Chapter 12: The Beginning is Nigh

General POV

6 Hours Before Prologue

"Is it done yet, doc?", asked the gravelly voice of Charles, growing impatient from the waiting.

Suchong sighed, as he was becoming increasingly annoyed by his assistant. His voice carried a hint of said annoyance as he told Charles, "Not yet. I still need to put a few things in place before the experiment is ready."

Charles laughed, "To bad that they won't live through it, no they won't. Ain't that right doc?"

Suchong allowed himself a small smile. It had annoyed him greatly, that his test subjects had decided to spend the few hours they had left together before the experiment fucking. It was greatly distracting from his task, and it also didn't help that his test subjects, the last test subjects that he would have for this mind you, were unknowingly killing themselves. But, then he would remember that he would still get a paycheck and a laboratory that didn't make a meth lab look better by comparison.

He blissfully thought of all the possibilities he could bring about with the amount of money and expensive equipment he would have at his disposal. As he did, he almost failed to notice that he had turned his Bunsen burner a little too high and that his coat had caught fire. Although, he noticed it quickly and put it out just as fast. However, it wasn't fast enough to keep Charles from noticing, and when the fire was out, Charles began to laugh, "Real smooth right there doc!"

Suchong turned to Charles, anger apparent in his eyes, "Quiet! Or do you want me to take away what little humanity you have left?"

Charles immediately went silent. He needed his fix. It was the only thing that kept him sane. Angry Suchong meant no ADAM, and he dreaded the thought of there being no ADAM. He didn't want to go completely insane, that would just be inconvenient. Charles bowed his head, "I'm sorry doc. I really am."

Suchong sighed, "It's alright. Just go sit in a corner or something, I have work to do."

Charles nodded and apologized, "Yes sir. I'm sorry again sir, yes I am.", then, he hurried over to a small corner and sat down there, singing quietly to himself, "Somewhere. Beyond the Sea. Somewhere, waiting for me. My lover stands on golden sands, and watches the ships, that go sailing..."

Ottawa, the Surface

3 Hours Until Prologue

"Ah, feels good to stretch.", Pantsman said as he stepped out of the cop car. He, along with the others, had just pulled up to the Leonardo residence to do some investigating and find out what had happened from the horse's mouth.

The odd group all walked up to the door as Schwartzen-Cop rang the door bell. Scott was surprised to see that it wasn't Mr or Mrs. Leonardo answering the door, but actually Mrs. Cole. She was surprised to see the people in front of her, "Who the hell are you? I know it's close to Halloween, but this is just ridiculous."

As she was about to close the door, Scott stuck his foot in to keep it from closing, "Ma'am, we're friends of Leo and Aeris. Didn't Mrs. Leonardo tell you that we were coming?"

She looked them over once again, "Come to think of it, she did say something about a man with an underwear fetish coming over to help out."

Pantsman scowled from under his mask. However, Mrs. Cole didn't seem to notice and instead looked into the house and shouted, "Susan! The man with the pants on his head is here!"

At the end of her shout, the tan cat that was Mrs. Leonardo came out of the kitchen. She smiled a small smile when she saw Pantsman, " Hello Scott, it's been a while."

He nodded, "Good to see you too. So, what have you guys got so far?"

Toronto Sewers, Outside Suchong's Laboratory

18 Minutes Until Prologue

Jack's eyes opened very slowly as a horrible smell permeated his nostrils. He raised his left arm to wipe his eyes and help to wake him up. As he did, he felt a sweltering amount of heat coming from his hand. Focusing on it, he noticed that it was glowing red and that a lot of his skin was either charred or burned. Deciding that it would be best to stand up, Jack did so, but then noticed what he was standing in. He was calf-deep in sewer water, and he stank. Badly.

After promising himself a shower after the job was done, he stood up onto the walkway and went back to observing his arm. He placed his middle finger and thumb together and snapped. Almost instantly, a giant fireball launched from where his fingers snapped, and flew into a wall where it dissipated, leaving behind a large charred spot. He smirked to himself. It had been a long time since he had last felt this power, and it felt good. Even if that kick from earlier was worse than a mule's, it was good.

He then remembered the reason he took the Plasmid in the first place: Leo and Aeris. He immediately set himself on looking for the lamp that had the switch that would lead him to them. But there was just one thing. No lamp. There was nothing. The current from the sewers had taken him downstream. He was lost in the sewers, and it didn't help that it was night. He couldn't see a thing, except for his left arm. He cradled his forehead in his right hand, starting to lose hope in ever finding them at all. After removing his hand though, it was almost immediately restored.

