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"P-please…don't die…"

"Hold on just a little longer! We're almost to the village!"

"NO! Please, Kami-sama, don't take him away from us yet!"


Slitted red eyes snapped open, their owner quickly sitting up and panting heavily. He lifted a shaking, glowing clawed hand to rest atop his face as his breaths evened out. Silver and golden tipped fox ears were back against his head in distress as the black silk sheets stuck to his sweaty and toned shirtless torso.

"That dream again…" he muttered in a naturally husky tone as he removed his hand and his golden, spiky, shoulder-length hair fell to cover his face.

It had been years since he had a dream about his death, years since he last felt the effects of it as well. He felt empty and cold, even if his body temperature was on fire because of his spirit type. Even if not having the restrictions of the body felt like a weight was lifted from your shoulders, you feel like you're missing something, always having the feeling that you left something behind.

He hadn't had a pleasant death and that could have something to do with the blank feeling, the lack of life. He was alive during the time when the lands weren't yet split. It was during some of the first civilizations of man, when the earth had a single continent with islands branching off near it. The continent was called the Elemental Nations and was filled with samurai, shinobi and demons.

The Elemental Nations were divided into countries that were each ruled by a Daimyo, or, in other languages, a King. The Daimyos, however, didn't always make trips to every individual village so Councils were established in the major ones. However, the Councils had to run by the Daimyo when any major decisions came up.

All was normal until a man called the Sage of Six Paths appeared with ringed eyes and abilities surpassing the normal human mind. He was the discoverer of chakra, the first Jinchuuriki, defeater of the world's most evil and dangerous demon: the Juubi.

This man taught the people how to use chakra and jutsu, training them to surpass human limits. These people became known as shinobi or ninja and established their own villages with Kages as their dictators. Samurai, however, stuck to the way of the sword, not accepting chakra as part of their honor code.

When the Sage was nearing death, he knew that the Juubi would once again be free. Thus, to limit the damage of the demon, he sealed away the Juubi's body into the moon and split it into nine demons from the Ichibi (One Tail) to the Kyuubi (Nine Tails). These nine were soon called the Bijuu.

For a while, all was well. Ninjas followed their Kages like it was a religion and the councils were merely a suggestion branch, not having any real power besides influence. Soon, however, the councils, had become arrogant in their power, addicted to it, and found ways to step around the Daimyos and Kages without him knowing.

Civilians always tried to surpass the Kage, or dictator of the village. They were forgetting that the ones truly in power were the Daimyos and the Kages to indulge themselves in the sinful feeling of being in charge, wealth, and power.

Konohagakure no Sato (the Village Hidden in the Leafs, Konoha for short.) was one of the worst. Konoha had fought in multiple wars and never lost, gaining the title of the most powerful ninja village around. This caused them to seek more power to stay on top, to stay the world leaders and look down on the others.

The people had started searching for ways to make them more powerful. Remembering what the Sage of Six Paths had done, they started to search for ways to seal the Bijuu inside of humans. After many failed attempts and deaths, they finally discovered a way: sealing them into newborn babies.

He was one of them, the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. His name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. He was the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage; the one who sealed the Kyuubi inside of him at the cost of his own life while his mother died in childbirth. The one who was kind enough to ask that he be seen as a hero and not the demon…no one listened…

At first he was called Naruto Uzumaki. The Third Hokage who had once again taken up his position kept his real identity a secret from everyone, even the boy himself.

Like all Jinchuurikis, he was beaten daily, scorned, spat upon, glared at when he took a walk, and tortured on his birthday. He had more assassinations on him as a child than a Daimyo had and was kicked out of the orphanage at the age of three and lived in his own apartment. The guards wouldn't do their job and it was burnt down and raided many times.

He had grown up with the dream to become Hokage and earn the respect of everyone. At first no one would bother teaching him, and as such he became the dobe, dead last, of the generation. However as time progressed, and with teachers like Jiraiya of the Sannin training him, Naruto gradually grew stronger and stronger every day.

Sasuke, a boy on his team, had become traitor to learn from Orochimaru and the rescue mission resulted in a failure. Soon Sasuke was taken over by darkness and the need to kill his brother for killing his clan. Nothing else mattered in his eyes, nothing. Rescue mission came and went, every one of them failures, and hope was diminishing.

