Me: hi all.

May: hey so the sports day today YAY

Drew: what the hell is a sports day anyway?

Me: well i live in England and a sports day is where we do lots of sports all as a school, like running, throwing, jumping things along that line. My best is 100 meter sprint and shot putt, i guess you can call it the Olympics but for kids.

May: cool

Drew: not really, India does not own the charters of this story just the story its self.

Me: READ ON! Oh and I've changed one of May's events to 400 meters.

Here We Go Again

May's POV

Well I guess today is the day to show off, well for the boy's. Sports day is like a day for all the boy's to show off as much as possible, it's always been that way, but somehow us girls enjoy it to, we join in have some fun, eat the food from our lunches, and cheer on our team mates and i have to say it's like being at the biggest football match off all time, with all the noise you may as well call us all over aged, fat, football obsessed, dads that drag their sons along to be just like them.

"So, May you all ready, Drew's hard to beat" Dawn smiled walking up to me with Misty as well as leaf.

"But you haven't seen me run yet I can be pretty fast when need to" I smirked. From over head we heard the speakers boom out the first event, which happened to be Brandon's witch meant he would be disqualified, like the rest of his team, but then yet we still had to watch out for the German house, there the one's that hurt you with no regrets.

"SO NOW WE HAVE THE GIRLS AND BOY'S LONG JUMP IN THE SPORTS HALL!" The speakers boomed out once more, me, Leaf, Dawn and Misty ran to the sports hall Dawn sprinted in fear that she would miss her event.

"You Go Dawn!" We cheered as Dawn walked up to the bar. She walked back a bit, her sports kit swaying ever so slightly.

Dawn, her long blue hair trailing behind her. She ran up, she jumped, the cheering stopped the talking ceased, we gapped as she was falling over the one meter bar.

"AND SHE'S MADE IT! DAWN IS NOW IN THE LEAD WITH 10 POINTS" The Man with the microphone shouted Dawn was always good at long jump or should I say so I've been told.

All the other contents had gone and it was now time for Brandon who wasn't here, and he was finally disqualified. So the round went again, not before the bottom place was out of the game, as for Dawn she was sawing at the top of the leader board you may as well call her an angle it's like she's flying over the bar, as it goes higher and higher and as the contestants shrink and shrink.

"SO IT'S NOW THE FINAL TWO DAWN, AGAINTS ZARA (Made up person)" Shouted the man in charge of the high jump. "FIRST WE HAVE THE ANGEL OF THE CONTEST DAWN!" he shouted again.

"COME ON DAWN!" We cheered the bar was now at two meters it was almost like Dawn was jumping over a door.

The silence entered the room again not even a pin drop was heard the only thing that smashed the silence was the loud cheer as Dawn made it over her angel like self-getting up off the bed, cheering herself running up to us with the biggest smile on her face.

"GUYS I DID IT I JUMPED OVER THE SAME HIGHT AS A DOOR!" She cheered with us. Zara look, angry she knew it would be a hard task to do, she was running up to the bar and the room went silence once more, showing the anger on Zara's face as she banged into the bar knowing she hadn't made it over and Dawn had won.

"AND DAWN IS THE WINNER OF THE BOY'S AND GIRL'S HIGH JUMP, JOIN US NEXT AT THE 400 METERs" The man cheered again running out of the sports hall, and to the track.

"You go May were with you all the way" Leaf smiled.

"You better get me an ice pop after I win" I laughed.

"Keep dreaming May" Drew smirked walking passed to get to the starting point.

"I think you need to wake up if you think you're winning" I came back with.

"I guess we will have to see wont we" Drew, still smirking and more in my face then before.

"YES WE WILL!" I shouted.

Drew said noting and walked on I ran after him not wanting to miss my event where I would beat Drew to a pulp.

"When you here the gun shot you can go" The man told us all. In the race was me, Drew, it should have been Marina from the French house along with Red, then from the German house it was N who may seem like a nice guy but is pretty mean, and we have Brianna I hadn't head of her much but she was giving me death glares.


We all ran as fast as possible, Brianna came into the lane next to me.

"NOW!" She cried just then someone in the crowed tried to trip me up.

"DAM YOU GERMAN!" I shouted as I dogged the trick. I slowed down to get my balance back, and Drew passed me.

"Come on May I thought you were going to beat me" Drew laughed running away.

"COME BACK HERE!" I shouted getting a sudden burst of energy. By this time Drew was at the front and me coming close behind, not only that but it was the last 100 meters of the race.

