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It's the way he hugs.

Like Cyrus, he's a "hugger," and it took her a while to get used to it.

Nate was always sweet and careful with his affections: a chaste kiss on the cheek, a slip of his hand through hers.

Chuck was always the opposite: an inappropriately timed kiss on the lips, a smarmy grope in front of photographers.

But Dan...Dan was—and is—always the perfect balance. He both knows when it is the opportune time to scale back on the PDA or ramp it up. He knows that when her pregnancy fatigue is in full swing, her announcement of "I'm going to bed...if you would like to join me" is not an invitation for sex.

But he also knows that when her hormones take over—making her want him all the time—a little fun under the table at a boring dinner party is more than okay.

So she deals with the hugs. In fact, she grows to love him.

Because it always ends with him catching her off guard, enveloping her into a warm loving hug, before dipping her to the ground and kissing her softly on the mouth.


It's the way she gets when they watch a horror film.

During really scary scenes, she'll start to tremble. Her eyes will squint (but she'll never fully close them.) She'll try to cover up her gasps. She'll find an excuse to refill the popcorn bowl or her glass of water as nonchalantly and as often as she can.

As the minutes go by, she slowly shifts closer to him inch by inch.

And no matter what, she never takes up Dan's offer of "How about a comedy tonight?" Or: "I'm in the mood for some romance, you?"


And so it always ends with him buying the scariest film in the store—no matter how mean it sounds—because he wants her as buried into his arms as much as possible, so he can reassure her that as long as he's there, she and their child are safe.


It's the way he gets when she's sick.

Even though it's just a common cold, he treats her as if she has pneumonia and mono and the measles all at once.

He blames his over-protectiveness on the fact that she's currently carrying their baby, but she knows that's a lie. When they were dating and she had strep throat, he did the exact same thing.

(He also does this cute thing where he's afraid to get in bed with her...as if he'll infect her or make her feel worse. But it's really the opposite, since she feels infinitely better every time he's near.)

He brings back the old-school trick of the hot water bottle beneath her feet. He places a brand new tissue box on the bedside table. He buys her every fashion magazine on the newsstands. He rents no less than twenty movies. He makes her homemade chicken noodle soup and both hot cocoa and tea.

He's totally adorable and if possible, she loves him more.

And so it always ends with her pulling him into bed with her, so she can snuggle up next to him and get him sick, so she can return the favor and have an excuse to stay in bed with her husband for the next three days.


It's the way she hums.

He noticed the habit when they first moved in together.

Whether she's putting on earrings, lathering her legs with lotion, or making the bed, she hums little melodies. At first, he found it a bit irritating. Simply because he was used to silence when he wrote and it was a little distracting.

But in truth...he finds it so damn adorable that it'd quickly become distracting in a good way.

Ever since her pregnancy started and her nesting habits have kicked in, her songs have changed from jazz numbers to lullabies she'll soon sing to their child.

So it always ends with him distracting her, by joining in. Humming against her shoulder, lips vibrating her skin, he does it until her breaths come too fast, her humming stops, and she's forced to turn around and meld her lips against his.

(Her hums turn into moans.)


It's the way he drives.

Blair figures that with a baby on the way, they will need a family car.

He's halfway through saying, "I already have a—"

"Dangerous car? Yes," she replies. "Safe car? No."

He happily obliges, though, and buys them a family-friendly SUV, perfect for weekend trips to the Hamptons or to Brooklyn.

And even though he does sweet things like kiss her knuckles or holds her hand while he's behind the wheel, she still teases him relentlessly about his driving since their disaster of a road trip years ago.

But it always ends with him reaching across the middle console every time he hits the breaks or every time a car cuts in front of them—a shield across her growing belly—melting her heart and proving once again, she's wrong.


It's the way she pretends not to be nervous about being a mom.

She's Blair Humphrey (née Waldorf) and she'll be great at everything, right?

It breaks his heart to watch her struggle internally. He watches as she casually covers all the outlets with plastic covers (even though they have the rest of her pregnancy and at least six months before the baby can crawl.) He watches as she switches out any piece of furniture with sharp edges for pieces with rounded ones. He watches as she pours over magazines and websites over which stroller they should buy.

He wishes she would just admit that she's a tad freaked out; that she's not prepared for everything motherhood will throw her way. Because really...it's normal.

But he knows that won't happen.

So it ends with him signing them up for every baby class and making any decision at baby stores that makes her white with anxiety; all the while holding her hand and promising her that even if the only thing she does is love the baby with all her heart, she'll be the best mother that ever lived.


It's the way he shows her she's the most important thing in his world.

For starters, he always listens. On the fly one morning, she mentions that she isn't a fan of their bedroom wall color anymore. Waking up to the light yellow walls sometimes starts her day off with a blinding headache; she needs a calm, soothing color. One that the baby will find relaxing too.

When she comes home from work that day, he has painted the walls a serene blue.

He always notices her. Not in the sense that he can never take his eyes off of her form—no matter if she's in lingerie, an evening gown, or pajamas. But in the sense that even when they're having a conversation with other party guests, he'll squeeze her hand as if saying I'm still thinking about you.

Yes, it's the little things he does.

And so it always ends with her waking him up in a way that has him groaning and fisting the sheets, as she shows him just how much she appreciates him...and how he's the most important thing in her world as well.


It's the way her dream comes true.

You know. The one where he's a dad.

(To her kid.)

Blair always assumed that he would want a son. He's a man and he had Milo, so it seemed natural to her for him to want a boy. Honestly, she was a little nervous when the doctor announced "It's a Girl!"

But she is wrong. Oh so wrong.

Because once their daughter comes into their life, he keels over with love for their little girl. He becomes master diaper-changer, swaddler, cuddler, daddy-extraordinaire. (He also becomes a baby-hogger, which she should find annoying but instead finds completely lovable.)

Ella looks so tiny in his arms—like he can break her. But the way he cradles the newborn like a cocoon just shows Blair that he's actually the safest thing in the world to hold their child.

And so it ends just like that.

Actually, it begins just like that.

Because this is where the two of us ends and the three of us begins.





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