Naruto had left for two and a half years with Jiraiya to train and came back stronger and wiser. However, the rescues still resulted in failures.

He gained another reason to get strong over time: the Akatsuki. It was an organization that consisted of S-Ranked Missing Nin, Sasuke's older brother Itachi included, that hunted down Jinchuuriki like animals and sucked the Bijuu from them. The problem with this, however, was that the container died.

As time went on Jiraiya was killed, Sasuke killed Itachi and Orochimaru, the Akatsuki members were being killed off, and all the Bijuu were collected besides two. Naruto found out that Kyuubi was actually being controlled to attack the village by a man that was thought to be dead years ago: Madara Uchiha, co-founder of Konohagakure No Sato, leader of the Akatsuki.

After training with the Toad Summons in the Sage Arts, he had defeated Pain, the figurehead leader of the Akatsuki, and gained the respect of the villagers.

When he was seventeen, the Fourth Shinobi War was eminent in the air and Killer Bee, Jinchuuriki to the Hachibi (the Eight Tails I think), took Naruto to an island where he was to learn to control the Kyuubi's chakra so he wouldn't rampage every time he used it. During this time, Madara started the war against the Elemental Nations using the Bijuu he captured and tore out of their hosts.

Naruto and Killer Bee were oblivious to this, however, as the Ninja Villages kept it that way to keep the last remaining Jinchuuriki 'safe' and out of the war. They wanted to keep the two away from Madara in hopes that their Bijuu wouldn't be torn out of them as well.

After Killer Bee taught him how to control the Kyuubi, the demon he contained, the war finally reached the island and the man was captured, but not before sending Naruto to a neutral part of the Elemental Nations with the Hachibi's power. When he awoke, he couldn't feel Killer Bee's life anymore. His demon was removed, his life taken away. And he, himself, was in one of his least favorite places: a graveyard.

As he wandered back to the area he encountered the final resting place of the Sage of Six Paths, meeting the ghost of the very same man. Truth be told, he was frightened. Not because this was the man that defeated the Juubi nor was it the fact that he was the founder of Jutsu and chakra, no, it was because he was a ghost.

After starting to talk to the man, the Sage felt ashamed that he'd split the demon. He took Naruto in for one month and trained him. By the end of that month he had become the new Sage of Six Paths with the mastered Sage Arts taught to him by the Toad Summons.

When Naruto arrived at the battlefield, it was devastating. With Kabuto's Impure World Resurrection Jutsu – causing dead soldiers to come alive – the newly revived Akatsuki's forces never seemed to dwindle. He was horrified when he found out that Shino, Chouji, Kankerou and Kiba had already died honorably in battle. After nearly a day of mourning, the Akatsuki attacked again after catching wind of him being there.

All the members were there: Madara, Zetsu, and the other resurrected members, minus Itachi but he knew that the man was revived. They came at them with full intent for capture, and full intent for murder. The fight lasted six days, no sleep was allowed, no rest, just constant fighting.

Kakashi had eventually killed Kabuto, but his life ended as well in a double knockout. A Chidori through the wannabe Orochimaru's chest; a kunai through the Copy Ninja's. He felt rage build up, but didn't let it take over. He learned better with Kirabe. Rage and the likes were emotions that allowed the demons to run free, be them chained or not.

He could do nearly nothing as he watched allies and friends fall. Gaara let out a cry of rage that had echoed from the tips of his toes to the ends of his hair when Temari fell in the hands of Hidan and that member was slaughtered brutally and no one intended to stop him. They understood perfectly. Gaara was revived only to lose his loved ones. They let him grieve his way and take his revenge.

Finally, a Kumo shinobi came up to him and stopped him with a whisper. No one but Naruto knows what was said, and he intend for it to stay that way.

On the second day, Anko saved his life.

He was once again facing Pain, but this time it was him in person and he was doing it against his will. He could sense the chakra disruption in his system. They fought for hours, both not giving into exhaustion.

