Verse 4 ~ Lock the Cellar Door

Axel's phone was silent until Sunday – just when Axel had begun to think he wouldn't see Roxas until class on Monday. But that changed when the boy called, explaining briefly that he'd been busy and needed Axel's address because he was coming over. Axel gave it.

Roxas showed up an hour later – not driving the Mustang this time, which was good because it wasn't a good idea to park a car like that on this side of town. He had a silver Lexus instead – "My mother's," Roxas explained quickly as Axel led him inside. They met Axel's stepmom on her way out to work.

"Oh, hello…who's this, Axel?" The frazzled-looking woman brightened slightly at the well-groomed young man in her kitchen.

"Trisha, this is Roxas, a friend from school. We're gonna just hang out and play video games or something."

Roxas startled Axel with a wide, charming smile directed at Trisha. "Pleased to meet you, ma'am."

Clearly impressed, she slowly took Roxas' offered hand, which he shook. "Oh my…he seems very nice. You boys be good, then. I'm off, Axel. Oh and your dad is…sleeping."

Her obvious delight over Roxas faded a little toward the end, and Axel could tell immediately that his dad was not sleeping, but was probably watching TV in bed, drunk off his ass. "Kay," was his only answer, and his stepmom left. Axel led Roxas toward the basement, which was really more of a partially-habitable cellar with a lot of stuff stored in it…and a couch and TV.

He yanked the cord dangling from a bare light bulb and started trying to free space on the couch. "Sorry for the mess. My room's right next to my dad's, and I don't wanna…um…disturb him."

Roxas plopped lazily onto the sagging couch, all poise and posture evaporating in an instant from his frame. His tone and expression also relaxed out of the perfectly pleasant smile he'd worn for Trisha…and almost everyone else at school. "It's fine," he shrugged. "I was planning to plow your ass in your own bed, but that can wait." He bounced on the couch a little, testing it, then grinned up at Axel. "For now, I guess a couch is a step up from hedges and alleyways."

"And the drive-in…" Axel offered with an uncertain smile.

"Well, the drive-in is slumming it a bit, but a Mustang is pretty classy, on the other hand," Roxas teased. Axel chuckled nervously, nodding, unsure what to say. Roxas continued after a pause, "So are you gonna shut that door so I can fuck you, or do I have to?"

Instantly dizzy, Axel swallowed and turned back to the cellar door, pulling it shut and sliding the deadbolt to lock it. The basement stairs creaked loudly in the silence as he returned, stomach churning. He'd suspected Roxas wanted to come over for this, but… Fuck, this is getting complicated. There had been so many things going through his mind over the last 48 hours. Wanting Roxas…and wondering what he was to Roxas. Wife or mistress? And even if I'm the "wife," how many mistresses will there be?

He wanted this – no question about that. But part of him also wanted more, and he felt scared and uncertain about giving in with the way things were. Not that he wanted to admit it.

Blue eyes ran up and down his body, Roxas' smirk growing as his voice lowered to that customary seductive purr. "You're wearing too much, Axel. Why don't you strip for me." The tone wasn't asking. It was an order.

Axel wasn't sure he liked being ordered. Not like this, at least. Yet…he wanted to do it. And because he wanted it, his hand started slowly traveling up his stomach, up to his chest, carrying his shirt up gradually and exposing his upper body as Axel methodically took his shirt off.

Still examining him, Roxas purred again, "That's good…good. Show me your beautiful, fuckable body, Axel. Mmmm, your chest is perfect. Just looking at you makes me want to get inside you. Your ass felt so amazing around my cock the other day… I think today I'll just sit here and let you ride me like a horny slut, rolling your hips and moaning for me…"

Every detail became a vivid picture in Axel's mind – his ass clenched in response, already feeling like he had Roxas inside of him, fucking him like the other day…and he wanted it, he wanted anything and everything with Roxas, but if Roxas was only in it for fun, a side diversion while he looked for someone better – hotter, richer, or marriage material maybe – then he just didn't think he could…

"Your hole was made to be pumped full of my come, precious bitch…"

"Stop that." Axel dropped his shirt to the side and rubbed both hands over his face. "Stop…stop that, please?" He dared a glance at Roxas. "I can't…I can't think right when you talk like that, and…"

Roxas cut him off. "So? What do you need to think for? Fucking isn't a cerebral activity."