He could see fur. The glow from his arm was giving off just enough light so that he could see the ground, and the fur trail that he was following earlier in front of him. Sticking his arm out, he started to run at a fast pace, determined to get to wherever that lamp led to. As he did though, he couldn't help but laugh at one thought: Jack, the Red-Armed Man.

Suchong's Lab, Storage Room

8 Minutes Until Prologue

Aeris's POV

As I opened my eyes, I couldn't help but smile. There he was, Leo, sleeping contently and holding me in his arms. I chuckled to myself as I heard him purring. Then I thought of last night. The most wonderful night of my life. Although, I couldn't help but feel that I forgot something, something rather important. What does it matter, I just had sex for the first time and I loved it.

After a few moments of just looking at Leo, He started to open his eyes as well. When he did, he smiled broadly and said, "So... about last night."

I smiled too, "Yeah, what about it?"

His smiled turned into a smirk, "You really sucked at it."

I pushed him playfully, "How would you know? It was your first time."

He chuckled, "Well, how would you know if you didn't suck? It was your first time too ya know."

I joined him in a chuckle, "Shut up. Come on, lets go get something to eat."

Leo let me go as I began to rise, but as I did I felt really sore. I mean, I was sore in the obvious places, but my back and neck were really stiff. What the Hell, was I sleeping on, concrete? After stretching out, I gave the room a once-over, and my heart froze when I saw where we were. The concrete walls, the steel door. I suddenly remembered where we were and what else happened last night. Hearing a grunting noise, I turned to see Leo getting up too, and he had an expression that mirrored mine; a look of realization.

I sighed deeply, running my fingers through my hair. Leo looked down at the ground, becoming sullen. He sighed as well, and said, "So... how much time do you think we have left?"

"Not much, that I can assure you.", said a voice coming from where the steel door was. I spun my head quickly to see Suchong and another man standing behind him. Suchong was smiling menacingly at me and Leo, "Charles, would you mind subduing the test subjects for me? There 's some extra ADAM in it for you if you do a good enough job."

The man behind him gasped as he started rubbing his hands together, "Yes sir, doc sir! I'll have them knocked out in a jiffy, I will."

The man named Charles stepped into the light, and I couldn't help but suppress the urge to throw up. Most of the top half of his face was covered with a rabbit mask, but the bottom half was horrifying. He didn't seem to have lips, just teeth and gums, and every single one of them was showing. But the most striking feature was the meat hooks he carried in his hands. They seemed to glow for no reason, and they looked like they could kill someone with one hit.

I looked over to Leo, to see that he was breathing deeply. He then stepped forward and said, "You will not knock me out! You'll see, we'll both escape, and then-", he was cut off when one of the hooks slammed into his head. He started to stumble around in his daze before shouting randomly, "HEY GOHAN, HAVE YOU FINISHED YOUR HOMEWORK YET, BECAUSE IF YOU DIDN'T, CHI-CHI WILL KICK MY ASS!", before fainting.

After sighing deeply at Leo's being... Leo, I saw that Charles was looking right at me from under his mask. His eyes were a burning shade of red as he said, "Don't you worry love. I'll take care of this nice and quick like, yes I will."

Then, I felt an impact on my head, and I was out cold.


Oh, my head. I can't believe that that guy knocked me out even though he could have just taken me here, but I guess since I would have been kicking and screaming all the way here, I think I can see why he did that. I slowly open my eyes to see that I'm strapped to a table, and that there is a bright light right above me. I turn my head to the right and see that Leo has been strapped to another table next to me. His eyes weren't open but he was still breathing, so I knew he was alive. If he died I don't know what I would do.

Out of nowhere I heard a door open, and a few seconds later, I saw Suchong standing over Leo with a large needle. He was talking into a recorder about something, but I couldn't hear him because I was still disoriented. He then, to my horror, stuck the needle into Leo's arm. As soon as he pressed down on the plunger I could see Leo's face contort with pain, and the scream, oh my God the scream. He screamed so loud, I felt like I was going to die. Then he stopped. The shakes stopped too, and his head rolled on its side in my direction. It was then I noticed he stopped breathing. I looked at Suchong and back to Leo. The mix of anger, hatred, fear, and sadness wasn't unfamiliar to me, but this was ten times as strong as before. I hated that man, "YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU, I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!".

I struggled against the table, but it was no use. I kept on shouting, but it got quieter, "I'LL KILL YOU! I'll kill you! I'll kill you. I'll... *sob* *sob*.".

I started to cry. Leo was dead, and that man killed him. I wanted him dead but I could do nothing. He walked over to me and said, "Shh, I know, I know. You loved him, but you must understand, you were the best possible candidates for this experiment. The pain will be gone soon though, as I will give you the same thing I gave him."

