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Episode 3: Invasion and Deception

Gold lay sprawled out across the dry soil of the cliff he and the others had hidden themselves on, red dust clinging to their clothes and staining them a brilliant orange and the weather maybe a little more warm then what some of them were used to. The sunlight was harsh against their backs, but considering the situation they were all currently in and what they planned on doing in the next few minutes or so, it was a necessary evil that they would all just have to deal with at the moment.

"So when are we starting this little operation again?" He asked as he pulled himself up into a seated position, sliding a bit against the rough ground in the process and eye twitching as the slightest movement caused his hat to partially slip off, and for the sun to nearly blind him without warning. He grumbled under his breathe about the sun being too bright again, and was quickly cut off from any more complaints that might've slipped from between his lips when Crystal immediately brought a hand around to slap him across the head, a clear sign that she did not appreciate the attitude he'd been giving everyone lately.

Blue and Red said nothing, far too busy keeping an ever watchful eye on the metal construct some twenty yards below them, and Silver released a tired sigh, far too used to the exchange to really care, though wishing that maybe Crystal was a little less loud in voicing her displeasure with Gold's behavior. Yellow was immediately up and at the golden eyed boy's side in seconds, scolding Crystal for the rough treatment and checking him over for injuries while Green showed up and pulled the bluenette to her side. Better with one of the older seniors who she was less likely to hit, then with Gold who already didn't handle other humans very well in the first place. There was a reason almost everyone amidst the Pokédex Holders had such strange nicknames after all, and it wasn't just because he liked to get on their nerves.

"Wait a couple minutes Gold, alright?" Blue finally answered, tossing a lazy glance over his shoulder as the younger pulled himself from Yellow's worried grip and scooted closer to Red and Silver. "I know it's a lot hotter than what you're used to. Kanto and Johto are far more temperate than Kalos after all, but we need to be careful. This is clearly Team Rocket territory, and we don't know what's laying ahead for us inside. That thing that attacked Ramos' gym might be in there somewhere, and we don't want to be caught unawares, now do we?" Gold huffed at the question, curling up and leaning a tad against his red head friend as he scrunched his face up in displeasure. It was clear that he still couldn't believe that anything short of a legendary pokémon could cause such immense damage in such a relatively short time.

"Did they ever mention who the kid was that they were going to use for this experiment?" Gold asked once more, expression dropping into a grimace almost instantaneously at the negative response he received from Silver.

"Nope," silver eyes glinted in the sunlight and narrowed in thought, face scrunching in thought for a bit before the boy continued. "There were no names, though a vague re-telling of sorts was given about how much this kid got in the way…"

"How long ago was this anyways?"

"Well, we're sixteen now, and when this occurred, Red was… what? Thirteen? He, Blue, and Green are eighteen now, and Yellow is seventeen… so… Four, five years ago?"

"Wow… wait, so how old was the kid?"

"I think the same age as Red when he first started out on his journey, so eleven. But from what the report said, it seems like whoever this kid was, was at least a year younger than Red when they started getting in my father… In Giovanni's way."

"Poor kid, probably was scared out of their mind when Team Rocket got a hold of them…" Silver's faced scrunched up at Gold's idle comment. He hadn't meant anything by it, he knew, but it still left a scathing mark, a reminder of just how messed up and cruel his father was. How could his father do that, to someone who was so young at the time? It had been a girl, that much could be derived from the report he had dug up amidst the clutter of secret files his father had had stored into the main databanks, buried under heaps and heaps of failed and scrapped plans and plots that together would've made for quite the successful scheme, but separate as they were, were nothing more than pipe dreams at best. And a good majority of the recent ones had all been foiled and scrapped for the same exact reason; a then ten year old girl who had a bad habit of getting in his father's way, and which may have cost her dearly in the end.

"You know, it's probably not too late to save them, Silver. We just need to figure out if they actually got a hold of this kid, and if they did, where they put them." Blue suddenly said, face screwed up slightly in a look of contemplation as he continued to eye the building below them, wondering how anyone could've missed such a blatant object in the middle of a barren wasteland so easily, Silver was sure.

He snorted slightly at that, disbelief clear in his expression as he shifted slightly, carefully maneuvering himself into a more comfortable position, Gold still leaning on him now looking half asleep. The boy never had done well in hot weather.

"That's if she's even still alive." Came the response as he glared at the brazen red "R" etched onto the side of blindingly bright, reflective metal, a scowl permanently etched onto his face at the sight of it.

"Giovanni hated this kid that much, huh?"

"The notes my dad left made it seem like he thought she was almost worse than Red, probably right below him on his list of people he hates." Silver bit out, hand curling into a fist at the very thought of his father and his cruelty. "There would've been no tears shed on his part if this experiment wound up killing her in the end." At the mention of his name, Red quirked an eyebrow in question, eying the two boys leaning against each other in question, before an inquisitive noise made its way from his lips. He shrugged before either could respond though, pulling back from the edge of the cliff and turning his gaze up towards the sky for a moment, before turning back to his little ragtag group.

