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For the little time gap, I'm going to say that this is Piece Two of Season One, the Search for Blackbeard arc. We are fast approaching the meeting between Ace and Blackbeard. But, for those who keep up intimately with the anime or manga, can you guess how the New Spade Pirates fit in with Banaro Island, or Marineford and the other upcoming arcs?

(Season One, Piece Two)

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It is currently the Great Age of Pirates.

A struggle between many pirates began while looking for the legendary fable, One Piece. The treasure is of legendary status, and has became a fairy tail amongst dreamers who sought it. But around 20 years ago, a certain man, the Pirate King, Gold Roger, hinted at its existence with his final breath.

"My treasure? If you want it, you can have it! SEARCH FOR IT! I left everything the world has to offer in that place..."

Ever since then, a raging torrent of pirates began searching, clawing and killing for the chance to find the legendary treasure.

The world has truly entered the Great Age of Pirates!


Previously on Dimensional Trap, Taichi Kamiya and his comrades fell through a portal to the Digital World, falling into the strange and merry world of pirates.

They had many ups and downs in their attempts at returning home, one such instance being when they travelled to the Horai Peninsula and began battle with a cult like gathering of Devil Fruit users, led by Hitsuji.

With their new pirate captain, Portgas D. Ace, they successfully managed to defeat the fruit users and evade the Marines, led by 'White Chase' Smoker, with a brand new ship named the Stryker Dawn, along with a new shipmate called Marina Espia.

Arriving on a new island near the Marine Branch G-2, which is a hotspot pirates would dodge all together because of a Vice Admiral's presence, had the partially mechanised Utile Town not already been overtaken just prior to landfall by the Revolutionaries. They are currently visiting several areas of the town separately, but with a lawless town and roving bounty hunters, is that such a good idea?

The New Spade Pirates might just meet their maker before they can leave the second island in their journey to find Blackbeard and to get home.


Great Blackbeard Search! Arc

Encounters and Infiltration!

Marine Branch G-2: Comil's Office

(Cue BGM: One Piece Best Soundtrack 11)

Sitting behind a grand oak desk with heaps of neatly stacked paper with small handwriting on them was a large, rotund man with a great white moustache across his stiff upper lip, a rudimentary Marine coat draped like a cape on his shoulders and weighted by his bald patch adorned long hair. He wore a green suit and held a nodachi beside his desk, clearly his weapon of choice.

"And... this man from CP7 has retrieved a bounty head or two, has he? Isn't he a little out of his jurisdiction?" Comil vapidly sighed, his eyes narrowed.

He was talking to a reporting officer in Marine garb and a coat of his own, holding his back hand salute in place, "He claims that he was passing through on his way back here to resupply, sir! He only gave the name of Salvador, a trainee who passed by and noticed two rather large bounties in the middle of a kidnapping incident!"

Still bitter, Comil fiercely demanded, "And who, pray tell, are these grand bounty heads? If it is nothing over 80 million, I will gut that man for making a mockery of my beloved branch. Now who the hell was it?"

"'Taurus' Primrose, a 90 million berry bounty head, and one of the Fleet Admiral's specially requested criminals from Whitebeard's crew, 'Frail Maiden' Kari, a 30 million berry prize!"

"Hold on... the crew that has made headlines lately besides the Eustass 'Captain' Kid's crew is nearby in Utile Town?" he asked calmly, receive an affirming nod, "dispatch Unit 1 and 3 immeadiatly! After that embarrassment at Alabasta with the Straw Hat's, we cannot allow another escape of notorious criminals again!" he boomed, the man darting out of his office to do as he was told.

Comil was between sombre and anger, an unpleasant and stressful feeling indeed. He couldn't help but wait for fresh milk to arrive for his coffee, as it was his one pleasure in life. But he needed to await the message from Moda the milk girl...

Looking out the window, a small dinghy with an elegantly dressed man with flowing black locks and a great curly moustache was approaching, stood in the confined boat up straight as he approached, a small note in his hand. Comil felt his soul soar, as his forlorn milk message was finally coming. Lord knows he had slashed and hacked enough things in agitation for it, he felt like blowing up.

(End BGM)

Utile Town: Back Alleys

TK was crouched in a narrow, moss encased stone alley in the more criminalist area of the town, clutching a pink device in his hand with a wrathful tremble; it was Kari's Digivice. Patamon, still inside TK's device, could feel the general vibe as TK swung around, the device in a belt loop for Patamon to see through; a small puddle of blood was dried a few feet adjacent to the spot the blonde kneeled in now; something had happened to Kari, and he was the one who decided to let her roam free. Unnaturally stupid of him, he could only curse under his breath as he rose up to his feet.