"Is that all it is? Just fucking?" Axel shot back, then sighed, deflating a little. "You…you said the other day that we're…together. Is that all that meant? We just…fuck? I'm just…" He swallowed. "Just someone you keep around to get off with?" Shit. Didn't mean to say that. Still, he couldn't take it back… "Or am I your boyfriend?"

Guarded, narrow eyes watched him speak. "I don't understand the question. You are my boyfriend. We have sex." His head cocked slightly, eyes still narrow. "Are you dissatisfied with something? Am I not treating you well enough? I was going to get you a present this week and take you out somewhere nice next weekend…"

"No. Not that…" Axel fumbled for words.

"You did want this, didn't you?" Roxas' eyes were no longer suspiciously narrow, but he was still frowning in confusion. "You wanted to have sex with me. I could see that from the way you looked at me in class, so I thought this would make you happy…"

"I'm not unhappy, I'm just…" He sighed, looking up at Roxas again. Blue eyes blinked at him, waiting. Axel slumped and shuffled forward, sitting beside Roxas on the couch. Somehow, I have to make him understand. "It's just that…this means something to me. I wanted it, yeah, but it's not like the other times I've had the hots for someone. It feels different. Maybe it's just because I wanted it so much more than usual…I don't know. But you're…special. And I'm not sure it means the same kind of thing to you."

Roxas pondered this. "You think this doesn't mean anything to me?"

A glance. "You don't really give off that vibe, no."

The blond boy frowned again. "I see. I may be a little too good at concealing my thoughts." He looked over at Axel and explained, "It's another lesson from my father, a very practiced one. He's a lawyer. I'm supposed to be, too. 'Keep it close to the vest,' he always says."

"O…kay," Axel answered.

"And you are worried because I haven't made my feelings clear in my actions?"

"Uh," Axel shrugged, a little embarrassed, "your actions have been clear enough, but not everyone does those things for the same reasons, so…no. I can't really tell what you feel about all this."

In the next moment, Axel had to jerk back, blinking in surprise as he suddenly found Roxas in his lap, straddling his legs, elbows resting on Axel's shoulders, and his face…close.

"I don't know exactly how to describe it, but what I feel for you made me want to have sex with you, and I've never wanted to have sex with anyone else. And now, every time I look at you…something is different. It's…changed. There's this connection or something…I don't know what it is, but you feel like a part of me and nobody else is like that. Does that help at all?"

Axel couldn't breathe as he stared into determined blue. "You're…I mean, you were a virgin?" Roxas just nodded once, shortly, his expression unwavering. Oh my God… "I didn't know… I mean, it kinda felt on Friday like you either lost it or weren't too sure how to… But the way you talk, I figured… Jesus." I got my ass plowed by a fucking virgin.

A new frown appeared on the other face. "You seemed to get off just fine on Friday, though."

"Oh no," Axel backpedaled, "I don't mean you weren't good, you were…" Perfect. His eyes cut to the side briefly. "…Fine. It was just…never mind." He gave up. He'll understand once he's more experienced. "I've just never known a virgin who talked like you."

Blue eyes blinked at him. "I thought everybody talks that way during sex."

Green eyes blinked back. "What? Why would they?"

"Because they all do!" Roxas declared, seeming mildly frustrated by the lack of understanding in Axel's expression. "In every single video I watched, absolutely everyone says all those things. It's not a matter of percentages when there are no exceptions!"

Axel didn't follow the last part of that – chalk it up to being a dummy talking to a smart kid – but his attention was caught by something else anyway. "Wait, what videos?"

"The videos of people having sex," Roxas explained, as if that should be obvious.

"You mean…porn?"

Roxas shrugged. "You could call it that."

Axel ran all that through his head for a moment, making sure. "You…ah, do you watch much porn, usually?"

A disdainful snort. "I think not. As filmmaking goes, the quality is incredibly shoddy. However, I needed reference material to learn from, and textual explanations confused me."

"You are confusing me," Axel replied with exasperation. Who studies porn?

Roxas sighed. "I don't see why. I noticed you watching me during the first week of school. I quickly recognized your lust – that was obvious, even though I hadn't really seen that kind of look directed at me before. I decided to reciprocate, because…" He faltered, frowning slightly. "Because I felt the same. I think. You…you wanted me, and it made me want you back." Blue eyes glanced up at Axel, who listened, trying hard to keep his jaw from dropping. "So I found some reference material and studied it to make up for my lack of experience. I could hardly expect to succeed with you when I had no idea what I was doing. So I spent about a month studying, and then I felt ready to answer your desire. And now we're together and having sex. I think everything went perfectly, so I don't understand why you don't get it, or why you're asking all these questions right now when we should be working on our second orgasm each!"

