Heirs to the Kuroba Legacy

The Only Truth


"Kaito, it's time for dinner!" Chikage Kuroba called from the kitchen, finally pulling said young Magician away from his research.

"Okay, Kaa-san!" he called, tucking the journal under his arm and walking up the stairs, past the secret Kaitou Room and into the Living Room that was adjacent to the Kitchen. Secret passageways were cool, Kaito decided as he slipped into the Kitchen table.

"So Kaito, what were you looking up down in the Library?" Chikage asked as she sat down as well.

Kaito grinned slightly. "I was originally looking for some new spells to try. But I got distracted by a book." he hastily said as his mother fixed him with a Look and he held up The Kuroba History in his defense.

"All right Kaito. I trust you not to get hurt." Chikage relented gently. Kaito felt a true grin pop onto his face. Learning Magic - or even reading about it - was one of his favorite things to do.

"Thanks Kaa-san." he said then pried his chopsticks apart with a cry of "Itidakimasu!" that was calmly echoed by Chikage.

"So Kaito-kun what did you learn while you were reading?" the Healer asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Well…" Kaito paused to swallow some of the food, a tinny amount of soya sauce and a few grains of rice sticking to the corners of his mouth. "Do you remember the Pottas when we would go to the Gathering?"

The room suddenly became gloomy, and Kaito fought back a shiver, keeping his face in a neutral Poker Face. It was as if the lights had been dimmed and the temperature lowered to a harsh chill. …C-creepy…the Magician thought, a bead of sweat slipping down his neck.

"…Yes…I remember them. You were too little at the time to truly remember, you being four and all." her eyes were far away with a saddened expression in them. "Lilli-chan and James-kun were such a fun couple. James-kun could have been a Kaitou for the way he acted around Toichi and your other relatives."

"What did he do, Kaa-san?" Kaito asked, setting down his chopsticks and leaning into the table. Now this was something he needed to hear.

Kaito's Kaa-san smiled - if a bit sadly - and began the tale of a prank of Kaitou proportions but the tale, had something darker inside it's depths… one that Chikage never realized…

Kuroba Toichi paced the ancestral grounds that had been in the Kuroba Clan's hands for generations in agitation. "Where are they?" he blurted out to his wife, Chikage.

Chikage smiled gently. "Anata, you know that traveling around the world takes a while. Even for Magical means."

Toichi sighed, turning to a stop near the site where the Pottas would arrive by the Ryu Hiko Spell. "Yes, but they should be here by now."

Then an excited if heavily accented yell of exhilaration reached their ears. "Yatta! Lilli, we should do this more often!"

A female's scolding voice of equal accent answered the first voice. "Potter! If you even think of using this at home, I. WILL. KILL. YOU!"

Toichi laughed. "That sounds like Lilli-chan and James-kun." he commented to Chikage who hid her giggles under her hand. Soon, they saw two figures on the back of a barely visible thing, a Sakusei made out of wind called the Wind Dragon. …Not really imaginative, Toichi decided, but it worked.

"Konichiwa, Lilli-chan, James-kun!" Chikage called, waving as the Potta couple came nearer.

"Ah! You two as well!" James called, hopping off the Wind Dragon a few feet up still when he had jumped.

"JAMES!" He ignored his wife's angry reprimand, already dusting himself off.

Toichi came up to give the English man a Man Hug.

You know, the one where guys grab their arm and pull together then clap each other on the back? That kind of Man Hug.

Meanwhile, the two women were trying to catch up with each other, after of course Lilli had glared James into submission.

"You look as beautiful as ever, Lilli-chan." Chikage complimented, smiling gently at the red haired woman who laughed happily.

"Thank you, Chikage-san."

Chikage waved Lilli's comment off. "Oh no, no Lilli-chan. Call me Chika!"

Lilli looked at the Healer a little uncertainly before she smiled. "All right." she conceded. Chikage smiled triumphantly.

"Yatta! Now then, how have you been since I last saw you?"

Both Toichi and James sat near each other by a tree as they watched their respective wives interact in a comfortable silence.

"Can't believe it's been seven years." James finally broke quiet calm.

Toichi chuckled. "You Pottas sure have a way of finding your Soul Mate."