I hated that man, and I hated that slimy voice that he had, but I couldn't fight back, so I just laid there, waiting for that needle. He smirked, "What's this? Not fighting back? Well, you just made things much easier for me Ms. Cole."

He then stuck another needle into my arm and pressed down on the plunger. I immediately felt pain rush up my arm. It worked its way up until...





… *growl*

Jack's POV

1 Minute After the Prologue

Found it. It took a few minutes, but I found it, and now this'll be the end of it all. I walk to the lamp and pull down, and the hook that the lamp was attached to gave way. Then the wall swung open, revealing a pitch black passage that seemed to go on for a few feet.

I peer inside, every single warning signal going off inside my head as I did so. I hold up my left hand in a snapping position, causing a small blue flame to appear between my thumb and middle finger. I take a deep breath and walk inside the passage, flaming hand guiding my way. I heard the sound of the door closing once again. A ghost of a smile appears on my lips. Suchong was didn't want to make this easy, and I love a good challenge.

I move around my arm a little to see if there are any booby traps of any sort, but evidently it was completely empty of anything that could be remotely dangerous. Not even a piece of paper to cut myself on. It was, if you will pardon the overused and cliched phrase, quiet. Too quiet. And I didn't like it at all.

At the end of the passage way was a steel door, which matched well with the concrete walls that it was surrounded by. I walk up to the door, Plasmid at the ready, and put my free hand on the handle. This is it, do or die time. I decide to go in guns blazing and kill Suchong and that Splicer before they get the chance to do whatever it is they want to do with those two poor souls in there.

I pull on the handle hard and run inside, left arm in front of me to find... nobody. There was nobody here. I was beyond confused. What the Hell was going on here? I know that they couldn't have deserted the place, there were still chemicals in the test tubes and plenty of other things as well. But then I saw it. A beaker, filled to the brim with a viscous, red-gold liquid. ADAM. I walk slowly to it, letting my guard down. How was this even possible? All of this, the Splicer, the ADAM, Hell, even Suchong. What was going on here?

"Magnificent, isn't it?", I heard a voice behind me say.

I turn around quickly to see a face that I wished I would never have to see again. Suchong smiled broadly at me, "Hello Jack."

I raised my left arm in defense, but instead of appearing intimidated, Suchong seemed amused, "Not even a greeting? Now that's just cold Jack. I thought I raised you better."

I glared at him, "Save it. Where are they?"

He smirked, "You mean the cats? They are indisposed at the moment. I'm afraid you're too late if you've come to save them."

No. My arm tensed as he said those words, anger starting to fill me, "If that's the case, then I'll just have to take care of you instead."

Suchong made a condescending noise before saying, "Such temper. I was sure I wrung it out of you."

I gave a humorless smile, "It came back as soon as I found out you made me break a puppy's neck.", the smile went away, "Now tell me, why and how are you back?"

He smiled and motioned to the table behind me, "All of the supplies you see here are the generous donations of a rather wealthy client. He has powers beyond this earth, beyond Plasmids. He resurrected me, dear Jack. He resurrected me so that I could help him."

I looked at him unfeeling and coldly, "And what sort of help would this all powerful person need?"

He chuckled, "I could tell you, but first, I want to show you something rather interesting.", he stood up straight and adjusted his glasses, "Now then, you were asking about those two cats?"

"Yeah.", I confirmed, "What about them? I thought you said they died."

"Now, I never said that.", he said as he walked toward a large metal door, "I just said they were indisposed at the moment. I believe that you will be able to see them now. Charles, if you would please?"

The door gave a loud squeak as it opened, and from behind it, the Splicer from earlier came out and said, "Come on out little pretties. Don't be shy now."

The area behind the door was pitch black, but cutting through the darkness were two pairs of glowing orbs, and what sounded like growls of some sort of Hell-beast. Then out from the doorway, a large white paw came out, and along with it, a large feral cat that I at once recognized as Leo Leonardo the Third. That is, what was once Leo Leonardo the Third. He looked nothing like the cat that I had met on the plane only a few days prior. He had a hunched stature, sticking low to the ground like a panther would. His claws had grown quite a few inches, looking like curved knives that had a pale yellow color to them. When he saw me, he opened his mouth in a snarl, and I saw that his fangs grew as well, almost six inches from what I could tell.

Behind him came another cat, pink this time. This one looked rather similar to Leo, except for the fact that this one was female. Then, something clicked. It was bugging me this whole time, who was that other cat with Leo? I just remembered that Leo's girlfriend was pink. I stared at the two for a long time, and without looking away from them, I said, "What have you done?"

