My Final Thoughts…

Whew, I did it! *Pumps fist in victory* I finally finished this story.

Now that this installment is over, even though I'm feeling very accomplished, I feel a little sad too. I mean, I've invested nearly 13 months into this thing (damn, that is WAY longer than I planned…), so I feel kind of attached to it. But thankfully the Peace Millennium Saga is… well, just that, a SAGA. So there will be more installments in the future. I plan on writing at least 3 more longer stories for it, and there will be more little 'interludes' scattered all throughout; from quick drabbles like "Jitters", to maybe a few short, three or four chapter bits.

This story… It was just going to be something quick. I went into this planning on writing a fairly short and simple Liu Kang/Kitana story in which they rekindle their romance and eventually live happily ever after; the end. But then I started thinking… that's boring and cliché as hell, I can add on this! And thus the ideas started coming. I thought of how Kitana had been showing signs of falling apart in MKU and decided to go on that. Then I thought of how Liu would likely be feeling some sort of trauma as well connected to his resurrection and expanded on that. Then I thought of how if Liu and Kitana got married, Liu would have to make big adjustments, then the Tanya thing popped in mind and was fed by a few readers. I sprinkled other characters in for balance… and then bam! A quick story I had anticipated being maybe ten chapters at the most ended up being almost twice as much. Aside from personal nit-picks and grammar issues, I really like how this came out. And I will fix all the grammar issues eventually.

Now on the subject of future works; I've got good news and bad.

The first bit of good news is that I'm already blocking out the next installment of the saga. As of now, and it's not set in stone (so don't bash me if you hate it), I am thinking of calling it "Debut of a Prince." This story will follow Liu and Kitana throughout the first year of their marriage, and will focus mostly on our favorite MK Champ as he settles into his new responsibilities, goes through his knightly training, and other things you all will have to wait and see ^_^ And no, one of those things WON'T be a baby… not yet.

Btw, I wasn't trying to make Sonya and Johnny's bundle a secret to the readers… just within the story, but I digress.

Anyway, I'll give my bad news in the middle: Rise of a Queen will be deleted right after I post this. Why? Because I am rewriting it, including what I have so far. Since this story is about characters you see hardly anything about in the fan base, and there is so little information for them, I've found myself stumbling when I started writing it. I actually have a developed plan for it now, and when I feel it's time to execute it I will. I apologize to the few people who were really eager to see that one develop.

More good news; I will be finishing "Eyes," fairly soon, but it'll only have maybe two or three more chapters. And I'll likely start on "Chronicles of Liutana II" sometime after New Years. When the inspiration strikes, I'll write for "Anecdotes of Warriors" from time to time.

I've had a few ideas on other stories I want to try too, some that I'll write to break up the Liutana stories. I've had an idea for a story about when Kitana learns to use the steel fans for a while that I know for sure I will write. I think I also want to write a story about a young Liu Kang training with Bo Rai Cho as well (think what you will, I see potential in the drunken bastard).

Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to thank all my readers and reviewers, not just here but on all of my works here on the site. Thank you for enjoying something I do purely for the pleasure of it. Thank you for giving me your advice and feedback. I was really nervous when I started writing here because in this community people aren't afraid to be completely, and sometimes brutally honest. Which I understand, hell I'm a really blunt person myself. I had no idea people would receive my nerdy little take on someone else's work so very well. I'd especially like to thank my 3 most consistent reviewers; my online buddy ULTIMATEbudokai3, you've been reading from day 1, Spider-2099 thank you for always making me laugh, and to Ragnarok 666, thanks for all your input and deep thought. And thanks to Sunrose22 for including this story in their community "The Readable MK Stories"

I will be taking a break from writing for a while. I might pop out the odd oneshot if inspiration calls, and dropping reviews here and there in the meantime. Again, thank all of you guys so much, and I hope you all enjoy your holidays.

Okay, I'm done bearing my soul. Please share your final thoughts with me. I'm off for now, but I'll be back!