James puffed out his cheeks in a slightly childish manner. "Yeah, well you Kurobas do too! Having visions of who he or she is in the face of the moon, jeeze…"

The Japanese Magician laughed out right when James said this, drawing the attention of their respective wives but Toichi waved off their concern, "It's nothing, Chika."

"If you say so, Anata." and all four of them went back to their own conversations.

"Ne, Toichi-kun." James leaned over to whisper in the older man's ear.


"Want to do something…entertaining?" A devilish smile was on James' lips. An answering one crept onto Toichi's own face, one that would make a certain Black Snake think twice of crossing him.

"Now you're speaking my language, James-kun." so the two pranksters were soon planning the humiliation of the whole clan who were present that day…

"Hey, James-kun, this is Kudo Yusaku-kun. Kudo-kun, this is Potta James-kun." Toichi introduced the two Magic users. Even though Kudo wasn't a Magician like the Kurobas, they still used Magic.

They were Spirit Detectives, Shamans or simply low key Priests, what ever you prefer they all helped the dead to move on after their deaths after all. Though Toichi preferred to call them Shi no Gami, or just Shinigami even if he got a whack on the head for it, courtesy of one Kudo Yuusaku, Spirit Detective who was also a Kuroba cousin, if a bit distant in the family tree but a cousin none the less.

"Konichiwa, Kudo-san." James said, bowing in the way that showed that he was familiar with Japanese customs. Kudo bowed back, glasses gleaming in the mid morning light.

"You as well, Potta-san but I return my greetings as, 'Ohayo'. So, what have you planned with this mischievous cousin of mine?"

Both James and Toichi looked at each other before smirking, looking for all the world like two certain red haired twins who would be known as part of the next generation of Marauders, except without the red hair.

"How did you figure us out, Kudo-kun?" Toichi ventured, already having a guess on what his distant cousin was going to say.

"You two have been whispering to yourselves in rather hushed but excited voices, plus each of you eye a certain area when you think no one is looking." came the matter of fact reply. Toichi pouted.

"Tch. Detectives, always ruining us Magicians' fun…" James hummed in agreement. Kudo laughed.

"I didn't say that I was going to stop you…" he left his sentence hanging as the two pranksters stared at him in disbelief while he leaned against a nearby tree.

"Yatta! Arigato!" James said, his face lighting up in excitement.

"Ne, Shin-kun. Whose that with my Tou-san and your Otou-san?" asked a five year old Kuroba Kaito to his five year old cousin Kudo Shinichi who shrugged.

"Dunno, Kaito-kun. But can you do that flower trick again? Please?" the usually reserved chibi-Shinagami begged. Kaito grinned a grin that would frighten his father to an early grave - it was the grin of Kaitou KID, come to life on his young son's face.

But neither child was aware of the reaching effect this certain grin would have on the crowds to come and on themselves twelve years later. Kudo Shinichi would wonder where he had seen it before the first time he'd seen it on Kaitou KID's face, while Kaito would always wonder how that grin came so easily before the other expressions that would make up the KID.

With a flick of his hand Kaito produced a beautifully hand made red silk rose in front of Shinichi's amazed blue eyes. "Sugoi…" Shinichi breathed, eyes as round as saucers even though it was his second time seeing the trick.

"Yeah, but that's all I can really do with Slight-Hand." Kaito muttered, stubbing his toe into the dirt a little sheepish at the limitations of his performance before he got a brilliant idea to show off for his cousin. "But I can do this!" he suddenly shouted, shooting his hands up as if he were shooing something out of thin air in front of his chest or sleeves.

A flock of doves appeared out of nowhere and circled the clearing around the two Kuroba Clan children. Shinichi's eyes followed the white birds with a look akin to awe. "That's so COOL!" Shinichi cried, tackling a startled Kaito to the ground in a brotherly hug that was akin to a tackle then anything else.

"…So, that was real Magic?" Shinichi ventured from the spot they lay on the grass. Kaito nodded, a small smile on his face.

"Yeah, Tou-san is going to show me how to do it with Slight-Hand soon." Absentmindedly Kaito began to juggle three small pebbles.

"That's great, Kaito-kun. I wish that my Otou-san would teach me how to do stuff…" Shinichi quietly said. Kaito stilled his hands making the tiny tones plop on the ground.

"He doesn't teach you?"