Pain had cornered him and pulled him towards him with his Shinra Tenshi. Naruto closed my eyes, waiting for the fatal blow but it never came. He opened my eyes and saw Anko had jumped in the way and took the blow for him.

"Why?" he had asked.

She simply smiled at him. "It's the least I can do for the brat who knew, shared, and defeated the same pain I went through." She had said before dying in his arms.

He didn't know what happened to him after that, everything had turned red, but he awoke the Namikaze legacy right then and there: the Rinnegan. It turned into a battle of bloodline versus bloodline. In the end, Naruto came out victorious and buried Anko next to rare vines, flowers, and glowing moss that would never die or burn out.

Lee had nearly lost it when Gai perished. He had defeated two of the members only to die in the hands of Deidara who set off a surprise bomb next to the spandex wearing man. Lee faced the blond Missing Nin even though he knew he was at a disadvantage in type. After nearly an hour, Lee won but collapsed due to blood loss. Surprisingly, he didn't lose any limbs, only chucks of flesh.

Sakura, after once again defeating Sasori, ran to his aid and started healing him. During this time Lee pronounced his undying and truthful love for the pink haired woman. Sakura let her tears fall at that and proudly kissed Lee in the middle of the battlefield.

By then, Itachi had shown up. At first everyone thought he was a fake or a spy but he proved otherwise with his Sharingan unmistakable personality that no one could copy. Everyone had known the true story about the Uchiha Clan Massacre by then. After he had 'died' the restriction on secrecy was removed and he was accepted. He joined the villages' side of the fight and asked Naruto to end his brother if need be. It had to be by his hand, not the hand of a brother he had said.

On the third day, he faced Sasuke.

Sasuke looked different. He looked as if he was at the edge, insane, no longer one of common sense. It pained Naruto greatly. Sasuke was too far gone to save. They fought for nearly a day, Sasuke shouting out insults that no longer had any bite and let out laughs that sent shivers down everyone who heard it. It was not a laugh of the sane or one with a soul. It was hollow, dark, and sounded forced and gleeful. By sunrise the next morning, Sasuke had a Rasengan through the heart.

Naruto was worse for wears as well. He had a couple of Chidori through the chest and was passed out for two full days. When he awoke he discovered that the Akatsuki was defeated…only Madara remained and slaughtered all who stood in his way.

Despite objections from Tsunade and Sakura, he got up and headed to the heart of the battlefield where Kages and shinobi of all ranks laid dead at the feet of one Madara Uchiha, co-founder of Konohagakure no Sato…traitor to the Nations.

"Well, well…looks like the little demon decided to crawl out of his burrow and die peacefully at the hand of his better." The Uchiha had said. Naruto just stood there, staring at him calmly and knew it unnerved the Uchiha, he felt it in the shift of Nature Chakra that surrounded him and avoided him like he was a plague of nature itself.

He attacked first. They battled it out for half a day with blood and glares flying in all directions. After realizing that Nature Chakra and the Rinnegan itself wouldn't cut it with this man, he unleashed Kyuubi's chakra. At first Naruto was winning. Thinking it was over, he pinned the traitor to the ground and prepared for the final strike.

What he didn't expect was for giant claws to strike his back.

Madara came to battle with backup.

The Bijuu that were controlled by his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan were there, teeth bared and claws flexing, pain flowing off of them from being under the man's control and it pained him.

He battled them for hours on end, losing track of the time after the first two hours. He kept trying to bring them back into control, even the Kyuubi decided to help with him, quoting memories the demons had together, but nothing seemed to work; Madara's control on them was too strong. Being pinned to a corner, beaten and bloody, vision fading, he did the only thing that a Sage of Six Paths could do to save himself, the Nations, and the Bijuu themselves.

He sealed them into himself.

The power it took for them being combined into him sent Madara flying back and every other living creature within miles and miles.

After seeing this, the Juubi decided it was time for him to retire, to pass on his legacy to another. He chose me, his container. Heir to the Namikaze Clan, heir to the Uzumaki Clan, and heir to the Juubi I had become.

He had felt incredible power fill his veins. He felt demonic chakra, power and influence fill his veins, but he didn't panic. In fact, he felt refreshed, healed, and ready to fight Madara again.