I didn't see it, but somehow I know that Suchong smirked, "Do you like it? All it took was eight test subjects, but it has finally worked. A brand new Plasmid has been created."

I finally tare my eyes away from the cats to glare at Suchong, "What do you mean, 'new Plasmid'?"

"My commission.", he explained, "The reason that I was brought back. My employer needed someone who could create something that could turn the people into mindless, obedient little creatures. It just so happened he found out about my work and resurrected me."

"So, that's his plan?", I said, motioning to the two, "Turn the population of the world into feral creatures that rely on instinct. That wouldn't work."

Suchong waved a finger, "That is where you're wrong. The Plasmid makes them feral yes, but they still understand us. Their minds are blank, and they obey every whim of those that I tell them to."

I was half hoping that my glare would cause him to explode, "Then your going to control the world this way?"

He shrugged, "In a sense. Evidently, the Plasmid doesn't work on humans. Animals on the other hand...", he chuckled, "And to think I had some inane theory about love chemicals and virginity.", he paused as he thought of what to say. Then, "Think about it. The perfect army. Soldiers that obey every order, able to hunt for their own food, the ability to cut people down in seconds."

My glare turned into a questioning look, "That sounds like a terrible idea."

Suchong scoffed, "Well, it's not for me to decide what to do with what I have. It's for my employer.", He glanced over to the two cats, "And I believe that you have overstayed your welcome. Leo, Aeris? Sic him."

Almost as soon as the command was given, they were already halfway across the room. I snapped my fingers in reflex, and a large fireball appeared in front of me, causing the cats to back away from the flames. Recognizing a chance to escape, I bolted for the door that would lead out into the sewer. As I did, I felt something hard hit against the small of my back. I heard Suchong chuckle and say, "Nice throw, Charles.", as I righted myself. I then heard two sets of growls behind me as I got to the door. I opened it, but before I could even begin to step foot outside, a set of three claws dug into my right shin. I screamed in pain as I stepped through the door as fast as possible, and closing it even faster. I heard a hiss as I did, mostly because a bloody pink paw was jutting out from the open space in the door, preventing me from closing it. It withdrew, and I slammed the door behind me.

I was breathing heavily as I thought about what to do next. I'm not normally one to panic, so what I'm about to tell you is something that I'm not very proud of admitting. I snapped my fingers in front of me. Luckily it didn't roast me alive and instead blew out the concrete door that lead to the sewers. I ran as fast as I could with my cut leg, which I could feel was bleeding profusely. When I got out of the passage, I looked to the left and to the right of me, hoping to find a ladder that would lead me to the surface. Luck seemed to be on my side as of now, because there was a ladder just a few yards away.

I hobbled as fast as I could desperate to get out, when I heard the sound of a steel door hitting against concrete. They were coming. I hobbled even faster, reaching the ladder within the span of a few seconds. I began climbing as I heard hisses and growls behind me, as well as the sound of padded feet running. I pulled myself up faster than I thought possible, and the manhole cover flew right off when I pushed it. Chalking it up to adrenaline, I climb through the hole and replace the manhole cover as quickly as possible. I then look up around me. It was nighttime, and not many people were around. Good, no witnesses. Quick as a flash, I put my left hand on the edge of the cover and melt the space between the cover and the metal bit that surrounds it. That should stop them from getting through.

After taking a deep sigh of relief, I put my left arm to my side, causing it to turn normal. I could feel the adrenaline going away with each breath I took, and the pain in my shin was becoming more and more apparent. I needed a hospital, and fast. I don't know how much blood I lost, but from the fact that I'm feeling rather dizzy right now, it couldn't be a healthy amount. As I limp my way to the nearest street corner, I hear a voice, a woman's voice, say, "Hey, are you okay?"

I turn to see a rather scantily clad twenty-something cat-girl walking up to me with a concerned look. She looked to be a prostitute, but not being one to discriminate, I said, "Not really. If you have a phone, I would appreciate it if you called an ambulance."

She nodded and pulled a phone out of her purse and began to dial. I sat down on the sidewalk and sighed deeply, thinking of Leo and Aeris, those two poor people that lost their humanity. Or felineity. Is there such a word? Anyway, I couldn't help but feel sorry for them I could only imagine the pain that they were going through, the screams that they would've given off because of the first Plasmid kickback. I needed to help them, that much was clear, but how? My mind immediately came to a conclusion. I didn't like it, but it was a conclusion nonetheless.

I heard a cellphone beep and the girl said, "An ambulance is on the way, would you like me to wait with you?"