"Damn it... I've gotta find everyone-" but his face tightened and his eyes closed, "No... Tai would kill me if he knew I let her go crying into this... Patamon, we have to go after her on our own."

"How can we find her?" a small voice came from his device, "She might not be on the island anymore... she might be hurt-"

"Why to rub it in, but no." He sharply snapped, now beginning to run to the exit in the alleyway towards the blood pool, "You see, the Digivice can track crest energies. Don't you remember how we found her in Cyber City with Davis? We tracked her crest energy!"

As if he was thinking it through as he went along desperately, nudging past any bystanders as he ran through the streets, he grabbed Patamon's current container and pressed the centre button, switching the screen into a small digital radar that bleeped and displayed all 8 crests on the island, and had a small indicator arrow indicating Kari's crest with a small '8.3 MILES NORTH' beneath it.

I'll need to take the ship!

Utile Town: Restaurant Areas

Matt seemed to sense a bad vibe, a kind of natural reaction for a big brother as he walked down the street with Sora under his arm and a sheathed sword held by the base with his palm.

The girl felt the vibe as if he was a conductor, "Matt, what's wrong?"

"W-what... it's nothing Sora... it's just that I felt something in the air..."

He was right about that, as they both looked to the sky as they traversed down the Main Street full of restaurants and spotted a particularly odd bird with a bag; a News Coo. The bird seemed to have spotted and recognised them from the headline photos in the paper that he tossed down, Matt grabbing it with his extended free arm.

Unfurling the paper, Matt examined the headline page, entitled 'NEW SPADE PIRATES' with everybody's bounty emblazoned on the page, their bounties shot up seemingly out of the blue, Matt giving a snide snigger and Sora nearly jumping out of her skin at the sight of her hunting order, knowing what they did to captured pirates after conversing with Ace during their travels.

The girl grumbled, "C'mon, don't we have enough troubles just being here while Biyomon and Gabumon fight?"

Matt, alternatively, kept the gruff chuckle going, "So... I'm considered a high profile target beneath Tai, am I? Let's see if we can change that at some point..." he fell silent as Sora pierced through him with a long stare and dragged him into a nearby tavern that was almost ghostly empty apart from a sleeping girl at the desk.

"Matt... you do realize how much trouble this is going to be, don't you? Those Admirals Ace mentioned might just come looking for us now! From the way it sounded, they're just as strong as a Mega-level Digimon, if not even stronger!" she whispered in a voice so shrill it could possibly be used to produce sonar.

Matt pondered for a moment in the near empty tavern after he abated his chuckle. He recalled the three names that Ace had sworn him to strive away from at all costs; Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru. He suddenly found himself in desperate desire for more information on the Admirals. How else could he defend Sora if she was right, and the Admirals were tracking them?

He looked over to the sleeping waitress at the desk. She was wearing a rather loose fitting maid's outfit with a pair of what seemed to be brilliant tap shoes, and her hair was a glimmering purple colour. Her face showed it self to be young and cutesy, around Matt and Sora's age as they rocked her awake.

"H-hello?" she lowly murmured, stretching and waking herself up with calisthenics.

"We were wondering if you knew where we could learn a little about the Marines." Sora said unconsciously, instantly recognising her bluntness as she attracted a pair of odd looks.

"Well... you've come at a bad time, since the Marines were driven out just recently... but my mom always said my dad was in the Marines before he left us, and she told me quite a bit, so..."

Although sceptical, the two pulled up two stools and sat comfortably in, scanning the tavern and seeing scratch marks all over from swords. They theorized it was because of the criminal and lawless nature of the town.

"Well... my dad was apparently one of these Vice Admirals at the time he met my mom in here, so he's probably retired by now since it's been 16 years since they met. Even though it was still rowdy because it was the start of the great pirate age, he was still jovial about Gold Roger's death, and came here one night. Let's just say my mom and he had a little much to drink, and by morning he was gone."

Poor kid..., Sora thought, her face falling into a crescent like frown.

"Anyways, my mom kept track of his activities over the years until she died. On her last day alive, she told me about my roots, and about the Marines. Admiral Sengoku had just become the Fleet Admiral, and this organization of pirates called the Shichibukai were pulled together for some great purpose. I'm sorry, I'm diverting the story... what did you want to know?"

Matt took focus to this, "Can you tell us anything about the Admirals?"

"Well... they get promoted from Vice Admiral and into Fleet Admiral. Oh! And they're connected to the Tenryuubito! But that's about all I've got... I think that they're all Devil Fruit users, because everybody talks about the destruction they leave in their wake."

Logia's, no doubt...

"You're not thinking about seeing one, are you? If your pirates," she peered down to Matt's sword and sash get up, "what this is, is suicide. The whole purpose of an Admiral is to capture only the strongest pirates the world has to offer. That's why only three are currently qualified and strong enough to lead beneath the Fleet Admiral."

Sora's fallen, sunken face began to raise again as she gave a warm smile, "Thank you, miss..."


"Lavender, such a pretty name... see you, and thank you once again." She said lightly, grabbing Matt's sleeve and dragging him through the door before she heard the waitress's voice again.

"Wait... if you are heading out on a voyage... I have a request to make. I need to ensure something."

Utile Town: Stryker Dawn

It had been several long minutes since TK had started running, and he had finally wound up back at the ship, almost like it had a homing device. He did not care that several bystanders cursed and sassed him as he budged past them, the only thing on his mind now was Kari. He knew, however, that he was nowhere near skilled enough to even think about navigating an entire ship with pirate colours flying high, but he did know of two dinghies at the rear, usually beside the Stryker. One was already missing, but TK paid it no mind as he lowered it into the sea with the pulley and jumped in, clutching the oar like it was the bridge between life and death. He kept a serpent like, blinking look at his Digivice tracker function.

Kari!... Kari!... KARI!

G-2: Loading Docks

(Cue BGM: One Piece - Overtaken)

The swishing of the water and the bashing of the gorgeous waves against the portside at the Marine Branch drowned out the loud stomps of Marine Training going on in the courtyard, a few dry shots accompanying it, as the strange, curled moustached man stood, a Marine walking up to face him with a salute.

"What is your business here? This is a restrictive zone, all of Utile Town was told about that before we pulled out. We're training now to take back the town, so if that's your business, please leave." He said as if on role call.

The moustached man gave off a bad vibe, and the Marine thought he recognised him, but dismissed the notion as quickly as it came.

The man presented a letter of marquee, "This is from Vice Admiral Comil, I believe. It was said to be delivered along with Ms. Moda's milk delivery, which I am here to discuss." He added shrewdly.

"Thank goodness your here! He's been on the brink of a nervous breakdown from the terrible black coffee here and well... although a citizen wouldn't understand, an angry Vice Admiral can be a handful." He replied, almost hinting at dragging him to Comil's office before he waved it off.

Infiltration, success. Now, just got to make this as quick as possible, get back to the kids and see to them so I can go. Moda said that the Marines had been fretting last time she was here over a man with Teach's alias, so there must be reports or something...

It was Ace in disguise, a false adhesive moustache as pronounced as Gold Roger's own was bore upon his top lip and his usually shaggy hair combed back while his garb was stored at Moda's, a suit taking it's place.

Now, he had to do only one thing to perfectly integrate with the Marines, and he was way ahead of it, asking the Marine to show him to a bathroom.

Arriving at a small, almost closet sized bathroom down the strangely empty hall (possibly for the training outside) with a small, blue arrowed sign above it. Ace managed to slip behind the Marine and give him a blow in the back of the neck, knocking him out. Placing him into the bathroom after assuming his clothing and grabbing a nearby abandoned Marine hat, Ace's disguise was near perfection as he closed the bathroom door on the unconscious Marine and the suit he had just left. He didn't have long to work with if the training was already up to firing blanks, not to mention the uproar should anyone find the Marine.

He toiled around for several minutes, swerving around corners and using hiding spots behind lockers and doorways whenever the superior, patrolling officers turned up in the halls. He eventually found himself at a pumice stone stairwell, admiring the artwork as he headed upwards toward the second floor, where he knew Comil would be residing. After the little interaction with Dalmatian a few days ago, he decided to stay courteous around a Haki user.

As he got to the second floor, he peered through a nearby archway that revealed at least 6 Marines of officer ranks in the cafeteria. When Ace saw the sign for 'SELF SERVICE', his resolve dissipated for a moment, and when he came to, he was sat between two Marine officers with a stack of meat, spaghetti and other foods and beverages, making them feel sick and laugh at what they thought was their ally.