The small Shinigami shook his head. "Uh uh." he scrunched up his nose, "Tou-san says that he'll tell me when the "Time Is Right." …But I want to know." Shinichi quickly sat up. "Kaito, why does my dad never tell me how to do anything?"

Kaito nervously sat next to his dejected cousin. "Well…have you tried to tell them how you feel?" he ventured, biting his lip.

"They wouldn't listen to me. They never do." Shinichi said, drawing up his knees to his chest and resting his chin on his kneecaps. "It's always the same. 'no Shinichi this, no Shinichi that.' 'I'm to busy to play soccer with you, Shinichi.' 'I have to be at that party soon Shinichi so don't fool around.' 'Have fun at Professor Agasa's'! They don't even stick around enough for me to usually ask them anything!" the pebbles that Kaito had been juggling started to shake and rise up.

Kaito frowned, hating how Shinichi was so down and was effecting the area around him. Even in his young mind he knew the danger signs. "You know, I might have an idea to make them listen to you, come on! Let's go talk to my dad!"

"…and Kudo-ojisan won't tell him anyting!" Kaito cried out passionately to his father who was listening with a very serious face.

"Anything, son. Are you sure that Shin-chan was telling the truth." Kaito nodded. "Are you sure that what you told me is exactly like he told you?"

"Uh huh."

There was a deep sigh and Toichi's face grew even more serious. "Kaito…since the time you could talk you've been trained in Magic. It's something that we do to each of our children so the Magic that lies inside you won't cause any harm to you or anyone or anything around you. Your Magic is tied to nature herself and is very strong and powerful once you reach your majority. We also gave you our Kuroba Pendant, to keep you safe incase of you slip out of control. I had assumed that Kudo-kun was doing the same thing for Shin-chan."

Kaito felt his heart plunge into a cold bucket of ice in his stomach. "You mean…Kudo-ojisan isn't following the Clan?"

Toichi shook his head. "I don't think so. Kudo-kun…hasn't been acting like himself." He would have stopped us from preparing that prank… Toichi thought.

"Kaito." he said sharply. Kaito jumped, obviously not expecting to be addressed that way.


Toichi sighed, eyes softening as his voice did, "Kaito…tell Shinichi not to confront him."

Kaito gulped nodding. "Y-yes sir!" the young child said before running off to where Shinichi stood in the shade of a tree not to far off. Toichi slumped against the tree that had been behind him.

"So…Kudo-san might be going corrupt, ne?" James asked, jumping from where he had rested in the tree and landing right beside Toichi. Toichi nodded wearily, putting a hand to his face.

"Yes. I had suspected it for a while but this just confirms it. By my own son no less. Poor Shin-chan."

"What happens if you don't train them?" James drawled.

Toichi removed his hand. "We are found out by Them."

James didn't need any clarification as he paled drastically. "The suicidal fool." he breathed. "The Muggles aren't all that bad like the bigots back home think…but…This is bad, Toichi-kun."

"Don't you think I know that? They already are on my tail again, they nearly found the Grounds, as well as the Jewel."

James hissed through his teeth. "Be careful. I don't want you to leave Kaito to follow in your duty to Guard that nasty thing." he shook his head. "Flamel should have never had created it."

Toichi nodded wearily. "Yes…"

James clapped him on the shoulder. "Well, it's about dinnertime. Even in the light of this new development, we need to keep the show rolling."

The Magician nodded. "Yes. Even when a trick may fail…"

"…never let your audience know it. Even if the act is only for Kudo-san."

The night was full of rainbow colored smoke that dyed a person's hair that color if touched that couldn't be Magicked away, the swapping of clothes, women wearing their men's clothes and the men wearing the women's, heads turning into animal heads, and many other crazy things happened that night. No one was spared, even Toichi and James themselves. But one look on their smug faces told everyone what they needed to know and who to blame for the massive pranks. Lilli was immensely furious with her husband and hexed him black and blue much to the amusement of Toichi. Until Chikage got her hands on him.

"…I refused to talk with him for a week after that. Your father had to grovel at my feet before I let him off Couch duty for even longer then that period." Chikage said, giggling.

"…Kaa-san. I was five when that happened."

Chikage choked on a giggle. "What? That can't be right, you were four. "

"No, I was five. Why would I lie to you?"

Chikage looked taken aback at this comment and reflected back at her story. Something was very wrong…