Author's Note: You are all going to want to go give eternal molestly love to Kunoichi21 who commissioned me to write this fic! She wanted Mad Amounts of Smut based on the Poison song, "Talk Dirty to Me" SO THAT'S WHAT THIS IS. (Their lyrics be all disclaimed.) You underage-ones, turn away until you are all legal and shit. I would hate to destroy anyone's...innocence. *SNORT* LMFAO.

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Warnings: You're reading a smutfic by ME. Does that tell you anything? XD

Verse 1 ~ I Call You on the Telephone

He was pretty. So, so pretty. Roxas Carter was the loveliest boy Axel had ever laid eyes on in his pathetic waste of a life. He was a living, breathing work of art, oozing charm and blindingly beautiful smiles. A guy like him was liable to inspire dangerously sappy levels of spontaneous poetry. He belonged in magazines and television commercials – not in Axel's English class. Or rather, Axel didn't belong in his senior-level English class, but since he'd failed English and math last year, here he was – held back, taking two classes over just to get his diploma, and only because his stepmom was making him. His dad certainly didn't care.

But the reasons why stopped mattering the minute Axel saw Roxas Carter in his class. Only one thing mattered now – making sure no one noticed the way he was watching Roxas. Keeping his face bland and his eyes vacant and bored so that only a mind-reader would know just how badly he wanted that boy. Wanted to grab him in a dark corner somewhere and cover his mouth to silence his cries while his hands touched and his mouth tasted and his hunger ravaged all that beauty and purity, consuming it…consuming him. Taking him and making him Axel's.

The Roxas in his fantasies went from shocked and terrified at first to conflicted and reluctant – reaching for Axel, then shying away, then succumbing to another seduction. After a while, there would be no more hesitation. The moment they were alone, that beautiful, sweet creature would turn to him in desperation, trembling with lust, wanting Axel, needing him, begging to be taken again…


And then class was over, the bell interrupted Axel's erotic daydreams, and he would sneak one last glance at his walking fantasy as Roxas vanished down the hall in the opposite direction. Then it was math class, then dismissal to go to work – pushing a broom in an office building two blocks down from school until about dinner time. Then back again, walking past the school on his way to the mall or some other place to piss away his time so he didn't have to go home until his dad was almost certainly passed out in front of the TV.

On the first Friday in October, Axel was walking past the school on his way…somewhere…from work – at the same time that track practice was getting out. A half-interested glance sideways at the cluster of boys leaving school instantly changed when Axel caught sight of a telltale spot of unbelievable blond in the group. His head snapped forward again, eyes wide and fixed on the pavement as he stretched his legs out further to increase his pace. That fraction of a glance had been more than enough to make it clear that Axel needed to scram. Roxas was more than pretty right now – he was freshly-showered beautiful. And surrounded by his friends, none of whom were the sort of guys Axel wanted to be noticed by. Not that he couldn't kick any one of their asses individually – but in a group of a half dozen or more, they were likely to tear him up if they were in the mood.

So he didn't look at them and didn't stick around, no matter how much of a temptation was walking in their midst. His mind painted a quick fantasy of Roxas walking away from the group, heading down the sidewalk by himself, giving Axel and chance to lie in wait in an alley somewhere, maybe…even if that was pretty cheesy. But the late afternoon was turning into evening early, now that it was Fall, and the shadows of some side alley would be a perfect place to grab an unsuspecting boy and pin him against a rough brick wall and…let his fantasies run away with him.

Roxas jumped into a car with half the guys from his group. Axel just caught them in his peripheral vision as they sped past him. So much for that, he figured, and headed for the mall, letting the daydream resume on the way.


Axel was sitting in the mall food court munching on a hamburger when his mental paradise was abruptly interrupted by someone sitting down next to him. His unfriendly glare vanished from his face in a flash when Axel saw who it was – Roxas. Against all logic, Roxas. With a hoodie on now, hood pulled up over his hair, face slightly shadowed but diamond-sharp blue eyes cutting right into him, a little flicker of amusement hidden in their depths – Roxas.

He hadn't seen Roxas arrive. Reflexively, Axel's eyes shot away, darting around the food court, searching for those friends. He didn't see them immediately, but…


Roxas' voice snapped his attention back to his visitor. Axel's breathing had become shallow and fast, and his eyes dropped to the sticky plastic surface of the table as he tried to gather his sullen, unfriendly demeanor back around himself.

"What do you want?"

