Kagome's long thick hair lay wet and heavy on her back as she walked towards the dressing room with the over protective Hojo directly by her side. She had on a long silk pink Kimono that covered her curvy body. Six servants led her to the dressing room and Kagome felt more nervous by the minute.

Hojo took quick glances at the girl that walked beside him. She's awfully quiet, maybe I shouldn't have been so forward with her earlier "Kagome, you've been awfully quiet, If I have offended you in any way please-"

"Its fine" Said Kagome rather quickly as if not even wanting to start a conversation.

I just have to remember what Sango told me


"Sango I love Inuyasha!" Said Kagome somewhat loudly as tears began to storm down her face.

Sango instantly hugged her friend. "Its okay Kagome, you know, that not a bad thing"

"Yes it is, I look like a whore! I'm in love with a man that is soon to be married!"

"You do not look like a whore, you look like a normal being whose heart has made a decision"

Kagome wiped away a stray tear. "What do I do Sango? I want to tell him so bad, its eating me alive!"

Sango smiled sweetly at her friend. "The only thing you can do is to listen to your heart, if that is the man that you are destined to be with then you two will indeed cross paths with one another, my Dad always told me, 'If you want something you have to go get it, there's no handouts'"

Kagome smiled brightly. "Your right Sango, I'm going to confess my love to Inuyasha, tonight

End of flashback

Kagome exhaled gently. Either way tonight will be the best night of my life, that's all I want in the end.

They made a right turn and Kagome noticed that the room was right next to the door that led outside into the sacred garden. Well at least I don't have to walk far

"Kagome this the room where your preparations will be taking place at" Said Hojo as he stared into her eyes.

"Thanks, I appreciate everything that you've done today" Said Kagome as she gave him a friendly hug.

Her scent is wonderful, she smells so sweet and fresh Thought Hojo as he wrapped his arms around her to deepen the embrace.

Kagome instantly felt uncomfortable. This feels so wrong, like I'm betraying Inuyasha but, he loves someone else right? So, maybe I should move on too

Kagome allowed the embrace to continue even though her heart ached silently. After a few moments Hojo respectfully pulled away. "You should be getting ready, I'll see you outside in a little bit" He kissed Kagome passionately on the forehead and proceeded to the garden.

Kagome exhaled deeply at his actions and calmed the bright red blush that appeared on her cheeks. She entered the room and was happy beyond belief. "Mother!" Kagome ran towards her and gave her a big hug. "I missed you!"

Naiomi smiled sweetly. "I missed you too honey, you know I had to be here to see my baby get dressed"

Kagome sat on the bed next to her. "Mom I'm so nervous, I just don't want to mess up"

Naiomi chuckled. "Honey you can't mess this up, everything will be fine." Naiomi caressed her daughter's cheek gently. "My what a gorgeous young lady you have turned into" Naiomi smiled and hugged her daughter again. "You will make a man so happy Kagome, I'm so proud of you honey."

"Thanks mom, are you gonna be there?"

"Of course, everyone is waiting on you honey"

Kagome smiled brightly. "Okay mom, I'm ready"

Three women came into the room and bowed respectfully.

"Hello your Highness, are you ready to get dressed?" Asked one of the women.

Kagome nodded her head and a woman sat on the bed and grabbed a towel and dried off Kagome's damp hair. She grabbed a brush and began to tame Kagome's long mane.

"Hey mom is it a lot of people here?" Asked Kagome as she felt slight pain as the woman roughly brushed her hair.

"Yes, the whole garden is filled, I made sure that Sango and her family had nice seats as well"

"Yeah if she didn't come I was gonna have some words for her!" Said Kagome with a playful smirk.

Naiomi giggled. "Kagome I love your personality, I see how you have so many friends"

"Well, Sango is without a doubt my closest friend" Said Kagome proudly

Naiomi nodded and gave Kagome a curious look. "Kagome, you are acquainted with Hojo correct?"

