President Raven's POV:

I silently tapped my foot against the mahogany floor as I waited for Head Gamemaker Lavender to enter my office. Last year's games were the best in Panem's history. Now, she had to make these ones even better. I glanced in the mirror at my short, black hair. I certainly wasn't beautiful. I never had been, but I was powerful. Power beat beauty any day.

"You called, Madame President?" Lavender asked as she entered.

I spun around to see her staring expectantly at me. "Even though this isn't a Quarter Quell, why don't we throw in a small twist." I smirked.

Lavender smiled back, and asked, "Anything in mind?"

"Actually yes!" I giggled. I handed her a piece of paper, and Lavender laughed when she was done reading.

"I'll go redesign the arena right now," Lavender laughed as she walked out.

Perfect. I couldn't wait for the tribute's blood to cover the arena floor. Let the games begin…

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