Grang Theft Auto 4: Niko Dies

Authors note: spoiler: I write this if instead niko died insead of roman. Maybe roman wald ctually be cool instead of just a fat taxidriver that wanats to go bolling allthe time?

Chapter 1: Niko dies

I was a nice day and niko went for a walk because it was a nice day and they smog wasent so bad to day and there was evan a bird or some in the sky and the people in liberticity all went on there day without any fiting. