By: Izzy

Author's Note: SURPRISE! ! ! I've decided to seize the time to perhaps write a few drabbles for my popular fic, Light and Dark. If you haven't read that then you won't get very far reading this and understanding LOL. The fic itself (I prefer to write it in intials "LD") is VERY long as I have planned for it to be, possibly more than 30 chapters, but I can't exactly get every single detail straight. So the little missing tidbits I have here are drabbles placed here. And perhaps one that take place in between afterwards the fic once I finish it- and before a possible sequel to Light and Dark *wink* ;).

Full Summary: Drabbles on the missing tidbit moments within my fic "Light and Dark" since after all, not all secrets were necessarily left in the dark...

One: Memories

Summary: Four year old Aurora Grace has dreams about a mysterious woman who looks similar to her...

Stirring yet gentle in her sleep, as a headfull frame of untammably curly dark chocolate brown hair spread acrosss on the soft pillow. The moonlight outside at the near stroke of mdinight reflecting off in a mirror-like glow against the fair skin of the tiny being that curled up relaxened on her bed. Sheets spread across, slight thrashing movements of actions going about within the dreams had caused them to be tossed off her tiny feet.

Eyes blinking as they were shut, mind preoccupied within an imaginative mind of endless, unexplainable events that always occurred when endlessly dreaming. A seemingly purely innocent face with such child-like qualities of dimples and slightly chubby cheeks in replacement to no signs of any flaws upon her sweetheart shaped face.

Aurora Grace Harris was usually at total peace when dreaming, whether she was necessarily aware or not was the true question. As well wise spoken words were once said, only once when someone awaken from their dreams would they realize strange events had just happened. Unexplainable ones too that the mind could never recollect no matter how photogenic.

Yet this exact dream had never been so crystal clear, almost as though she were experiencing a full blossom of a reality that had never happened. Or perhaps had yet to happen, she couldn't quite explain it either or.

A woman of pale yet slightly peach toned skin, frame of deathly similar dark chocolate brown hair and uniquely dark brown eyes- as her Mommy had constantly cooed about for how unique beautiful Aurora honestly was. Though the four year old never took those ideas to vain, she honestly felt proud to share looks similar to this lady before her very vision. Perhaps this was a predicted vision of who exactly she would turn out to be as a grown-up? Tall, skinny, and very very pretty?

"Aurora..." this woman's voice cooed in such a soft whisper. Hypnotized within an intense gaze of innocent curiosity, Aurora felt as though she too were present within this dream. Though physically frozen within reality she felt as though she were floating lightly off the ground and to her feet; Similar to what was in one of her favorite films, Peter Pan. As long as she believed then she could fly, right? That was the rules at leasrt in the films, so perhaps dreaming counted for as well? Maybe-

"Aurora.." the woman called again, interrupting Aurora's such nonsense mind ramblings of utter silliness.

Slowly, Aurora found herself approaching this woman and the closer she got to her the more similar details she found about this woman. Eerily familiar as though she were supposed to know this woman's identity. Searching through her mind Aurora couldn't think of who this woman could be. Not a single name occurred in mind, yet she couldn't shake away the feeling this all fell in relation to her.

The woman's kindly face stretched into such a heart-warming smile of tender, motherly kindness. Arms outstretched for a large hug awaiting for Aurora in expectations, as Aurora herself inched closer and closer for this hug. Curious and naturally a sweetly behaved girl, Aurora opened her arms as well though didn't necessarily smile. Actually, she spoke of nothing either. She was just simply frozen.

'I love you Aurora...' she heard such a familiar whisper, though the woman in front of her never once moved her lips. Still it remained in this dream-like state of her smile and Aurora coming close for this hug.

Yet when the child touched the woman- the woman's face pained, tears uickly errupted and falling downwars from her pretty, rose tinted cheeks, screams errupting loudly asuddenly as the vision of this woman faded away before Aurora's eyes.

The child gasped awake, startled by this sudden dream. Unable to tell as to whether or not this had been a nightmare. Yet still she called for her dar Mommy and Daddy, as they always listened for their sweet daughter's cry if ever in pain from a dream. They came running and immediately comforting her, asking and questioning if she had a bad dream.

"Dey feel like...memories, Mommy." was all the small, disturbed child whispered softly.

What do you think? Mysterious and short LOL. XD