering" said Naruto

"Nonsense, you are always welcome to visit here, but I never expected to see you in your underwear though" said Tsume smirking

"Sorry" said Naruto sheepishly as he rubs the back of his neck "I had some trouble"

"Oh, you did a no-no with Hiashi's daughters" said Tsume

"How did you know?" said Naruto

"I can smell their scent on you, both of them; I'm impressed" said Tsume "Come, you'll catch a cold and I have some spare clothing you can borrow"

"Great I get to look and smell like Kiba" grumbles Naruto

Tsume laughs at Naruto's little joke as the blond enters the living room

"Speaking of dog breath, where is he?" said Naruto

"He's taking a walk with Akamaru and won't be back until afternoon when he finishes meeting with his new sensei" said Tsume "Would you like some breakfast, I bet you hadn't had anything to eat"

"Please" said Naruto "I am a bit hungry"

"I would say more than a bit" said Tsume as she enters the kitchen and starts making breakfast. "I know when a child is hungry; you might call it a mother's instinct. I'll also give you some clothes for you to wear so you can go to the academy to meet with your sensei"

"So you heard that I passed the exam" said Naruto

"Of course, I'm quite proud of you and I bet your mother would be too, kami rest her soul" said Tsume

"You knew my mother" said Naruto as he saw Tsume arrive with a plate and places it on the table.

"Not just knew her; she was one of my best friends back in the academy days; even you do resemble your father, but her tomboyish attitude and glutton for trouble...not to mention ramen was inherited to you" said Tsume "Yep, you look like your father but act like dear sweet Kushina"

"Kushina, that's a nice name" said Naruto until he realised and remembered that name in the history books years ago when he was still at the academy "WAIT, KUSHINA AS IN "RED DEATH" KUSHINA!"

"Yep, before she earned that name, we use to call her "Tomato" or "Hot Red Habanero" due to her temper" said Tsume as she laughs at those days. "She was very cute with she pouts and we call her a very cute Tomato; not she grew into a beautiful woman and was lucky to have married that Baka Minato...Oops"

Tsume closed her mouth as she spoke too much, revealing the name of the Yondaime, Naruto widened his eyes as he heard Tsume said that name and added 2 and 2 together.

"That means I'm the Yondaime's son" said Naruto surprised

"Hai" said Tsume sighing until she turns her head at Naruto "Naruto, whatever you heard must remain a secret, if everyone finds out, then that information would reach outside the village and possible reach Iwa. If Iwa finds out that you're Minato's son, then they'll do anything to have you annihilated since Minato was known to slaughter thousands of Iwa ninjas back in the Shinobi war and earned his title "Yellow Flash" even your mother earned her reputation as "Red Death" back when we were at war against Kumo and Kiri, although Kiri respects her for her skilled swordsmanship."

"I understand" said Naruto "I bet Oji-san knew about this and never told me so he could protect me; perhaps he'll tell me when I probably get older or reach Chunnin level. But at least I know one thing"

"What is that?" said Tsume

"That my parents loved me so much" said Naruto as tears starts to seep out and a smile appeared on his face.

Tsume then gives Naruto a comforting hug and lets him cry on her; she pats his back and comforts him.

You don't need to worry about your son hating you, Kushi-chan thought Tsume He forgives you and always love you

It took Naruto 10 minutes to calm down and starts eating breakfast while Tsume finds some clothes for him to wear as he can't walk through the streets in only his green boxers with the orange spirals everywhere. Tsume returns with a change of clothes for Naruto; they are black ninja pants and a leather jacket with a fury white collar, no doubt that's an Inuzuka style but it's better than nothing.

"Here, luckily my bastard of an ex-husband left these lying around and I was about to throw them away" said Tsume as she gives them to Naruto and leaves the room so she can give the blonde some privacy to change. Naruto tried them on and surprisingly it fits him perfectly.

