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*Flashback to Last chapter*

"Jude, he was called Jude and he was a kid after my own heart. British, cocky and a hatred for slayers...good kid."

Angel smiled as he too, remembered the teen from a few years back.

"Yeah, he was a good kid...what happened to him i wonder?" Wes shrugged,

"Hopefully he went back to his own time...why don't you call the kid his memory." Spike and Angel looked at the large bump that was their child,

"Sounds good to me..." Spike exclaimed, softly rubbing his hands over his belly, "...Jude it is"

*End Flashback*

Chapter 9 - 8 Months Along

Angel rolled his eyes as he observed the frantic activities of Fred and Wes as they trailed up and down each aisle in Babies R Us, the obnoxious colours of pink and blue flashing in his eyes as they passed clothes, strollers and cribs alike.

"Okay, do we have an infant car seat?"

"Yep, in black so that Spike doesn't sulk"

"Okay, diaper bag?"


"Diapers, onesies and blankets?"

"Check, check and check! Hey, Wes look! It has little bats on it!"

"...Cute, okay strollers?"

"Hmmm, let's wait a few months for that one..."

"Okay, Baby carriers?"

"O definately, i can't wait to see Angel or Spike in one of these!"

Angel groaned at the very thought, his reputation would surely go down if he was forced to have his child permantely attached to his chest during meetings. Spike wearing it on the other hand...Angel quickly re-adjusted his trousers has they continued with the shopping trip.

"O Wes, we need bottles. Spike can't breast feed after all and he explained how he wanted to get the baby started on his Mommy and Daddy's blood to make him stronger,
before feeding him animal blood."

"Whatever you say honey, do we need a crib or a cradle?"

"O good question, Angel..." Fred turned to glance at the clearly fed-up vampire behind them, "...are you planning on co-sleeping with the baby when he arrives?"

Angel blinked in confusion causing Fred to sigh.

"Are you and Spike planning to sleep with the baby snuggled up to you both for a few weeks or months?"

Angel smiled at the thought, "Probably..." he answered.

Fred grinned at the sweet expression on her boss's face but motioned for Wes to by a crib anyway...just in case.

"Okay, it looks like we've got everything!" She exclaimed happiley. 'This baby was going to be spoilt rotten one way or the other if Fred had her way', Wes thought fondly as both him and Angel followed the bouncy Texan girl to the till.

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