Roxas' distress as he finished speaking was just about the cutest thing Axel had ever seen in his life. And he was finally starting to see the whole picture. He sighed again, smiling a little. "Roxas…being with somebody – being in a relationship – well, you might have got the wrong idea a bit. Porn isn't very realistic…and, well, I don't think you should use your dad as an example either. Not…not if you want to be with me, anyway." He met blue eyes reluctantly, still unsure if Roxas really did want that. Because… How could he? "I just mean, I don't want presents and shit like that from you. I just want you – all of you. I don't want to worry about having to share you with…with anyone else." And that part came from the bottom of his secretly love-starved soul, because it was something Axel had never had from anyone and he needed it or he would cut and run right now, this minute, no looking back. No getting hurt again.

"I have no intention of becoming involved like this with anyone else," Roxas answered, again speaking as if it were obvious. Axel relaxed another degree, his smile growing. He dared to raise his hand and brush a blond spike out of Roxas' eyes.

"That helps a lot. Thanks." Then he chuckled. "As for porn…well, you just have to believe me that most people don't talk like that. It's very…bold. And I didn't figure you for a virgin, because virgins are supposed to be shy."

Another small frown. "I don't see why. Sex is extremely common. People do it a lot."

Oh my God…so adorable… Axel grinned, then nuzzled his face into Roxas' throat. "Sex may be common, but having sex with you is like nothing else." He pressed his lips sweetly to the boy's throat before opening them and starting to suck gently, feeling his way up to Roxas' jaw line.

Fingers combed into his hair as he felt Roxas' body relax, leaning into him. "Nnnn…God, that feels good…" Axel slipped a hand up to that slender neck to hold Roxas as he kissed his sweet mouth…and Roxas let him, and Axel's whole body tingled to feel this perfect boy relenting to his lead. He pushed the kiss deeper almost at once, unable to help himself, and he forgot to hold back his pleasured groan when Roxas' tongue responded, stroking his own inside the boy's mouth. Axel's other hand snuck around to the small of Roxas' back, then his fingers slipped lower, worming under the belt of his jeans and rubbing.

Slender hips pressed down on his lap, leaving Axel with no more doubt of Roxas' welcome – his own denim-trapped erection was rubbing against a bulge in Roxas' jeans that was at least as hard. He broke the kiss with a gasp, feeling a sting across his scalp as Roxas pulled his hair a little hard. "Roxas…" His voice rasped with need, "I want you…"

"Finally," the boy growled in return. "I thought you'd never get done talking."

Arching an eyebrow, Axel slid his hands under Roxas' shirt, stripping him. He was absolutely determined to see the boy naked this time, and he finally felt like it was okay to be a little daring – because Roxas really did want to be with him, didn't he? "Some things needed to be said," he defended himself.

Rolling his eyes, but nodding, Roxas agreed, "All right, so we needed to talk. But now we need to get our cocks out and fuck like wild animals, okay?"

Unable to stop his blush, Axel tried to ignore the feeling of his face on fire and take a stand, even with Roxas talking like a porn star. He steadied the blond head with a hand at the back of Roxas' neck and met his eyes seriously – while trying to will his blush to fade. "As long as you're fine with me being the one in your ass today…yes. We'll fuck as hard and fast as you want, and I promise you'll come at least twice."

A tiny crease appeared between blond eyebrows. "You want to fuck me in the ass?"

Axel let his hands travel down Roxas' body in a long caress, ending at his crotch as he answered. "Yes." He started to unzip Roxas. "To tell you the truth, I've wanted to get inside you since the first day of school, and the only reason you got my ass first is because I'm so crazy about you." He pulled Roxas' cock out and wrapped his hands around it. Blue eyes went vacant with heat as he stroked Roxas, breathing against his lips, "You were right – nobody else had ever been in there before. This," he squeezed, "was the first cock in my ass."

"Nngh…nnnh, mmmmm…God…" Short, blunt nails dug into Axel's chest as Roxas tensed, scratching him a little as Axel worked his hands up and down Roxas' shaft, pumping him quick and hard. "I th-thought so…" He groaned, long and deep. Axel shuddered at the sound, his cock throbbing and trying to burst out of his pants.

