This idea came to me as I was coloring in my Sesame Street coloring book (: I was coloring Cookie Monster in if you were wondering. He had a pretty pumpkin in his hand with the moon in the background. It's on my door right now. I'm proud of it. If you're judging me… I don't blame you. I'd judge myself too. You're just jealous though that your grandma didn't buy you a Sesame Street coloring book. It has Zoey and Elmo in it too :P

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Batman stopped cold in the kitchen, questionably looking over the younger Justice League, the mail package in his arms. Robin and Kid Flash were on the floor, hardcore wrestling. Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy and Artemis were trying to pry them off of each other, but they were being stubborn as always.

"It's mine!" Robin shrieked, kicking the ginger off of him and scrambling to his feet, running to the kitchen.

Wally got to his feet faster and dashed forward, wrapping his arms around the ebony's middle, tackling them both to the hardwood floor.

"Get your own, cripple!" Wally growled, probably referring to the tight white bandages that replaced Robin's usual black gloves.

"I'm not a cripple!" Robin cried, attempting to escape the ill intentioned bear hug he was bound by.

Batman blinked slowly, trying to decide what would be the best thing to do. It didn't take long for him to decide. He set the box down on the table and crossed across the kitchen floor, pushing past the older team members. He grabbed the back of Wally's jacket in one hand, tugging the redhead up sharply, more carefully doing the same to Robin, setting them both on their feet apart from each other. The civvies-wearing ebony smiled up at his mentor while the civvies-wearing ginger glared at the boy across from him.

"Is there a problem here?" Batman asked calmly, looking from cornflower eyes to emerald ones.

"No sir-," Wally began to growl grudgingly, but Robin cut him off, "Yeah, this jackoff won't share the KFC."

Batman turned his eyes to the Kid Flash, glaring lightly.

"Jackoff, is this true?" he tried to sound serious, but when you're using 'jackoff' as an insult, it's pretty difficult.

Wally averted his eyes, afraid to have them cross the path of the Dark Knight's own prized pair.

"Yes, it is true, but it's my KFC. I shouldn't need to share. Besides, my name is in it! That alone should say it's mine!"

"It doesn't say 'Wally' anywhere on it!" Robin cried, glaring up at his best friend.

The redhead smirked madly.

"Ah, but it does say 'KF'. That is what you call me, isn't it?" he teased.

Robin frowned angrily, folding his arms over his chest, tossing his head in disgust. Batman kept a hold on the back of both of their shirts, just in case. His eyes turned to his sidekick.

"Robin, is the KFC really his?" he met the pretty blues with his own dark ones.

Robin hesitated, setting a hand to his neck.

"Yeah but… b-but he…" he sighed defeatedly, shrugging lazily. "Yeah, it is, but KFC is delicious and this pig," he stuck his tongue out at the ginger, "shouldn't get to eat it all by himself. He should have to share with his best buddy."

Batman smiled the ghost of a smile, dropping his hold on the boys, shaking his head shamefully.

"You can fight about the KFC in a minute, boys. A package came for the whole team and I figured you'd be interested."

Everyone's eyes followed his gloved hand's gestured direction to the package on the table. Emerald and blue met challengingly, a smirk was shared between the two youngest boys, and Robin and Wally took off for the package. The rest of the team walked normally after them, equally as curious about it.

"Any idea what it is?" Kaldur asked casually, eying the large package.

Batman shook his head.

"None in the slightest," he admitted before waving a light farewell and departing from the room.

When he was gone, Artemis nudged Robin with her elbow, catching his attention. He hummed lightly to show she had his attention.

"Since when is Batman… mellow? Happy?" she asked lightly, clearly confused by the odd show.

Robin smiled secretly.

"The Dark Knight found himself a fair princess," he smirked to himself before turning to the package.

The rest of them exchanged surprised glances. Batman knew how to love? Woah, major shocker. Wally was the first to shrug it off, watching the package carefully, as if waiting for it to explode.

"Yo Supey, look inside it for us will ya?" he asked lightly.

Conner glared his way, folding his arms over his chest.

"I have infrared vision, dumbass, not x-ray vision," he corrected rudely.

Wally didn't seem to notice the 'dumbass' comment.

"Oh, right. Sorry," he turned his gaze to the ebony beside him. "What about you, Boy Wonderful? Do you have anything in your belt that can make sure we won't be opening a bomb or something?"

It was Robin's turn to glare and fold his arms over his chest.

"First off, don't call me Boy Wonderful. I'm Robin. Second, Batman wouldn't give us anything that could harm us in any way. Third, my arms are bandaged up for a reason. I'm not supposed to move them around a lot, so even if I did have some radiation detecting device in one of the pouches, I couldn't get it for you."

Wally looked at the bandaged arms curiously.

