Brütal Legend 2: The Return of Darkness and Evil


6 months ago, Eddie Riggs came to the mystical land of metal from a land filled with poseurs and corporate demons from big commercial record labels. He went to every metalhead's heaven. But it wasn't all fine and dandy. Eddie arrived in the midst of a war between free humans and General Lionwhyte's hair metal militia. Eddie changed that, raising the free human's army of himself, Lars Halford, his sister Lita and Ophelia, to a mighty force of many hundreds including Headbangers rescued from collecting rocks of ages, Razor girls collected from Lionwhyte's pleasure tower by Ophelia, the Kill Master's own medical force, the Thunderhogs and Bouncers, recruited by Lars after Lionwhyte fired them. When Eddie and Ophelia went to find went to find weapons for the newest soldiers, Roadies, they fell in love. Eddie defeated Lionwhyte during The Battle of the Pleasure Tower. However, it was revealed Lionwhyte was merely a pawn under the evil Tainted Coil ruler, Emperor Doviculus. Doviculus arrived at the ruined pleasure tower and sniffed out a spy. Lars tried to fight Doviculus, but he was slaughtered by the emperor. Then, the Bleeding Death arrived and wreaked havoc among Ironheade. Eddie escaped, but at a price. As Eddie escaped, Lita accused Ophelia of being the spy. Eddie then tried to find out, but his suspicions got the better, and he left with Lita to stay in hiding and mourn Lars's death. After 3 months a horrible secret came to light. Ophelia wandered to the Sea of Black Tears and was claimed. In time, Ophelia raised an army, the Drowning Doom, a gothic army of epic proportions. When the Drowning Doom made themselves known, they were knocked back by Ironheade and their newest allies, the fire barons, led by The Baron. Thus, the campaign against Ophelia started. Ironheade ventured back to Bladehenge once, only to find it taken over by the Tainted Coil. Eddie and Co. Fled to the ruined bridge and rebuilt it. The campaign led them deep into the jungle, where they met the Zaulia, jungle women led by Rima, who nearly killed Eddie and Lita were nearly burned to death. It was then discovered that Eddie was the son of Riggnarok, leader of the 1st black tear rebellion and the only one not to fall for the sea's charms. With that, Ironheade went deeper into Drowning Doom territory, where Ophelia revealed the cause of her drowning. Eddie led Ironheade into battle against the Drowning Doom, and after a long and difficult battle, Ironheade won. Eddie and Co. swept to Ophelia's base of operations, where a brief battle was fought. Ironheade stormed the fortress and eventually defeated the Drowning Doom. Eddie confronted Ophelia and accused her of being Succoria, the spy Doviculus sniffed out earlier. As it turns out, Ophelia wasn't the spy. Doviculus arrived and revealed that Succoria was Eddie's mother, who fell in love with Riggnarok. Doviculus then ripped out Ophelia's heart and merged it with his own. A vicious battle ensued between Ironheade and the Tainted Coil, with Ironheade slowly and gradually gaining the upper hand. Eddie then drove into Doviculus's living chamber and fought a fierce battle, eventually beheading the evil demon. As Eddie went to take Ophelia's heart, it crumbled to dust, leaving only Eddie's special shark tooth necklace from his mother, which Eddie gave to Ophelia before she went to the sea. Eddie realised that the real Ophelia was trapped at the bottom of the sea, so with much gusto, Eddie rescued Ophelia and the war was won. Until now.