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"Oh Honey bear wake up." It wasn't hard to mistake that voice, the mischievous tone the dark chuckle that followed after. I sighed I didn't really want to get up I just wanted to lay there at least for a little while longer but I knew if I did that he'd start getting impatient and an impatient Jason was the most annoying and perverted thing on earth. So with an irritated groan I got up. I didn't look at him initially, I just stared at the wall to pull myself together I had been so tired lately what with Slade's heinous training regimen and Professor Aldaine's experiments and sexual harassment it was a wonder how I ever got up at all.

"How's my green little lamb chop doing this fine evening?" Jason asked, I rolled my eyes at the nickname and looked at him. "How do you think I'm doing Jason I'm tired, what do you want and I swear if it doesn't have anything to do with Slade or that sick asshole I'm going to rip your fucking head off." I growled and of course like always he just answered me with an amused chuckle.

"Oh honey bear stop being so mean I come bearing gifts and food." I sighed and laid back down on the bed, he only did these things went he wanted something. "Then set them on the table and get out, I told you I'm tired and I don't feel like playing with you." I turned over with my back facing him I could tell that annoyed him I could hear his body tense up a bit.

"Come on Beastboy it's been a month I need you." He said, the bed shifted and I could feel him crawling in and getting close to me, he lied down beside me and let his hand travel down my frame. I truly wasn't in the mood for this especially when Jason started acting like that. Jason was very charming but he could also be very vain, selfish, and possessive, when he started acting that way I almost regretted my decision in letting him take my virginity but at the time he was the lesser of two evils.

/I had been with Slade for almost 6 months now and of course they weren't at all pleasant. I could deal with Slade being a vindictive asshole I already had to deal with one of those but that along with his advances on me were disgustingly chilling. It was like dealing with two Professor Aldaine's and I hated it then and I hated now. They were so much like each other it was just downright creepy the only differences between them were strength, power, mindset, and approach. Unfortunately though I had to play them both, for whatever reason Aldaine was deliriously infatuated with me after all these years you would think he would have moved on to a new conquest but that was not the case, I should have made sure to kill him first when I escaped but that was another story entirely. Aldaine was insane but he was also a romantic of sorts he liked to think that we were lovers and I wasn't exactly sure what his fantasies of me were but it was easy to play along but most times I would let Douleur take over.

Douleur although cold and nonchalant was the more submissive side of myself, if I were to let this side of myself fully take over he would let Aldaine and Slade do whatever they wanted with me. In the past few months I had learned to gain control over my personalities some of them anyway.

Training with Slade was harsh and brutal and to make matters worse he had come up with a device that would keep from transforming so I was left fighting him in my more human form. He said that learn how to fight using both sides of myself would make me an unmatched opponent but it still didn't sit well with me usually when slade came up with devices like those they were meant to control but I didn't have much choice now that I was here. The first time I trained with him without using my powers was brutal to the point of damn near cruelty not only was I fighting and dodging his powerhouse moves I also had to keep from getting thrashed by his stupid drones but eventually I had improved. I had improved so much so in such a short amount of time Slade even praised me and after the praise, came the advances then after the advances, came the proposal.

"You have improved greatly in these past few months Beastboy I must say I'm quite proud, maybe I should've have recruited you back then instead of Terra, you've advanced far more than she ever could." Slade said as he placed his hands on my shoulders slightly massaging them I groaned inwardly as it was one of those times Slade wanted to get 'frisky' for lack of a better word.

"I believe I've told you before that your cynical flattery does nothing for me." The vibrations of his chuckling seemed to run through my body in a sickening way and his hands massaging and caressing me weren't much to be desired either. "So cold and yet oh so warm." It was all I could do to keep from throwing up his strong and forceful hands were no different than Aldaine's cold and creepy ones.

"Slade." I growled out in warning as he continued touching me. "I bet it would be a lot warmer inside you, tighter too." I could feel his breathe on the nape of my neck and I shivered, I couldn't take much more of him molesting me so I pushed him away but he only came right back un-phased and highly amused.

"Why so hesitant Beastboy I know Aldaine didn't get that far with you, or did he?" I tried punching him but he quickly had me pinned against the wall. "Trust me that sick freak never got a chance just like you never will either!" I spat out and glared up into his eyes or rather eye and yet he still was amused with all of this as if we were playing some sick flirtatious game. My head was throbbing as Douleur was shouting at me to submit.

"You seem to have forgotten who you're talking to, I'll always get what I want and if I want to thrust my cock into that tight ass of yours I will, but I think the sex would be more delightful if you would just come to me willingly, don't you think Beastboy?"

"I WILL NEVE-"I stopped as he placed a finger over my mouth to hush me.