"Wow, it's like they were made for me" said Naruto until he was curious "What happened you your husband"

"The bastard is dead" said Tsume

"Oh, was it during the Kyuubi incident" said Naruto, feeling guilty about that day

"Ha, I wish" said Tsume "Killed him myself, he was a stubborn, selfish and a disrespectful son of a bitch; made my life a living hell. I killed him in his sleep months after I had Kiba. Hana helped dispose of the body, threw him in the river and left become food for the wolves"

"Did Oji-san know about this?" said Naruto

"He gave us his blessing as he to personally hate him" said Tsume "He even gave his a forged death certificate, telling that he was KIA and the ANBU burned is body to preserve the clan's secrets"

"I'm surprised that you didn't kill Kiba" said Naruto as he puts on the jacket

"Yeah I keep telling myself the same thing" said Tsume "He acts like that bastard but he's still a young pup and I can break him into an obedient one"

"Good luck" said Naruto sarcastically as he is fully dressed "I'm ready now"

Tsume turns and raised her brow as she saw Naruto in her ex-husband's clothes.

"Wow, they look good on you than that bastard" said Tsume doing a lustful growl "Shame you have to go or I would jump on you and ravish you right here and now"

"I'll take that as a compliment" said Naruto until he saw the clock and panics "Oh shit, I'm gonna be late; I gotta go. Thanks for your hospitality"

"No problem" said Tsume "Please do visit after the your team meeting"

"I will" said Naruto as he then opens the door, checks if no angry mobs or even Hiashi is in the area before he runs to the academy. "Tell Hana I said Hi"

"I will" said Tsume as she watches Naruto leave and smiles at him; then she looks at the sky and smirks at it. "Is it "that" time already; well then, I might use this for my advantage when Naruto comes back? I bet Hana would be thrilled to see him again during those visits he makes in her little vet."

"Bark (Tsume-sama)" barks Kuromaru, luckily the Inuzuka understands what their canine companions are talking about. "Bark, bark, bark (Surely you're not gonna do THAT to Naruto, what if Kiba finds out?)"

"Don't worry, Kuromaru; Kiba knows that he has to leave the compound for a few days" said Tsume "That'll gave both of us the advantage; I don't want the young kit to be chased by my baka of a son"

"Bark (I see)" barks Kuromaru

Ninja Academy

Naruto arrives at the academy and still in one piece; he was lucky that the Hyuugas lost interest of the "fox hunt" he would quote and return home in their beds. Naruto sat on his usual seat while other graduates enter the classroom and sit next to their friends, 2 certain fan girls barged in like they're in some sort of race, an Emo broods around the corner, a lazy genius and his fa… (*gets a death glare from Choji*)...I mean Big boned friend just minding their own business, along with a Shino being...Shino and Kiba is with his K9 companion Akamaru.

Naruto is just minding his own business until hears a familiar voice and turns to see Hinata running towards him.

"NARUTO-KUN!" shouts Hinata happily as she hugs and kisses Naruto; Naruto also shares the kiss and hug as he did miss her a bit. "Oh thank god you're alright"

"Don't worry about me; there is nothing that can stop me" said Naruto as mores aside and lets Hinata sit next to him. Everyone was shocked to see Hinata with Naruto, sure they know she likes him but usual she just keep her distance and hesitate to get close to him. But now she's with him and not a hint of nervousness on her face; this made a certain Dog boy jealous as he got up from his seat and couched on the desk in front of Naruto, staring close to his face. "What?"

"What's the big idea?" said Kiba "Usually Hinata is too shy to get even close to you, so what happened; did you fuck her or something"

"I don't see that's none of your business, Dog breath" said Naruto as he and Kiba start glaring daggers.

"Huh, what's going on?" said Sakura curious as she stops fighting Ino about something stupid like who will be Sasuke's future wife or something like that.

"I don't know" said Ino "Let's go and see

Sakura and Ino take a keep and sees Naruto and Kiba in a staring contest; electric sparks comes out from their eyes as they truely despise each other.

"Fuck off, Dog boy" said Naruto calmly but with anger in his voice

"Make me, Dead last" said Kiba

"HA HA, NO WAY" said a random Graduate talking to another random graduate as he accidently pushes Kiba until he realised. "Oh sorry about that"

Silence covers the room as something un-expecting and...I would say Forbidden has happened. The random graduate pushed Kiba so far that it made the Dog boy smack his lips to Naruto's. And after a few seconds, both of them scream in terror and starts gagging.