"Yeah mom, I and Hojo are childhood friends"

Well, I have been noticing the way he looks at you and I was just wondering-"

"NO!" Yelled Kagome frantically. "Hojo and I are just FRIENDS nothing more, he's a nice guy and all but I have my moments where I only see him as a friend"

"Well I was just asking, I don't want to push you to someone that you're not happy with, that will never happen again." Naiomi looked serious yet sad.

"Mom its okay, I will find someone that I love, when the time comes"

"All done!" Said the woman that was doing Kagome's hair

Kagome ran her hands through her hair and it felt like silk. "Niceee" Said Kagome with a smile.

"Your highness we have your clothes ready now" Said another servant. She went towards the closet and pulled out a white and gold two piece outfit.

Kagome stood up and removed her Kimono. Her body glistened from the mineral bath she had gotten earlier and her skin looked radiant. The servants then helped her put on the three layer silk kimono. It was a stunning gold color with intricate glitter all over it and what appeared to be small diamonds. The kimono hugged her curves tightly and flattered her body well.

Naiomi smiled sweetly as her eyes followed her daughters beautiful body. "Kagome you look stunning"

Kagome blushed a pretty pink. "Thanks mom"

One of the servants pulled out a small black box and set it on the bed. She opened the box a small gold necklace, and a pair of small diamond earrings.

"How do I look?" Asked Kagome with slight hesitation in her voice.

The women just stared at her for a moment. "Flawless" Said the women in unison.

Kagome looked like a true goddess. Her lips were kissed with a soft nude color and her long silky hair was in deep body curls and the servants put it in a neat half updo and placed a nice diamond clip within her hair to make it stay up.

Naiomi struggled slightly to get up but made it to her feet. Kagome noticed her mother and quickly went to her side. "Mom, do you need assistance?" this was the first time Kagome had seen her mother stand up without the help of someone.

"Yes, I want you to go get that green box over there"

Kagome gently made her mother sit back down and she went and got a rather large green box off of the dresser. She sat down next to her mother and looked at the box. "What's in here?"

Naiomi smiled sweetly. "Why don't you open it and see for yourself"

Kagome carefully opened the box and was surprised at what she saw. It was her royal crown. It had emerald green gems all over it and it was gold. Kagome placed the crown on and it fit snuggly around her forehead.

Kagome stood up and helped her mother stand as well, she exhaled gently and smiled. "Mom, I'm ready"

Naimoi smiled and nodded her head and Kagome grabbed her arm to help her keep her balance. They proceeded to exit the room. They walked slowly down the long hallway to the door that led to the garden.

"Mom you okay?" Asked Kagome who was concerned about her mother's health. This was the first time in years that she was able to walk.

"Yes dear don't worry about me" Said Naiomi with a chuckle.

They walked slowly out the door and as soon as they did they were greeted by hundreds of people. Kaiyo and Souta were waiting for them on the glittery emerald green carpet. The crowd applauded loudly and Kagome looked around at the huge crowd of people. The pond was about 5 minutes away from where she was standing at and the garden was literally filled to its capacity. People stood and applauded, some people shouted and chanted.

"Kagome just don't look at the crowd, imagine they're not even there" Whispered Kaiyo.

Kagome nodded her head and proceeded to walk. Her family followed at a respectable pace behind her.

Inuyasha POV.

"Hey what's that noise I hear?" Inuyasha focused a little bit harder. "It's cheering and clapping but no one is here"

"Inuyasha do you know how big this garden is?" Asked Izayio.

"Ummm, no not really"

"Inuyasha Kagome has to walk to the sacred pond from the castle. This garden is so big and there are so many people here, I'm sure the people in the back can see her"

Inuyasha noticed a familiar scent that he hated with all his might. HOJO. He saw Hojo walk towards the pond where Kagome was supposed to enter at and he simply stood there.

"What's that asshole doing?" Thought Inuyasha as he watched Hojo intensively.

Inuyasha noticed that Hojo was holding something in his hands. Inuyasha looked closer and saw that it was a rather big cherry blossom petal. Hojo was holding it gently yet protectively.