"COME ON MAY!" they cheered for me. I slowed down I was getting too tired. Then I got my 3rd wind when Drew told me.

"Hey come on May, don't die on me and make this race to easy for me" he was running backwards at this moment talking to me.

I smirked, "If you really want me to" The wind blew hard at the moment I started to run full pelt for the finish line Drew having to sprint with me so I didn't win the last thing I saw before I won was Drew giving me a smile.

"YAY MAY!" Dawn cheered as she ran up to me.

"We both won, we both won" we chanted.

"Looks like I have a really rival here" Walked up to us, "Good job May, just remember" Drew patted my head "long jump, I'm winning" he told me walking away.

"YEAH WE WILL HAVE TO SEE!" I shouted back.

"OK MAY COMEING FIRST IN THE 400 meters SAYS THAT IT'S TIME FOR THE SWIMMING 100 METERS!" The man shouted again. Who I heard was called MR Salthouse.

"Let's go Misty" We cheered going to the swimming pool.

"Thanks" Misty smiled.

This one was just for girls and boys were doing it at a different time. Misty sat at the edge off the pool feet in the water waiting to be told when to go, as you can tell all the boys were at this event because, girl+ swim suit = lots of reviling.

"At the sound of the gun you can go" MR Salthouse Misty, Melody from the French house, Ursula from the German house and some girl called Alice from the English house.


the gun roared and Misty, Melody, Ursula and Alice shot off much like the gun, flying into the water, and pounding it with the butterfly.

"MAY MAPLE PLEASE COME TO THE MAIN OFFICE!" The overhead speakers shouted, Misty who was still in the water as well as still in the race stopped to see what was happening along with Dawn, Leaf, Drew, Paul, Ash and Gary. All staring at me.

"I'll come to" Drew offered, I didn't know if it was out of niceness or if he was just noise but I let him come anyway.

The school grounds were almost empty in exception of a few lost travellers, known as year 7's, looking for the next event.

"So who do you think it is?" Drew asked.

"I have no idea" I put on a sheepish smile.

"Typical of you airhead" Drew put his hands behind his head.

"HEY!" I smacked his arm, he flinched a little but got over it.

We made our way to the main hall with me having about 10 mean comments, and Drew with 2 dead arms, by the time we got there we were laughing at each other Drew with his red arms and me with a red face from getting so angry.

"May, who is this?" My… my father asked as we walked in. I stop laughing instantly, I stood up straight, and put a straight face on. This all because… he really hated boys around me. My mum was beside him, smiling.

"This is my friend Drew he's in the same house as me the Spain house" I told them with a straight face.

"Drew… Last name? Plans for collage or job, qualities, past relationships?" My dad questioned Drew I found a convenient wall and bashed my head against it, my dad would kill Drew.

"Hayden, going to help run the Hayden company with my father, great with people, none" Drew answered with a straight face and maybe the most non cocky thing I've ever heard come out his mouth.

"What?" Me and my mum gaped at Drew most boys that meet my dad run away crying.

"Ahh, Marks son you should have told me that first, it's great to meet you" My dad smiled… at a boy… that was close to me… "But you dare do anything to my daughter and the Hayden company will die along with you" My dad threatened, Ahhh there's my dad.

"I wouldn't even think about it sir" Drew told my father. My dad glared at him for a bit.

"Ok… I won't kill you… at this point in time, anyway May me and your mother are having to move again to LaRousse City" My dad told me as though I would be happy about it.

"WHAT, WHEN, WHY, HOW WHAT?" I shouted.

"We are moving to LaRousse City, in about a month on the first of December, because me and your father have new jobs, with the new jobs we have enough money to, we are moving to LaRousse City" My mum answer my questions.

"But-But-But….." I tried to come up with a good point not to move, this is the first place where people like me I have friends I have had three kisses here, I've been told I'm beautiful, everything amazing has happened here this one school in what only five months. But the truth is they wouldn't stay here just for stupid points like that.

"Why not I just stay here because this place is a boarding school" I offered.

"May were in Petalberge right now aren't we? And when we leave we are going to be on almost 100 miles having a child that far way is a bad idea" My mum reasoned with me.

"But-but-but. Drew help me out here" I asked Drew who was just watching not saying much but I think taking the news just as bad as me though he was holding it in unlike me.

"Your still under 18 your parents have complete control on what happens to you, if they want you to move you have to, they can do whatever they want, I'm sorry" Drew told me with a shrug.

