Contest: Twilight of Craigslist AD Contest (Part I)

Title: Prom Date needed

Rating: M

Word Count (minus A/N and header): 245

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Seeking all around popular guy as a fill-in-date (Forks WA)
Date: 2011-09-21, 6:13PM
Reply to: takinsexybacktotheprom (at) craigslist (dot) org

This is probably one of the most mortifying things I have ever done. I need a prom date. I had a date, but not anymore. Obviously, or I wouldn't be here. Here's the shortened version: Mike (my boyfriend – he just doesn't know it yet) decided he would much rather go with Jessica-baby-food-for-brains, the girl who eats her boogies (I know this because I witness her pick one every day in homeroom where she thinks everyone is asleep) rather than suffer a night with a brunette with passion for intellectual conversation regarding gripping world affairs and current events.

It must be the fact that each boob needs a bra of its own, but I'm not complaining. Either way, I need a prom date that will not only make Mike see what he's been missing, but tell the entire senior class of Forks High to eat their hearts out.

Are you up for the job?

Possible prom dates must be:

-handsome because I'm going for the WOW factor
-punctual. I can't be late to the prom.
-Intelligent (Gpa of 3.5 or above) for the sake of conversation. I do NOT converse with mindless idiots who spend their time gaming.
-Athletic because Mike is athletic and you need to appear better than him. Not lesser.
-Tall because I come to 5'8 in my heels and it would look terrible if you were shorter. Just saying.

Everything is paid for.

If you fit the credentials, please contact me ASAP.

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