"Everyone has their strongest pokémon?" Blue asked, hand resting on top of a knee, eyes quickly looking over the six others spread across the cliff edge just himself. At a series of nods that met the question, and more than few rolls of the eyes from three specific members accompanied by a look of displeasure, he nodded back, double checking the round devices clasped to the brown, leather belt tightly wrapped around his waist, before turning his gaze back to their de facto, red-eyed leader.

Said trainer reached down almost immediately for one of the pokéballs at his own waist, smoothly sliding across the scarred surface before throwing it into the air in one fell swoop. There was a resounding roar that seemed to shake the entire canyon and sent many a flying-type running for the safety of the skies at the rather vicious sound, before large orange wings spread sharply outward, and a second later vicious claws tore through three feet of thick metal, followed by a fierce blazing fire that left a gaping, smoking hole in the side of the building and something blew up.

"Time to rock!" Gold called out, the only warning he gave to the others before he gave himself a running start, pulling himself up into a standing position and then leaping off the cliff with nary a gaze backwards. Red made a sound of displeasure at the boy's rush, face scrunching up in concern as he hopped onto the fierce beast he had summoned with Silver and the others not far behind.

"That boy knows no patience, does he?" Green joked as she joined Blue on his pidgeot, eyes glinting and fierce and talons clenching in the need to tear through or at something.

"That little idiot!"

It hadn't been the screaming of the humans within the facility that had awoken her, but the blaring of the sirens as the room flashed red sporadically and startled the once slumbering pokémon around her. It was probably, maybe, sometime past noon, something inside of her assuring that the sun was at the very least still out and burning the canyon in its heat. Most of the scientists would've been huddled in the various small rooms littering the lab, their own little experiments tests running simultaneously, but those would've all been abandoned the instant the sign that they were being invaded was made apparent, and it would've only taken a mere scant seconds for the whole of the facility to dissolve into chaos.

"That's it!" Came the sharp yell as the metal door slammed open, ricocheting violently off of the wall it swung into and almost slamming the human in the face as it came swinging back. It was her handler again, looking absolutely furious after weeks of absence, clearly distressed about the sheer fact that they'd been discovered.

'And what in the world would've made you think that you wouldn't be discovered? Stupid idiot, you're inside a building with a giant red 'r' on the bloody side of it. I'm shocked you all weren't discovered sooner!' She growled in her head as she watched the man flounder about the room for a bit, flicking on and off lights as if that would somehow fix the situation they were all in.

"I can't believe he's back! He shouldn't be back! He should be buried under fifteen feet of snow! Why he's still alive?! He's back!" He rattled off, dashing about the room, looking into a couple of cages, before making some sort of harsh, dismissive noise and flinging the smaller ones aside, ignoring them as the cages, pokémon and all clattered violently against the walls and floor. "And the Boss's son! ALL of them… Oh… He's going to have all our hides! How did they even find us?!" He groaned out, before falling into hysterics again.

It was funny, in a strange sort of way, to see a man that had tormented her so much before suddenly fall to pieces at the slightest that something might not be going his way this time. She would've mocked him for it as well, taunt him the entire time as he flew about the room near tearing it apart in search of something that would help him when in reality it probably wouldn't.

Suddenly he froze though, turning immediately to face her, only to almost trip over one of the cages he had thrown across the room, as if there wasn't some poor, living creature trapped inside of it.

"Of course! I'm a genius!" He gasped out suddenly, arms spread wide as if angels had come down from on high to bless him for his own good deeds.

'No you're not, you're the biggest in the whole entire base. An amoeba has a higher IQ then you, but we'll just let you think that now won't we?' She thought viciously, rolling eyes and releasing a disbelieving snort as the human all but tripped over himself trying to get at her cage.

"You idiot, what are you doing?!" Someone else bit out, storming into the room in much the same way her handler had, yanking the man back by the collar of his shirt before slapping him soundly across the face. "Quit floundering about you fool and get the cage open already!" The speaker was another of her handlers, far more calm and collected compared to the other, and twice as dangerous to her health. He'd never been forgiving of her mistakes and rebellious attitude, and while he was not nearly as sadistic as the other, he was swift and cruel in his punishments all the same. He smashed the other into the iron bars face first, before leaving him groaning on the floor to go and fetch her collar. There was a special stone set in it that they had either dug up or manufactured in some way in this region, and he was probably certain that it would help at least a little bit in the coming battle.

"Fucking asshole!" The first handler called out, turning on the other only to be soundly knocked onto his rear, expression dazed as his left cheek turned red and swelled.

