(A/U): Just an idea, that's been playing with my mind for a little while and wondering whether I can do it, I'll let my readers be the judge of that. Although this story features characters from Season 2, this story does not follow the timeline of it, though Dalton will be introduced but as something different altogether, in-fact you shall you need to continue reading to find out just what it is that happens to end some of our characters up at Dalton, enjoy reading.

Summary: Kurt has been a normal boy for as long as he can imagine but when he meets Blaine Anderson, who just so happens to be a Vampire with a blood thirst, well will the fates separate them or will Kurt be able to stay with Blaine long enough to say three words to him and to maybe be allowed to be the same as Blaine.

Contains: Language, M/M, character death.

You're A... A What?

The Meeting

Kurt knew that he was normal, well as normal as any gay guy could be, for many years now, in-fact Kurt Hummel knew that no matter what anyone else said to him, he would be no different in what he did, whether it be singing at the top of his lungs in glee club or getting shoved into lockers, thrown into dumpsters or…

"Take this homo" Kurt had only just gotten his door locked when one of the jocks who were passing by him on the way to McKinley High School, the same one he attended, Seth threw a pee balloon at the back of his head, which missed but whacked his brand new Alexander-McQueen jacket that his dad had gotten him as a reward for being a 'good sport' as his dad liked to call him when he got his homework done, helped around the house, mostly by cleaning Finn's half of the room and making the family dinner, which he was more than happy to do, in-fact any job he was happy to do, except maybe clean Finn's room for really, that boy should be a pig, seeing as he eat like one and got his room into the state of one too, but on the upside, Kurt got to see Finn come home and complain that he couldn't find his cd's or that he had lost his football t-shirt when really, they were either placed back into their correct alphabetical order or hanging up in Finn's wardrobe that Kurt was pretty sure, Finn had forgotten he owned by how many shirts lay over the floor of his and Finn's room.

"Thanks a lot you jerks" Kurt mumbled to himself as he shrugged his jacket off being sure to not get any more on his own shirt, as he stepped into the forty minutes from his house, coffee house, The Lima Bean that Kurt found himself entering every day in the hopes of getting his usual, Grande non-fat latte that seemed to taste a lot better than any local coffee house he had ever been in his life and that included breadsticks which even though it was true that they never stopped bringing you breadsticks that tasted a lot like paper, the coffee that they served was so awful, it could get you sick and Kurt knew of this as Finn had gotten sick after stealing his latte, the first and only time he had went there to get coffee as The Lima Bean had been closed for the day, but then again, seriously why would someone close a coffee house during the day, Kurt had seen many customers going in and out of the coffee house whilst as always, a group of boys all wearing the same blue blazers and khaki pants sat in a corner near the back of the coffee house, directly away from any and all light as if they were nocturnal but Kurt had a feeling that this was untrue, in-fact, how could any living person be nocturnal, it just was way too wrong.

Without realizing it, Kurt had approached the front counter of the coffee house and the women was waiting, patiently tapping her foot and whistling a tune whilst waiting on Kurt ordering something.

"Oh, a Grande non-fat latte for this guy and a medium drip for me" Came a voice that was so not Kurt's own but rather belonged to that of a sex goddess, as Kurt turned to see that one of the guys that sat in the back of the coffee house, now stood directly behind him whilst as usual, all the other boys, sat huddled together talking about something whilst the one who had ordered something for himself and Kurt was handing money over to the cashier and telling her to keep the change, the cashier seemed stuck for words as since the two coffee's came to $4.50 and the guy had just handed over a crisp $10 bill that she was keeping way too much change than what was really needed.

"You didn't need to do that" Kurt protested as he and the guy started walking up towards where they could receive their orders and the guy stopped, turning to Kurt with a look that read, but I wanted to.

It was now, that Kurt caught sight of the boy's appearance, like all the other guys, he was the uniform of a blue blazer, white crisp shirt and red and blue tie, with khaki pants and black dress shoes but one different thing about this boy was the boy's hair that instead of being styled in a certain way was curled and sticking out in odd places making the boy look crazy but still nice enough in the same way.

"My name's Blaine" The guy said holding his hand out that Kurt took firmly in his own before snapping it straight back as he shivered from how cold this boys hand was, Blaine's hand was like touching icicles and he really didn't like the intense stare from Blaine's hazel eyes as he snatched back his hand.

"You know, now's about the time that you say in return what your own name is" Blaine said with a little smirk as he let his hand fall back to his side and Kurt felt his own face heat up, this Blaine must think he was a right freak for holding hands with the boy for only a second and then snatching it back when it was too cold.

