So after venturing through my house, i found nothing. Absolutely nothing. I completely gave up.

I decided to get my most favorite thing in the world, Kool-Aid. When i accidentally dropped the lid,I went chasing after it, the damn thing wouldn't stop rolling. When the son of a bitch stopped rolling I bent over to pick it up when my elbow hit something then this huge, i mean huge vault opened.

My immediate thought is," My piano has to down here I will be damned if it's not".

As i glimpsed down this gigantic staircase, which I couldn't even see the bottom. Despite every bone in my body told me not to go down there, I sill rushed down those stairs.

Everything was dark, but a bunch of candles were lit, that didn't exactly help me being freaked out. After what seemed like hours of walking down steps, I reached the bottom. And there is was, my very one grand piano. It was amazing in every single way, I ran over there as fast as my long legs could. I opened it and immediately after i sat down, my fingers hit the keys and I began to play, My voice just followed along right afterwords.

I gave it my everything, I sang with all the passion I ad ever had, I let it all out. I was so caught up in the moment I couldn't hear anything around me. I didn't see anything, nor did I want too, all i wanted to do was sing, sing til the day my heart pumped it's last pint of blood. I wanted to stay in this moment of time for forever.