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The day began like every other summer day in the mountains of Tennessee. I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, eat breakfast and do my chores. My family owns this huge horse ranch that I and my two brothers have to work on. Yeah, we do have hired help sometimes but my dad says working the ranch builds character. My family mostly breeds Mustangs and Quarter horses; it's been that way since before I was born. My brothers never really do any of the chores so I'm stuck with them. I have to muck the stalls, feed and brush down the horses and let the horses run down to the lake for water. After chores me and my brothers usually just go down to the lake and relax. The lake isn't to far off from our two story ranch style home. Whenever I'm at the lake I'm the one who watches the road for visitors.

My father and eldest brother, Adrian, serve in the U.S. Army and are currently deployed. So when the Major of their platoon comes to your door with grave news, what do you do? My name is Reyna Alistair Whiteraven. My brothers are Adrian and Christian. They both have hazel eyes and a tan from our Native American heritage. Adrian is my half-brother and has black hair in a crew cut due to working in the Army. Christian, my blood brother, has shoulder length black hair. I have waist length black hair and blue eyes. My father, James Whiteraven, is Native American and has been married twice, Adrian's mother, Sarah Young, and Christian and I's mother, Gabriela Seneca. Sarah left my father for another man and Gabriela died three years ago in a bear attack. This is the story of my and my brother's life and how it can change because of one man knocking on your door.