And it wasn't much of a fight.

Madara, being tired and beaten by him, wasn't up to the challenge of a fight no matter how hard he tried. He sought to control him using his Sharingan but failed. Naruto formed a RasenShuriken and slammed it into his head, destroying those once loved and now dreaded eyes for good.

Madara, however, knew he was going to die so he did one last jutsu as revenge. Naruto, despite the boost in power, was exhausted and thought he defeated Madara only to notice the attack one minuet late. The next thing he knew was that there was a hole right next to his heart and he blacked out right after Madara collapsed to the ground once more.

He faded in and out of consciousness many times, hearing whispers and shouts of worry from familiar voices, but he was too far gone to recognize the owners. He felt something pulling him, something beckoning him away. He felt scared. He didn't know what was going to happen. The last conscious thing he heard was nine echoing voices.

"We're not going to let the Shinigami have you."

When he awoke he was lying on a floating rock in a black and green world. That, however, wasn't at the top of his 'panic list'. It was the fact that he had claws, slitted red eyes, a silver glow, atop his head were silver and blond tipped fox ears instead of his real ones, and he counted forty-five fox tails of the same coloring.

Then, Kyuubi's weak and wheezing voice came into his head and quickly explained the situation. The Bijuu were very thankful for him to have saved them from Madara. Instead of letting him fall into the Shinigami's hands like was planned before they used all their strength to place their power into him and kept him from his soul being taken by the Shinigami, going to hell, or going to heaven.

He was in a place called the Ghost Zone, currently in a part of it called the Abyss. When he was told he was a ghost he was on near hysterical levels of panic and it took an hour for Kyuubi to finally calm him down and get him to accept his fate.

He had gained the tails when everyone combined their power into him, him being a fox because that was what his spirit was most used to. Soon after, Kyuubi bid his farewells and faded from his mind. Naruto did shed a few tears as he felt lonely for a while. He never expected that he'd miss the annoying fuzzball.

He wandered the Abyss for a while, coming into contact with the strangest ghosts imaginable and being randomly attacked. He had come to harmony with his inner fox and had become a little sadistic for dealing with ghosts. He blamed it on his past fear and need for them to just go away.

He had learned that the Abyss was where the most powerful ghosts of the Ghost Zone resided. He had heard of a ghost called Pariah that called himself the 'King of the Ghost Zone' that resided in the normal part of the Zone and tried to invade to take control of the Abyss. Word reached them when some of the weakest ghosts in the Abyss got fed up with him and put him into a sleep of some sort in his castle. He had laughed. This so called 'King' was only kidding himself. The King of the Abyss was the one in real power.

After a million years of training in both human ghost powers and demonic ones, he had gained a total of one hundred tails…the Hyakubi or Hundred Tails. Normally, he kept merely ten out as a hundred swinging behind him was a pain. He had learned to become his giant fox from easily. He hadn't aged from his seventeen year old body, but that was to be expected as he was dead.

The Rinnegan was a harder thing to control. As he had no idea how to control or use it, it took him years to master it and call upon it when needed. He understood at times why Pain felt like a god, the Rinnegan's power was enormous.

As he grew in power the continent split and the people could no longer use chakra, their bodies changing and adapting to live without it. At first Naruto had become angry, but he let it slide because they still remembered the time with chakra, they remembered the wars.

One day, while he was taking a walk or a 'float' as ghosts sometimes say, he had bumped into a large twelve foot man covered in armor, a strange symbol in the middle of his head. It had a four-pointed star in the middle with a line running alone his head like a crown imbedded into his skin. He had drawled out an apology only to be stopped by the man who started shouting about insolence and challenged him to a fight.

It was pathetic.

Naruto easily won, ending the annoying man's afterlife, and started to walk away only for one of the men littering the man's body to call out to him. It was then that Naruto found out that this man was the King of the Abyss. And, since he had defeated the King, he was now the new King. As if to emphasize this claim, the strange marking atop of the man's forehead disappeared and reappeared onto his. His hair easily hid most of it, but the star in the middle was shown because of the way his hair fell.

