Disclaimer: This is complete and total FICTION. That means it never happened and is completely untrue. In fact, this is so far from the truth that it isn't even in the same country as the truth. I don't own anybody, and I make no money off of this. I am not in any way implying said characters' sexual identities.

I know this is a short chapter; I had to post it before my brain forgot about it.

They had filmed the behind the scenes things for Nickelodeon, and Kendall realized how much him being in scrubs turned Logan on. Ok. He wants Nurse Kendall? I'll give him Nurse Kendall.

Kendall convinced his mom to take him and Katie to the mall; he went to the Life Uniform store and bought a pair of tealish-green scrubs and a stethoscope while Mrs. Knight and Katie went and got Katie a new outfit (Kendall's bribe to Katie for going; she was supposed to distract Mama Knight so Kendall could buy the scrubs). He also went to the shoe store, buying another pair of Vans (he hid the scrubs bag in the store shoe's bag) and texted Katie. All done. Where should I meet you?

By Claire's. She texted back. Kendall met back up with them, and then said, "Hey mama, Katie and I love you very much, so," he said as he led her to Kay Jewelers, "Pick out something you like."

Mama Knight started to cry. "I love you guys too." She picked out a pretty necklace, and they left, heading back to the Palmwoods. Kendall hid the scrubs under his bed, and waited for the next time that he and Logan were completely alone.

Mama Knight and Katie were on a weekend trip to somewhere, and James and Carlos were out at a movie (and Kendall knew it'd be more than just one movie; they'd usually be out until midnight when it was movie night). He ran his hands over the scrubs one more time, smoothing them out. Putting his stethoscope around his neck; he called out "Logan? Where are you?"

"In the living room."

"Ok. Be right there." Kendall took a deep breath and walked out, getting into character. "Ah, there's my patient. Mr. Mitchell, how are you doing?"

Logan turned around to figure out why Kendall was being all weird and found Kendall standing there in scrubs. "Kendall?" Oh shit. He's really hot.

"Yes Mr. Mitchell?"

"Please, call me Logan. Are you going to be my personal nurse?"

"I'll be whatever you want." Kendall said, watching Logan's eyes darken.

This was going to be fun.