"Kurt, my name's Kurt" Kurt replied, face heating up even more as Blaine seemed to repeat the name on his tongue.

"Kurt? I like it, do you have a second name, Kurt?" Blaine asked as the two were given their coffee's, Blaine's had his name scribbled along the top and medium drip underneath whilst Kurt's had his own name and Grande non-fat latte scribbled onto the cup.

"Hummel, my full name is Kurt Hummel, and you?" Kurt asked taking a little sip of his latte just as the guys with the same uniform as Blaine stood, walking up to him.

"Anderson, let's go" One of the guys, an Asian boy with dark scruffy hair said with a smirk watching the exchange between this new boy and Blaine.

"That's me" Blaine said and with a little wave, Blaine was out of the coffee house with his friends as Kurt squealed inside, a cute boy had just spoken to him and he had gotten the boy's full name which meant he could probably search him up and learn more about this boy's life, what school he went to, the best question being was this cute boy also very gay and was he taken?

Once Kurt arrived at McKinley High School, with his now empty coffee cup, he instantly jumped out upon seeing his best friend Mercedes standing talking to Tina and Mike who were both in Glee club with him and Mercedes.

"Mercedes" Kurt stopped upon reaching the dark skinned girl who was mostly described as the diva of the whole group as she liked to act like that way but it didn't bother Kurt at all, in-fact sometimes he felt like he was on the same page as Mercedes with being diva and stuck up but sometimes for himself, it felt like that of an act rather than being something he wanted to do.

"Kurt? Are you okay, did Karofsky and the others slushy you or something, wait you're dry, okay seriously white boy, what the hell is going on?" Mercedes asked of Kurt turning away from her conversation from Mike and Tina who listened in too, eager to hear why Kurt was so like a giant bunny rabbit this early in the morning, even after his cup of caffeine.

"Okay Mercedes, Tina, Mike, I went to The Lima Bean this morning, just like I always do right, and I was watching these group of guys who are always there but they always sit at the far back corner of the place and by the time I looked away, I'm standing at the counter" Kurt started all in one breath as many other students passed him by including other members of New Directions who stopped walking into the school to listen to Kurt on his coffee high or whatever it was that was going on with the boy.

"Yeah, so I was just about to say what it was that I would like and get this one of the guys from the table in the back came over and ordered for me, but the weird thing is, he didn't even know my order, but I've been there enough times but I've never seen him before and…"

The bell rang there, cutting Kurt off as the other members of New Directions groaned at not getting to the hear the rest of Kurt's story till the end of the day in Glee club, apart from Mercedes, she was in Spanish class with Kurt so she would get to hear all about this guy whom Kurt had met and was probably more likely falling madly in love with seeing how Kurt seemed to be going on about him.

"Come on, white boy, let's get to class and you can tell me everything else" Mercedes said, linking arms with Kurt who nodded as the two just about skipped to class by how fast they were walking, unaware of a figure following the two being sure to stay in the shadows to avoid making any attention known to themselves.

Once Kurt and Mercedes reached the Spanish Class and were sitting in their seats, right next to each other, through no fault of their own, Mercedes immediately told Kurt to tell her everything starting from when he had finished.

"Okay" Kurt started again, as he dug out his books for the class, cheeks burning as his thoughts returned to Blaine and his cold hands but nice soft voice.

"Well anyway, after he ordered and even paid for our drinks, he told his name which is Blaine Anderson and I shook his hand, but get this Mercedes, his hand was freezing and it's like 37 degrees out you know but then he asked me my name and I told him then we got our drinks and that's when the rest of the guys came over and Blaine left with them, that's how I found out his last name, cause one of the guys, an Asian with this kind of dark scruffy hair told Blaine to 'move it Anderson' or something like that, I wasn't really paying attention and then he left with a wave and I've been in love ever since" Kurt stopped speaking, cheeks burning even more as he realized that Mr Schuester had entered the classroom upon Kurt's last few words but the teacher smiled at him, happy to see Kurt in such a good mood, apparently something good had happened, so he would probably more likely hear about it later on in glee club after Kurt could calm down a little bit from his high on coffee or whatever it was that had caused the boy to become so animated.

"Okay class" Mr Schuester started speaking whilst opening his folders, remembering that he hadn't laid out a lesson plan seeing as it was Friday and he never taught the class on a Friday except sometimes if it were important, but today wasn't.

