(A/U): Just an idea, that's been playing with my mind for a little while and wondering whether I can do it, I'll let my readers be the judge of that. Although this story features characters from Season 2, this story does not follow the timeline of it, though Dalton will be introduced but as something different altogether, in-fact you shall you need to continue reading to find out just what it is that happens to end some of our characters up at Dalton, enjoy reading.

Summary: Kurt has been a normal boy for as long as he can imagine but when he meets Blaine Anderson, who just so happens to be a Vampire with a blood thirst, well will the fates separate them or will Kurt be able to stay with Blaine long enough to say three words to him and to maybe be allowed to be the same as Blaine.

Contains: Language, M/M, character death.

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You're A... A What?

Things Are Different When You See

There were people following him, Kurt was as sure of this as he was that he was gay and that he loved a vampire who went by the name of Blaine Anderson, Why they were following him however was a whole different question that Kurt was really sure he didn't want to stick around and receive the answer to despite not knowing where he was or why he was in this unknown place.

There was a soft crunch behind him and Kurt whirled on the spot, trapped in his mid-fantasy world between dreams, nightmares and reality, wondering who or what had made that sound before hearing the crunch again, closer this time and Kurt moved his foot back slowly, one at a time, a soft breath coming from his lips that he hoped wouldn't be heard wherever the hell he was right here and right now.

Another crunch echoed through the silent night, ridding Kurt of his calmness as he started to quickly hurry backwards, never straying his sight from the one in-front of him which was starting to make sense as his self-conscious mind took in the dried roots and dead looking trees and leaves around him, was he in a dark forest at night or something, Kurt thought as he came to a stop again, breathing heavily despite the slight gut wrenching feeling of something in the back of his mind indicating that he really shouldn't be doing anything, shouldn't be making any noise at all.

There was a different noise this time Kurt couldn't help but notice, this one sounding like two men whispering between each other about something, however Kurt could make out what they were saying, if only slightly.

"…You know-"

"Yes. Yes…. I-I know, kill him and run. Always the same Jer."

Kurt froze, his feet not wanting to move as he made sense of the voices, he knew these voices, and he knew who they belonged to.

Jeremiah and Sebastian.

That second, Kurt heard another noise, like another crunch coming from the direction he had just come from, each crunch getting closer and closer to his standing place before the person emerged into his non-hiding place, and Kurt had to let out a sigh of relief.

It was only David, his friend was here.

"Drake, where the hell have you been?" David instantly snapped at him right away, grabbing a hold of his hand and going to drag him back down the path that David had walked or run rather, but Kurt dug his heels in, not wanting to move just as David's words hit his mind.

David had called him Drake. What the hell?

"David? What are you..."

Before Kurt could get very far through his question, David pulled him down to a crouching position as he spotted two figures leaving a spot, not too far away from where they had been standing, now crouching and Kurt let out a small gasp that went un-noticed by the vampire's as he saw Sebastian's back and couldn't help but notice that Sebastian had the Dalton Uniform on, just like he had when Kurt had first seen him.

However, the uniform was spick and span, unlike in reality where it was coming apart at the seams and had nasty blood stains on it with little bits of dirt around. This uniform was devoid of all that but Kurt could see that Sebastian was holding something behind his back as the two continued to walk away from them, obviously not wanting to be seen…. Or heard.

Kurt turned his attention to David who only shook his head and sped away from him, ending up ten feet away from Kurt in the next second and beckoning with one hand for Kurt to follow him. But Kurt could do nothing but stare blankly at David as he tried to work out what David was going on about. How could he follow David if he didn't….

That second it hit Kurt and he slowly shot forward, ending up beside David with his super-fast vampire speed, Kurt wowing himself inside his head at how great it felt to move like this just as David placed a hand on his shoulder, however Kurt didn't shiver this time as unlike other times with other vampire's, David's touch wasn't cold to him, in-fact, it felt strangely normal, almost as if it was right.

"Wait here" David ordered of him before shooting forward again, the leaves and trees not moving an inch despite obviously having had someone brush past them, Kurt was just going to guess that that was the sort of thing that happened as he continued to crouch there, wondering what the heck he was supposed to do whilst waiting for David to return from wherever he was.

Kurt heard another crunch from behind him this time, so he quickly shot to his left, seeing a figure dart past him, moving far too quickly for Kurt to make out who exactly it was, but Kurt was guessing and hoping that it might be either Wes or Blaine going to help David take on Jeremiah and Sebastian and stop their plans from becoming a reality.

