Richard Castle's first wedding was a heated affair, born out of carnal desire, too much alcohol and a wedding chapel in Vegas. Meredith had a free weekend during the movie she was filming and Castle's half-joking suggestion that they just pull the trigger, and get married, turned from a kernel of an idea to a full-blown marriage. The honeymoon was two days locked in a luxury suite in Vegas and not much else.

Blown was a good word for Castle's marriage with Meredith. It had blown up right before their eyes. Too youthful, too immature and both very head-strong, the marriage was over practically before it began. The sex was great, that was no question, but there was very little else.

For years to come, Castle would admit he believed it was still fate that he married Meredith, because he got Alexis out of the bargain. He considered that the best gamble of all.

A few years later, his marriage to Gina was a bit more sedate. Almost more like a business merger, they both decided they liked each other, were compatible and it just seemed like a good idea. Castle admitted to himself, later, that Gina probably just married him to keep an eye on him and his writing; she was his publisher after all.

The wedding with Gina was with a justice of the peace in some small town in between his book tour. The honeymoon was in various stops during his tour, and when they returned home, they both settled into almost the same routine they had before they were married.

A few months and a few arguments later, Castle and Gina came to the conclusion they were better off as colleagues then husband and wife. The marriage ended just as civil, almost, as it began.

The marriage of Richard Castle and Katherine Beckett was going to be different. Castle was going to make sure of it. Kate had told him once she was a one and done kind of girl, meaning when she married it was for the long haul. Castle may have been married twice before but he was sure he was also one and done, when it was the right girl – and he had found her.

A groom-to-be is usually relegated to the sidelines when it came to wedding planning. After all, wasn't it every little girl's dream to plan her wedding to her very own prince charming? Castle accepted that role, shaking his head yes at the appropriate time, and keeping his mouth closed when he should.

The plans were coming together nicely for the wedding. Kate had picked out her dress, the brides maids dresses were selected, and he had overheard Martha and Kate talking about the caterer. The only thing that hadn't been chose was the venue.

Castle was getting concerned. What good was a wedding if there was nowhere to have it? He had to do something.

Walking out of his office, Richard Castle was surprised to see Kate channel surfing on the television instead of pouring over some bride book.

"What are you doing?" Richard Castle asked lightly.

"I have been thinking," Kate said as she turned off the TV with the remote. She turned to look at Castle as he sat beside her on the couch.

"Is that a good or a bad thing?" Castle offered her a sly grin.

"Good." She slapped him on the shoulder.

"Okay, you have been thinking…" he let the last word linger off his lips.

"Do you remember two years ago when you asked me to spend Memorial Day with you in the Hamptons?" Kate cocked her head.

Sure, bring that up. Castle grumbled to himself. I remember you turning me down because you had made plans to go away with Demming. Then he had made that ill-conceived move to try and get back together with his ex-wife Gina. Castle hadn't known Kate had broken up with Demming and when he returned from the Hampton. After the summer, she had hooked up with Dr. Motorcycle Boy.

"I remember," is all Castle squeezed out.

"I know what you are thinking," Kate said with a smile. "I see it running around in that writer head of yours." She leaned in and nuzzled her nose to his.

"I won't lie, I have thought what would have happened if I hadn't gotten back together with Gina," Castle said. "Maybe we could have started something. But I am glad we didn't."

"Really?" Kate sat back from him. She wore a look of almost hurt and shock.

"I wasn't ready for you Kate Beckett," Castle admitted. He grasped her left hand and fingered the engagement ring he had given her a few months ago. "I was still kind of thinking of you as a conquest and not the love of my life. No, it happened this way so now that I can appreciate you the way a man should."

"You and your words, Castle." Kate leaned in and kissed him soundly.

"So, back to what you were thinking." Castle prompted her.

"I want to get married at your Hamptons' house on the beach," Kate beamed at him. "I know it is so cliché and so traditional, but I think it is a perfect place. We can stay there for the honeymoon afterwards."

"But.." he began.

"I know you want to take me to Paris, or somewhere exotic, but I just want you and me and a week of nothing to do but lounge around and spend time at the beach." She nudged him with her shoulder. "So, what do you think?"

"I think it is the opposite of anything I would ever plan for my wedding," Castle said. He pulled her in close and placed Kate's head on his shoulder. "Which means I think it's perfect."