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Episode Summary: The Poke'dex holders have started their attack on Team Rocket HQ. Lamia (Ashlyn) thinks this is her chance to escape finally, when she is brought out under orders of Giovanni to take out the problem. In a fierce battle and terrible rage, Lamia seizes control of Gold's body, turning him against the others. Who will win and who will lose?

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"Human Talk"
'Human Thought'
(Poke'speak translation)/or two poke'mon talking to each other

Episode 4: A Second Chance...

Epxlosions, and lots of screaming. That much was obvious as Lamia watched the humans run about screaming like headless chickens. Frankly, the whole thing amused her greatly. Suddenly Darius, a grunt that had been put in charge of taking care of her appeared at the door to her cell. He opened the door, the armor he forced her to wear in his arms and approached her.

"Master Giovanni has orders to send you into battle,whether fully healed or not. I doudt you'll lose though, the boss trained you himself." he spoke to her as he placed the armor on her body. She gave him a look that was clearly asking if he was serious, she quickly dismissed it without him saying a word though, he never joked after all. She took off at a quick speed, flying around the guy to take care of whatever was bothering Giovanni. She thought that this might have been her chance to escape, but then the armor was put on her, and she couldn't go against anything Giovanni said with it on. She was his puppet basically, plain and simple. Lamia headed for the source of the sounds, the monotone scenery of the hideout blurring by. She quickly found herself in the prescence of 15 humans, sveral girls and boys, using poke'mon from not only inside thisregion, but ones from outside as well. One boy had a Latias and Latios helping him, while another three had the three had the legendary dogs out and under their command. They were not the only legendaries out, as there were much bigger ones reaking havoc outside as well. She gritted her teeth in frustration, cursing Giovanni, the ignorant human, silently. She knew that she coul take on Arceus himself without being sneaky about it. But that was when he was alone. Not even she could take on this many legendaries at once.

She watched silently as the legendaries, with and without the orders of their trainers, swiftly took out grunt after pathetic grunt. They were following the orders of the humans to the letter, and seemed to be pleased about it. This confused Lamia as she was sure that all humans were filthy, untrustworthy creatures that the world didn't need, but had the misfortune of having them anyway. In her eyes they were an illness that had yet to be purged, but could you blaime her with all that she had been through at the hands of Team Rocket? Finally the last of the grunts fell. The Latias and Latios hovered in the air next to their trainer, speaking silently before one of them, the Latios brought his head up. Lamia prepared to flee, as she realized that he was looking at her direction. The Latios seemed to frown slightly before slowly flying over to the corner she was hiding behind. The human stopped it for a moment though,

"Latios, what's the matter? Is something over there?" he asked. The human tilted his head in curiosity as the other legendaries tuned into her prescence. Alll quickly looked at her direction. Latios turned back to his trainer and replied using telepathy,

(Yeah, actually.) He looked back toward her direction, eyes narrowing as he seemed to have figured out what she was planning to do soon, (Emerald, I think there's a poke'mon over there. It's powerful, but it's also injured. You guys sense it too don't you?) He directed the last statement to the Legendaries that were present inside the building. They all nodded their heads in agreement. Latias hovered a bit closer to Latios before she added her two-cence in,

(There's more then just physical injuries present as well. I sense a deep, emotional pain as well. And the scars run deep in her heart...) She seemed to feel bad for her. Lamia didn't like that, not one bit. Who was this poke'mon to pity her? She didn't need pity, and she certainly didn't need it from this-this...GAH! She didn't know what to call her. Lamia gritted her teeth in anger, as her fury poured off in waves, she caused all the poke'mon to go on immediate alert, some moving close to their trainers so that they could protect them. This only angered her further. Humans were evil, vile little creatures that didn't deserve to exist, how DARE they protect hem. Several psychic-types caught on to her hostile thoughts and immediately teleported the humans out of the building. Lamia, was not far behind.


"What's going on, why did you guys teleport us out of there? What is it about that poke'mon that caused you to move us outside?" it was Crystal, or as she preferred to be called, Chris. She looked concerned, and rightfully so. If the poke'mon was injured, shouldn't they help it, not run from it? Latios shook his head as he caught onto her thoughts.