"Shhh, never say never Beastboy." He chuckled again and loosened his grip on me.

"I know I can be quite cruel sometimes Beastboy but I am capable of being kind and I'm sure you would rather your first time be pleasant so to be kind I'll give you 3 days to come to your senses and to my bed and if you don't I will come get you myself." And with that he left.

The next day I was inwardly panicking I couldn't leave, Slade of course made sure of that, and then there was also Aldaine still ready and waiting for me to come to him and seeing as how I was unable to transform there seemed to be no real option and at that I growled. The 3 days was just going to be more entertainment for Slade as a he watched me squirm only to be taken by him anyway whether I said Yes or No. Then just as I was ready to give up this losing fight Jason or rather Red X came back from a mission Slade sent him out on.

That night he snuck into my room and we talked just about random things, dreams and wishes, likes and dislikes the present and the past just like we did before I came to be here and just like we did when he was here with me. It went without saying that over a few months we had grown closer. While Jason may have been a cold, calculating, selfish thief there was a side to him he seemed to only show me. The side that was human and normal everything I wanted to be, used to be but couldn't anymore and having him here like this was like having a light in darkness and it seemed like maybe I was the same to him but even so with all of his good qualities I couldn't ignore the bad ones the ones, the ones that had me inwardly screaming not to trust him but what other choice did I have he was the only one I could trust if only somewhat so.

"Jason…..how much do you like me?"

He smirked a bit when I asked much to my annoyance but answered me nonetheless.

"Why I like you more than shiny things and ice cream and you KNOW how much I like both."

I sighed I hated when he started toying with me especially when I was being serious.

"Here's a better question then…" I looked him straight in the eyes this seemed to somewhat get his attention.

"How much do you want me?" his eyes widened in shock if only for a second and he didn't answer me right away. The longer he waited to answer me the more nervous I became I was practically handing myself over to him on a platter and he was taking his sweet and precious time to say yes or no! It was maddening!

"I definitely want you more than Slade does." He smirked but in his eyes was a thoughtfulness I let out a breathe that I had been holding for what seemed like hours.

"So then you know?" he nodded his head and laughed at me a bit.

"I knew Slade was going to make a move on you long before you did."

"Thanks for the warning." I said sarcasm laced in my voice. I lied down on my bed and looked at him almost pleadingly for answer on what to do at this point I wasn't strong enough to keep Slade away and the thought of Slade taking away what little innocence I had left was chilling.

Jason smiled at me thoughtfully and leaned over to kiss me, it was a gentle short kiss and still enough to make me blush.

" I don't want to give Slade what pure little part of me I have left, and I especially don't want Aldaine to have me after all he's done, but I-" I couldn't seem to finish what I was trying to say all of it was just too much and I felt trapped under the weight of pressure, gasping for breath.

"But you're also not sure if I should have you either, but yet I'm still the lesser of two evils so what choice do you have." Everything I had wanted to say had come out in Jason's voice and I was a little relieved but I still had not made a decision.

"I know my actions in the past have kept you from fully trusting me, and you probably never should, but I will promise you that I would never take what you're about to give me for granted." What he said didn't much reassure me but I could tell there was a bit of sadness in his voice when he said that I should probably never trust him.

'Y-you sound so sure that I'll let you take my virginity." I blushed for it was the only thing I could think to say now with him over me looking at me the way he was.

"What other choice do you have?" what he said was so matter of fact and devoid of emotion that it frightened me a little. My heart was pounding rapidly in my chest I knew what was about to happen but it was hard to accept. I shut my eyes tight and tried to hold back a whimper I was unsuccessful in holding in when I felt the bed shift and the sheets rustle as he bent down to kiss me again this time a lot more rough and lustful and before I knew it I found myself kissing back with abandon giving in to him and the feelings my body were being racked with.

I felt his hands and lips kiss and touch every part of my body, his touch felt like it sent shockwaves through my body, pleasurable ones that had me making noises I never made before. His touch felt that much more electric when he removed my clothing and I his. I couldn't hold back a blush though when seeing him naked and having his body flush against mine. I could feel every muscle that tensed or relaxed when I touched him and to feel his cock grind against me was so sinfully good it made my mind hazy.

"Jason..." I managed to whisper out as we kissed he moaned and ground against me again then pinned me to the bed. I blushed and looked away as he looked me over I felt embarrassed while he was tall, strong and handsome, I was small and unnatural looking, green skin, pointy ears and fangs and yet here he was kissing and touching me, It was a wonder why he wanted me at all, why anyone did.

"Hey stop that." He said as he nipped my neck.

"I know what you're thinking and I don't like when you think that way if I didn't think you were sexy and beautiful I wouldn't be here stark naked with a raging hard on about ready to pound you into the mattress." If I hadn't been blushing already I was definitely blushing now.