"DAMN IT KIBA, YOU TASTE LIKE DOG FOOD" said Naruto gagging from that "Kiss" Kiba gave him "AND YOU DIDN'T BRUSH YOUR TEETH!"

"YOU CAN TALK, RAMEN BREATH!" gags Kiba as he wipe his tongue with his sleeve until he felt killer intent in their air; Kiba turns to see Hinata, with her eyes covered in shadows, shrouded with a hateful aura and her voice in a low and angry growl. But she is not alone; surprisingly Sakura, Ino and mostly the female graduates are doing the same thing.

"Beg, beg for mercy Kiba" said Hinata in a dangerously low voice

Oh shit thought Kiba scared shitless

A few minutes as passed and Iruka has arrived; Kiba was covered with lumps, bruises and has a black eye, muttering "I hate everything" before he collapses with his hands covering his balls as they were horribly abused by angry shoes.

Naruto however is having a great time; not only Hinata "avenged" him but so did Sakura and Ino, who were supposed to be Sasuke fans. But he just shrugs and cuddles with Hinata who is resting her head on him.

"Okay, I would like to say welcome back" said Iruka "I am here to announce the teams and call out their names. Team 1..."

Hokage Tower

"No" said Sarutobi "I will not execute Naruto for sleeping with your daughters"

"But he basically raped them, that's what demons do; rape virgins" said Hiashi

"That's just bullshit" said Sarutobi "Where does that say that "Demons rape virgins"; stop talking bollocks and get out, you're wasting my time"

"But..." said Hiashi

"I said GET OUT!" shouts Sarutobi as he then kicks Hiashi out the window, Hiashi does a Wilhelm scream and was sent flying. He sighs as he takes a puff out from his pipe. "I should've given him a month long mission. Or perhaps 2 months' worth of D rank missions Mwa ha ha ha"

Ninja Academy

" 7, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno" said Iruka

"WHAT?" shouts Naruto and Hinata

"YEAH, I'M WITH SASUKE-KUN!" said Sakura happily AND NARUTO-KUN TOO... wait, where did that come from; he's a baka, a blond, hot, sexy, fuckable baka and mmm...WHAT THE FUCK!


I won't be with Naruto-kun thought Hinata sadly and disappointed as she rest her head on Naruto while she feels him stroking her hair.

Why, I want to be with Hinata-chan thought Naruto until he sighs and whispers "I'll come and visit you and Hanabi-chan; okay?"

"Hai" said Hinata happily, she may not be in the same team as Naruto but at least she gets to spend some time with him when he has the time.

"Don't forget about me, Naruto-kun" said Kyuubi in Naruto's mind

I won't thought Naruto

"Team 8, Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame...and (Kami forgive us) Kiba Inuzuka" said Iruka

"WHOO HOOO!" shouts Kiba until he feels a killer intent from Hinata again and flinches in fear "I mean, Sorry about that Hinata, he he he"

Baka thought Shino shaking his head at Kiba

"All man, Sakura gets Sasuke and Naruto in her team" whines Ino "damn bitch"

"I don't get it, what's so special about them" said Shikamaru at Ino

"This was about to be the greatest opportunity for me, don't you understand how I feel?" said Ino

"No I don't, because I'm not a girl" said Shikamaru lazily as he rest is head on the desk.

Ino growls at the lazy genius until she smirks at him

"I pity you, I wouldn't be in your team" said Ino

"Team 10, Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara..." said Iruka

"HUH?" said Ino in shock

"You wouldn't be in "whose" team?" mocks Shikamaru with a smirk on his face

"Piss off, Shikamaru" mutters Ino

"…and Choji Akamichi

AGH, NOT FOOD BOY thought Ino in shock

Choji narrows his eyes as he felt someone insulting his weight but shrugs and continues scoffing his packet of crisp.

"Now that your names are spoken, your appointed sensei will arrive to pick you up" said Iruka "And good luck on your future as Shinobi of Konoha"

3 Hours later

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are what are left in the classroom; Naruto can take a really good guess who his sensei is going to be. Naruto waits patiently into his seat while Sakura growls angrily as he patient is running short and Sasuke usually broods like an Emo with a duck ass shaped hair. The ticking of the wall clock echoes in the room and the tense is killing the pink haired Kunoichi.

