The Beginning of the Ending

12th of January, Earthrealm Year 2003

Act 1

Kitana's POV

I could feel my heart thudding against the wall of my chest.

I stood rigidly at the forefront of the gathered forces of light, closest beside the shaman Nightwolf, my old ally Kung Lao, and the electronic warrior Cyrax. Any moment now, the Forces of Darkness would come in masses equal to ours over the arid horizon, just as my lookouts had told us.

It seemed like all of the chaos that brought us here had only transpired in a few mere days instead of over the past six months. From the time I came home from the last battle in Outworld, it feels that all I've been doing is trying to unravel why this was all happening to my kingdom, and if anything could be done to stop it. I uncovered the truth of the prophecy: The demigod sons of our god Argus suspended within Earthrealm were meant to compete in a twisted contest to become their father's successor, and to prevent the apocalypse. Intelligence reports state that both brothers have finally returned to Edenia...

Now all we must do is keep others from reaching the firespawn, much easier said than done.

If that were not enough, I had a personal mission... one that only a handful of us all shared. It was a few days after I had returned home in the middle of the night when he came to me. I could hear his warm, caring voice calling my name, stirring me from sleep. Slowly I opened my eyes... and I could not believe the sight before me. I rubbed my eyes incesantly and blinked, but he was still there, and immediately a surge of joy spread through me. It was the spirit of my beloved, the former Champion of Mortal Kombat... Liu Kang, levitating before me in the form of a translucent, astral image. Immediately my joy was subdued with sadness. Here was the man I love, right before me, yet still so far away. I had seen him but days before, when he freed me and our other allies from Onaga's entrapment, and even then, the moment was still bittersweet.

Liu then began to tell me dark things. He told me that his body had been reanimated, and had been sent on some sort of rampage throughout Earthrealm. He did not tell me more than that, but I could tell there was far more to it. His face reflected so much anguish. Part of me wondered if it was just appearing before me in this state, or if it was something worse.

I knew then that I had to help him in some way. And then we came to the conclusion that whatever forces were manipulating him, they were more than likely after Blaze's power as well, and we would likely meet on the day we were to all come together in conflict.

Now that day has come.

"They are coming." Kung Lao suddenly whispered to me, startling me out of my thoughts. Blinking against the dust stirring in the air, my eyes focused on a mass of specs suddenly appearing on the horizon. As they drew closer, their forms became more distinguishable, and I felt my breath catch. I knew total chaos was moments away, perhaps the bloodiest fight I have ever witnessed, even in my several centuries of life. Drawing a deep breath to steel myself. I looked behind me though our gathered forces until I spotted my mother several meters behind me in the crowd. She met my gaze, and although her eyes are solid white, I could still see the agitation clear on her features. Not far from her was Jade, whose face was unreadable. She had cleared her mind and was focused on the task ahead, and I turned about to face the now clear silhouettes moving steadily closer. Hardening my gaze, I took the initiative and stepped forward, and slowly others followed. We stepped cautiously at first, the other side seeming to mirror us. Both our paces quickened, and soon, without realizing it, we were charging towards one another.

I have to survive this.

Before Kitana knew it she was on the ground. The left side of her entire head was throbbing, and she could taste the metallic saltiness of blood filling her mouth.

Within a matter of moments after charging into battle, she found herself facing a familiar enemy; the Black Dragon thug Kano. Kitana was able to best him quickly, and then she was caught off guard by Kintaro. All it took was one mighty blow from the Tiger-Shokan's fist to send her flying. She landed onto the dry, cracked earth with a crash, and she was so badly jarred that she thought the blow would kill her.

An odd foot with three splayed toes lunging down upon her snapped her back, and she quickly rolled out of the way and reflexively jerked up to her feet. Kitana spat the blood from her mouth and immediately took her stance when she found herself faced by Reptile, now even more reduced to a primative, lizard-like state than before. The creature hissed, his long tongue lashing out of his malicious grin, and grotesque streams of acidic saliva streaming from his mouth. Even the Tarkata were less hideous in the mind of the Edenian Princess.

