Author's Note: I will be writing a series of two/three-shots based within the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Universe. They will be based in this thread and follow the adventures of the various background ponies within the show. Please read and review. Enjoy! ^_^

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Best of the Best

A green, Earth Pony strode down Mane Street in Ponyville, pulling a cart filled with treats. The air was fresh and smelled of the various foods that the Ponies around her, Apple Fritter, were selling. She saw two of her closest friends, Carrot Top and Berry Punch. Carrot Top was selling a cartload of fresh carrots and Berry Punch was selling her various wines and champagnes. She even saw Derpy Hooves selling her famous muffins. In fact she had come here to sell her own goods.

As she pulled her cart down Mane Street she spied Applejack. Apple Fritter happily waved at AJ and continued down the road. When she reached her designated spot she began setting up her stand. Halfway through unloading the cart of her well-known Apple Fritters she saw Twilight Sparkle standing right in front of her.

Apple Fritter nearly jumped back. "Hi there, Twilight, how's your day?" she asked cheerily.

"Hello there, Apple Fritter." she replied back. "My day is going quite well. I do have a question for you, though."

"What is it?" she inquired sweetly.

"Well, you see, Applejack and I are participating in the annual Ponylympics. We were chosen as this year's team captains. You know that the captains can choose two other ponies for the competition, right?" Apple Fritter nodded. "Well, AJ chose Berry Punch and Constelle. So I decided to choose you. You know, try to throw her off of her game." she said with a wink.

Apple Fritter's eyes lit up at the proposition. Of course she would help Twilight! Secretly she'd always been a little envious of Applejack. AJ was the Apple family's most well-known member and one of the strongest ponies in Ponyville after all. A chance to one up her at her own game would make for delicious teasing in the future.

Apple Fritter stuck out her hoof which Twilight quickly shook. "I will gladly help you Twilight. Now who will be the third part of our team?"

"I don't know yet," she said uncertainly, "but we can discuss that tomorrow evening. How about dinner at Grass n' Hay's?"

Apple Fritter bobbed her head up and down. "Ok. See you then!" she called out as Twilight walked back to her Library House.

Apple Fritter proceeded to continue setting up her stand. Only a couple minutes after she had finished a customer arrived.

"Hello there, sir. May I interest you in some high quality desserts?" she asked warmly.

The stallion in front of her did not answer. He just stood there, eyeing her merchandise. Finally, after 10+ minutes he ordered a dozen apple fritters.

By the end of the day almost her entire stand had been cleaned out. She counted the leftovers, she still had 23 left, and packed up her cart. On her way back to her farm she thought about who would be the best choice for the Ponylympics.

How about Carrot Top? No, she'll end up whining if we lose. The same went for Lyra and Bon Bon, especially Bon Bon.

Then a thought popped into her head. "I've got it!" she shouted out to the forest between the Apple Farm and Ponyville. She picked up speed and raced down the road to her home.