He had become the King and accepted that. It took a while to calm the rebellions and anyone who opposed him and wanted to become King themselves but eventually it all died down and they pledged loyalty to him. Ghosts may be traitorous at times, but once they pledge loyalty the way they did it was never wavered.

As another million years passed he watched the living do amazing feats. They built buildings that breeched the clouds and touched the sky. Giant metal contraptions could reach off the ground and soar like an eagle along the horizon. This made people narrow-minded, naïve, and simply stupid. They refused to believe that anything like chakra or such ever existed, forgetting about their past which angered Naruto. They remembered petty wars like the World Wars but not the ones that truly depended on their existence like the Fourth Shinobi War. Without it he doubted that the lot of them would be alive.

He sighed and stood up, letting the sheets slide off him and revealed him in black boxers. Over the years he had gotten over his 'kill me orange' love and moved more to dark colors like black. It was easier to sneak around in and he just found a likeness for the black.

A knock echoed off of the large double doors of his chambers and a beautiful ghost girl in a beautiful, thin Victorian-styled dress walked in. It showed off her cleavage and arms and held tightly around her body, showing a well-toned and developed body of a seemingly seventeen year old. She had dark blue hair with silver highlights that reached her thighs, encasing her body and made her green eyes seem to glow. Her body was encased in a soft silverfish-blue glow that gave off a calm yet deadly feeling.

Her name was Shadow.

She was born in Victorian England, a daughter of a well-off Earl. She was one of the most beautiful in England at the time, sought after by every man that laid eyes on her. She was a perfect girl. She mingled, she was kind, she blended into the background in conversations like a good little girl and spoke to the influential men her father told her to. On the inside, though, she wanted to be wild.

One day, a man infatuated with her kidnapped her from her home the day after she turned seventeen. She had just been promised to a Duke, depressing many of her bachelors. This man, however, loathed the idea of her being with another man. "I if I can't have you, no one will!" he had proclaimed before stabbing her in the heart.

She woke up in the Ghost Zone. Naruto had been touring the area after slipping away from the guards and met her. It was strange for her to become a ghost when she wasn't obsessed with anytime but freedom. She had no object she was attached to, nothing. He took her in as his Head Maid and her powers over darkness greatened and she became one of the most powerful in the Abyss. She abandoned her human name and took up another: Shadow.

Over time, she gained an obsession: Naruto. Naruto was surprised at first but let it slide. He knew that he'd remain the only ghost in the Ghost Zone that was without an obsession. After all, he wasn't supposed to become a ghost in the first place. He was the odd ball.

"What do you need, Shadow?" he asked.

She briefly blushed at his lack of clothing before she shook it off. "The council wishes to speak with you about an important matter."

The council, this one wasn't like the ones in the Elemental Nations. True, they had a thirst for power but Naruto put them in their place when he became King. They were more informers and ones that gave suggestions than anything else.

"Why?" the council rarely called him as they knew it just annoyed and pissed the hell out of him. Despite the difference in the way the council works, he still had bad experiences with councils before and just one that acts differently won't change his mind about loathing them.

"They didn't say."

Naruto sighed. A million years of being King and listening to trivial things and ridiculous notions has worn his patience thin. He had learned to become hard, stern, and always looked for the reasons of things. Not knowing what something was about irritated him.

"Very well. Thank you, Shadow." He gestured for her to come forward.

Eagerly, she did and was swept into a kiss. Despite her being a maid it was of her own accord so he believed she deserved some form of payment. She never seemed happy with money but with affections. That didn't mean he felt nothing for her, it was quite the opposite. He felt quite a bit of like and attraction towards her but he learned to tread carefully when it comes to love, ghosts, and kings.

He pulled away and smirked down at her flushed and blissful face. "T-thank you my King." She said as if in another world and swept out of the room.

He had become a flirt in a way, he knew. He blamed Jiraiya and the effects of being with him finally showing up. He loved women, everything about them was perfect. He wasn't a Super Pervert like that white haired old man but he had his moments.