Reptile snarled and lunged first, and Kitana was easily able to evade and send a roundhouse kick to the back of his head that sent him face-first into the dust. He recovered quickly and lunged at her again, and they traded and parried blows.

Even in this state, he is still in control. He must have been preparing, Kitana thought.

Suddenly the ground shook violently, and a massive structure burst through it and raised into the air. Kitana, and all of the other warriors on the battle ground briefly stopped dead in their tracks to marvel. The tessen wielder knew what it was that had appeared before them: It was the Pyramid of Argus, upon which was the source of why they all congregated here. A massive flame suddenly ignited at the top of the pyramid, and the clouds darkened and swirled about it. That seemingly diminutive flame was the key to resolving all of the chaos brought about in the past few centuries... or it was the key to completely obliterating everything if it fell into the wrong hands.

The madness quickly ensued again, and this time it was even worse.

Kitana had to practically throw herself out of the way as a rush of other warriors suddenly began racing up the pyramid. She had to stop them: Only one of the prohesized sons could inherit Blaze's power. The warrior princess pulled herself up quickly and drew her trusted weapons from the holsters in her high boots, charging towards the bottom of the pyramid. She slashed and kicked several fighters aside, fighing her way through until she spotted Kung Lao and Sub Zero appearing to try and hold other warriors back. She attempted to rush in and lend her aid, but suddenly a warrior was knocked from atop the structure and landed right before her. He landed with a thud that made her cringe, and she could swear she heard a few sickly crackles that were no doubt bones giving way. Kitana knelt and recognized it was the Earthrealm policeman Kurtis Stryker. The poor man was groaning in pain, clutching at his left arm and side, which he landed upon.

"Hold on Kurtis. I'm going to try and move you away." Kitana reassured.

Slowly helping the man to his feet, she encouraged him to wrap his good arm around her shoulders and give her leverage to help him walk. She slowly led the man to a boulder well out of the way and helped him ease to the ground. He winced and groaned painfully the whole time, but he seemed stable enough.

"This shit is fucking crazy." Stryker rasped, clutching his side more fiercely when he spoke. Kitana quickly shushed him.

"Do not talk, you'll aggravate your injuries all the more." she said sternly. "I'm going back in."

She quickly charged back into the battle zone and once again spotted her allies continuing to keep others back. Many more had been pushed from the pyramid, lying in writhing or dead heaps on the ground. Some were nimble enough to maneuver and keep from suffering major damage, and they continued to fight on the ground. She looked about searchingly for a moment, trying to see if she could spot some vestage of Liu's body walking about.

In her distraction, Kitana did not see Shao Kahn looming behind her, his Wrath Hammer poised to strike.

"So good to see you again Daughter..." he sneered. Kitana gasped and whirled about, trying her best to maneuver herself out of the way. The hammer still hit pretty hard in her left side, and she felt a few ribs crack, but her quick shifting of possition partially spared her the worst. She crumpled to her knees, clutching painfully at her side. She clenched her eyes shut, sure that he would bring that accursed weapon down upon her skull next: But instead he leapt completely clear of her, launching himself up onto the second level of the pyramid in one, massive bound. Kitana struggled to her feet as she watched her stepfather briefly duel his formerly most trusted servant; Shang Tsung. With surprising ease, the sorcerer evaded the Emperor's powerful swings. Tsung found an opening quickly and then kicked his adversary directly in his gut; relieving him of his weapon and nearly even sending him off the ledge. What happened next made Kitana's eyes widen in shock.

Like a bird of prey swooping down to claim it's unsuspecting victim, Onaga suddenly flew down and grasped Kahn in his clutches, and just as promptly flew away with the Emperor dangling and screaming helplessly in his claws. It was almost too quick and too easy to believe, and all Kitana could do gawk in pure disbelief of what she had just seen.

'There is no way it could be that easy...' she thought in foreboding.

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