Taking a hint from what Roxas always did, Axel moved one hand lower, slipping into Roxas' open pants and underneath, then pressing up to rub his sac. "So?" He purred. "Can I?"

Head falling back, Roxas' hips lifted, thrusting spasmodically as he half-screamed through gritted teeth, "Nnghhh! F-fuck, fuck yes! God Axel, fuck me, mmmhh, yes, do it!"

Fuck, shit, shit! Roxas' voice begging him made Axel desperate, and he struggled to get his own pants open, fumbling at his fly. Roxas shifted his hips back to give Axel room to work, but he was hampered by his loose pants around his thighs, as was Axel, who quickly discovered that he needed to push his jeans down a bit to comfortably get himself out of them – he was already too aroused for this squirmy undressing. "Fucking jeans…" he panted, almost snagging his cock on his zipper.

Leaning in, Roxas nipped at his lips. "Let's get naked." He growled, then pulled away, climbing off Axel so fast the redhead could only sit there stunned for a moment. He still wasn't used to hearing such things from those perfect lips.

He pulled himself together, however, and quickly stood up, making it much easier to shove his jeans down his legs and off, as Roxas was doing. In no time, they had both stripped and were standing in Axel's basement, completely nude. Axel swallowed. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Roxas. Every pale inch of his beautiful skin, his smooth body…his penis standing up, flushed and firm, making Axel quiver with the desire to touch it, suck it, lick and fondle it, exploring, tasting…

Hot blue eyes were raking over his body in return, and there was a small, secretive smile on Roxas' lips as the boy eyed his groin. "Dark red indeed…you weren't lying."

Maybe he should have had a response for that. But in that moment, Axel just wanted Roxas so much, he couldn't think of anything else. He could only groan, and reach for the boy, and wrap his arms around that small, perfect body, hands roaming in an effort to touch absolutely everywhere at once…and then he was backing Roxas up, pushing him down on the couch and bracing himself over that warm body – tongues tangled, arms around his shoulders, and Roxas' thighs splayed open to allow Axel between his legs. He thrust his hips forward and down, rubbing his throbbing erection along the length of Roxas' hot cock. The beautiful boy cried out, biting his lip.

"Ahh! Axel…Axel! Yes…give it to me…your hot, hard cock…"

Axel groaned. The air was warm and heavy, the closeness and the caresses driving him out of his mind. He moved down Roxas' body, worshipping the boy with his mouth and hands, touching him the way he'd always dreamed of touching – smooth, slow caresses the first time, then another touch, firmer…then again and again, rubbing harder over the curve of a shoulder, the erotic line of a clavicle, the smooth, firm planes of his chest, the heaving skin of his stomach, the tempting angle of his hips. And, when Axel's hands moved back, rubbing and then grasping the slightly-round flesh of Roxas' ass and squeezing, he let his mouth close around a peaked, pink nipple at the same time, sucking and teasing it harder with his tongue and teeth – just the way he'd always wanted to.

"Axel! Mmmmm, yessss. Yes, touch me more, oh please touch me, God it feels so good! I want you inside my body…soon!"

Fucking…wow. His fingers probed deeper, stroking down the crevasse of Roxas' ass, then locating the tight ring of wrinkled skin and…pressing. Roxas arched and whimpered, Axel's cock throbbed harder, and his fingers set up a firm, circular massage of the spot, rubbing around and around, over and over, his hips still rolling steadily to grind his erection against his boyfriend's.

"Get the…" Roxas swallowed hard, his arm weakly falling away to point toward the floor, where their clothes lay scattered. He licked his lips, saliva shining wetly on them as Axel stared, fascinated. "There's…lube in my jeans pocket. Get…get it so you can get inside me. Hurry." The last word was a moan of pure lust.

Bug-eyed, Axel almost threw himself off the couch onto the floor, scrabbling for denim and finding his own pants, at first. He threw those away with a frustrated growl and grabbed for Roxas' pants, located the pocket, the lube, grabbed it…

And turned back around to see Roxas, lying on his back on the couch, his legs spread wide, his body glistening with sweat, and…masturbating. One hand squeezed and fondled his chest, while the other…the other was wrapped around his penis, stroking fast. And Roxas was looking at him, eyes half-closed and mouth half-open in a moan of want… "Axel…hurry…I want your big, hard cock inside me…hurry!"

