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Chapter 12:

Ash was rather thankful that it was dark, though he was pretty sure his face was glowing in the dim light. He and Cam sat on their knees facing each other, legs touching. Cam had an expectant brow raised, looking a bit doubtful. Ash was (obviously) blushing and (obviously) about to have some sort of aneurysm due to nerves.

Cam, the observant bastard, noticed. "You don't have to—"

"Shut up," Ash quipped, most likely sounding too harsh. But, goddess be damned, he wasn't going to let Cam's generosity make him back out. He liked Cam. He did! S-so he was going to... do something about it. He was just shy and scared and, well... he wasn't exactly sure why Cam liked him anyway. But Ash wasn't going to dwell on that. No, he wouldn't think, only act.

How to go about that? He wasn't completely sure.

Uh. Cam seemed to like kissing him, right? Okay, yeah, duh. Who didn't like kissing? So, without further ado, he grabbed Cam by the front of his shirt and pulled him forward to crash their mouths together.

Crash was a good word for it. Ash nicked his bottom lip on Cam's teeth, drawing some blood, but he studiously ignored the throbbing and cautiously poked his tongue out. Cam's pink muscle met him halfway, and it was strange with the taste of copper mixed with what tasted like mint.

Cold hands gripped his thighs and he was roughly pulled forward. He shifted awkwardly, head lolling down at the sudden movement and forehead colliding with Cam's mouth. He heard the florist swear under his breath, and Ash looked up hurriedly. "S-sorry!" he apologized, noticing that now Cam was bleeding, too. Was making out supposed to be this violent? Geez...

The brunette chuckled, giving the younger a broad smile. "All's fair in love and war," he murmured, drawing scowl from Ash before the older leaned forward and reconnect their lips.

It was different this time. It felt more intimate. Ash was practically straddling Cam's hips, so they were definitely closer, but that wasn't what made it new. Maybe it was the pace Cam set. It wasn't hurried and frenzied. It was nice, with slow laps of tongue and lazy moving of lips. Hot. Cool hands burrowed past his shirt, setting on his bare waist. Ash shivered. Cam moved, gripping the farmer's hips instead, pulling him impossibly closer. Ash's legs quivered and his thighs squeezed Cam's sides.

Then Ash realized something pretty terrifying.

He was aroused.

Sure, this wasn't the first time he'd gotten to this state because of Cam, but goddess, it was weird! The blonde still wasn't particularly comfortable with the fact he liked a guy in the first place, and the tent in his pants just made it seem all the more real.

Seeming to sense this, Cam pulled away. His eyes were lidded, and the green shone in the dark. "Are you okay?" he asked. "We can stop here."

Ash glared, his own blue eyes narrowing. "I'm fine," he snipped, wrapping his arms around Cam's shoulders and pulling himself flush against the brunette again.

And this is when he made his second realization.

Cam was hard, too.

That was even scarier than the fact Ash was horny in the first place. Pushing on the older boy's chest, he detached himself from that sinfully skilful mouth. Brows raised in disbelief, he stuttered, "Y-you—!" and pointed down to the florist's crotch. "W-w-why...?"

Confusion lighting up his features, Cam leaned back a bit, hands leaving Ash's hips to fist the bedsheets. "What are you talking about?"

Embarrassed, Ash couldn't elaborate. All he knew was that both he and Cam were revved up and ready to go... where? With what was probably a look of horror etched on his face, he once again pointed between them, trying to get his point across.

Cam at least had the decency to blush as he grimaced. "Really?" he murmured. "Sorry, but I don't get you. You're freaking out when you're the same way." To prove his point, he daringly lifted a hand and pressed it against the bulge in his partner's pants, earning a sharp intake of breath and a quiet moan.

"I j-just... I-I..." The farmer gnawed on his already cut lip, wanting Cam to move, to get him off (in all the possible ways). Yeah, he was supposed to be the one doing something for the florist, but he didn't particularly care at this point. "C-can we..."

Cam took his hand away, and Ash didn't know whether to sigh in relief or defeat. "Sorry," the green-eyed boy said again.

"Wait!" Letting his lids slide shut, he whispered, "I don't... know what to do," he finally admitted.

And then he was on his back, eyes wide in bewilderment. Cam pecked him on his lips, unfairly chaste, before pressing his mouth to his jaw, lids, ears, forehead, any piece of skin he could reach from his position of hovering over the shorter. He was mumbling something that Ash couldn't quite make out, but he found he didn't have to, because the next thing he knew, Cam had his hand down his pants.

"HEY!" Ash couldn't help his hips from bucking into the feel of cool fingers, though. Damn, treacherous body. "What the fu—!"

"Shh." Cam bit his neck. Bit. His Neck. And none too gently, either. Ash would kill him if he got a hickey. "Do you want this?"

What a stupid question to as at such a terrible time! Like he could think with Cam's hand wrapped around his dick. He was being jerked off, and he was supposed to come up with, and give, a response? The hell? "I can't—"

"Yes or no?"

Ash's lips pursed, because it was seriously annoying how Cam kept interrupting him. The irritated scowl lasted a grand total of three seconds before it was replaced with a breathy sigh and closed eyes as his length received a rather harsh pump. "Y-yes! Okay, yes, just do something—"

He was kissed again, and effectively shut up. Cam stopped his impromptu handy-shandy, instead grabbing the hem of Ash's shirt and tugging it off the farmer. Ash let him, not really knowing what else to do.