Kurt felt a breeze brush past him that second and without thinking, Kurt shivered involuntary and next second, he was no longer beside the trees and leaves, instead he was in the middle of what he was sure was some sort of abandoned graveyard or maybe something worse.

Whatever he was in, Kurt didn't have much time to dwell on this as that second, he heard voices, what sounded like five or more of them coming from in-front of him, if not slightly further away, however Kurt could hear it all very well as he quickly and silently sped forwards, wanting to find out what was going on, but also at the same time having a very weird feeling that he shouldn't do anything, that he should have just stayed where David had told him to.

However he was here now, so he was going to find out.

A few seconds later, Kurt emerged into a deserted clearing, even more sure that this was defiantly a graveyard as he spotted many tombstones sprouting out of the ground around him, making him feel kind of sick to his stomach as he counted the number in his head, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,23.

There were 23 tombstones surrounding him, giving him a weird vibe in the pit of his stomach, something that really shouldn't be happening right now, just as he noticed Jeremiah, David, Wes and Blaine appearing in the awfully distracting graveyard, and stand there, looking kind of confused about something for a few minutes whilst Kurt ducked down behind one of the tombstones, having a weird feeling that David would be pretty annoyed with him if he found out that Kurt had left his place of hiding, or rather where he was supposed to stay until everything was over.

Kurt placed his head back against the tombstone, expecting to feel it cool and cold against the back of his head, however a slight searing pain shot through the back of his head, Kurt hissing in silent pain as he yanked his head away from the tombstone, feeling the back of his head and feeling a little bit of skin where his hair had signed slightly because of the gravestone.

Kurt dragged his body away from the tombstone that second, the coherent side of his brain, realizing that he couldn't stand to be near things like this as he sat on the ground sure his clothes were getting dirty, more so than he would have allowed, but he wasn't caring right now just as David's voice sounded through the silent night that seconded.

"Where's the trouble then?" And Kurt could tell that David sounded as if he had been woken from a nice dream and that he couldn't stand to be in this person's presence for any amount of time.

"It was here a minute ago" Jeremiah spoke, sounding as if he was really curious at why there wasn't a threat to them right here, just as things began clicking in place rather quickly for Kurt.

He knew what was going to happen, he knew who it was going to happen to and he knew who was behind it all.

Not wasting a minute, Kurt jumped up from his hiding place, intent on screaming out to the three boys to get the hell out of there, but before he could even utter a signal syllable, much less a whole sentence of words, Sebastian emerged from some of the tombstones, a wicked smile on his face and a silver gun in his hand, no shaking whatsoever on his part as he pointed the thing straight at Blaine who backed up slightly, looking rather determined, but at the same time, a whole lot scared, something that frightened Kurt to his core, if Blaine could be scared by something like a gun, then how were vampires going to survive?

"Sebastian, what are you doing?" Blaine's jaw quivered slightly here as he worded his sentence in the best possible way, whilst Sebastian stood where he was, hand gripping the gun like it was his only safe bet, or safe weapon rather still pointed towards Blaine with the trigger pulled.

Sebastian seemed to mutter some words here as he pressed the trigger guard down, taking in a deep breath as he done so, despite Kurt knowing full well that Sebastian didn't need to do anything of the sort as the gun erupted with a loud bang, a bullet shooting out of the front as it soared almost in slow motion towards Blaine who stood tall, waiting for the bullet to hit him.

Kurt shook himself inwardly as he realized that he couldn't just stand there and let the bullet hit Blaine, he had to do something.

Kurt went to start forward, realizing a second too late that his feet were pinned to the ground, by some unknown force and he flew face first to the ground, his face smashing off the ground as he let out a small 'oof' that had Blaine twirl in the sport, noticing Kurt for the first time as his eyes held a questioning, almost anger in them just as the bullet made its impact, hitting its target. The target being Blaine and the impact being his neck.

Blaine stood still for a few seconds, eyes still locked on Kurt's own as his breathing rapidly increased, Blaine's face beginning to burn bright red before he screamed at the top of his lungs, the sound catching Kurt off-guard as he fought against the invisible forces to pull himself to his feet and was able to this time, running forward with his vampire speed and catching Blaine who had almost drunkenly fell to his left, his screams increasing, Kurt noticing that the usual pale white vampire skin was continuing to redden and burn, Blaine's hands constantly trying to reach his neck where the bullet was quickly digging into his skin cutting off Blaine's screams for a few seconds, Kurt wrapping his arms around Blaine's middle as he slowly lay the older vampire onto the ground, kneeling beside him and gripping his hand, hoping that Blaine would be okay and would work through this.