Axel wasn't fully aware of the moments right after that – he didn't know how he got back to Roxas, only that he did, and then he was on top of that lovely, naked boy again. Likewise, he didn't know how he got the packets of lube open – but he was aware of slick stuff in his hands, and he spread it everywhere as he touched and caressed Roxas' penis, his sac, the seam between there and his tight little hole…and then the ring itself. His finger slid in easily, covered in lube like this, and he had to take a few deep breaths to keep from coming as he felt that hot squeeze around him.

He started thrusting in and out, exploring Roxas' insides at the same time as Axel stretched him, searching for that perfect spot. He knew when he found it, too – Roxas' sudden, high-pitched, desperate cry let him know. Axel shivered, watching, and he kissed the inside of Roxas' thigh as he added another finger…and another.

Fists clutching the cushions, Roxas moaned, "Your f-fingers feel so good…I c-can't wait for your cock, Axel…"

Another finger pressed in deep. "Keep talking," he breathed, entranced. "Tell me about my cock…but call it my 'penis.' I want to hear…" It'll sound so much naughtier that way…

Glazed blue eyes stared at him a moment before Roxas grinned weakly through his arousal. "I want your huge, hard penis to fuck me… I want your big penis to stretch my hole open while you ram it into me again and again and again and again, fucking me, Axel, fucking me with your hot, wet penis inside me…!"

He nearly fainted. Or came. Or both. Axel didn't know. All he did know was that was better than he could have ever dreamed up in a million years, and he couldn't wait one more second. He might have mumbled something like, "You watch too much fucking porn," but maybe not, he wasn't sure. All he was sure of was the soft, lube-slick skin of Roxas' entrance as he pressed his cockhead against the puckering hole, rubbing his tip around the ring again and again as he added pressure, pushing in, feeling the skin stretch around him as he slowly entered Roxas. Roxas.

Roxas was writhing, his whole body trembling in fits, tensing and relaxing and tensing again as he whimpered and moaned and…reached for Axel. Arms around his neck pulled him down, legs closed around his hips and pulled him deeper, and hot air brushed his ear as Roxas gasped into it, "More…more…fuck me more, Axel, hardernow!"

Any lingering worries about hurting Roxas, any good intentions to go slow…vanished. Roxas – Roxas – was writhing in his arms, aroused and desperate and clenching around him with a pulsing rhythm that made Axel's hips respond whether he intended it or not. They just moved, pulling out and thrusting in again fast, and he couldn't slow down or hold back, even if he should have known how to – he just lost it. Because it was Roxas, and he was inside Roxas, taking him, and no amount of experience could have prepared him for how wonderful it felt.

Axel pumped his hips hard and fast, feeling his body already trembling on the edge of orgasm. It was too good to hold back…and Roxas was gasping, strangled words being forced out through open, panting lips, "A-A-Axel! G-Going…to…co-coming! Coming! Axel, I'm…!" Then Roxas' mouth opened wide in a strangled scream as his body went rock-hard, shaking. Fingernails raked over Axel's shoulders, but the pain didn't even register. Warm fluid shooting up onto his stomach – that registered. And then his own orgasm started, this shivering bliss of it starting in his balls and searing out through his cock as he snapped his hips again…again…again. And with each thrust, he could feel the warmth of his own semen leaking out of Roxas, and everything was warm and very wet and Roxas was gasping, dazed, and Axel…

…Stayed. Hard.

It was a good, hard orgasm, but it was short, and the sound and sight and feel and scent of a spent Roxas in his arms was so arousing, Axel didn't go soft. At least, his cock didn't. The rest of his body melted in the afterglow of his climax, relaxing and collapsing on top of Roxas, who felt just as yielding. They were both breathing hard, covered in sweat, and limp. It was Heaven. Axel didn't even pay any attention to his cock for a few moments – he just stayed inside Roxas and ignored the building need to move again. Instead, he lifted his head and pressed his lips to Roxas' mouth, gently touching the side of that terribly lovely face as he kissed him – soft, sensual, and deep. And Axel felt even more flooded with bliss as Roxas responded with a faint moan, his head turning and his tongue answering Axel's caresses with sultry pleasure.