In a soft, low voice, Roxas answered quickly. "Not much, actually, I just saw an opportunity and I wanted to check something with you." Without pausing for an answer, Roxas kept going. "See, lately I've had this feeling like I'm being watched in English class. Or perhaps I should say, I've seen you looking at me during class when you think everyone's asleep or listening to Mrs. Colton."

Axel's heart probably stopped. Shit. Where are his friends? His eyes darted around the food court again. Are they hiding somewhere? Is it a trap? This was just the kind of warning that would certainly lead to him getting "taught a lesson" the minute he left the crowded protection of the mall. Still, he didn't see the friends anywhere…

"They're at AE. You can chill, and quit wasting my time. I've got like a minute and a half before I need to get back from the 'bathroom.' You've been watching me, Axel, am I right?"

He froze as Roxas more or less read his mind, then struggled to keep his voice level and cold. "What makes you think that?"

The ghost of a smirk traced over Roxas' lips for a moment. "You'd be surprised how many reflective surfaces there are in that classroom. Once I started paying attention, I stated catching sight of that hair of yours in like five different spots. So I've seen the way you look at me when you think no one can see it."

Axel swallowed. Roxas seemed to be waiting for a response, and he was losing his grip on his rude and unfriendly act. His voice wavered. "How's that?" I am so fucking dead.

Leaning in slightly, Roxas' voice dropped to just above a whisper – Axel wouldn't have been able to hear it anymore in the noisy food court if the boy hadn't been sitting so close. "Like you're watching porn. Like I'm naked and moaning and you've got your cock in my ass and all you want is to keep pounding my hole until you explode and fill me with your come. Does that sound about right?"

Stomach in his shoes, Axel just sat there, not breathing, not thinking. He felt like he'd fainted but was still sitting up with his eyes open and fixed on Roxas' hands, folded on the plastic eating surface. He had absolutely no response. The only word he remembered at the moment was shit, and it was running through his brain on rapid-repeat.

"I guess so then." Roxas' voice sounded…amused? It certainly wasn't the deadly-cold threat Axel was expecting – the tone that said, I've got my answer and you're dead. Axel glanced up, morbidly curious in spite of being petrified. Blue eyes were still fixed on him, steady and sharp, but he couldn't read them. They gave nothing away.

"I…" Axel swallowed again. Unbelievable words echoed in his head over and over. I'm naked…your cock in my ass…pounding my hole…inside me…I'm naked…moaning… "You…" Fucking Christ.

"Listen, I've got to get back." Roxas was business-like and sitting back. A hand went into a pocket and produced a slip of paper. Roxas pushed the paper along the table's surface toward Axel. "At 12:30 tonight, you call this number. Be alone, and use your own phone. Understand?"

Axel felt his head nod automatically. He had no idea what he was agreeing to, but with nothing in Roxas' face or voice hinting at his imminent death, and those words, those deliciously wrong words still so agonizingly clear in his head…he could only agree. To be fair, if Roxas would just say that again, Axel would jump happily into any fag-trap and take a nasty beating from as many jocks as Roxas could gather. No complaints, even. Not when Roxas talked like that.

Without another word, Roxas nodded, stood, and left. Axel's fingers closed around the slip of paper and squeezed, his eyes following the boy's back, hypnotized. Roxas removed his hood just as he left the food court and vanished from sight. Axel rose, dumped the rest of his food, and left the mall. He walked into the evening and just kept walking. He had two hours to kill before he could safely go home.

At the pace he was keeping, he would cover a lot of distance in two hours. Good thing it was a big town.


The moment his cell phone ticked over from 12:29 to 12:30, Axel pressed send, calling the number he'd already keyed in. It rang once.

"Are you alone?" Roxas' voice was quick and clear and right in his ear, God.

Axel swallowed, mouth dry, hands sweating. "Yes."


"At home. In my room." Standing in the middle of his room, actually. Not knowing what to expect.

"This is your cell phone?"


"Is the door locked?"


The briefest pause…and when Roxas spoke again, the curtness in his tone had smoothed out slightly. "What are you wearing?"

Axel's pulse jumped. "The…the same clothes I was…earlier."

"Hmmm." Roxas' voice carried a slight smirk now. "Take off your t-shirt."

He stopped breathing and just stared straight ahead for half a beat. Then he was fumbling with his shirt, struggling to get out of it as fast as possible without dropping his phone. "Okay."

"It's off?"

"Uh huh."

"…Are you in bed?"

"Uh, no…" Roxas' voice cut in…and it was a lot lower all of a sudden. Purring…right in Axel's ear.

"Go to the bed. Lie down." The purr softened into a near-whisper. "And spread your legs."

