HI EVERYONE! Just letting you know, I didn't die… this is just an A/N, sowwwyyyy however, I WILL UPDATE either tomorrow or sometime this week, but definitely before the weeks over. I have received a PM from an author. He/she (sorry, I don't really know you…) has given me an interesting suggestion. I will definitely use it, however, I will add my own tweak to it. The idea is similar though. Also, I will have Percy and Annabeth make up and be friends again. But there is no guarantee who he will end up with. Even though Percabeth is my favorite couple, I don't think I will use them, since the story won't make sense. So, I've decided to start another story, WHICH WILL BE PERCABETH! Please write in a review or vote on my poll (if I can have more than one poll, idk if I can yet, lol.) whether you think it should be an all human/high school/drama/romance story, or the same idea, just with them as demigods. I think including them as demigods might be harder, but I'll try to make it work. I have already started the next chapter in my FanFic, don't worry! But like I said, I got an amazing suggestion from Thephantomprince and I would like to use it. So once he/she replies, I can most likely update a day or two after. PLEASE BEAR WITH ME! And THANK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS SOOOO SOSOSOSOSOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL THE AMAZING REVIEWS! VOTE ON MY POLL(S) IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! LOVE U PEEPS!