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Warning : Mpreg and slash

*Flashback to last chapter*

"Are you okay Will? You're moving around a lot, do you need to move to the bed?" Angel asked as he gently rubbed the slight bulge that was Spike's belly.

"No, i'm fine...but i'm pretty sure the little sprog is letting me know he's awake..." Spike groaned as he felt the life within him wriggle as if it was trying to get comfortable within the confined space he was in. Angel smiled widely,

"He's moving!" he exclaimed, his hands trying to feel for the movements of his little boy. Spike halted the frantic hand movements, a gentle smile on his face.

"I doubt you'll be able to feel him just yet, give it a few more weeks and i'm pretty sure we'll be able to put a Malteaser on my bump and the brat will kick it off."

Angel chuckled as he snuggled into his lover's back, 'a few more weeks would turn into a few more months', he thought to himself, 'and then he'll be able to hold his son in his arms...and they'll all be one big happy family.'

*End Flashback*

Chapter 7 - 6 Months along

Angel rubbed his eyes tiredly as he re-read the same line in an important case over and over again. The little boy in Spike's belly had had a growing spurt about 24 weeks into the pregnancy and Spike was finding it very difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in...which just so happened to mean that Angel wasn't having much fun trying to sleep either...that and Spike had complained bitterly about the pregnancy trousers he'd been given. Angel shuddered as he remembered the look on his childe's face, a look that even Darla would have cringed at.

"Peaches..." Angel's head shot up at the hesistant voice in his office doorway, his eyes narrowed in concern at the pained expression on his beloved's face.

"Will my boy, what's the matter?" he asked as he headed over to Spike, the paperwork lay forgetten on the desk. Angel ran his hands up and down Spikes' arms in a hopefully comforting manner. Spikes' eyes darted the the floor as he mumbled an answer that even Angels' super hearing couldn't quite pick up.

"Will?..." Spike sighed at the concerned tone in Angels' voice.

"I said my feet hurt. All this extra weight a has caused my bloody feet to swell up, i can't even wear my favourite boots without it hurting and i hate walking around barefooted!" Spike pouted as he shuffled his sock-clad feet anxiously awaiting Angels' reply to his petty problems. Angel smiled gently at his childe's embarassment and led him over to the sofa, encouraging him to lay down on the plush cushions and velvet covering.

"'Ere, ya bloody pouf! What are you doing?" Yelled Spike as he felt his blood red socks slid off his swollen feet, however his protests soon died out as Angels'
calloused fingers rubbed and pressed into his sore feet, the aches and pains slowly transforming into pure pleasure.

"Oooooo" Spike moaned as the pleasure coursed through his body, "Ooooo, Peaches, i wouldn't keep doing that, i don't think it would be safe to continue going down this admitedly pleasurable road..."

Angel smirked at the regret in his loves' voice and slowly made his way up to the waistband of Spikes' trousers.

"Ah, my boy..." he purred causing Spike to squirm, "Why don't ye just let me do all the work." With those words his mouth descended causing Spike to cry out.

Down in the lobby, the cry echoed throughout the building causing Gunn to cringe as his mind cooked up images of the pairs' activities upstairs.

"Don't worry Gunn..." Fred grinned, "...They're not having sex, it's too dangerous for the baby, Angel'a probably giving Spike a-" She was cut off as Wes gently covered her mouth with an apologetic look at Gunn.

"I don't think Gunn really wants to know Fred...and i don't really want to know either" He explained as the cries continued. He'd be glad when it was all over, afterall ...it's very difficult to do anything other than care for a baby after it's born. There's no time for any other activties.

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