(No, bad idea.) he said, his voice serious as he looked around to see if the poke'mon had followed them, which quickly became appearent as he saw something fly out of a window from the building, causing glass to rain down, luckily away from them. (This one doesn't like humans. You remember how the Musketeer trio didn't like humans?) He said, attempting to get them to see how dangerous this poke'mon could be. He felt, rather then saw the humans nod in confirmation, remembering how difficult it was to get them to trust humans again. Said trio remembered how difficult they had made it for them, and had truly felt sorry. But there wasn't time to dwell on it as the poke'mon spotted them. Latias finished for her brother,

(This one's hundreds of times worse. She absolutely HATES humans. And firmly believes that they shouldn't even have ever existed. I don't know what they did, but Team Rocket's really screwed up royaly this time around, I'm not sure it's possible to ever gain this one's trust.) She finished, preparing for battle along with the others. The Legendaries got into position, making sure they wouldn't get in each others way when the battle started. A combination of human and poke'mon eyes widened when the poke'mon got close enough. And for good reason, the poke'mon looked extremely similar to Latias and Latios, only smaller. It's eyes were narrowed in a cold glare, settled mainly on the group of trainers behind them. What made the Legendaries truly hesitate was the sight of the severe injuries on it's body. How it managed to stay flying, theyhad no idea. The poke'mon, despite it's similarities, though, was unfamiliar to them. Mewtwo explaine dhtis faily quickly though,

(It's a girl. And she's manmade...Like me.) Silver's eyes narrowed at this information, causing him to growl in anger,

"So my father had her made as another weapon, huh? I guess he hasn't learned his lesson yet." Silver looked the poke'mon over. Trying to figure out just how much she had been forced to suffer through, how much pain his father caused her. He couldn't tell completely, but he could guess that he had forced her to battle insistantly and without breaks until he was sure she was the strongest, and that she was perfectly obedient. He also noticed the armor she was wearing, probably against her will, and most likely what kept her bound to his father's will. He really did hate the man. He didn't know what the poke'mon was called, but hopefully someone had bothered to give her a name. Hedecided to ask, "What's your name? They must have called you something, correct?" he stepped forward a bit. The poke'mon narrowed her eyes, clearly not pleased with his sudden advancement. Entei jumped in front of him, moving only slightly so Silver could still see the poke'mon. She replied, all though snidely,

She gave a small coo, obviously not able to speak using telepathy yet. Latios translated for her,

(She says that the humans call her Lamia.) Lamia tilted her head back slightly, observing Silver. Silver flinched slightly at what she was implying. Entei growled in a warning. She didn't seem bothered by it though, in fact, she smirked. Suddenly her eyes flashed white as she averted her gaze to Gold. Everyone panicked as Gold collapsed onto the ground, Raikou leaping forward to attack Lamia for whatever she had done to his trainer. She flashed through the air, appearing above her original location, causing Raikou to slam into ground, missing his target. Her smirk only grew as Gold slowly stood up. Yellow and Chris ran to his side to make sure he was okay. They got their answer with what happened next. Gold suddenly shoved Chris to ground before lashing out at Yellow. The poor girl's hat feel as Gold attempted to strangle her now. She tried to fight him, but she was failing miserably as his grip only increased. She was starting to pass out at the sudden lack of air.

"GOLD STOP! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? THAT'S YELLOW!" came the sudden cry shattering, her control over the boy slightly, and causing the boy to drop the poor girl ontp the ground. She scurried over to Red, gasping for air, as Red checked her over to make sure she wasn't hurt too bad. Silver lunged for his friend in hopes of stopping him from hurting any of the others, but failed as he hit the dirt. Lamia, in what was most likely her way of being cruel, and not wanting to fight them directly yet, teleported Gold infront of her as she lowered herself to ground. She gave a malicous grin as she began to speak through Gold, who was clearly not in control right now.

"My, my now! Temper temper!" Gold looked up. Everyones eyes widened as they saw the vacant look in his eyes. She had him hypnotized to the point that she had usurped control over his body and mind. He didn't even know what he was doing. Silver gritted his teeth, hitting himself internally as he berated himself for letting this happen. "You wouldn't want him to get hurt now would you?" as she finished, her eyes flashed again. This time though, instead taking control of another one, she attacked Gold's mind. Everyone's eyes grew in shock as Gold suddenly fell to his knees, screaming in pain as he clutched at his head. She was torturing him. Several of them begged her to stop, the legendaries included, but were ignored as she continued attacking Gold for a few more moments, beore his cries finally went silent. She just smirkedand she finally released control. Leaving the now mentally damaged Gold to collapse, officially unconcious, no thanks to her of course. Raikou lept into action, quickly grabbing Gold's now limp body on his back, before moving back to the others. Letting him down gently to the ground before turning back to face Lamia.