(End BGM)

Utile Town: Stryker Dawn

Davis and his group had all but traversed the entirety of the island town, and had finally returned to the ship. They were still oblivious to the two missing dinghies, however. Yolei and Ken had returned from where they had gone when the two of them caught up with each other around an hour ago during the walk. Judging by the blush on them both, something had happened, not to mention Yolei's chirpiness and rare occasion of letting Davis's chides slide easily.

"So, should we just wait? I'm sure we set a deadline of some sort." Davis laughed unsurely.

Tai added, "Damned if I can remember. All I care about are my new threads. Look at me! I look great!"

"Not bad at all!" Yolei concurred lightning fast.

Davis raised his brow. Yolei was unnaturally nice and forthright now. He had pieced together in his head a scene of Ken and her being in an empty park, and then she had-

"Oh, you guys are back now?"

Turning back to the new voice, they made out Joe amongst the glorious sunlight and waves crashing against the port. After conversing for a while on the deck about their new lifestyle's grandeur and excitement, and complaining about the looks they got for their bounties in the town (Yolei more than the others, who seemed to enjoy the thrill).

Davis added rather haughtily, "Izzy and Mimi won't be back for a long time... they're on a date according to Tai! You said so, didn't you Tai-"

They hadn't even notice Tai entering the cabin areas after a lengthy time of waiting. Finding that Matt, Sora, TK, Ace and perhaps most condemningly Kari had not returned yet. He quickly returned to the deck to inform his crewmates of this.

After explaining this, Marina and Gatomon returned at the same time, both giving unreadable looks to each other for some reason. They were also told, and Marina stroked his forehead strangely.

"Well... why wasn't the kitty watching over the girl like she had done before?" Marina cut across the feline beside him.

Without shifting her gaze, she scoffed, "And leave you unwatched? Not likely..."

Before they could question what they were so angst about to each other, regardless of being crewmates, they heard a loud stampede of feet, and Yolei looked over the side of the ship and looked back with horror on her face.

"There's an army of Marines down there!" she barked, everyone capable of doing so releasing their Digimon from their device holdings.


With the flash of their respective colours, Veemon, Wormmon, Hawkmon Armadillomon were now ready to fight beside Gatomon as they tensed up, Marina leaning on the wooden deck railing and making it obvious he was in no mood to help the cat. The kids understood that despite their strangely raised physical prowess, they wouldn't last a minute before such a large squadron of Marines.

G-2 Cafeteria Area

Ace was still eating his full blown plates of free food while the two Marines beside him laughed and spread jovial cheer amongst the few in the room. The adhesive moustache could have been stuck on by the food juices by the amount Ace ate. His suit was looking worse for wear as well.

One of the Marines beside him talked around his back to the other, "Anyways, do you really think that the Fleet Admiral's request for the New Spade Pirates really required a large rise in their bounties? Most of them are just kids by their pictures!"

Ace tensed, but made it look like it was from chewing as he listened to the other one, "Portgas D. Ace's bounty is unbelievable now! 550, 000, 000 berries! Even by New World pirate standards, that is just ridiculous!"

Now, although they had no idea clearly, the great pirate of the topic gave a low snigger beside them, It went up again, did it? Well, I am pretty awesome! Try and catch up now, Luffy!

"I know it sounds stupendous for such an amount. There are few bigger than that, for example Marco the Phoenix, the Four Emperors and their crews. Can you believe that White-freakin'-beard still has a bounty that high? Can he even walk still?" he laughed.

"I know, but he is supposed to be able of fighting the Admirals, so I'd never like to meet him in a fight! He's an old bastard, but he's still a threat with his ability!"

If Ace's anger had ever surged to such a point as this, he might have had an aneurism. He rose to his feet, surprising the Marine officers as he looked at them both with slit like eyes, making them sweat a little with a nervous laugh at their Whitebeard conversation.


Before they knew it, the two officers found themselves with palms tightly clamped onto their faces, slamming them hard into the tiled floor, cracking the space around their now bloodied faces as he rose up, snapping back into reality.

All 4 of the other Marines were now surrounding him with swords in their clutches, pointing at his food covered mouth as his moustache fell of by the picking of one of the swords.

All 4 felt a shiver as they recognized him, and Ace gave a sigh as he knocked them out in a flash with martial art combat styling, ducking fast and hitting them all in the gut before they could react, the canteen lady giving a squeal as he walked up to her and bowed in apology.

"S-sorry... you're Moda's mother, aren't you?"

