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Chapter 1:

Percy's POV:

Hi, if you haven't already figured out who I am, then I guess I'll have to fill you in a bit. My name is Perseus Jackson, Percy for short. Two years ago, with the help of my friends, especially my beautiful girlfriend and best friend Annabeth, I defeated the great titan Kronos. Now, if you still don't know WHAT I am from that brief explanation, then you're either:


A seaweed brain

…..just plain stupid

So, I guess since I'm in a good mood, I'll help you out. I'm Percy Jackson, demigod son of Poseidon at your service! Why am I in a good mood? Well, it just happens to be Annabeth and I's 2 year anniversary! Even my newer half-brother Ian can't bring my mood down! If you're wondering about Ian, I guess you deserve to know. Last year, a new half-brother of mine came to camp. He's only half a year younger than me, but Poseidon promised that he didn't mean to 'cheat' on Sally, it was just one of his drunk days where he mourned at my mom's absence. Well, back to Ian. You see, Ian came into camp where he killed a harpy. JUST A FREAKING HARPY! But then, suddenly, he's treated like the Hero of Olympus, and well, me, the REAL hero, was completely ignored by my 'friends'. All except my most loyal ones, Thalia, Grover, Nico, Annabeth, Chiron, and, for some reason, ol' Uncle Hades. My dad hasn't completely forgotten me, but he never visited, IM'd me, or really even acknowledge me other than a slight nod. But that was fine. As long as I had my true best friends with me.

Well, that was then. This is now. Here I go by no name, known only as 'the Feared One' or the 'Slayer'. You wonder how I came by this fate? If you must, I will show you.


It was still early as I walked down to the beach in camp, but I knew Annabeth would know where to find me. Today was the day. My birthday, and more importantly, Annabeth and I's anniversary. I smiled as I felt the small weight of the 25 karat ring in a sea green and stormy grey satin case. You might think we were too young for marriage, but considering most demigods life spans, 18 was an average age to be married at. My heart skipped a beat as I thought of Annabeth's long, golden locks, falling to a perfect fit right down to her waist. How soft her hands felt on mine. My heart beat in desire to just see her, touch her, kiss her, and love her.

I strolled up towards the path to the beach and had to smile when I saw my half-brother with another girl. I knew what it was like to be loved, and even more so to love. But my body stopped cold when i saw them break apart from their kiss and the girl giggled and whispered to Ian, "Stop, I love you, but I don't want Percy to see. You know how clingy he is. I'm supposed to meet him here later, to break up with him remember?" Ian laughed. "Please Annabeth, he won't be manly enough to do anything if he saw us right now!" "Your right, we should just get back to our little make out session…" I stalked towards them in anger, but they didn't seem to even notice me. "So, having fun there, slut?" They broke apart for air and Annabeth gasped when she saw me. "P-per-Percy?" Annabeth whisper-shouted. "Nice to know you have the decency to remember my name, Annabeth," I spat out her name, I was disgusted, heart-broken, hurt, betrayed, every bad feeling you could possibly think of. I threw the box with the ring I had designed myself at her. "I thought you were the one Annabeth. You!" I laughed a cold, emotionless, even a little insane laugh. "But clearly I was wrong. I thought you were different, Annabeth. But no. your just another girl who wants to date the hero," I said, on the verge of tears. "Well you know what? Don't bother about breaking up with me. Or even calling off how we're 'best friends forever'" I sneered mockingly. "Because since it seems you were just using me this whole time, there really never was a 'you and me', was there? But hey- Athena always has a plan. I just never thought I would be one." I punched Ian as hard as I could, then ran off crying. I just kept running and running as tears cascaded down my face. When I finally stopped, I broke down crying, then passed out. The last thing I saw was a pair of black eyes, kind, but like they had seen much sorrow. 'Kind of like me', was my last thought before I hit the ground out cold.

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