"Shut up, and get the damn cage open, how many times do I have to tell you, you moronic fool! We are under attack, what part of that does your thick headed skull not get? Damn it all, do I have to do everything myself?!" He swore, ruthlessly kicking the other out of the way and snatching the keys from his writhing body to yank the cage door open and quickly fasten the collar around the pokémon's neck.

"There is no question, no doubt, do you understand?" He questioned as he yanked her out of the small space by the metal clasped around her neck, ignoring the vicious growl and angry glare he got in response for his rough treatment. "I don't care if one of the intruders is the Boss's son, or if one of them is some all-mighty god-like trainer risen from the depths of a stone, cold, icy Hell. All intruders are to be eliminated, do you understand?! Not a single survivor. Or you can consider yourself officially terminated!" He ground out, hissing close to the ends of his sentences before all but throwing her bodily at the door, she stopped her momentum short of impacting with the wall though, head low and eyes staring at the human, a warning and threat barely hidden behind the near ethereal gaze as brown eyes turned glowing yellow and Lamia disappeared through the door way in a flash of light.

Doors whizzed by as she sped through the hallway, following the sound of explosions as they grew louder and the building all but threatened to cave on top of her.

"Whoever these intruders are, they are certainly going to town on this place, aren't they?" She commented aloud, eyes scanning the signs of destruction that had already become apparent, despite the clear signs that whoever had managed to invade the facility had yet to reach this specific area. She almost rounded a corner, surveying some of the chaos, when something prickled at the edge of her senses, and she stopped just short a foot. She paused for a moment, eyes narrowing, before the very air around her shifted. Feet quickly landed on the floor with a soft thud, and she checked over her appearance to make sure her clothes didn't give her away as a member of the facility.

A plain white dress, or what would've been white, if not for the filth and grime that covered the cloth and the tattered edges that would've marked her as some poorly kept prisoner. Nodding her head in pride, she quickly pulled her best frightened expression and resumed her run down the winding halls of the lab, almost immediately crashing into another body as she rounded a third corner into what the humans had called "Sector C". The lab wasn't nearly so big that it warranted such a naming system, but it mattered not in the never-ending face of their pride, she guessed.

"Whoa!" Came the startled voice, stunned, golden eyes befitting more a pokémon than a human, meeting brown, and the boy, because that's really all he was, immediately scrambled to his feet. "Hey, sorry, are you-?"

"Please!" She immediately cried out, tone almost all too real in its pleading tone as she quickly scooted backwards across the floor. "Don't hurt me! I promise, I'll go back! Just please, no more!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there…" The boy soothed, immediately crouching down to her level, hands out and empty in a show that he wasn't equipped to hurt the supposedly helpless and frightened little girl before him. "I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. Just calm down a little, okay?" He asked, putting on a smile and slowly reaching out for her. She curled in, a clear defensive stance to show she didn't trust the boy just yet, and had to refrain from smiling at how she clearly had the boy all but eating out of the palm of her illusory hand.

"Y-You… Y-you won't hurt me?" She questioned, making her voice sound meek and fragile, shrinking back from the boy even further.

"Yeah, promise." The boy quickly agreed, slowly wrapping an arm around hers and gently pulling her to her feet.

"I-I've never seen you before…"

"Me and my friends… well, we're kind of invading the place. It's really dangerous right now, Red's kind of gotten a little uh… fire happy with that charizard of his, and Silver's not too shy about freezing the whole place over and recreating an ice age." He explained, hand reaching up to scratch at the back of his head in a familiar nervous gesture she'd seen many of the scientists do before when talking their precious leader.

"So you… You and your friends are the intruders all the scientists are freaking out about?" she questioned. Gold nodded, and he seemed to miss entirely the change in her tone as he turned his back to her.

"Yeah, stick close and I'll be sure to get you outta here, safe and sound." He said tone promising as he scanned the direction from which he'd come, before motioning for her to follow him. She did so silently, a sly, dark smile slowly spreading across her face as her eyes began to glow with a supernatural light.

"You promise?" She asked again, tone sickly sweet as she slowly followed the boy in the direction he had come from, completely oblivious to her true intentions.

"Yeah!" He shot back, confidence clear in his tone, as he turned to face her. There was no pokémon in sight to protect him.

"Even if I do this?" She questioned, and it was all the warning the golden eyed boy had, before he suddenly froze up, some sort of strange chocked noise leaving his lips and he slumped over slightly, still on his feet. The boy said and did nothing for a while, silence so loud it was almost noisy save for the near symphonic backdrops of chaos back the way the boy had come. He resumed walking, steps far slower and more sedated than before, and she continued to follow him, making sure her appearance hadn't shifted at all because of her change in mood, and a sadistic grin on her face the entire time. She trotted a bit in front of him, wanting to see the boy's face one more time, and smiled at the sight that met her eyes before she let him walk ahead of her again.

His eyes had been completely lifeless.

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