"Hey mom" Said Inuyasha as he gently nudged his mother in the arm.

"Yes honey"

"What's Hojo doing with the flower?"

"Hojo will give that cherry blossom to Kagome to place in the pond. I'm sure it's the last Cherry Blossom that fell off of the eldest cherry blossom tree. When Kagome places it in the pond it will renew all of the cherry blossom trees. Then she will speak with priestess Hitonni."

"Okay mom"

Inuyasha heard the cheers getting louder and louder by the second and he knew that Kagome was coming. Soon he saw Miroku rise in his seat and applaud along with the other people in that area. People in Inuyasha's area rose too trying to see Kagome.

"I can't see her?"

"Where is she?"

"I can't see over your head!"

Inuyasha was getting very agitated by the people surrounding him. "Everyone sit down! Everyone is gonna get to see her!"

And just like that a large number of people sat down in their seats. Inuyasha saw Sango rise and she appeared to be crying as well. Inuyasha then saw a flash of gold and without knowing it stood to get a better view. Kagome turned and was now facing the entrance way to the pond. The Takahashi family stood as well and they had a great view of Kagome and they saw her family following her at a respectful pace. She slowly walked down the aisle while her family stopped and watched her at the entrance of the aisle and Inuyasha stared dreamily at her with his beautiful golden eyes.

She's… she's gorgeous. He watched as her long curls swayed gently over her shoulders and admired her flawless radiant skin. Her curves called out to him as he clutched his hands hard to control his emotions. This woman had him breathless and lost for words, this woman was indeed his destined mate.

Inuyasha felt a hard hand on his shoulder and turned to see his Father with concern in his eyes.

"I'm okay" Said Inuyasha lowly as he directed his attention back towards Kagome.


Wow… there is so many people here. I can do this… I just gotta make it to Hojo then its home free! Hey… Kagome looked out the corner of her eye and saw Inuyasha standing for her and staring at her with the same look of admiration and love. Inuyasha She tried to block out all of the cheers and clapping to stay focus and not fall but seeing Inuyasha oddly made her feel more confident. Kagome made her way to Hojo and he bowed deeply to her and she smiled. The crowd had died down and all took their seats.

Kagome gently took the cherry blossom from Hojo and he moved back to give Kagome all the space she needed. Kagome held the cherry blossom with two hands and slowly walked into the pond. Her long kimono fanned out as she got into the water and her hair rested gently on the water. The crowd grew silent and watched intensively.

Kagome walked deeper into the pond to the point where the water came to her waist. She slowly put the cherry blossom into the water and the pond glowed a celestial white color. The cherry blossom went under the water and it was glowing a bright pink color. Then there was a slight breeze and cherry blossoms formed back onto the trees once more.

The crowd applauded loudly and the sky filled with beautiful cherry blossoms. Then there was another bright white light and the crowd grew silent once more. Kagome looked puzzled as the light grew more intense so intense that the audience had to cover their eyes. When they opened them a white figure stood before Kagome.

There stood priestess Hitonni. The sky glittered with stars and everything seemed to get a bit purer. Everyone looked speechless as the stared at two stunning women. The Priestess looked exactly like the portraits portrayed her to look. She had long silky black hair that pooled around her and she wore the clothing of a warrior. Her face was soft yet stern and she had big baby blue eyes that were slightly glazed over. Kagome stared at the amazing woman that hovered a few feet above her.

"Kagome" Said the Great Priestess.

Kagome stared in amazement for a moment and then responded. "Yes great Priestess?"

"You are the first born daughter chosen to fulfill this prophecy" Hitonni looked her up and down. "I see great potential within you Kagome"

Kagome was silent and waited to be spoken to. The audience remained silent as well but payed close attention.