"They seemed to work just fine when you were trying to beat me down," he pointed out, petting the adhesive bandages.

Robin winced at the touch, drawing away.

"I probably jacked them up a bit more now, no thanks to you," he said sourly.

Wally threw an arm around Robin's shoulders warmly.

"You know you love me," he whispered lightly before turning to Artemis, "How about you blondie? You got anything that could help us?"

She rolled her eyes lightly, pulling an arrow from behind her back. She turned it so the pointed edge, using it to slit the tape that held the package closed before putting it back. Then Artemis pulled the box open, looking over the contents.

"Oh no, paper! We're all gonna die!" she cried sarcastically, putting her hands on her hips.

Conner picked up the paper on top before anyone else could.

"'To the Young Justice League… I know this gift may seem silly, but I know that being a hero must be tiresome on most days. The contents of this box were sent to you all so you could feel like a child again and not just a busy grown-up hero. All my love, Anonymous'," he read aloud, raising an eyebrow.

Wally and Dick were the first to tear into the box. Wally grabbed a stack of what seemed to be coloring books and Dick grabbed a bunch of boxes of markers and crayons. They exchanged excited glances.

"We call them first!" they cried in unison, dashing to the living room where a large coffee table conveniently stretched over an area great enough to color on.

Artemis rolled her eyes, sighing softly.

"Some people don't know when to grow up," she sighed, but she was speaking to no one.

The rest of them were by the coffee table, getting a coloring book of their own, some markers and a box of crayons. Wally glanced her way from on the couch.

"Don't be an ass," he tossed, "Come color."

She shrugged defeatedly, walking over to join the rest of the team, feeling rather childish. Conner sat in the arm chair, Megan sitting on its left arm, the chair reclined so they both were lying out. They had the books resting on their knees and the colors on their stomachs, curiously flipping through the books. Wally and Robin sat dangerously close to each other, hunched over. They had their books and colors on the table, glancing through the coloring pages. Kaldur was seated to the left of Dick, two feet off from him, leaning against the left arm of the couch, doing the same as the ginger and the ebony. Artemis copied him, sitting as far from Wally as she could manage, which was about three feet seeing that she perched herself on the arm like Megan.

"Dude, this book has…" Wally's voice trailed off, his lips parting in surprise.

"It's us…" Robin half continued the thought, just as bewildered.

The book had line drawings of them, all perfectly exact. It had everything right, down to the number of freckles and eyelashes. On one picture of Robin in his civvies, you could even see the faint outline of his eyes behind the uncolored-in shades.

"Creepy," Conner mumbled.

Robin was the first to pick a picture to color. He picked one of him and Wally. In the picture, they were bro-fisting. He figured it was simple and easy so he might as well color it. Wally followed soon after with a picture of him and Robin that he recognized from the day they all had found Superboy. They had their costumes torn, but they were smiling and highfiving weakly. He wouldn't ever admit it, but he thought it was cute. Megan picked a picture of shirtless Conner; no big surprise there.

Kaldur picked a picture of him and Tula, his heart heavy. He couldn't help himself though. The heart wants what it wants, even if what it wants is unachievable. Conner picked a picture of him and Megan, no surprise, of when they kissed in the prison, but he made an effort to hide it from the others. Artemis picked a picture where Wally was face planting into a wall. She didn't recognize the place, but she wasn't sure of how long the young Justice League had been together so they could have half a million missions that she wasn't aware of.

They all colored happily in a comfortable silent, random tunes being hummed under people's breaths as they switched off colors, mumbling to the person beside them about what so and so wore in the certain picture. They never finished though. Just as soon as they had finished coloring the people in the picture, they all shared the same feeling, stopping them all cold. They all could feel tiny needles poking in and out of their skin quickly. It didn't exactly hurt, but it wasn't as comfortable as the silence had been.

"W-What's going on?" Robin breathed shakily. "I-I can't feel my wrists…"

It was so quiet that he had no need to speak very loud for anyone to heart him.

"My feet are numb," Wally whispered.

"M-My fingertips…" Artemis glanced down at her pale digits.

"My head," Megan muttered, slowly reaching her hands up to clutch it seeing that it hurt to move very fast.

"My… muscles?" Conner looked at his forearms that throbbed furiously.

Kaldur stared silently at the black tattoos on his arms, shaking lightly in pain. Suddenly, it was as if someone had unplugged them all. They all simultaneously collapsed, losing all color that they weren't naturally born with. Then, to their unknowing, the books before them began to glow brightly, humming the same tunes that they had hummed before the books seemed to explode, a fine glitter falling over the teammates. The glitter pulsed once, causing them all to glow a bright white before Conner's words flew through the air like a calm wind.

"You could feel like a child again," it breathed before everything fell silent.

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