"Hey!" a pair of voices called out.

Simon looked up from his phone, and a lopsided grin fell onto his face. A lone hand was waving up, its owner jumping to try and be seen better; more than a few people turned up their nose as a pair of young hooligans were trying to force their way through the crowds gathered in the city plaza.
Faris dragged Julian by the wrist until they broke through the wall of people.

"What took you guys so long?" Emily asked, brushing her hair out of her eyes and beaming brightly.

"The public transportation system has proved to be less than reliable," Julian said dryly. The two brothers were the last to get there; Luke, Andrea, and Toby were all seated on the fountain basin, while Simon and Emily were both standing up, possibly to look for their only missing comrades.

"Tell me about it," Luke said, rolling his eyes.

It had been a year to the day. A year since they had said goodbye. A year since they had been in the same place together.
It had taken some serious finagling to get Emily and Julian here, of course, but a bit of clever plotting had made it possible. Oh, they had kept in contact, of course- a few hundred dozen IMs and emails and social network posts were more than proof of that, but still- it had been hectic, to say the least.

It was hard to explain to your parents that you needed to meet up with these kids you fought a giant monster with, after all.

The fountain seemed only natural as a place to meet; it was public, for one, but it had the meaning, the deeper significance.

Hugs were exchanged; gentle ribbings were made at each other's expense. For the first time in a year, they had once more created that feeling of true belonging- not just that such a place existed, but that they were truly there.

But that... it sent a pang through their hearts. They had grown. They had gone through a year of carrying around, in their hearts, something that was too wild to explain and be believed about. They were still missing a full half of their friends; half of the people who had been through all of it with them.

It would be simply too much to explain why there were seven children both laughing and crying in the middle of the city square.

Ten years. It had been ten years spent repairing, fixing, restoring the digital world. While the work was not yet done, it was almost fully restored to its rightful order. It did not exist wholly peacefully, of course, but such was not the way of the digital world. Yes, many digimon fought and killed eachother; but just as many lived a way they had not in a hundred years- they did not live in fear.

And now may have been their only chance. The sovereigns did not plan; they did not have much time for conference. This may be their only chance- the only time they were convened there.

Luckily, they did not need to argue much at all.

Curled in her place around Yggdrasil's trunk, Huanglongmon's voice began to rumble to the four sovereigns that surrounded her- and through the fabric of the tree itself. She began to writhe around the tree, encircling it in a seamless, almost liquid manner, moving ceaselessly.

We are grateful to those seven who risked, and those seven who gave, their lives to protect and heal our world. We, the Sovereigns, wish to make the final repair to what has been broken and complete the regenesis of our world.

With that, she began to roar. It was heard not just in the Hollow of Yggdrasil, but in the digital world- in every corner of every area, the air rumbled with Huanglongmon's voice.
She was joined by her fellows- Zhuqiaomon's keen, Ebonwumon's rumble, the roars of Baihumon and Azulongmon, until every inch of the digital world seemed to shake with the force of the noise. The will of all five Sovereigns came together; the tree began to shine and shift, setting itself to work.

In the mountains, in the crater, and in the woods, three digimon in particular looked to the sky. Shamon bowed his head. BlackWarGreymon merely closed his eyes. Behind his hoodie, Deekamon smiled.

Behind the children, a world away, the fountain began to shimmer.

In the digital world, data cannot be destroyed; it can only be changed, absorbed, relocated. It can change form, it can destroy other data- but it will eventually come back to Yggdrasil, and it will be changed by it.
Eventually, everything will die and be reborn anew. No life will last forever; but on the other side of the coin, no death is truly finite.

Those that serve the Sovereigns live by a motto in accordance with this truth.

One day, all things will be come new.

Digimon re:GENESIS: True End

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