If anyone had asked Axel why in that moment, he would have had no idea what to say. He just obeyed. His mattress creaked under his weight as he crawled onto it and lay down on his back, positioning his legs wide apart, one heel hanging off each side of his twin bed. The position made his jeans tighten over his crotch, pressing down on his groin. He felt his cock starting to tingle, his hips itching to move against that pressure. He felt…warm. Scared. Breathless. Dying for Roxas' next words.


"Okay." Axel could hear the boy's smile in his low murmur. "Now. Your hand is my hand. It does what I say it's doing. Nothing else. So…I'm laying my hand flat on your stomach. Get it?"

Slowly, Axel placed his free hand on his stomach. The warmth of his palm and fingers was a sudden contrast against the cooler air, and he shivered. His eyes slipped shut on their own, sealing him away from reality and letting him sink quickly into a world where there was nothing but Roxas' low murmur in his ear and a warm touch.

"Got it," he breathed, waiting.

The low purr continued. "I'm sliding my hand up your body. I'm touching your chest, rubbing your hard pecs…mmmm, you feel good, Axel." Breathing hard, Axel let his hand do everything Roxas said. The voice dripping in his ear was like fire, and every inch of his body was starting to burn. Sweat broke out over his skin as he squeezed his pectoral lightly, imagining Roxas touching him, Roxas pressing close to him, the shorter guy nuzzling up against his chest erotically. He would wrap his arms around the lithe boy and draw him close protectively, possessively

"My fingers are pushing something hard, aren't they? Look how hard your nipples are already! I'm pinching one…it gets harder when I twist it like this, doesn't it?"

Axel was already obeying, and the spike of pleasure-charged sensation that shot through his body made him groan. He could hear a soft chuckle from the other end – but it sounded like it was right in his ear. "Feeling good, Axel?"


"Say it," Roxas demanded. Axel felt his pants grow painfully tight.

"It, uh…feels good." He could barely keep his voice above a whisper. His face burned in what was no doubt a vivid blush. But Roxas seemed pleased…or at least content. That smooth voice began talking again.

"Good. Now I'm moving my hand down your stomach. My fingers are scratching in this cute little trail of hair. What color is it, Axel?"

One fingertip tracing his happy trail, Axel's brain struggled to process the question. "Uh…um, it's r-red, really dark red, but you can't tell unless the light hits it, otherwise it looks black…"

Roxas cut off his rambling. "Uh huh, okay." There was an obvious smirk in his voice now. "I look forward to verifying that. So guess where my hand is going next."

Axel's skin prickled. "Um, I don't know?"

"No? Where do you want my hand to go next? Tell me. Where do you want me to touch you, Axel?"

He shivered, hardly able to believe Roxas' voice could get that low. "My…m-my…" His throat closed around the word. Somehow, he just couldn't say it like this. In his mind, Axel had imagined it a few thousand times, but it was different. He'd be looking down at Roxas who'd be looking up at him with wide, uncertain eyes, and when he ordered the boy to touch my cock, Roxas would whimper and his trembling fingers would wrap around him…

The voice in his ear was teasing now. "What? I'll just keep petting the top of your thigh – like this – until you tell me."

Axel's hand moved without him thinking about it, brushing dangerously close to the hard bulge in his jeans. But he didn't touch himself. It was like he was under a spell, now, and as much as he might want to cheat, he couldn't. Roxas was in control.

"Mmmm, I could rub your thigh all night, you know. Maybe move down a little, stroke the inside of your leg, just above your knee…" Axel's breath hitched. "…How does that feel?"

"Ah…" He felt lightheaded, actually. And painfully aware of the distance between his hand and his cock.

"All right, how about if I slide my hand up the inside of your thigh a few inches?" Axel's hand moved at once, itching to keep going… "And now I'm sliding it back toward your knee again…" Axel groaned miserably, his whole body tense with the urge to touch himself and get some relief. "…And what did you want me to touch again, Axel?" Roxas finished with an almost sweet innocence in his tone, as if he didn't know the hell Axel was already in.

"M-my cock," he gasped, finally. "Touch my cock, dear God, please…!" There was no more time for shame. Axel was desperate. He felt like his cock would burst soon if he didn't touch it.

"Good boy," Roxas breathed, and then continued, leading Axel's hand with his whispered words. "I'm sliding my hand up your leg…now I'm tracing my fingertips over your crotch. I can feel your shape through your jeans, Axel. You're so big and hard when I squeeze you…it must be painful like this, hmm?"