I nodded, and she sat down next to me. It was quiet for a while, probably because we were listening for the ambulance's sirens. Deciding to start a conversation, I said, "My name's Jack."

She looked at me with a slightly apprehensive look, but she responded in turn, "I'm Helen."

I smiled, "That's a nice name. You look like a Helen."

She smiled in an appreciative way, "Thanks."

She looked ahead, and I did as well. I then said, "Mind telling me how you got into this business Helen?"

I could tell she was becoming uncomfortable, "What business?"

I scoffed, "Come on. The revealing clothes, you're hanging out on a street corner. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what you do."

She didn't say anything. She just kept looking a head. I continued, "Breaks my heart, seeing such a beautiful young girl on the streets like this."

She looked down, "It makes ends meet."

I nodded, "I suppose it does.", I paused for a while, "My daughters were much like you."

She looked at me curiously, "What?"

"It's true.", I replied, "They would walk out on the streets, being told to do things by their masters. Being protected by their Big Daddys. They thought they loved them, but it wasn't the case. They were told by others to love them. They were only little girls. I saved them from that Hell."

She was still looking down, probably feeling sorry for herself. Smooth Jack, real smooth. I decided to do something about that, "Hey?"

She looked at me, and I said, "I'd like to make a request."

She looked slightly offended, probably because of what I said earlier, but she then said, "What do you want?"

I pulled out my wallet and took out all of the bills I had inside. They were soggy, but they were still currency. She looked at the money wide-eyed as I said, "I want you to get yourself a better life."

She took the money and counted it. She then exclaimed, "There has to be a thousand dollars here!"

I smiled, "Quit, get yourself something to eat, and get a less demeaning job. That's all I'm asking."

She smiled sadly and put the money back in my hand, "I can't do it. I just can't."

"Why?", I asked, curious why she would deny my gift.

She sighed, "He won't let me quit."

I immediately understood, "Your pimp doesn't like quitters does he?"

She shook her head. I nodded in understanding as I pocketed the money. After I did, I heard sirens in the distance, and I asked, "Do you normally work this corner?"

She nodded. I smirked, "Give me a week. I'll take care of everything."

She looked at me with an eyebrow raised, wondering what I meant by taking care of things. After another minute of silence, the ambulance came and picked me up. It would take a while to get to the hospital. Time to strategize.

Suchong's POV

1 Hour After Prologue

"DAMN!", I shouted as I threw a empty test tube onto the ground in anger. Yes, even though it's been a while since Jack escaped I was still rather angry at the fact he escaped. Now he could get help, and it takes way to long to mass produce this plasmid to make an effective counter-attack. Charles was walking slowly toward me, saying, "Now doc, I know you're angry, but don't take it out on the glass. It didn't do anything to you, no it didn't."

I raised my closed fist and slammed it against the table, causing a few things on the table to make a jingling sound. Charles began talking again, "Look on the bright side doc. The experiment was a success, you're getting paid-"

"It's not about the money anymore!", I shouted, "Jack's out there, and he knows where we are! We won't be able to survive here. He'll be coming here pretty soon, and he'll kill us!"

"I wouldn't be so sure about that.", said a voice that came out of no where.

I turned around and was surprised to see another man in my makeshift lab. He was a relatively short man and he was shrouded in a black cloak, along with a hood that covered his face. All that could be seen was the bottom half of his face, which featured a orange goatee. He was smirking at me as he said, "Hello Dr. Suchong. Its been quite a while."

I looked at him neutrally, my anger diminishing, "Hello Mr. Evilguy. I suppose you're here for the results.

"Of course.", he replied, "I would love to see the results."

I motioned for the steel door that lead to the two cats that had just recently turned feral. He smiled and walked to the door, opening it and peering inside. He closed the door after a few seconds, and he looked at me, smiling broadly, "I know these two."

I was surprised, "Really?"

He nodded, "Yes indeed. I never liked them much, thank you for doing this.", his smile diminished a little, "Anyway, lets talk business. I'm sure you want all the benefits I outlined to you?"

My anger and fear came back a little, "As much as I would love to say yes, we have a problem. I've been discovered."

He shrugged, "So?"

I was getting angry again, "So? He will come back and kill us. I can't make much of the Feral Plasmid, it takes to long, and it only works on animals. We only have two of these things, and I can't see how we can defend ourselves."

He smirked, "You forget one thing.", he snapped his fingers. Immediately, the room was covered with black fire. After shielding my eyes, I heard cheering. Opening my eyes, I looked around to see creatures, horrible creatures, all of them in lab coats for some reason. Evilguy smiled, "I have Hell on my side."

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