Me: hi all back again. I am afraid that if any of you saw my last fail attempt at a new story underworld battle I'm very sorry. I got some people saying it was bad thank you for it really if I didn't get them I would have been very embarrassed.

Lydia: Yep.

Me: anyway I'm trying again just with a different story.

Lydia: we do not own Pokemon READ ON!


Here We Go Again

May's POV

"Sooo, where the hell am I" I said looking up at a very old looking school where my mum and dad had dropped me off. I tok a map out of the school and walked to where I think the main office was but my geography has never been good.

"I think it's a left" I said flipping the map around "Or is it a right then up some stairs and then" I said getting more lost then a kid mindlessly running into a wood.

"Oh wait it's that way" I said walking forward but remember a map is in front of my face so I can't see where I'm going just keep that in mind.

"And then that way an-"I started but was stopped by a THUD and banged my head "Oh sh*t I'm sorry" I said holding my head trying to stop the swelling.

"You should be! You know who you just bumped into" This bitchy girl said getting why up in my personal area. I looked up to see a boy with grass green hair and emerald eyes to match. he look very high and mighty.

"Hey you ok?" He asked maybe he's nice.

"Yeah but do I have a bump on my head" I asked sheepishly.

"No just let me have a closer look" BANG he had hit me on the head right where the bump was "ha you really think I care" the boy said walking off with the bitchy girl and her friends.


"Thanks' Airhead" he said.

I found the main office in about half an hour the head talked to me told me what not to do and all the stuff I got the day off today to set up my room and stuff I was in Spain the house

There were 4 houses France, England, Germany and Spain. Spain had all popular people in so the head told me and the moment he did I thought Shit I'm not very lucky.

"Now room 3 ok and remember the rules" He said as I went out.

"Ok thanks" I said going to the house Spain I stood outside my room, room 3 and all I could think was 'Just sit there and be quiet is the best approach'.

I opened the door to a very Spanish looking room light painted walls big beds hand fans all over the place "Ok this is a pretty good room" I found the bed unoccupied and plopped my bag on "What time is it" I said looking around for a clock "Oh, 4 well my roommate's should be here soon great.

"Omg really that's well harsh Drew you don't just smack her on the head for all you know she could me are new roommate and will hate you" Someone said unlocking the door.

To show 3 girls and 4 boys the first girl had orange red hair that was in a side pony tail

The second was a girl with long blue hair that went down to her hips.

The third one had long brown hair much like me.

The 4 boys one had jet black hair one had saggy purple hair another had light brown spiky hair the last was grass head great even better.

"Airhead good to see ya" He laughed/smirked.

"So this was the girl… don't worry we can kill him together" The bluenet said.

"It's fine anyway hi I'm May it's nice to meet you all well most of you all" I said.

"What you saying you not want to see me airhead" Grass head said hugging my shoulder.

"Drew get the hell off her from now on she like are little sister and one thing big sisters do is keep them away from jerks like you". The red head said.

"Alright, alright" 'Drew' said holding up his arms.

"Anyway I'm Leaf this is Misty" Leaf said pointing to the red head "And that's Dawn" Pointing to the bluenet "This sad lump over here is Paul" Leaf said talking about the plum head guy. "This idol is Ash the nicest of them" Talking about the jet black hired guy "And the guy over there with the spiky hair is Gary" Leaf introduced everyone.

"Oh and him you can just keep calling him Grass head" She finished.

"Good cause I wasn't going to stop" I said and all the girls laughed with me.

"And May you know you're in the Spain house so your instil cool so you need anything come to us alright?" Dawn said.

"Yep thanks you guys it's nice to know I'm not going to be hated" I said.

"We could never hate you so anyway what do you like doing May?" Misty asked.

"Music it's about the only thing I'm good at" I laughed.

"Well who taught you?" Gary asked.

"A monkey is my guess" Drew said with a smirk.

"SHUT THE HELL UP DREW" Misty said getting a mallet and pounding him on the head.

"Nice I like you Misty" I laughed.

"Always here" Misty said with a thumbs up.

"Anyway I taught myself at my old school I didn't do much so no one notes me are helped me I just used an interment from school and taught myself" I said.

"What you play?" Leaf Ash asked.

"Hum piano, guitar, violin, flute, recorder, Drums, African drums, trumpet, cello, harp, clarinets and I like to sing" I said listing everything I played.

"….Wow" Everyone said.

"Well can you show us I only have a guitar but you know" Ash asked.

"Ok sure" I smiled Ash passed me a guitar and I tuned it and stared to strum Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing perfectly.

I finished and said. "I can do harder songs then that it's just there all like 'rock on' song that I don't like playing" I shrugged.


Me: that was crappie I promise next chapy it will be more fun.

Lydia: She promise