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There was a long silence for a while and Penelope decided she needed to get out of this. She couldn't look at her best friend, looking so god-damn sexy and hot as well, leaning over her. That gave her all the wrong ideas, ideas that were not helping her right now.

So she decided she needed an excuse, wiggling under him.

"Hot Stuff, you'll need to let me up. I need the bathroom," she said pleadingly. She didn't really need to go, but well, she somehow needed to get out from under his weight, which for whatever reason felt so right on top of her.

He didn't protest much, just rolled of her and let her get up and leave the bedroom. Just when she looked over her shoulder she thought she saw a weird kind of smile on his face, but maybe he was just happy to have her back. It had been after all four weeks since they had shared an evening or some time together.

Saying she locked herself in the bathroom might have been an exaggeration, but it wasn't completely untrue either. She just needed a moment to focus. He had kissed her. For a reason, right? Maybe he had just missed her too much in the four weeks? He had said he was concerned she might run off with a French guy, so maybe he also was now a bit reckless in regards of decision making. Or maybe she was just looking for excuses again. Looking at the reflection in the mirror-just like she had done a few weeks ago after she had come back from her Christmas vacation visiting her brother- she had to realize that Paris hadn't seem to have brought about the wished for effect. She wasn't expecting miracles, but neither was she expecting that nothing would change. She had somehow thought that that little trip would give her somehow a perspective. But nothing. If anything it seemed to have made her just realize how….

"Penelope, you okay?" she all of a sudden heard, a knock accompanying Morgan's worried voice.

"I- yeah. Fine," she answered hurryingly and let out a sigh in frustration. If anything her trip to Paris seemed to have just made her realize how much she needed Morgan in her life. Not for 'help' or in any depending kind of way, but simply because she was head over heels for him. Great, just great.

When she opened the door to her bathroom she walked straight into Morgan, who looked at her worried still. There was another short silence, which eventually was broken by him, surprising the hell out of her.

"I know you made me promise to not bring it up again, but seeing I actually didn't really agree to it, I guess I'm on the safe side…" he started and Penelope already did fear for the worst. Panicked she looked at him.

"I thought you'd knew me better," was all he said, which confused her slightly. Was he referring in regards of that promise? Or was that in regards of what she actually had said before? When she didn't say anything he seemed to take that as encouragement to continue. He made a few steps towards her, until he stood right in front of her and could hold her by the shoulders.

"I thought you'd know me at least that well to know that I would never hurt you, break your heart, or steal it from you," he said, looking serious at her. "At least not without your permission in regards of the last one," he added with a soft smile.

Penelope was about to answer, when his words sunk in. But before she could answer, he already went on.

"Although I'd more consider it of an exchange of sorts since you'd get mine in exchange…," he continued slowly, looking hesitantly at her. "That is, of course, if you'd want it."

Penelope looked at him astonished for a moment, not sure whether she actually got him correctly. Was he saying what she thought he was saying? And for the first time in a long while she was speechless, not sure what to say, how to respond to that. But she needed to respond and soon, if the wary and cautious expression he was wearing right now was any indication.

"I…, " she started, still in shock of what he just said. He couldn't possibly mean what she thought he meant, could he?

And instead of saying anything she decided on letting one action speak louder than anything. She brushed his hands off her shoulders, stepped further towards him and simply pressed her lips against his for a moment. It was the only thing she could think to do in that moment. And it took him just a moment to catch up with her, pulling her further against him, wrapping his arms around her and deepening the kiss.

They stood in her kitchen for a moment, until he bent slowly down, not letting his lips leave hers and scooped her up in his arms, carrying her back to the bedroom, kissing her all the way there and even when he laid her back down to the exact same spot where she had been laying just a few moments ago, his lips never left hers. He was quick to cover her body again with his, continuously keeping up his assault of her lips.

They laid like this what felt like forever to Penelope until he finally let go of her lips and giving her time to think. But instead of think she just looked at him curiously. A look he was fully able to read without questioning.

"How dense do you think I am?" he laughed at her for a moment, seeing her looking at him curious. "I was perfectly well aware that when you said all these things of why you 'needed' to escape, were about me. I just… I wanted you to say it, to hear it out loud. I wasn't expecting you to just say something like that, then go all silent and then disappear. I was hoping that somehow it would go very differently. Very differently," he grinned at her. "But then again you always had done thing differently before, so I shouldn't be surprised that this didn't go as planned either."

"So my four weeks in Paris made you realize you want me?" she asked softly, hesitantly, worried if she actually would say it, all this would be over.

Morgan laughed at that for a moment, confusing her again.

"Trust me, woman, Paris had nothing to do with this. If anything it might have given me a swift kick in the butt to come to my senses and act before some other guy could sweep in again. But I was having feelings for you long before Paris, Baby Girl, long before Lynch even. Quite possibly from the moment I first laid eyes on you."

For the second time that night Morgan had managed to leave her speechless.

Instead of waiting for an answer, Morgan surged forward, connecting his lips with hers again.

And just like that she knew that things would be different from now on, she just didn't know how different.

And the feeling of butterflies in her stomach would never leave her again. If anything they seemed to multiply. Every single day.

*-*-*-*-* THE END *-*-*-*-*