"Grr, why is he LATE!" shouts Sakura "It's been 3 hours now"

"I don't know" said Naruto shrugging "He must have a reason for being late"

"He'd better" said Sakura

"Hn" said Sasuke until the door opens and Kakashi pop his head out and smiles at the 3 genin

"Yo" said Kakashi

"Yo" said Naruto

"My first impression is… I hate those 2 and nice to meet you again Naruto" said Kakashi "Meet me at the roof in 5 minutes"


The 3 Genin arrived at the roof, began their introductions; Kakashi goes first but it didn't go quite well as they only know about him was his name. Naruto went first, told the team that he likes Ramen, training and spending his free time with his friends. His dislikes were disrespectful bastards, those who just use women and a certain Dog that tainted his mouth. His dreams are to become Hokage and have a family; Kakashi smiles at Naruto's honest introduction, but he wasn't sure about Sakura and Sasuke's though, all they care is about Revenge and Fan-girl blabber.

After the introduction, Kakashi told his new team that they will be tested if they are worthy enough to be ninja; he said that they will meet at Training Ground 7 at 6 in the morning "without" breakfast. Of course Naruto knew what Kakashi meant and disobeyed that order and decided to eat breakfast and arrive a 9 in the morning since he knew Kakashi too well.

Team 7 is dismissed and return to do their usual thing; Naruto decided to pay Hinata and Hanabi a visit but he forgot that Hiashi is here so meeting them is impossible and no doubt the Hyuuga head has put high security around his compound. So he decided to kill time by training in the woods until it gets dark; he removes his new jacket and shirt so he can begin doing push-ups, sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks and chin-ups with the help from thick strong branches of the trees. He even spars with his own Shadow Clones to gain strength, stamina and endurance, also gain experience from the gathered information from the dispelling clones.

At night

He does this until the sky turns dark and the stars appears in the sky, not to mention a full moon beaming brightly. He then starts to grunt in pain, he clutches his stomach like he has cramp and collapses on the cool grass and starts screaming quietly.

Ah, what's happening to me thought Naruto in pain as he looks at his hands and his nails starts to grow and sharpen. Kyuu-chan, what are you doing?

"Oh my, is it "that" time already?" said Kyuubi as she then starts to feel hot all over. "Oh you are in for a treat, Naruto-kun"

What do you mean, and what the hell is happening to me thought Naruto as his fangs starts to elongate and starts to taste blood in his mouth. Then he hears a rip at the back of his pants and a 2 foot long fox tail popped out. Oh god, I have a tail

"Wow, you look hotter than before" said Kyuubi "But don't worry, the change is only for tonight; you'll be back to normal in the morning. Have fun"

Wait, what do you mean "have fun" thought Naruto as he tries to get a answer from Kyuubi but gets no response. Kyu-chan, Kyu-chan, KYU-CHAAAAAGH!

"RAH!" howls Naruto as he stands up and howls at the moon; his eyes are now a mixture of pink and red.

Somewhere in the forest, 2 figures are lying on the ground, grunting in pain as they are getting the similar changes but dog features instead of a fox; the moon's celestial light shines on them to reveal Tsume and her daughter Hana. They are stripped of their clothes and becoming more feral than ever, their tails are a brown like their hair and their nails and fangs grew longer and sharper than they were before.

"Damn it, I can't get use of this every year" grunts a now feral Hana as she opens her eyes, now wolf-like and more feral.

"Oh you'll get used to it" said Tsume as she moans from the heat in her body and starts moaning. "I remember my first time of the season, very painful and wait for either a male to come or until morning. Oh god I could go for a nice fuck right now"

"Me too; and I'm still a virgin" said Hana

"It's even worse for virgins" said Tsume until she caught a scent in the air and hear a howling. "I know that scent and howl anywhere"

"So it's happening to him too" said Hana as she and Tsume stayed where they are for a few more seconds until they both dash swiftly with their newly formed tails wagging happily. "Dibs on his cock"

"Fat chance, Hot Sexy MILF goes first" said Tsume

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