For several minutes, they just kissed like that – touching and parting, sliding deep with their tongues and then changing to tender caresses with only lips. And Axel always thought he knew better than to trust kisses – he should have learned that already, really – but should or shouldn't faded to nothing as Roxas kissed him back, because he believed that kiss and everything it told him about Roxas' feelings – everything the boy himself didn't understand well enough to explain. It was there, in his kiss, and Axel knew right then that Roxas had his heart, body, and soul…because he had Roxas' love.

"Mmmm…" Roxas murmured against his lips, eyes cracking half open with a lazy smile. "I should let you do that more often. You're so good."

He just chuckled, shaking his head slowly and brushing damp blond back from Roxas' forehead. "Thank you…but you are the best I've ever had."

"Like this? Or like Friday?" Roxas giggled against his lips.

Axel grinned. "Like both."

Roxas grinned back and responded with more open-mouthed kisses. Axel lost himself in them, letting Roxas take the lead for a while and explore his mouth. It felt so perfect…and, without really thinking about it or deciding to act, Axel just let his body do what it wanted to do – move. His hips pulled back in a smooth glide, pushing forward again just as easily…and Roxas broke from his mouth with a gasp.

"Nnngh…you're…you're still hard?" The boy's surprise was muted by a hazy mix of afterglow…and a little bit of renewed arousal.

Axel rolled his hips again. "You couldn't tell?" He teased.

Roxas lifted his hips slightly to meet the lazy, rhythmic penetrations. "I didn't nnnnnhh-notice until you moved. I'm a little mmmm, numb."

Nibbling a soft earlobe, Axel purred, "I did promise you two orgasms, didn't I?"

Arms went around his back again, pulling their sweaty bodies close. "I take it you're a – ahhhhh yes – man of your word?"

"Oh yes," Axel groaned in delight, feeling the slippery heat of Roxas' insides squeeze around him as he moved, in and out, in and out, making love to Roxas with slow passion. "I wouldn't dream…mmmm, of leaving you hanging…" His muscles were still loose with relaxation after their first wild bout and gut-clenching orgasm, but heat was spreading throughout Axel's body, washing through him in pulsing waves that built in strength and intensity with every leisurely thrust.

"Delighted to hear it," Roxas purred back. Then he added in a near-whisper, "Go easy on me, though…I feel like another round like the last one would break me."

Rolling his hips in the same gentle, sensual cadence, Axel bit his lip, shivering. He thought he could do this for eternity, actually. "Anything you like," he answered…then thought of something. Axel grinned. "You promised to talk me to orgasm some time, remember?"

A naughty grin spread over that flushed, gorgeous face. "You want me to do that now?"

"I can't object to the idea," Axel purred. "I love it when you talk dirty to me."

Roxas smirked. "I love your big, throbbing cock inside my tender little asshole."

Said cock throbbed even harder immediately and Axel groaned, but he kept up his steady, rocking thrusts and…listened.

"I love the way you're fucking me softly right now…I can feel your penis inside me, Axel, and oh God you feel good. You turn me on so much, my penis is already rock-hard for you… Can you feel my hot shaft rubbing your stomach when you lean down and press against me? I can feel my sticky come all over your abs – you're spreading my own juices over my hot, quivering body. You're so hot, so close…I feel so good being fucked by you." And every single word Roxas spoke was a low, breathless, lust-filled moan.

"Fuck…Roxas…" Axel's cock felt painfully hard and huge, and Roxas felt and smelled and looked and sounded so tempting, so deliciously, explicitly wonderful…he couldn't keep it quite that slow anymore. The pace of his thrusts picked up as his hips beat forward faster and his climax crept closer…

"Ahhhh Axel, oh, you feel so, so good…I can feel you throbbing inside me, almost ready to come…mmmmm, ahhh I can feel your semen from when you came…leaking out and dribbling over my ass, so messy and wet, and nnnn fuck I can feel more, can't I? You're slit is oozing inside me again, ready to spurt more fresh come into me, to pump me full of your fluid and make me yours, oh God I'm yours, Axel! All of me, all of me is all yours, and ohhhhh my penis is throbbing for you, Axel! Oh fuck I want to come, Axel, Axel make me come, please, please touch my penis, touch me and make me come for you…!"

