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Warning : Mpreg, slash and Buffy hate in later chapters

*Flashback to last chapter*

"Are you and Spike planning to sleep with the baby snuggled up to you both for a few weeks or months?"

Angel smiled at the thought, "Probably..." he answered.

Fred grinned at the sweet expression on her boss's face but motioned for Wes to by a crib anyway...just in case.

"Okay, it looks like we've got everything!" She exclaimed happiley. 'This baby was going to be spoilt rotten one way or the other if Fred had her way', Wes thought fondly as both him and Angel followed the bouncy Texan girl to the till.

*End Flashback*

Chapter 10 - 9 months along

Angel sighed as he spotted Spike wandering past his office for about the 7th time that day, his face pinched with worry and concern.
Suddenly he couldn't take it anymore...

"Spike!" he yelled, startling the pacing vampire and causing him to wince as his back twinged. Cautiously Spike opened the office door,

"You bellowed Peaches?" he grumbled, a protective hand on the now huge belly and a frown on his face.

"Why are you wandering around so much darling?" Angel asked as he got up to rub his mates' back comfortely, "You should be resting, the baby might be arriving any day now!" Pushing Angels' hand off his shoulders, Spike turned around,

"That's the point Angel! I'm overdue by a week now!" He yelled, "The doctor said activity should help and i want this baby out of me sooner rather than later!"

Angel smiled at his flustered childe, "The doctor also said to try other metho-"

Before he could finish Spike was glaring at him, "If you were about to suggest sex, i'd stop right there!" he hissed, his displeasure obvious to anyone passing by.

Angel frowned, " No, i was about to suggest i make you some raspberry leaf tea with a spot of lynx blood in it and if that doesn't work, i'll ask the doctor to do a membrane sweep...is that okay?"

Spike sighed tiredly, "Yeah love...i'm sorry, i just want to hold my son...god knows he's been scrouging off me for the past 9 mon-"

Suddenly Spike stopped, his hands flying to his bump and his face contorting in pain causing Angel to panic.

"Spike! Will! Honey are you okay!" he shouted, gently stroking his beautiful mates' face. His cries had been heard around the office and soon Fred, Wes, Gunn, Lorne and the Doctor were there, each one yelling and asking questions.

"Angel we heard the yelling, what's happened?"

"Spike, sweetie are you okay?"

"Wow, i sense trouble ahead..."

They all paused when they saw the wet patch growing on the carpet beneath Spike as his knees buckled causing Angel to go pale as he gently supported his lover.

"His water's broken..." exclaimed the Doctor as he rushed to help Angel carry Spike, "Quickly, we need to get him to a bed so he can give birth!"

*evil laughter* Yes, it's a cliffhanger!

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