He walked over to the closet. He could've floated, he knew, but he was a ninja at birth, he loved his cardio, running, and walking. He slipped on baggie black jeans and wrapped a chain around his hips as a belt. He placed the necklace that Tsunade had given him – it somehow accompanied him into the afterlife – around his neck and pulled on fingerless iron knuckled gloves onto his hands. He didn't wear a shirt as he found it was restricting and his cloths got ripped enough times when he transforms into his giant fox form, the only thing that doesn't rip is – thank god – his underwear. Besides, it was fun seeing girls faint at the sight of him.

He exited his chambers and headed towards the council room. The castle was a large Medieval England style and could house hundreds. It was built for Naruto by the ghosts in hopes of appeasing him and to get on his good side. He had to admit he was impressed. It was a much better present than what he ever got in life.

He stopped in the middle of the hallway, right above the council room. Turning intangible, he sank into the floor and landed onto the throne, startling the council members. His ten tails rested behind him as he leaned back.

"What is it?"

A council member, Hush, – the only one he actually got along with – stepped forward. He was a man of twenty-two when he died. He liked the quiet and sound, thus being his strange obsession when he died. He had gained powers over sound. "We have a problem."

"Oh? What kind of problem? I swear if Drake is peeping in on the girls again I'll-"

"No, no, nothing of that sorts my King!" a council member – he couldn't remember her name – interrupted quickly.

"Then why am I here when I can be having my breakfast? I'm ready for my ramen!" he grumbled while the council members sweatdropped. If they didn't know any better they would've said that his obsession in death was ramen. Their King sometimes had it multiple times a day. Ghosts didn't need to eat but Naruto refused to go an entire afterlife without ramen.

"It's those Observants again." Hush said.

Naruto groaned. The Observants resided in the normal part of the Ghost Zone and could see everything in time except the Abyss. This hurt their pride, however, and has tried multiple times to see and enter the Abyss much the annoyance of its residents. Couldn't they be more like Clockwork and just accept that they can't see something? He was about ready to just send someone to slaughter them all to forever erase the growing headache that they were.

"What are they doing this time?"

"They're planning on an infiltration, my Lord." Another said. This one was female, quite an ugly ghost with welts all over her body and a seemingly crush on Naruto. The King shuddered at the mere thought of dating her.

"An infiltration? Are they idiots?"

"Apparently so." Hush said quietly, almost a whisper. Naruto liked his quiet voice. It was a nice change from those loud ghosts that wail all the time. But, when Hush gets loud look out! He was dangerous.

"What do you wish us to do my King?"

"Scare them off, block off the entrance to the Abyss, I don't care! The most important thing right now is the fact that I'm losing valuable time to eat my ramen!" he hissed.

The room, besides Hush, shuddered. When their King got angry or went through ramen withdrawal he got quite scary.

"Hush! You're in charge of whatever you decide!"

"Of course." He was used to the King's antics. The blond rarely handled anything that didn't interest him. At first he had taken an interest in the Observants' but soon lost it after their fourth try.

"Is that all?"

"Unfortunately not." Hush said.

"We've discovered that two months ago Pariah Dark was released."

"And this concerns me why? As long as he doesn't disrupt the Abyss then everything's going to be just fine!" he grinned.

"The thing is, my Lord, is that someone resealed him."

Naruto's grin fell from his face. "Who could've sealed the most powerful ghost in the normal part? I'm not saying he's strong compared to us by any means, but where he resides he's like a god."

"A new ghost did it, a boy who appeared four months ago. He calls himself Danny Phantom. He defeated Pariah with his own strength amplified by a human weapon."

"Four months? Isn't that when I felt the rip in the Zone appear?"

"Yes. Apparently, he's…half ghost. A halfa."

"…half ghost?" Naruto echoed after a moment of silence.

Hush grinned, knowing exactly what was going to happen. "Yes. It's been confirmed."

It was quiet for a while longer before dark chuckles started to echo throughout the room. Hush watched in amusement while the rest gulped. Naruto's lips curled back to show shark-like teeth and fangs. "Interesting, so very interesting! I've never heard of such a thing!" he crossed his legs. "I haven't been in the Human Realm for a while. I think I'll pay it a little visit."

"B-but my Lord, your duties!"

"You can't just leave!"

"I need a vacation. Plus, a half ghost…how very intriguing indeed."

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