"It's that usual day, isn't it? Friday so chat amongst yourselves for the period and you may use phones" Mr Schuester stopped speaking upon hearing Kurt's yes sounding throughout the class as everyone else started giggling at the now blushing even more red Kurt whilst Mr Schuester wished them luck before walking out to leave the students to their devices and right away, Kurt pulled his I-Phone out to check up about Blaine.

"Facebook stalking you're new loverboy?" Mercedes asked with a giggle as she pulled her own phone out to text Sam, her boyfriend who was currently sitting at the back of the classroom, looking utterly bored with having to do nothing.

"No" Kurt replied back, ears burning as he opened up Facebook anyway and typed Blaine Anderson into the search engine.

Nothing seemed to show up for a few minutes and then finally, some results came through but there seemed to be nothing about a certain sex god with hazel eyes and a killer smile with his dark curly hair.

Kurt started to scroll down the list of Blaine Anderson's looking for one that may be Blaine at all but there was absolutely nothing, not even one that looked remotely like the guy he had met at the coffee house, did that mean that Blaine was playing a trick on him, if that really was him name.

Giving up, Kurt decided to Google search Blaine Anderson and had to only wait a few seconds before many results seemed to pop up staring him in the face, all about this boy Blaine Anderson.

Kurt clicked on the first one that he saw that looked promising enough before he began to read away about some article from a paper that was dated recently.

"Several years ago, we gave you information stating the disappearance of 18 year old Blaine Edward Anderson but now it seems that there is still no news of the boys whereabouts but a boy of 18 has been found to have the same features as young Blaine and some thought it to be a hoax, though we still have no idea if it is the same young man who disappeared from his home after parents, Blair and Ben passed away in their sleep suddenly even after such good health, Doctor Eduardo Phillips had this to say about the scene of the crime 'it is very weird to have two parents die at the same time whilst their son sleeps in his own bed, but we can assure you that young Mr Anderson had nothing to do with the killings at all, in-fact a few are saying that Mr Anderson would have never hurt a fly, most of us just hope we find him soon.'"

Kurt looked up from reading the article, mouth wide open to see a figure appear in the doorway to the classroom, but everyone else was too busy with their own work to notice, even Mercedes who was now in Sam's lap as the two had their hourly make-out session as he and the rest of New Directions liked to call it which seemed to piss off Mercedes and Sam to no end but he knew they weren't too angry about it all.

Kurt rubbed his eyes for a moment trying to see if he had been seeing things, but upon noticing that the Asian boy who had addressed Blaine earlier was still standing there, Kurt got to his feet about to ask what was going on, when he was roughly pulled outside by the Asian boy and another boy who looked to be about 19 with golden locks and brown hateful eyes that seemed to be bore right into Kurt's soul making him feel rather uncomfortable to be standing there, held against the wall by the two whilst the stared at him before the golden haired boy began to speak.

"How much do you know?" the boy nearly bellowed as the Asian boy tried to calm him down.

"I don't know what you're talking about, let go of me" Kurt tried to work his way out of the older boy's grip but this boy was stronger than he looked, "Please let me go" Kurt pleaded but the older boy was still not letting go despite the fact that he seemed to be calming slightly with the Asian's slow deep breaths.

Finally the older boy relaxed his grip on Kurt for only a minute before his grip tightened again, causing Kurt to wince in pain at been handled so tightly.

"What do you know about Blaine?" The Asian asked in a calmer tone than the older boy who looked ready to punch the living daylights out of Kurt but Kurt was keeping his gaze on the Asian boy, wondering how he could lie his way out of this one.

"And don't even try to think about lying your way out of it" The Asian answered again, making Kurt tremble, how the hell could this guy read his mind like this, what the hell was actually going on?

"Please just answer the question and we shall let you go, Okay, what about this, my name is Wesley Montgomery and this guy who is holding you is Jeremiah Huntley, now will you answer?"

Kurt nodded, now knowing the two boys names, and knowing who he could tell someone about if they ever came near him again.

"Well I know that some years ago, Blaine went missing and he's not been found and also that he doesn't have a Facebook account" Kurt said in answer to Jeremiah and Wesley's questions about what he knew about Blaine, which wasn't too much seeing as how he had just started doing research.

"Wesley, he knows too much" Jeremiah turned to Wesley who looked shaken about the idea that Kurt knew as much as he did before he looked back at Kurt as Wesley raised his eyes to Kurt's once more.

