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"Mr. Beilschmidt, could you stay behind for a second," Mr. Mckenzie spoke as students were leaving the classroom, it also triggered one exasperated sigh from Gilbert, but the same cocky grin emerged on his face nevertheless.

"Hey Sir, whatever could be wrong? kesesese~" Said Gilbert, Secretly hoping to get the heck out of the classroom as fast as he could.

"I don't tolerate with hooligans, Gilbert! You really expect me to not punnish you after you start an argument with me? It may be your first day here but I expect you to know how to act in a school. I hope your behaviour improves for the next time we meet, I'm letting you off easy this time." Gilbert, didn't have to listen to know what the teacher was talking about, he just left the room, murming a small 'Yes sir' on his way out.

'Hm... What unawesome lesson does the awesome me have next? Uh... Oh! French, languages aren't actually that bad, I mean I do well in German, well thats because I speak German but I like to think that it involves some talent too!'

Gilbert entered the classroom, got some stares and introduced his awesome self, then luckily for him was put in a seat near Francis and Antonio again.

'This hour could be fun,' Gilbert thought to himself.

"Ahh, Bonjour mon ami~ you are in this class too!" Francis turned around and spoke.

"Kesesese~ Sure am, Hey you are French, yet you learn French?" Questioned the albino.

"Oui, it's pretty boring for me, but it's the way the school system works, nothing I can do."

'He does have a point there,' Thought Gilbert.

"But I have Antonio here to keep me entertained~" I aimed my gaze on the familiar smiling Spaniard.

"Hola again amigo, nice to see you again~" He said smile not leaving his face.

"Ja, same to you!" Gilbert grinned back.

In the back corner of the classroom Alfred was sat beside Ivan, of course Alfred wasn't doing his French work but he was also stopping the Russian from being able to do his.

Alfred stared at the snowey haired boy.

"Hey Ivan, is that boy one of the new German students?" Alfred said to Ivan, while lying on his shoulder, to bored to pay attention to the lesson.

"Da, I think so, I heard one of them was albino, also he looks new, I have never seen him before." Ivan stated.

"He looks way too silly to be German, look at how obnoxious he is, I don't like it one bit, I thought Germans were all serious!" Alfred said.

"Thats a bit of a stereotype you have got going there"

"Hmph, well it's usuallt true!" Alfred leaned back in to his seat.

The bell rung which singnalled that it was lunch time. Matthew strode out of his English lesson, the halls were pretty clear because he always waited for people to leave before he did, he didn't want to get pushed around in the crowds of hungry highschool students.

Gilbert finally exited the French classroom, usually he would get out for Lunch sooner but he lingered about so he could talk to his new friends before they left to go their own way. Plus after he saw that sad looking boy in Maths he wanted to meet him, he didn't know why he felt the urge to know him though, he would never really do this but for some reason that boy just.. drew him in.

As GIlbert was walking through the hall he saw a door open and the boy he saw before walked out, now Gilbert started to walk slightly faster to catch up with him. When he was reaching arms distance of the boy he streached out his hand and grabed the boys wrist. As Gilbert grabbed Matthew's wrist he winced and turned round, a small look of pain flashed across his face, as some of the cuts on his wrist reopened from an inciddent involving his little 'habbit' in the morning.

'Huh? I couldn't of grabbed his arm that hard, I guess I don't know my own strength I'm so awesome!' Gilbert thought to himself.

"Hi, I'm Gilbert the most awesome person you have the privallage to meet!" Gilbert introduced himself flashing his signature grin.

"Sorry but I have to go." Matthew replied, and turned to leave.

'Ahh, my arm hurts, this is not good, the cuts are bleeding again, I need to change these bandages as fast as I can. Wait, did that guy just talk to me, and I'm really just going to leave like this..'

He stopped and turned back to face Gilbert. "Wait, you.. notice me?" Matthew spoke softly gesturing towards himself.

"Yeah! Thats a bit of an odd question why wouldn't I notice you? kesesese~" Gilbert questioned.

"What? Oh, No reason, it's just that I don't usually get noticed by many people," Matthew said trying to hide the hint of sadness that was in his voice, but nevertheless it was still there.

"Are you alright? It would be totally unawesome for you to be upset, you didn't look too happy erlier either,"

"I'm fine," Matthew lied.

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