Hips surging forward even faster now, Axel kept thrusting – desperately trying to not to lose it, to keep it steady and smooth even if he couldn't keep it slow…because he really didn't want to hurt Roxas. He wanted to give him nothing but pleasure…so Axel moved his hand, touching and taking hold of Roxas' erection and stroking him. The boy's words dissolved into gasps and cries of pleasure as Axel pumped Roxas hard and thrust over and over and drove them both over the edge – together.

He felt every quiver and throb as Roxas ejaculated again, and Axel caught most of the fluid in his hand – not to keep it off his stomach, but because it was Roxas' come and he wanted to feel it, to touch the evidence of his pleasure. And, even as he felt the warm semen spurting into his hand, he could feel his own cock pulsing and his release shooting deep inside Roxas – again. It was intimate and amazing, like claiming and like surrender at the same time. And it was with Roxas, and Axel could hardly believe it.

When they were both spent, they collapsed again, and this time Axel couldn't even move very far without shaking – the muscles all over his body had just plain given out. Even so, he was too addicted to the feel of Roxas and his sweat-soaked skin, so he just let his hands shake, ignoring the aching complaints from various parts of his body – choosing instead to touch and kiss Roxas everywhere he could reach, caressing his precious boyfriend all over, trying to make his brain and heart believe the reality his hands were touching.

His lips where pressing the center of Roxas' chest when a similarly shaky hand touched his face. He looked up. Roxas was very flushed, his hair was a mess, and he was…beautiful. The boy swallowed – not that it helped, because when he spoke, his voice sounded hoarse and dry.

"Axel…kiss me…"

Yes. Yes. Roxas…yes. Lips pressed to lips…and lips parted to the wet probe of a tongue – Roxas was deepening the kiss, slow but insistent, and Axel just let him. He had no idea how long they kissed after that. He wanted it to go on forever…or at least a week or two.

When they finally pulled apart, all he could do was stare into dreamy blue eyes. Roxas brushed his hair out of his face for him – and Axel felt enslaved by the sweet, tender touch. A little smirk reappeared on Roxas' face – such a familiar expression now, and so much easier to understand. "So?" The boy teased, "Did I talk you to orgasm that time?"

Axel chuckled. "Well, it wasn't like that was the only thing going on…"

"Oh?" A blond eyebrow arched. "So I need to try it again sometime – with no touching or any other kind of sexual stimulation?"

"Hnnnh…" God, he's going to be the death of me. I think I'm really going to die. "That sounds…mmmmm, yes please…"

"And we still need to do it in a bed, like proper lovers, right?" His expression became slightly uncertain. "That's a thing lovers do, isn't it?"

A smile. "Yes, that's a thing lovers do." So, so cute…

"Good," Roxas continued, "because I need to make sure there is no more confusion on this point. Although…it's a little difficult to do things the right way without knowing what that is." He pointed seriously at Axel's face. "You'll have to keep me informed, okay?"

"Yes sir," Axel beamed, leaning forward to kiss that fingertip…and then nibble it, and suck the finger into his mouth a little. He couldn't help it. Roxas was so perfect. Axel felt himself getting dangerously close to bursting spontaneously into a sappy poem…

"Okay, so next time, I'm taking you to the Radisson…"

A slight frown. "Roxas, I told you I don't need fancy shit like that…"

"Oh no!" The boy interrupted. "It's not that. It's just my dad's a VIP patron, and I'm not sure we can get proper privacy in my bedroom. Besides," that naughty smirk was back again, "I want to see you waiting for me on one of those big, fancy beds…naked, with your legs spread, while you masturbate and finger your dripping hole for me…"

"Ohhhhh God…" Axel groaned. How can he still talk like that after two rounds of sex? Nose to nose with Roxas, he mumbled, "Don't start that again…unless you want me to take you again…"

A giggle. "You really like it that much?"

"When you do it?" He kissed Roxas, soft and quick. "I can't get enough."

Roxas leaned up and answered his kiss with another – longer and deeper. Then… "Well, my ass needs a break right now. What video games do you have?"

And Axel laughed and kissed Roxas on his pretty lips – and a few times on his perfect, lovely neck – and then he got off his boyfriend and helped him get his pants back on, and he set up something that involved shooting, and they settled down to kill things. Axel sat cross-legged with Roxas in his lap to keep Roxas' weight off his sore bottom. It was a little awkward to play like that, and Axel blamed his constant dying and re-spawning on the fact that he couldn't properly see, but it really didn't matter.

The boy who belonged in magazine and television commercials was in Axel's lap instead, and that was more important.




The End


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