"Kagome I have seen the current events that have occurred throughout the land and within your personal life and I have foreseen the future because of these matters" Hitonni moved closer to Kagome and hovered down to her. "The Higruashi Kingdom will be under a new rule soon"

Kagome's eyes got slightly big at that statement. The Higurashi royal family looked slightly surprised also. Under new rule? What does she mean by that? Though Souta

Under new rule? Does that mean Kaiyo will step down? No, it's too soon, Souta has not even begun to grip the concepts of being a King. If Kaiyo were to die then Naiomi would take over the throne but, she said NEW rule so that could only mean Inu'Tashio gulped hard I can't assume the worst

"Kagome you have a gift that has been sealed since the day you were born. I shall now bestow this gift to you, you shall use it in the future to help you in life and triumph over evil" Hitonni placed two fingers on Kagome's forehead and her body glowed a radiant bright pink. Kagome instantly felt a surge of power run through her body but it was a feeling of purity and love.

Kikyo's eye's got big and she could feel the tiny beads of sweat drip down her temple. This girl is a priestess! Her power is on the same level as mine maybe even greater!

The light subsided and Kagome examined her knew found power. I feel so much stronger, and happier

"Now Kagome, you must learn to use these abilities and to control your power. Now I shall show you a glimpse of the future of your kingdom" Hitonni gently cupped Kagome's face within her soft hands and closed her eyes. "Kagome close your eyes and do not open them no matter what you see or hear. If you do your soul will be for ever lost." Kagome closed her eyes tightly and obeyed Hitonni. "Kagome, this is the future."

-A glimpse of the future

"Where am I?"Kagome looked around and saw that she was standing on the edge of stairs that led to her mother's bedroom. She proceeded to walk to walk towards the room and stopped dead in her trcks when she saw two guards slaughtered horribly. "Mom!"Kagome quickly opened the door and time instantly and oddly fast forwarded and she was lying on the ground in immense pain.

"How did I get on the floor?"Kagome tried to move her body but she could not. She could feel blood running down her chin and nose. What is this that I'm feeling? Is its despair? Is it hopelessness? Is it death? Thought Kagome. Just then she felt a hard forceful tug on her ankles

"Let go of me!" Cried Kagome as she dug her nails into the cold wood and felt her nails being ripped off due to the force.

Then Kagome felt the wind beneath her and time was in slow motion. It felt as though she was slowly falling to her death. She saw Cherry blossom petals fill the sky and thought this was unreal. I completed the renewal, the petals aren't supposed to fall for another 100 years she continued to fall ever so slowly and Kagome took in her surroundings. She could see tiny shards of glass sparkling within the sky along with a countless number of blood droplets.





Hitonni, I understand now, you have shown me… you have shown me my death Thought Kagome as a rush of darkness came over her body.

End glimpse of the future

Hitonni held on to her tightly and Kagome's big brown eyes began to dilate. She collapsed into the pond and the warm water covered her body completely. A few air bubbles came up occasionally but the audience did not dare to move.

Kagome, are you okay? Thought Inuyasha.

Hitonni gently stepped fully into the water and stared at the stunning Kagome as she floated under the water unconsciously.

"Kagome, use your new found power wisely. Only you can decide when and how to use it. You must control this power and use this to your advantage, or else you will die a horrible fate" Hitonni held her head back and a bright light appeared and it shot up into the sky like a shooting star. There was complete and utter silence after that. The audience looked around nervously and they looked nervously at Kagome who was still submerged under the water.

King Kaiyo walked over to the entrance of the pond and stared down at Kagome. "It's over… Hitonni has left, Kagome should be just fine Kaiyo looked at Hojo and nodded at him. Hojo slowly and cautiously entered the pond and picked up Kagome's small body. He held her bridal style as her long hair glittered with droplets of water and she looked brighter in someway. He carried her bridal style out of the pond and Kaiyo turned to address the audience. "It has been completed!" Yelled Kaiyo with a bright smile.

The crowd applauded and shouted with great excitement and happiness. Souta and Naiomi looked over joyed with happiness and everyone stood up and applauded even louder.

The kingdom will be under new rule… I wonder what she meant by that Thought Kaiyo as he stared at his unconscious daughter

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