"Kurt, tell no-one what you find out about Blaine, or we shall not be afraid to kill you for it, and watch out for people who may try to get you to blurt out more of the truth, tell no-one, not even closest friends, you must trust no-one" Wesley said as Jeremiah finally let him go and Kurt leaned back against the wall wondering who the hell these two boys were to be telling him that he couldn't tell anyone about Blaine and what he may or may not know about him.

"Kurt" Jeremiah started to speak in a calm tone now as well and Kurt felt himself nodding though wondering slightly how Jeremiah and Wesley knew his name, it may be from Blaine but he couldn't be too sure. "You need to promise us, swear upon your life that you shall tell no-one what you know about Blaine or forever be cursed as something no-one wants to be, please don't let us lose Blaine."

Kurt nodded once again, feeling Jeremiah's pain almost as if it were his own and having a feeling that he would know how it may feel to lose Blaine even though the younger had never met Blaine before today but he felt an instant connection with the boy and thinking about it now, it would probably be really hard himself to be away from the boy for too long.

"I promise" Kurt said with true honesty, Wesley and Jeremiah nodding back in agreement before the two bowed to him and started to walk away but Kurt shouted them back, wondering one thing and one only.

"Can I see Blaine again?"

Wesley was the first to turn around, grim look on his face which Kurt could tell was probably not very good until Jeremiah turned round too, nudging Wesley in the side who instantly cracked a half smile.

"Yes, you may Kurt, but only if you promise to obey by the rules that we are about to set you, okay?" Jeremiah asked of him, Kurt nodding in agreement, when his heart was set to bursting with the fact that he was about to see Blaine again.

"Firstly" Wesley started, holding up one finger for the first item on the list of probably many "When we take you to see Blaine, do not run when you see him, you see when Blaine is in, well the school we attend, he can be slightly different, like he may be more out of character."

"Secondly" Jeremiah took over whilst Wesley raised a second finger in counting "Just like before, tell no-one of what you are about to witness as this is something that cannot get around especially around human's."

Kurt nodded at these two, secretly wondering what the two were talking about before Wesley started to speak once more raising a third finger.

"And thirdly, when we get to the school, do not wander off on your own, because there is a lot of people who won't understand you Kurt and may try to kill you without thinking of the consequences okay?" Kurt nodded once more, Jeremiah and Wesley nodding back to him before Jeremiah took over.

"Leave your stuff here, we shall be back but also, some of the people at the school can smell things like schoolwork and get over-excited so better not to upset the course of the school, and let's go."

Jeremiah turned on his heel, whipping his cell phone out and dialling a number as he walked whilst Kurt hurried after Wesley wondering just how different Blaine was going to be in this school than what he was when Kurt first met him and why Jeremiah and Wesley were telling him to be so safe when he shouldn't really have anything to worry about. Nothing at all.

Thank you for reading this far, now I know that some of you may have some questions so I will answer as many as I can and if you wish to, when reviewing, you may ask any extra questions you have, Here Is A Few To Start You Off:

Can The Vampires Go Out In The Sun?: Yes they can, they're not too big a fan of it, it's the newer vampire's who find it a bit of a challenge at first but grow used to the bright lights eventually.

Why Does School-Work Make Vampire's Excited?: The newer vampires are the ones most affected by the work as most of them are still in school when they are turned and are wishing to go back to normal so do loads of work and get everything as vampire's are a lot more smarter than they look.

How Old Are The Vampires?: The Oldest of the Vampire's is Eduardo who you should be meeting very soon, he is about 800 years ago and he was changed when he was 21, when they are changed, Vampire's grow slightly older for the first couple of weeks before their growth metabolism stops and they start over again, Eduardo been the oldest took his time in the change and took over when the old leader stepped down.

Why Can't Kurt Get Blaine Out Of His Mind?: When a human meets a vampire for the first time, without knowing what they really are and the human falls for the vampire, being too far away from the one they have fallen in love with can be stressful especially for Kurt seeing as he couldn't find out anything about Blaine and wishes to see him again to know that he is still around.

And Now My Last Question, Can Vampire's Eat And Drink Normally?: Well I think Blaine's coffee even though he never drunk it answers the question, but yes they can, older vampire can eat a lot less than the younger vampire's, whom are normally known as young fledging's before changing into full-born vampire's once they reach the vampire age of 21, they grow older every 2 years, unlike human's who are every year, vampire's, instead of saying Happy Birthday, go the long way of saying 'It's been One Year and so on since you have been turned.'

Have fun reviewing.