Immediately, he regretted the decision, because Cam stared. Ash glared. It wasn't as if the older boy hadn't seen him shirtless before, after all. And there was nothing special about his scrawny torso, anyway. After a few silent moments, Ash shifted his own gaze and moved to cover himself up with his arms.

Of course, Cam stopped him, grabbing his hands and pressing kisses against both of his palms, making Ash's heart stutter. With a gentle smile, Cam put Ash's hand beside his head and bent, licking a straight line from the strawberry-blond's belly-button to the centre of his chest. Of it's own accord, Ash's back arched into the hot touch. "Wh-What are you doing?" he mewled. And then promptly slapped his hand over his mouth, because he wasn't supposed to fucking mewl.

Cam only winked at him. Ash frowned. "Do you have to be so cryptic? Goddess..." He felt like giving Cam a piece of his mind, but then he felt a tug at his pants. Flying into a panic, he grabbed the brunette's wrists. "Hold on!"

Thankfully, Cam stopped, glancing up at Ash expectantly. "Uh," the farmer started brilliantly. "Er..." He licked his kiss-swollen lips, wondering what he was supposed to say. That, yeah, he was fucking needy, but didn't want Cam to see him naked? Well, that just sounded silly.

Green eyes clearing a bit, the florist sat back on his knees, looking a bit sheepish, and turned pink. He rubbed Ash's calves that framed either side of him in what was assumed to be a comforting manner. "I got a little carried away," Cam admitted. "Sorry."

Really, the older boy had no reason to be apologetic because, after all, Ash had brought this up in the first place, but still. It did make Ash feel admittedly a bit better that Cam was back in his right set of mind. Even if he was still sporting a boner that sent chills originating from a foreign feeling up his spine.

"...S'okay," he mumbled back. The brunette was too nice, Ash concluded. Seriously, he could totally take advantage of him right now, morals be damned, but he wasn't, because he was Cam and that wasn't a Cam thing to do. And it shouldn't be an Ash thing to back out last minute like this, either, but what was he supposed to do?

Okay, well, they were both guys. Ignoring the sudden discomfort of that thought, Ash worked to dwell on it. Yeah. They both physically worked the same, and Ash knew how to get himself off, so Cam shouldn't be different, right?

Then again, was this how two guys had sex?

Shaking his head, the farmer set his mind at the task at hand and shoved a shaky hand down the other man's pants with very little grace and even less sensuality.

"A-Ash!" Cam grated, wincing a bit. He sighed haltingly, and crooked smile forming at his lips as the strawberry-blond attempted to get a grip (literally). "You could be a bit more gentle."

"D-do you want gentle or to get off?" Ash stuttered, biting back a moan as Cam mimicked his own movements. The older leaned forward, pressing his cheek against Ash's and rubbing his palm against the smaller's bulge.

"Point taken," he murmured, and then jerked Ash's pants and underwear down enough so that his erection was finally set free.

Ash halted his movements as cold air hit his member, hissing breath through his teeth. He watched as Cam fumbled with his own trousers, giving them the same treatment his own had received, and the farmer modestly averted his eyes, missing Cam's next action.

He felt Cam kiss him again, tongue hot and invading, twining into his mouth without much warning, which Ash was growing quickly accustomed with. What he wasn't used to was Cam bucking his hips forward, causing their shafts to grind together.

He pulled away quickly, opening his mouth to yell at his friend, but all escaped was a loud, wanton moan that Ash couldn't believe he released. With a shaky grin, Cam covered his mouth with one hand, silencing the smaller man. "T-there's other people in the hotel," he said. "Want 'em to hear?"

Blue eyes narrowed, and then proceeded to roll back into his skull with another thrust. His moan was effectively silenced by the other's hand, which he had to admit he was thankful for. And then Cam put his other hand to use. He grabbed both of their erections in the hand not keeping Ash quiet, and pumped.

"Nngh!" Ash's eyes shot open and Cam was barely able to keep the farmer quiet. Funny, how Ash had jerked himself off countless times, but it'd never felt like this.

It went on, jerking and grinding, and eventually Cam let go of Ash's mouth to cup his cheek, pressing his lips hurriedly against Ash's. There was no technique, no skill, really, but Ash didn't need professional kissing right now anyway. He was quite pleased with the rubbing of tongues, copying the movement of their lower bodies, and the clashing of teeth. It was messy and rough and kind of disgusting with all the saliva, but it was exactly what he needed.

His orgasm hit him unexpectedly. He could feel the familiar curling within his stomach, could almost tell it was coming, but when he opened his mouth to warm Cam all that came out was a high-pitched, girly wail. He came hard and fast, covering his bare chest and Cam's shirt along with the bedsheets with his spend.

It didn't take long for Cam to finish, and after that, the florist rolled over and looked at the ceiling. Wide-eyed, Ash did the same, wondering what the fuck just happened and why he did it in the first place.

But, while he felt super gross, regret wasn't part of it, and he felt pretty... well, sated. So maybe he shouldn't complain. Maybe he shouldn't say anything, actually, because talking to Cam seemed to get him in trouble. So he rolled over, grimacing at the wet sheets clinging to his skin. His eyelids felt heavy enough, he should fall asleep soon.

Right before darkness overtook him, he heard Cam chuckle, "I wonder what Ina will think of the mess?" and he hit the florist in the face with his pillow before allowing himself to slip into the world of dreams.

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