Her fear filled eyes fled her, "Y-you know my little girl? Did she send you to get me or something?"

"W-well..." he gave a small chortle, "I kind of need to do a bit more than say that now... you see, once these guys wake up, they'll look for me, so, can you do me a favour and give Comil this?"

He handed her a folded piece of bunched up paper, wiping his food covered mouth with the Marine suit's sleeve before quickly undressing and taking a nearby officer's uniform. The medals were that of a Captain's.

Blushing due to his lack of embarrassment, the Marine cook gave a girlish squeak, "S-so what do you need me to d-do? What is this?"

"Moda's message. It's about the milk delivery. She saved my life and I wanted to deliver that to pay my debt. Now I've probably reunited a family so... I've gotta run. I've got something to do in Comil's office."

Before he could be thanked, he had already run off toward the corridor, going to the right and charging blindly, completely reliant upon how long the training would take and Ace would be found.

Moda's mother stood their, stupefied, A pirate helping someone on a whim? Repaying a debt to a minor who saved their life? They really do overplay how dangerous Whitebeard Pirates are... I thought he would've killed me!

The Sea: 5 miles from G-2

TK had kept a feverish pace in his pursuit of Kari's signal, which had been set on a small rock formation upon the Digi-Map function, which would ultimately lead him to G-2, where not only Kari, but Ace now resided, unaware of each others presence in the Marine Branch.

Patamon had stayed patient, as trying to force his way out failed miserably without TK's permission. Suddenly, he found himself with the ascending feeling he usually got as TK said,

Patamon, Realize!

With the brilliant gold flash, Patamon found himself floating in mid-air with his ear wings, looking at TK. He had not noticed how dark the bags beneath his partner's eyes had grown.

"P-Patamon..." he panted, sweating a little, "We need to go f-faster...!" he pulled his friend gently yet forcefully into his embracing arms, a faint tremble vibrating the winged Digimon, "C-can you Digivolve? I need to know now... Kari's probably going to get hurt or worse because of my stupid mistake... even stupider than Davis!"

Patamon gave a frown, had TK held onto the grudge that he seemed to have let slide in front of Kari after confessing his lie?

Not wanting to upset him further after noticing how utterly miserable the boy looked, Patamon nodded rather nervously and rustled out of his hug and into the air, TK's shaky hand raising the Digivice as it glowed gold.

Patamon Digivolve to... Angemon!

The omnipresent angel presence seemed to have a much more cold pressure about him than usual, reflective of his partner's current mood. Jumping onto the angel's back as they took flight, the dinghy was left to drift in the sea.

After a few minutes of soaring, they finally came within spiting distance of G-2, from high in the air with the sun at their backs, blotting them from sight. They saw a large cell of bodies moving rapidly in the courtyard below, training. Assessing the surrounding areas for any prisoner cells, they concluded that Kari was below ground in a dungeon.

Looking over to his left, TK spotted a fast approaching Marine battleship, preparing to dock at G-2 soon. TK and Angemon were in synch with their thoughts. Angemon reeled back his fist as TK rose up to the angel's shoulder as his opposite fist glowed.

Hand of Fate!

Firing a quick blast at the portion of the ship with no people around it, Angemon set the mast on fire, smiling apologetically as all of the Marines aboard leapt off in light of the situation. TK noticed the trainees running toward the ship's direction, clamouring around the port area.

The partners quickly chose a spot behind the building, which luckily had an entrance they used to gain entrance after landing silently, Angemon devolving as they entered in search of Kari.

G-2: Outside Comil's Office

Ace's search had not borne any fruit, as after a subtle yet thorough search, Comil's office had turned out to be nothing but small, filtered reports on small time pirates and also a minor amount on the Four Emperors. Judging by the neatness of the room, Comil was clearly miserly and a clean freak.

He heard stomping coming from around the corner, and slipped behind the archway into the armoury. He expected it to be the ones he knocked out (and it was), but they cried about another incident.

"SOMEONE SET FIRE TO THE SCOUT SHIP! THE INFORMATION ON THE PIRATE ATTACKING BANARO ISLAND IS ON THAT SHIP!" one yelled as the footsteps faded down the stairwell and outside.

A pirate... that could mean...

Ace followed downstairs, intent on getting to the apparent burned ship. He knew that he could get on board easily thanks to his Devil Fruit, but if he did get the information, his disguise would be tattered and burned, meaning he would need to leave quickly on a 'borrowed' Marine ship.