"Jason I can't believe you, that's so embarrass- mmm" I sighed a little into the kiss, showing him that I was still annoyed but that was soon forgotten as he began kissing down my body stopping to kiss the inside of my thigh than the base of my cock I gasped as I felt my body shiver, I was so embarrassed that I started wriggling underneath him but he held my legs still as he licked up the base of my cock to the tip and finally taking me into his mouth. I moaned so loudly I was sure someone heard but what he was doing to me felt too good to care I gripped the sheets underneath me and arched off the bed trying to buck my hips but he kept me still and massaged the inside of my thighs making me writhe and moan like crazy.

"J-Jason I-I feel like I'm about to burst!" I managed to say as I clutched my hands in his hair. He started moaning and the vibrations coming from his throat drove me to the edge and back as I screamed pleasure coursing through my body. When I came down from my high I was breathless and dazed, I shivered when he released his mouth from my cock and I blushed furiously when I saw him lick his lips.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to!" he chuckled and nipped at my thigh making my cock twitch.

"Don't worry about it." He said as he crawled up and kissed me on the lips I blushed at the taste it was weird tasting 'myself' but I didn't care to much as we continued kissing he stopped suddenly and started looking through my drawers for something he obviously found it and it was a bottle of lotion I watched him curiously as he squirted a large amount on his hands and fingers. Jason leaned down and kissed me and again and I jumped when I felt something cold and slimy lightly tease my hole.

"This is going to be a little unpleasant for a minute but I promise it will feel good soon, are you ready?" I nodded hesitantly and squeezed my eyes shut when I felt his finger enter me, it wasn't exactly painful but it was unpleasant and it felt that way for awhile as he continued working his finger in me pushing it in and out I started to become use to the feeling when he added a second finger which made me hiss in pain, he started kissing and biting my neck to keep me from thinking about the pain, slowly started to subside but I screamed when he brushed his fingers against something inside me that was sending pleasurable waves up my body tenfold.

"Oh God Jason!" I could feel him smirk against my neck as he continued thrusting his fingers into that spot, I hardly noticed when he added a third finger, every time he hit that spot I would writhe and moan, grinding against him desperately and just when I was about to reach another orgasm he pulled his fingers out much to my deep dismay, I whimpered and pouted at him wondering why he stopped, he chuckled and kissed my neck again.

"Don't worry this is just the preview." After saying that he lifted my legs up and placed them over his shoulders he coated his cock with the lotion again placing a generous amount and lightly pressed himself against me. I felt my nerves coming back tenfold and I was on the verge of panicking.

"We don't have to-"

"No! I want too, I just I'm a little nervous." I could see concern in his eyes as he leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on my lips.

"Are you sure you're ready?" he asked. I let out a deep breath and nodded calming my nerves a bit; I wrapped my arms around his neck and kiss him. Taking that as the go ahead and slowly started to push into me and if it wasn't for him kissing me I would have been screaming bloody murder, him pushing into me felt like I was being ripped open I dug my nails into his shoulders and hot tears started to fall from my eyes when he was finally sheathed inside me he stopped and placed light kisses all over my face. It took awhile but I was starting to get used to Jason being inside me so I ground my hips against him which elicited the sexiest moan I've ever heard from him.

He started thrusting inside me slowly and while there was pain I could still feel pleasure and just like before when he was thrusting his fingers inside me I felt his cock hit that spot that drove me mad again and I scream.

"Ah! Jason more!" I begged as I bucked my hips into him, he groaned and pinned my hands by my sides and started thrusting hard and slow inside me speeding up than slowing down it was driving me crazy. I moaned and screamed his name more times than I can count, digging my nails into his hands as he held me down.

"Jason! Faster please!?" I screamed out writhing under him wildly as he thrust hard and slow into me. His torture was becoming too much and using strength I didn't know I had I pushed up and pinned him to the bed riding him wildly.

"OH FUCK JASON!" I didn't usually curse but feeling him so deep inside me hitting that spot keeping my composure was hard to do as he thrust up into me, I continued to ride him but I felt myself slowing down, grinding on him slowly.

"Oh no I don't think so!" Suddenly I felt him lift me up and my back slam against the wall as he thrust up into me hard and fast again I left long deep scratches down his back as I felt myself getting close to an orgasm again.

"Jason!" I screamed his name one last time as I came riding out my orgasm on his cock, when I came back down I laid my head on his shoulder completely spent.

"That was….."

"I hope you don't think it's over." He said I looked at him slightly shocked I didn't think was I going to be able to take much more.

"What, but I?"

"You've come twice, I haven't come at all and I'm not gonna stop screwing you till you pass out."


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