So I am stuck writing the next installment of the one constant but had this swishing around in my head.

Eureka and it's characters are not mine.

"Carter, you have to help me!" Fargo came running into the Sheriff's office and ducked behind Andy's desk.

"Oh this can't be good." A confused Carter mumbled as he rolled his chair to where he could see his visitor. "What's the problem?"

He pushed his glasses up his nose. "I don't know what to tell them and they won't leave me alone. He keeps saying he should have it the downstairs basement. She says hobbies should be in the basement. Then he drones on and on about how his home lab isn't about having a hobby but work. And she says that the house should be about home and the lab should still be in the basement. She says she won't approve the off site permit until he agrees to the basement and he wants me to override her decision" Quickly gasping for air he looked at Carter. "So what advice should I give them?"

More confused then ever Carter said. "Ok first breath. I have no idea who or what you are talking about. So start over slowly."

"It's Jo and Zane. Apparently Zane is moving into her house and he wants a home lab. Jo wants him to use the others side of the basement. Because her gun collection and shooting range are on one side and he should use the other.

"Ahh the hobbies thing" Carter nodded some of the pieces falling into place.

"Zane says it's more practical to have it on the first floor for better access. Jo is livid because that's just not how things should be done. Zane's mad because she's not listening and both are coming to me as a mediator. What do I do? Help!'

Carter blinked at Fargo for a second. The corners of his mouth rose slowly and the laughter began to bubble out. Soon it was uncontrollable, tears streamed down Carters face. He tried wiping them away but they just kept coming. After about 10 minutes the fit finally wound down. "I'm sorry." He was still suppressing giggles. "I'm just so glad I'm not the one stuck in middle any more. Best thing about the timeline shift."

"But what do I tell them." Fargo asked.

"To grow up and stop fighting. Tell Zane if he puts his lab in the basement then he will get to watch her clean her guns. He'll like that Idea. And usually if he lets her see it as her win, she's appreciative." Carter shuddered at the thought.

"Oh that's good." He perked up a little "What do I do next time?"

"Do what I always did. Nod look concerned and don't tell them the other one is wrong. They end up comparing notes anyway. Oh and whatever you do, don't le Jo actually kill him. Or hide and have your house tell them your not home even when your jeep is parked outside."

Hail to the chief echoed through the office as Fargo phone went off and he jumped two feet in the air.

"It's Zane." He pointed at the phone.

"Remember Jo is appreciative." Carter laughed again as Fargo walked out of the office on the phone. "Seriously glad it's not me."