My eyes started to swell up tears were blurring my vision, I looked at mu mum and dad then at Drew back to my mum and dad, then down to the floor. I balloted out of the building, hearing my mum, dad and Drew calling me, Drew was the first one to run after me my mum and dad were thinking about it.

"MAY! WAIT UP!" Drew called.

I was running to the forest much like the first time I was crying at this school, I stopped, all my memories of this area of the hidden hall, lessons, the Spain house, the school but mainly about me and Drew so many laughs, so much crying, so much denying so many people thinking what I was dreaming.

"MAY!" Drew had caught up this me; I turned around tears in my eyes. He stood in front of me, almost with no hesitation he hugged me, and I started to cry more I cried into his chest, Drew just stood there holding me playing me my hair and telling me everything was going to me ok.

"It's not going to be ok, this school was the first school were I had a life, Drew I've been to 10 different schools and in every one of them I never made friends because I knew I wouldn't be there for long, but then I came here, I meet you, Dawn, Misty, Leaf everyone, it's not fair." I cried.

"MAY! DREW!" Everyone called.

"Misty, Dawn. Leaf, Gary, Paul, Ash…" I looked at them eyes red still holding onto Drew. "I'm moving to LaRousse City" I told them.

"WHAT! But you have only been here a few months and that's so far away" Misty shouted with only a towel and swim suite on.

"I know" little did I know that my mum and dad were watching the whole thing right from the begging.

"Finally May, you made some true friends" My dad told me walking out of the shadows with my mum.

"We have been moving so much so we could get you friends like this, you always seemed so depressed we had to make you but you never did, and after all these years we made so much money that we could not only that but maybe move 6 different family's along with us, and it just happens that's what we plan on doing" My mum smiled.

"What?" I asked.

"Your father and Drew's father are old friends it happens that one night when they were talking Drew's father started to talk about Drew and the new friend he made, after hearing about that you father went into more research and found out you had a bunch of friends we were overjoyed and we talked to all their parents who all lived in LaRousse City and we convened them to move all their kids back in with them, you guys were meant to get the message before we came" My mum told me.

Everyone checked their phones.

"Here it is the message" Dawn told everyone.

"So enjoy your last month at Peatalburg" My mum and dad hand in hand walked out of school. We all stood there silent.

"That is the weirdest and worst thing are parents have ever decided" Misty broke the silence.

"Yeah" Ash agreed.

"At least were all together" Leaf shrugged. "But I have to admit if our lives were a book or something this would be the crapes' ending ever".

"Yeah" We all agreed.

"The only think that would make it even close to a good ending is if are own Romeo and Juliet, admitted they love each other" Gary smirked.

At that moment me and Drew remembered the position we were in we hadn't moved at all. We instantly let go of each other and blushed a bit.

Misty, Dawn and Leaf looked at each other then nodded.

"RIGHT IF YOU GUYS DON'T MOVE NOW I WILL HIT YOU WITH MY MALLEAT" Misty threatened Ash, Paul and Gary who ran almost at the same moment she started.

"I think we should leave you guys to it but make it quick you still have the long jump" Misty told us the last to leave, she just had to say that now there was a weird silence, until…

"Hey May?" Drew asked.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"You know them people that kept say I liked you?" Drew asked again.

"Yeah, what about it"

"They were telling the truth… were the people saying you liked me telling the truth?" Drew…Drew just told me he liked me, he confessed first, YES! I feel so at peace now, like I can do anything, and I did. I put my hands on Drew's shoulders, and leaned in. it was like the first time but this time no voice in the back of my head asking if I liked this, this time it was saying I love this.

"COME ON YOU GUYS!" Paul shouted, yes he shouted it sitting down in a bush with Gary, Ash, Misty, Dawn and Leaf, all been watching.


"Yes we even had Ash's phone with us" Misty waved the camera around.

We sighed and looked at each other. "Friends will be friends" we laughed running down to the tracks.

We watched we did are last event, we watched some more got some food watched some more, had fun and before we knew it sports day was over and everyone was happy me and Dawn won are events well I didn't win my last one, Misty lost her one, Leaf was up agent Paul in the shot put, you can guess who won that, Gary did the hurdles and won Ash was made to do discus and lost it was an epic fail.

Then after all that…


"NOT US!" we all ran.

Me: this is not the last chapy we have one more or two of LaRousse City.

May: cute.

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