Hard to Please


He felt the impact of the word rather than he heard it, his body becoming limp, his mind blank. Severus felt his legs slow, go limp, and then stop entirely. He stopped on his way towards the living room door and stood still, a black statue outlined against the light of the fire in her hearth. His eyes were unfocused and a sudden panic rose inside him – he could not move. His wand was in his pocket, unraised, his arms unlifted, his eyes could only stare emptily into a middle-distance which contained nothing but shadow and now, a shape, gently moving closer until it melted into sharp contrast – red against almost white skin against faded black silk.

"Aren't you going to fight, Severus?" the red mouth in front of him grinned with a sudden pleasure, and Bellatrix' wiry hair shook as she laughed without sound. Severus could not raise his eyes any higher, his head was bowed. Whatever command he gave his legs or arms, they did not respond, he stayed frozen, as though he wanted to stay right here. Everything was alright, something suggested, I should stay here. His eyes were transfixed, staring at the tiny silken creases in the lower lip right in front of him as it moved, baring and concealing teeth that had once been white, and once not been cracked as she spoke.

"I see you do not. The Dark Lord thinks you should be rewarded, and I think so, too."

He tried summoning all his strength not to raise his arm when she jerked her wand clumsily, to no avail. Bellatrix had a mind like a vice, and in it he squirreled and moved awkwardly, like a mouse in a trap. Not quite dead, but not able to move away, either, and also strangely unwilling, aware of the dull pain that throbbed and waited right outside this bubble of motionlessness.

Suddenly, jerkily, his arm raised and his palm turned to grab one of her breasts, clad in expensive, yet stained silks. He knew that this had once been her mother's bodice, and concentrated on the thought rather than the feeling of the hardened nipple poking through the lush fabric under his awkward, spell-induced grope.

"I grant you permission," she said, her voice suddenly a pitch deeper than he was used to. "I know you've been wanting to do this for quite some time, I saw you looking at me like this. And now, youmay."

Her voice was grand, and to underline the effect of her words, she jerked her wand to raise his other arm, placing his palm squarely on her other breast. Shame flooded him as he realized that there were emotions coursing through him that he had not anticipated. This was Bellatrix, he reminded himself. He hated her, he hated everything she stood for, but now, he was inside a cocoon of scents – slightly unwashed hair, the strangely dusty smell of her garments which had once belonged to her mother, a sharp scent that he had come to associate with her and which may have been anything from too much of a musky perfume to her unwashed body, which now pressed against his willing palm.

He felt the heat well up and winced. Desperately, Severus fought. He tried desperately to close his mind against the sudden onslaught of feeling welling up inside him as he felt how the small nipples moved against the fabric under it as she guided his hand to circlingly massage her breasts, a crude motion, too direct, too rough, almost painful in its intensity. He tried to close his ears against her breath, which had started to get choppy. Severus imagined himself away. In his mind, he was docking points from Gryffindor. He was riding a broomstick and about to be sick as the ground tilted away. He was squashing a big, slimy, brown bullfrog with his bare hand which writhed under his grips before the organs exploded out of its mouth. He managed to grip the breasts in his hands slightly harder and almost managed to pinch the nipples under the flowery, dark grey silk.

"Stop," she snapped and stepped back, her wand slicing through the air. The sharp pain on both his hands would have made him wince if it had not been Bellatrix to control his actions – he remained limp, watching as she moved closer, again, her mouth opened slightly and put one of her icy cold fingers against his topmost button, right under his throat.

He panicked as he felt his air supply constricted by the pressure of her finger against his throat.

"So eager," she murmured, her voice again in the sudden low cadence, trying to look into his eyes. He could not focus on them, they were too close. "I need to slow you down."

His throat had started aching, he could not move a limb, and all he could see was the unfocused red mouth on front of his eyes, a nervous twitch in the left corner. His heartbeat fought against her grip and he could feel his throat aching as less and less air arrived in his lungs.
His lungs, unfazed by the spell that had grasped his mind, were fighting desperately for air, his breathing becoming choppy and more rapid. Her finger pressed onward, into his airpipe, causing a dull ache to well up at the back of his throat.

Inside, Severus panicked. He flung himself against the soft, cotton-candy silence inside his mind and tried to wrestle his willpower from her grip. He failed, her control would too tightly around his. The attack seemed to have deprived Bellatrix of a desire to strangle him further and she opened to top button of his robes. The sudden space around him made him almost feel dizzy with relief, and now she bowed down slightly, so that he could look into her slightly widened, hazel coloured eyes, which were smudged with eye-liner. Her breath was slightly rancid against his cheek when she spoke.

"There, there, don't fear, we're going to get there eventually. See, you have an awfully large amount of buttons, Snape."

She meaningfully looked down, then he was again forced to look into her eyes, as she raised both hands and swiftly unbuttoned his robes up to his chest. The cool air against his bare, white flesh made him feel all the more exposed, and the feeling of her single, white finger against his pale skin repulsed him almost as though she was flinging frog entrails against his chest.

"Pale, you are," she stated the obvious and then lowered her head, leaving him with a view of her crow's nest hairstyle as she started kissing his chest with a mouth that was unanticipatedly warm. Again, he concentrated on thoughts elsewhere -bullfrog entrails, the feeling of spells hitting his chest, his students, fearfully anticipating his wrath, but as a rough tongue flicked gently against his nipple, he felt his control slipping.

Instantly, she raised her head again and took a deep look into his eyes, her hands slowly continuing their trail down his chest, button by button.

He hated her. Unable to move, she fixed his black, empty eyes with a look of triumph as her hands were working.

"See? I told you you would like this, Severus," she crooned. "It's not as though there is only one girl in this world, and she is dead, you see. It's not as though you can bring her back, thinking of her when you stroke yourself."

He threw all his willpower against the cotton candy-soft feeling as he felt his anger boil over. How dare she say these things? How dare she? In an instant of distractedness he managed to raise his hand, ready to slap her, but then it was too late, and the iron grasp of her mind was again around his tired will.

"Now, what was that going to be? You don't like me mentioning her? Well, whether you like it or not, she is dead, and your mooning over her is not going to bring you back, however much you want to kiss her ruby lips or stroke her fiery red hair and what not. She is dead, so you might as well find others to think about, it would help you concentrate."

She finished unbuttoning and he stood in front of her, exposed, only his underpants between her and his complete exposure. On cue, she stood back, looking him up and down, the grip of her mind keeping him from making any move – even his breathing became slightly harder.

Her eyes wandered from his head over his exposed, goosefleshy chest downwards and lingered on the bulge in his trousers, which, to his eternal shame, had become slightly larger than it should be in this situation. This was Bellatrix.