"FUCK!" Blaine screamed that second, his first real word since questioning Sebastian making Kurt jump as he gripped onto Blaine's hand some more, not blind to the fact that Blaine was still turning red very quickly, his whole face was red and scratch marks were appearing on the skin, breaking it apart slightly and Blaine scrunched his eyes up tightly as the redness spread upwards and down at the same time, Blaine's eyelids beginning to burn over as Blaine hands flew up trying to claw at them, but Kurt pulled his hands away, stilling his movements.

"Drake!" A voice screamed from behind him and the next second, Kurt felt himself being thrown backwards, landing on his butt beside a broken tombstone that caught his attention and he turned his head slowly, hearing a slightly creek as his neck cracked and the next second he gasped, quickly heaving himself away from the tombstone as quickly as possible, the words boring right into his eyes and squeezing away at his heart, almost as if it were gripping it tightly in its invisible hand, whatever it was.

'Blaine Anderson

1642 – 1685

Aged Nineteen

Beloved Vampire

Forever Immortal'

No, Kurt thought to himself as the words came together, fixing themselves just as the tombstone done the same thing, Blaine couldn't be dead, he just couldn't be dead, not now, not ever, no, it just couldn't be happening, Kurt refused to believe that such a thing was actually happening, it just wasn't right, it shouldn't be happening.

Kurt held his breath as more words appeared, almost as if they were being etched into the tombstone by a chisel and hammer before the new words almost hit his eyes as he took in the worst possible thing to ever be told.

'Killed by a Vampire Gun.


"NO!" Kurt screamed, not knowing who he was really trying to tell as he screamed about Blaine's death and about himself being wanted for killing him, there was something not right about it, there was no way he could have done it, he didn't do anything, he would never do anything like that.


There was someone shaking him right that second, but he couldn't wake up, he couldn't tear his sight away from the tombstone and the words which were beginning to increase in number as new one's appeared.


"Kurt…Wake up Kurt" Kurt felt himself being shook with a full frontal force as he finally snapped his eyes open, blue-grey eyes meeting the brown of David's as David knelt right beside him, a hand on his shoulder, shivers running through Kurt's skin as the coldness of his touch made him feel like someone was shoving ice-cubes down his back and leaving them there to freeze against his skin.

"Kurt!" David whined, withdrawing his hand from Kurt's shoulder at the same time and facing Kurt straight on as he turned the younger boy to face him, looking into Kurt's eyes, checking to make sure he was okay.

"What's going on?, I heard screaming, who's dying?" Kurt looked up that second to see Wes standing in the doorway, armed with a candlestick holder, one of the big gold old looking ones that looked as if it had been snapped in two when Wes had grabbed it.

"Wes, it's all fine, Kurt was having a bad dream" David reassured the other vampire with a wave of his hand, who nodded once slumping against the wall before proceeding to throw the candlestick holder away from himself, Kurt hearing it clatter and he winced slightly, wondering where it was right now.

"Kurt, what happened? What did you see?" David asked of him that second and Kurt turned his thoughts away from the candlestick holder, looking into David's eyes and seeing concern in the brown eyes before he turned his sight from David to look around him, realizing something, something that made him shiver although the room he was currently was actually very warm and he finally dared a look around the room, it was Blaine's room, the same one he had been in before falling asleep and having the horrific nightmare.

"Where's Blaine?" Kurt asked, though he knew himself that he was demanding to know the answer to the question as Blaine wasn't in his room where Kurt had last seen him, where was he then, Kurt's thoughts overtook everything else, his nightmare flying back to the front of his mind, Blaine wasn't dead, was he? No he couldn't be, don't be stupid Kurt, Blaine's not dead, he's probably downstairs or something like that, yeah that's right, he's probably downstairs eating or talking to his friends, something, anything apart from being dead in an abandoned graveyard somewhere due to a bullet hitting him in the neck, there was just no way that that had actually happened.


David started to speak that second, trying to obviously get Kurt to answer his question or tell him something, but Kurt pushed him out of the way, really not wanting to listen to David as he was far more concerned with Blaine and where exactly he could be right now…

"Where's Blaine?" Kurt almost about screamed this time, his eyes threatening to fill with tears if he didn't find out where the older vampire was as soon as possible, he couldn't live without him.

