A/N: See? I told you there would be something new and shiny shortly. this is a bit longer than my last story - I'm working my way towards the next epic - and might have a few more or less unregular updates for a week at the end, since I'm heading on vacation again next week. I'm sure I'll have internet, just want to sent out a warning :) Also, a huge, huge, huge and shocked THANK YOU to whoever nominated two of my stories for three Profiler's Choice Awards - it was rather unexpected. Thank you, it meant a lot to me...

Penelope thought she had a good life. She had a boyfriend, a well paid career, great colleagues and her job left her with a certain 'I did something good today' feeling. She had a wonderful best friend, a good boyfriend, as well as a great boss. So life was pretty good in general. She had no reason for complaints. Okay there was always something that could be improved, but in general her life was good.

She had just visited her brother Parker and his family for a long weekend and spent New Year with them. Now, on her way back home to Washington D.C. she was sitting in her chair in the departure lounge, skipping through her newly purchased magazine and was waiting for boarding to start. The flight was delayed – of course. People around her were all cranky, complaining how in the good old days things were different – was it always. And of course the weather channel was predicting snow for the next few days for the East Coast. As if there ever was any other kind of weather during winter.

The new year was just five days old, and most people already had returned back to their old ways, cursing on yet another year with resolutions wasted. Penelope never made resolutions anymore anyway. She was okay with her life, herself, the people she was closest to. She didn't need to lose 20 pounds - okay, her doctor would probably disagree –wasn't smoking ,so there was no need to just stop, wasn't drinking too much alcohol and certainly didn't need to go out more. Her life was okay. She didn't miss or need anything in her life than the things that she already had.

After an hour her flight back to D.C. was finally ready for boarding, and of course, why should it be any different, she was seated in the area where she was surrounded by children who all seemed to be more or less parentless at this stage. Or maybe the parents were sitting in a different part of the cabin. As in 'the furthest back'.

Just when the aircraft was departing – with every child around her screeching out of joy and excitement - Penelope suddenly realized she was missing something. Something she hadn't felt in years.