Utile Town: Before the Stryker Dawn

The Marines had been decimated by the unseen, unfightable midget brigade called Digimon and their powers. Many were done in by Veemon's headbutt, which seemed to have the force of a bombshell. They had grabbed a bloodied one with messy blonde hair and broken, half moon glasses and rocked him awake.

Tai spat with venom, "What have you guys done to TK, Kari, Izzy, Mimi, Matt and Sora!"

The Marine felt embarrassed at being interrogated by a youth, but as Veemon shook his fist in his face, he loosened his pursed lips, "I have no idea about those three, but 'Frail Maiden' was brought in by a member of CP7 over an hour ago to G-2."

Tai's face sank, and his insides fell with an intense burning sensation. He always got this whenever his little sister was in trouble. This rated up there with the time his sister nearly died and when Myotismon almost killed her. He knew with what little historical accuracy he had that pirates were executed in public. That image seared his mind.

"...NOW!" he thundered, everyone a little shaken, but all nodding as they rallied back to the ship and clamoured up the rope net Joe threw down. Ace, Sora, Matt, Izzy, Mimi and TK could wait; they needed to get to G-2 immediately.

They unconsciously knew that the Marines they left behind wouldn't threaten those left behind as it was Revolutionary territory. Armour Digivolving Hawkmon into Halsemon, Armadillomon into Submarimon and Digivolving Veemon into ExVeemon, they all got onto the flying types, while Cody got into Submarimon's cockpit and went into the sea. They had all been quickly told by Davis about the tracking capability, and began following Kari and (to their surprise) TK's crest energy toward G-2.

G-2 Prisoner Cells

Kari was cold, and felt a queasy feeling rise up from her stomach as she pulled at the chains around her wrists, feeling distressed at her new clothes having ruffled frills and dirt and dust stains. She could hardly see, minus a small torch outside the cell that illuminated part of her features. She felt concerned at the bloodied and anger rapt individual chained across from her.

He was a rather large man with a muscular build, his arms shown off by his sleeveless blue tank top that extended over his beige denim shorts and sandals. He had a small scar that ran down the side of his face and showed in the light awkwardly with his closed eye.

Kari didn't feel at all courageous, as the scar put her of conversing. Not only could he be a notorious serial killer, but his scar made her feel weak. She had seen too many sickening ones on the Horai Peninsula.

Nonetheless, the moss cover walls dripped water irritatingly, so she plucked up the courage and raised her head, "U-um... Mr? D-do you know of a way out of here?"

He opened his slanted eyes and narrowed his arch brows as if angry naturally, "Girl... you're one of Portgas D. Ace's new crew, aren't you..." he had a silky hiss in his voice, but it wasn't as cold as she expected.

"W-well, yeah... I guess you could say I'm a pirate..." she said, clearly unhappy about it. Strangely but relievingly, the man did not pry.

"Well, just wait it out. If you're his crewmate, he'll get you out; if you're other friends do not. And, as you're his mate, you may have the protection of Whitebeard's name on you. It's a kind of shield that few dare to challenge."

"Why is that...?"

He looked astounded with a flicker of the torch light, and let out a hysterical laugh, "Girl, c'mon! You have never heard of the old bastard? He's like a harbinger of death, for the love of –"

She blushed heavily, and changed the subject to lessen the humiliation, "N-no! Of course I know who he is! I was wondering why you're here!"

His laugh hardened, and eventually, his steely face returned, "I'm a pirate too. Name's Primrose, a 90, 000, 000 bounty head, at your service, 'Frail Maiden,' Kari." His voice gained a little venom, "I am one of the two of my crew that survived a surprise attack near the Horai islands. I got betrayed by my remaining crewmate so that the Marines would toss him off at the Horai Peninsula!"

Kari's face turned a very pale grey, "Oh my god..."

There was a sound behind her, toward the stairway, of a creaky, rusty door opening. Her face gained a mixture of elation and suspense as the face came into view of the torch's flame. TK, looking very unwell and tired as he had done on the way there, and Patamon, who had a curved smile on his face.

Primrose's hard as iron features softened into a small, tranquil smirk, "Told you so, kid."

A/N: Kari's cavalry has arrived, but he doesn't seem at all well. What is wrong with TK? What was Matt and Sora's discussion with Lavender about? And will Ace's information retrieval go well on the burning ship, or will the other members of the New Spade Pirates raze G-2 to the ground in their desperate search for Kari?

Find out next time on One Piece x Digimon: Dimensional Trap!

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