"Kurt…Pl..." Wes started to speak, obviously trying his best to get Kurt to calm down as well, but Kurt didn't let him get very far in that as he turned this way and that, worried even more as he thought he saw a red mark on the wall, indicating blood or something even worse, however it didn't seem to be blood, Kurt thought to himself as he twirled on the spot, his eyes darting back and forth between Wes and David, wondering who was going to help him.

"BLAINE!" Kurt yelled that second instead, having a feeling that they both weren't going to help as he ignored David and Wes shaking their heads at him, trying to shut him up until Kurt started towards the door, going as fast as he could without the vampire speed to aid him like in his nightmare or dream, he wasn't too sure which it was, but it was scary and crazy either way around. However, David grabbed him, arms wrapping around Kurt's middle before he could get very far.

"No..l-let me go… Blaine!" Kurt screamed, pretty sure his vocal chords were going to hurt soon as he stomped onto David's foot, the vampire not moving at all, obviously not feeling the pain as Kurt continued in his act to be free.

"Kurt stop" David tried to assure him, tightening his grip on the younger boy's middle, the grip making Kurt shiver violently, but in the next second, he was trying to break free again, seeing Wes's concerned look from in-front of him, but Kurt tore his sight away from it, trying to listen closely as he continued to try and break free of David's grip, trying to hear and work out where Blaine was.

"KURT!" David's yell that second, caused Kurt to stop in his tracks to turn back to look at the older vampire, wondering why he had just shouted at him, when Kurt hadn't done anything wrong, at least he hoped he hadn't.

"Thank you" David lowered his voice here as his grip on Kurt's middle loosened slightly to talk to Kurt like a normal individual who wasn't about to go all out crazy on him again.

"Now Blaine is downstairs Kurt" David started to speak, calmly, Kurt instantly going back to trying to break out of the iron grip that David had over him, however David tightened his hold on Kurt before he could try to get out.

"But, you can't go downstairs Kurt as Michael is still there."

At these words from David, Kurt halted in his movements, Michael's face popping up in his head and he remembered how when Michael had been looking at Kurt, that he felt as if he was under a microscope or something like that. Inwardly, Kurt shivered again, not at being held by David's cold hands, a fact that made David yell out 'hey' from reading his mind, but because that look had really scared Kurt down to his last wit and if there was anything he wanted to do less, even less than watch a bunch of horror films, it was be near or even see Michael again, no matter how much money anyone tried to bribe him with. That second, Kurt remembered when Michael introduced himself and how Blaine had covered his ears, blocking out the sound as Michael had been trying put him under some sort of spell that was going to help get Kurt alone and try and kill him to help Jeremiah and Sebastian - and even Karofsky and this hunter person that Kurt had been hearing about a few times – in their plan to take a load of vampire's down in order to get to them and mess with their heads and try and kill Blaine in the end-up, though Kurt really hoped that never ever happened.

David let go of Kurt that second after apparently realizing that Kurt wasn't about to go all crazy on them again and try to get out of the room on some sort of death wish, which resulted in Kurt wobbling a little bit on his feet for a few seconds, not used to being held back like that by a vampire of all things before he finally got his balance back and took a few steps back, his legs hitting what he was sure was a bed and he sighed as he sank down onto it, the covers rustling slightly as he took a deep breath in, the smell of coffee along with some very strong cologne hitting his nostrils and he smiled to himself, taking in the scent of Blaine, just as David and Wes appeared beside him, sitting down on either side of the bed, David on his left and Wes on his right , both boy's turned to the side, facing Kurt and giving him a look of deep concern and something else that he couldn't comprehend.

"Kurt, you've got to help us here, you need to tell us what you saw in your dream" David instantly spoke, placing a hand on Kurt's arm but Kurt didn't shiver as suddenly he could see his whole dream again, David telling him to stay put and then Kurt ending up in the graveyard and Blaine being shot and dying, the memories brought more fresh tears to his eyes and Kurt choked, his head instantly nodding down almost as if he were sentencing his own death or something like that, just as Wes spoke up, Kurt jumping slightly as he hadn't been prepared for Wes to say anything to him.

"Now, will you please tell us what you saw?" Wes asked of him as he too placed a hand on Kurt's arm, Kurt now knowing that he really should talk about this with someone and also knowing that he couldn't keep all of this bottled up inside of him for a lot longer.