He whimpered. "Y-yeah…"

"Let me help you with that…let me undo this button for you…and pull down your zipper… Does that feel a bit better?" Roxas didn't wait for a response this time. "Now I'm touching you again – giving you a nice little cock massage through your underwear. What are you wearing for underwear, Axel?"

Rubbing his cock hard, over and over, Axel couldn't remember what underwear he had on. He lifted his head weakly to glance, then groaned, "Dark…green…boxer briefs."

"Mmm. Okay. So take them off."

"Huh?" Axel wasn't stumped so much by the nature of the order as he was by the brevity of it and the fact that suddenly Roxas wasn't the one "doing" it.

"Take your pants off for me. Your boxers too. And then I want you to lie back down on your bed and spread your legs again, completely naked. I want to see your whole body exposed." Axel started fumbling to obey, but Roxas didn't stop talking, and it was hard to get out of his pants while keeping the phone glued to his ear to catch every syllable. "I want to see your hard cock standing up, begging for me. I want to see your balls hanging down between your legs, big and heavy and aching to shoot your juice while I watch you. I want to see every inch of your skin covered in sweat. I want you naked now, and I want you to beg me to get you off like the dirty little whore you are, Axel."

Never in his life would Axel have believed that words like those could make him leak and almost come.

He lay back down, but didn't dare touch himself again until Roxas said so. A bead of precome trickled over the head of his cock, making him tense, dying to get inside someone – Roxas – and just pound away until he exploded. "Okay," he gasped harshly, "I'm n-naked."

"Good," Roxas purred into his ear, and Axel shuddered again. "And I'm wrapping my hand around your big, hard cock and squeezing."

"F-fuck!" Axel's legs tensed and his hips jerked up off the bed.

"Now I'm stroking you…slowly. Down to the base, to your dark red hair…and now up again, slow, up to your cockhead. I'm sliding my thumb over the smooth cap…your penis looks so yummy right now, Axel. Someday, I'm going to suck it dry." Axel damn near fainted. He sure as hell couldn't breathe for a few seconds. "Now I'm stroking you again, harder. Oh, and by the way, I happen to have two hands free…" Axel fumbled with the phone, trying to prop it up so he could still hear Roxas and yet get his other hand busy as well. He quickly discovered the only thing he could do was lay it on his pillow, then pin it there with his ear by turning his head to the side. But that was perfect, because Roxas sounded even closer and clearer now. "My other hand is moving down over your stomach…down between your legs…and touching your balls. Mmm…you like it when I press on them like this?"

"Oh God, oh God," Axel panted, his hips jerking again and again now. "I…hurry, please…I need to, oh God please…!"

"Please what, Axel?" Roxas' voice was a deep, seductive purr.

"Please make me come, Roxas!" And those words were the only thought in Axel's mind.

"I will," Roxas murmured, "if you say you're my bitch."

He didn't have the brain power or willpower to think twice. "I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, oh God please let me come…!"

"Yes…yes, Axel, good, good boy. I'm jerking you off as hard and fast as you can take it, and more. Harder, harder, I'm squeezing your huge cock and jerking you off faster…now come. Come, Axel, and let me hear it."

On command, Axel's orgasm exploded, his voice crying out over and over as each pulse of ecstasy sent hot fluid shooting out of his cock onto his stomach. Then he was moaning, deep and long, as his cock kept dribbling over his fingers, as he kept slowly pulling on his softening penis to squeeze out the last of his orgasm…to the sweet sounds of soft, blissful groaning, right in his ear.

"I can just see you now," Roxas murmured as Axel finally finished. "Lying there, all covered in semen. Your own…and mine." Axel blinked, listening. "I came too, you know, Axel."

A long, deep breath. "You…?"

Roxas chuckled in his ear. "I've been naked this entire time. I came with you, and I imagined shooting all over your beautiful face. And you know what, my lovely little bitch? I'm going to do just that, for real…very, very soon."

In the silent pause that followed, Axel felt like his heart had stopped. He didn't know what to think, couldn't begin to formulate an answer. But if it had been physically possible for him to become erect again this soon, he was pretty sure Roxas' words would have had him hard as a rock in seconds.

Two beats of silence later, Roxas' voice spoke again – soft and sweet, like nothing unusual had just happened. "Good night, Axel. Sleep well."

The line went dead.

Wide-eyed, Axel stared at the numbers on his phone, which brightly informed him that it was close to 1 a.m. Then he got up, in a daze, and cleaned himself off automatically. He turned out his light and lay down to sleep, still unable to come up with a single coherent thought. His sated body wanted to sleep, but his stunned mind wanted to understand, and he ended up dozing fitfully for most of the night, erotic dreams disturbing his sleep constantly.