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Chapter 1

The look on Abe's face was of utter amusement as he took in Adrian's expression once Dimitri Belikov entered the room. Trying to ease the tension, I instantly went to greet the newcomers with the polite ease that I had been trained to show.

"Ms. Karp. Guardian Belikov. So good to see you both again," I said taking both their hands in a polite handshake.

Glancing back at Adrian, I noticed that his stance had still not changed, so I pushed on hoping that he would come back to himself soon.

"I am looking forward to the research that you will be working on. If there is some way to protect against Strigoi conversion it would be groundbreaking." I could not bring myself to admit that the only way to accomplish this feat would be to use magic. Magic that was dark and just wrong.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Adrian retreat to the kitchen and return with a drink. I almost chastised him for this, but it was the weekend so there was little risk to Jill. Besides, I knew he was having difficulty facing the man who stole the woman he loved.

"Thank you so much for your support Sydney. I believe the Alchemists will be key to this research. Especially with the way your reports describe the Strigoi's reaction to your blood," replied Ms. Karp. I cringed at this, not wanting to remember the incident that had brought me face to face with two Strigoi not that long ago. "And do call me Sonya. I have a feeling we will be spending lots of time together."

Adrian finally spoke. "Yes, like one big happy family. Sonya will be our cousin after all." This was true. Sonya and Angeline's cover story would be that they were sisters and our cousins. I wasn't exactly sure how Dimitri would fit into this bizarre family charade. I had a feeling that Adrian was wondering the same thing, even though he had put back on his lazy smile and acted indifferent to the fact that Dimitri was standing in his living room.

Okay, Sonya," I replied with a smile. Glancing over at Dimitri I noticed that he had taken up his usual stoic look, but seemed to be watching Adrian wearily. I don't think he felt comfortable about being in this position either with Adrian.

"Well, this has all been very amusing, but I have a feeling that Sonya and Dimitri would like to get settled in at their apartment," interjected Abe. The tension had seemed to grow in the room and I was glad for Abe's comment. I was also glad that they were not going to be staying with Adrian. When I thought, it was just going to be Sonya coming it had seemed like a good idea to have her stay with Adrian, but now with Dimitri here as well, staying with Adrian would be out of the question. "I'm also sure that you need to be getting Angeline settled in at Amberwood," he directed at me.

"Yes, yes we really should be going." With the growing tension from everyone else, I was beginning to feel uneasy. I had learned to feel almost comfortable in Adrian's company, even if he was a Moroi, but by now I was realizing just how out numbered I was. The odds were now five to one; two dhampirs and three Moroi to one human. I knew that the nervousness that was building in me had to do with a lifetime of learning about how evil these creatures were. The fact that two of them had once been Strigoi didn't help.

Abe escorted Sonya and Dimitri out. I told Angeline to meet me at my car, Latte, and I would take her to Amberwood and help her get settled. When I turned to say goodbye to Adrian, he was no longer in the living room. I went into the kitchen where I found him pouring another drink. This time I decided not to hold back on my chastisement.

"I'm sure that Jill won't mind if you indulge considering what you have just been through, but do remember that what you do affects her."

With this, Adrian turned to look at me, no longer wearing a smile. "I don't need you to tell me who to consider. I know what I do affects Jill. I just need to get away from my thoughts for a little while," he said with an edge to his voice. It now seemed so long ago that we had shared that uncomfortable moment in his living room, when he had seemed to regard me so fondly.

"Fine Adrian, do what you want," I replied angrily. With that, I left him to his drinking and set off to Amberwood with Angeline.

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