"Okay" Kurt replied in answer to David and Wes's inquires and began to explain everything about his dream, seeing almost everything in his head again as he explained it at all to the two vampires who stayed stock still, wanting to hear the whole conversation to the end of it and then maybe react after that.

"You bitch!" Rachel screamed out, not ten seconds after Kurt had left or rather being forced to leave, with his new Dalton Academy friends after Mercedes had pretty much screamed at him, called him a liar and then threw a book at his head, though not just any book, but the McKinley High yearbook from last year with the defaced picture of New Directions within it, and the weirder thing was that Rachel was sure that it had been turned to that page on propose or something like that as the book still lay on the ground, spine bent backwards slightly and pages bent inwards but Rachel didn't care about that, she was more intent on finding out why Mercedes had done what she had done and ruined a friendship with Kurt, her best friend since Freshman year, where exactly did Mercedes get off in thinking that she could do that sort of thing and just get away with it, she didn't, that was Rachel's answer to all that, she just didn't at all which just made this situation even worse than it needed to be.

"How dare you do that to Kurt, especially when he done nothing wrong in the first place expect make friends with people who could end up as our competition, however I see no need to get upset over something so stupid" Rachel continued in her rant, knowing full well that all the rest of the New Directions were all staring at her shocked, almost as if she had lost her marbles or something like that as 1) Rachel didn't stick up for anyone except for Rachel and 2) Rachel didn't see competition as stupid which in the end made crazy Rachel and crazy Rachel was something not many of the other members were used to seeing unless she became crazy for some other reason that was true Rachel fashion.

Mercedes scoffed at her that second and Rachel bit back an angry retort wondering what Mercedes could have to be angry or peeved about except maybe what Rachel herself was wearing, though Mercedes had already bit her head off about it earlier even though Rachel was very aware that she looked cute, well she thought so and no-one had thrown any slushies on her which also meant something good too.

"Do you realize how wrong it is for Kurt to be in love with someone like that and deny it all at the same time?" Mercedes finally uttered how she was truly feeling leaving Rachel feeling kind of confused, what was Mercedes on about, someone like that, before it finally hit her, Mercedes still believed that the new boys were vampires despite everyone else trying to convince her otherwise.

"Kurt can love whoever the hell he wants" Mercedes continued, Finn, Sam and Puck all sending her a shocked look at this as they tried to wrap their head around Mercedes' ever-changing attitude towards Kurt, but keeping quiet when Mercedes carried on.

"but he just doesn't lie to me about it, especially not when his life could be in danger."

All the New Directions members became quiet again here as Mercedes' words hit them like a ton of bricks, Kurt could be….

"Mercedes, what do you mean Kurt's life could be in danger?" Rachel asked that second, her anger towards Mercedes disintegrating slightly, but she still wasn't going to believe Mercedes until she explained herself completely.

"I mean that there is someone out there, I don't know if they are human or vampire or what, but someone out there wants Kurt dead and they are going to try in any way to achieve this goal and I know I'm not the only one who doesn't want to see Kurt lying dead in a ditch somewhere."

The others nodded their heads as Mercedes spoke, further emphasizing her point of her not being the only one that didn't want to see Kurt dead somewhere because of something big that was going on, especially something like this.

"What do you suppose we do then?" Rachel asked that second, including everyone and was very aware of the fact that one again the other members were all staring at her as if she had grown another head or something like that.

"We need a plan."

"And that's all that happened, the last thing I remember is the tombstone reading 'wake up Kurt' and then David was shaking me awake" Kurt stopped speaking here as he finished informing Wes and David all about everything that he had seen in his dream or nightmare, whatever it was, he still wasn't all-together quite sure which it was exactly, the only thing he was aware of was that it had felt really real, especially the part about him being Drake.

"So wait, let me process this" Wes spoke up that second, rubbing circles into his forehead almost as if he had a headache or he was having a hard time trying to understand this, Kurt knew it was neither though and had a feeling that this was something Wes just done to seem partly human and also to give himself time to say something that wouldn't end up offending someone.

"Ok, so you were dreaming of yourself as Drake Evans, the boy who died before you were even born and you saw Jeremiah trick us to an abandoned graveyard where Sebastian shot Blaine but this time you as Drake didn't step in the way?"

The only thing that Kurt could do here was cock his head forward in a short nod, knowing how awful he must have sounded in his dream, not doing anything to save Blaine, though it hadn't been his fault, if his feet hadn't been glued to the ground then he would have done something, or if he had shouted on Blaine and the others to get away from there faster, then it might have been okay.