Raikou was about to attack when Silver put his arm in front of Raikou, effectively stopping his attack. Silver gave the legendary a look, before stepping up, Entei at his side. Raikou nodded in understanding, stepping back to shield the now helpless Gold from any stray attacks, the other legendaries and trainers stepped back as well, Yellow and Chris going over to check Gold's well being. The tohers watched worriedly as Silver prepared to battle.

"My father created you, from what I'm not exactly sure. But he created you none the less. And because of his choices, and his inability to properly care for anything other then himself, Gold got hurt. Severly so. I won't claim to understand what you've been put through because of his selfishness...but I refuse to let you hurt another soul as a result!" he clenched his teeth as he gave a command, drawing two poke'balls from his belt, "Entie! Feraligator! Weavile! Get ready!" A giant blue lizard with an equally huge jaw and a small bipedal poke'mon with a red, crown-like plumage coming out of it's head, flashed out of their pokeballs. They glared at the poke'mon before them, having seen what Lamia had done to their trainers friend, and were none too pleased. They were more then ready for a fight. Lamia laughed, thinking that his poke'mon were far too weak to beat her.

Silver gave his order,

"She's already weakened. So let's finish the job! I want this one in a pokeball five hours ago!" he ordered, none of his poke'mon hesitating as they lunged at Lamia., though they did question his sanity, as this was a poke'mon that might not be safe to keep when traveling around. Silver gave no orders, as there was no need. The three poke'mon were efficient when working together. They weren't completely sure on it's type but they could still overload her. He noticed tha tseemed to be weak against bug-type moves, and grinned as he knew the perfect move to use on her. He gave the order that would end this battle.

"Weavile, use SILVERWIND!" Lamia had been doing fairly well when battling Silver's poke'mon. But she was tiring quickly. And when she heard him call such a wide, spread move, especially a bug-type, she didn't like it one bit. She tried to dodge but failed, as she got hit full on with the super strong attack. She hit the ground in seconds. But she wasn't quite done yet. She used what little strength she had to levitate off the ground, and when she was at least moderately airborne, she asked.

(Why...) there it was. So she could use telepathy. Silver reached into his pocket, pulling out a poke'ball as he knew that this battle was over. (Why do you listen to the humans? WHY?) This caused Silver to hesitate slightly. Had it gotten so bad that she couldn't even understand the simple bondings of friendship... hadn't at least one of them tried to befriend her beforehand? As he watched her beat and bruised form, barely staying in the air, he got his answer. No. No they hadn't. She was just a weapon, a tool created only because his father had ordered it. Something that once was no longer of use, could be destroyed, and no one would know or even care. Silver's eyes softened as he continued onward. Lamia's eyes widened as she saw that the human boy was getting closer, she gritted her teeth before attempting to fly away, only to drop to the ground with a thud, her body over used, and in a lot of pain. (ANSWER ME!) she yelled as she forced her self into the air again. Silver didn't answer, none of them did, as they watched her beaten form crash to the ground once more, as she panted out of breath and exhausted. Silver knelt down infront of her, placing his hand on her head gently. He watche her with softened eyes. She glared at him, before biting his hand and snapping at him.

(I DON"T NEED YOUR PITY!) Silver didn't flinch back though. Instead, he sighed, and with a shake of his head he gently tapped the pokeball on her head. Her ever hate filled eyes watching him as she was sealed into the pokeball. It didn't even twitch once, as the ball closed. He had caught her, but it was a bitter victory. He psoke silently,

"It's not pity." he said tucking the pokeball carrying his new poke'mon into the pocket of his jacket. He turned to face the others, who were all looking at him in concern. He blinked slightly before giving a tired smile. Red walked up to him before speaking, but was cut off quickly by Silver,

"Well what are you waiting for? C'mon. We need to get Gold to a hospital, and this poke'mon's not gonna heal herself." Red smiled slightly, though the concern was still evdent in his eyes, and nodded, walking back over to the still unconcious Gold, and helping Blue put him on Charizard's back so that they could get him some help. Everybody placed their legendaries in their pokeballs before taking out their regular fliers. They soon took to the air, leaving a devistated hideout and a now weoponless Giovanni in their wake.

To be continued...

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