Matthew was sat on his bed. Wallowing in his own loneliness. Why did no-one notice him? He was only noticed when he was mistaken for his brother Alfred, Alfred didn't usually remember him either, unless he wanted something. Matthew just went on through life unnoticed, he usually felt like he wasn't real. But he was real, He looked down to his arm and traced the scars with his fingers. Every time he cut himself it reminded him that he was in fact real. He got out a notepad so he could write more sad poetry and draw, he needed to take his mind off things.

After about an hour the Canadian looked at the clock on his bed side table '06:30' 'Half six in the morning huh? I guess I should start getting ready for school.' He thought to himself. Matthew hated, wait no, he DESPISED school, the only thing school was good for was making him feel more invisible.

He got dressed rather quickly, he wore some jeans and a hoodie, as always. He then woke Alfred up, he was always up early in the morning, in act he never really went to sleep. He was quite the insomniac. He walked to the door of Alfred's room and knocked on the door. "Alfred get up!" he shouted. He opened the door went over to Alfred's bed and shook him vigorously. That got him up.


"Get up we have school."

"Oh, okay..." Alfred was going to finish that sentence with his brother's name but momentarily he couldn't for the life of him remember what it was.

"Matthew! My name is Matthew remember!"

"Oh right, I remember now bro!" Alfred rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

"Just get ready."

Matthew walked out of the room into the hall. Even though Alfred forgot him on a regular basis it still stung. Matthew didn't eat breakfast, he couldn't be bothered to plus he wasn't hungy anyway. Alfred came down the stairs dressed in his bomber jacket he usually wore. He ate a burger for breakfast, he loved burgers so even though a normal person wouldn't usually have something like that for breakfast he would.

Both of the brothers left the house, they could walk to the school from where they lived. When they travelled further towards the gates Alfred saw his friends and ran to them leaving Matthew Behind, Matthew had no friends to greet him or anything. Matthew sighed. He just wanted someone to notice him and remember, he just wanted a friend. He used to hang out with Alfred when they were little but times change. He might as well not think about the old times, it just got him more depressed.

Matthew walked through the school gates, lost in thought. Suddenly Matthew felt a sharp pain in his side and snapped back to reality.


Matthew coughed and looked up to see a messy blonde haired boy with massive bushy eyebrows and a frown on his face.

"I-I'm Matthew."

The angry boy looked confused and stared at Matthew for a minute or so. He noticed that the boy n the ground before him did look a bit different to Alfred, he had slightly longer blonde hair and it was a slightly darker shade. Also he noticed that the boy had a weird curl and his parting was in the middle, Alfred had a cowlick and his parting was at the side.

"Oh bloody hell! I'm terribly sorry, you look alot like a fellow called Alfred."

"He is my twin brother"

"Oh, well that explains it. If you so see your brother tell him Arthur wants to have a little 'chat' with him"

Arthur then walked away.

Matthew got up and rubbed his side. This is how it always went, being beat up for Alfred's mistakes.

The bell rung and Matthew went inside to his first lesson.

This is the first chapter of te first piece of fanfiction I have ever written! :O *squeels* Ain't that great but I like t! Tell me what you guys think! ^_^