"You know" David said that second, making Kurt instantly snap his head up to look at the dark-skinned vampire, "That actually sounds very familiar to me, the day that Drake died, I told him to stay hidden in the trees whilst I went to get Blaine and you, Wes."

Wes looked up that second from where he had had his chin on his lap and gasped out loud very suddenly, sounding very human in that very second as he carried on with David's re-telling of what had happened that day.

"That's right David. Then me and Blaine caught up with you and Blaine was pissed off because Drake had disobeyed him and went outside when he shouldn't have" Wes stopped speaking here, a hand going up to rub at his chin as he thought some more about something, before his gaze snapped to Kurt's.

"Kurt, what happened next?"

"Err" Kurt started, thinking back in his mind as he tried to recapture the images and everything of the sight of his dream or nightmare before it finally hit him.

"After what I'm sure was Wes or Blaine moving past my sort of hiding place, I felt something brush past me and I shivered and ended up in the abandoned graveyard and came upon twenty three tombstones" Kurt recalled from memory, not sure that the amount of tombstones that there were made any difference to anything that he had said at all.

"Okay, so twenty three tombstones, nothing different or weird there, then me, Wes, Blaine and Jeremiah arrived and you hid behind one of the gravestones even though you didn't know it would hurt you until it did" David said, Kurt nodding his head in agreement as David seemed to understand all of what was going on.

"So then Sebastian arrived after David questioned Jeremiah about what was going on and Blaine asked him what he was doing, am I right there?" Wes asked, Kurt nodding his head again, seeing Wes and David's eyes dart to each other very quickly before darting back to look at himself again.

"Then Sebastian shot Blaine and I tried to stop the bullet like what you said Drake had done, however my feet were glued to the ground by something or someone, I don't know which or what exactly but when I went down, Blaine turned around and saw me and he looked so angry that it was scary" Kurt continued, recounting the events of his what he was beginning to be sure was a nightmare now again to Wes and David who appeared to be lost in thought for a bit here so Kurt continued.

"And then Blaine got hit by the bullet, started burning really badly and went down where he started screaming and swearing, then someone shouted Drake's name and threw me out of the way and that's when I saw the tombstone."

Kurt stopped speaking, shaking slightly both inside and out as he remembered the word's written upon the tombstone and how the tombstone itself had been broken before it had fixed itself and then more words had been added to it which ended up with one telling Kurt to wake up which in turn lead to him being awoken by David who had looked to be really worried about him especially when he had went mad in his search for Blaine which then eventually lead to Kurt recounting all the events of his nightmare, he was going to call it that now as he definitely knew that that was what it was now, nothing more, nothing less which then ended up with them being where they were right now, Wes and David trying to figure out what Kurt's dream meant and Kurt waiting with batted breath for the outcome that the two would hopefully eventually come to and wondering to himself what exactly it would be.

"You saw what might have happened if Drake hadn't stepped in to save Blaine that day, that's the only thing I know for sure" Wes finally said after a few minutes of silence in which Wes had stood up to pace back and forth in-front of Blaine's bed where Kurt still sat with David who still had a hold of his arm, but Kurt still wasn't feeling the usual coldness from David's arm as he was still in a state of what he was very sure was not shock, something else but he wasn't sure what it was exactly.

"But Wes, if Kurt saw that then why is Drake still dead, Blaine said-"

Whatever else David had about to say was cut off as the three guys, two vampires and one human heard footsteps coming down the hall, David and Wes freezing at first before relaxing again as they apparently realized that it wasn't a foe, but someone on the good side, a friend.

Kurt sat wondering for a good while who it could be just as the footsteps reached the door and Jeff walked in with Trent in tow, Kurt relaxing as well when he saw how Jeff raced over to him that second and sat on Kurt's right, the same place where Wes had been sitting before he got up to pace the floor.

"What's going on?" David was the first one to speak here after Trent had come in, shutting the door slightly so it was left open a crack and Trent looked right back at David, sighing a bit before deciding it was better to just tell them right now what was going on.

"Michael is unstoppable, Eduardo's here right now downstairs with that Michael kid, Nick, Declan, Blaine and Thaddeus. Michael's not giving up in trying to talk to Kurt and Nick and Blaine are trying to hold him back. It's not good at all."

Once Trent had finished speaking, Wes and David looked at each other very suddenly before nodding at one another and turning to look at Kurt.

"Kurt, we're going to need your help."

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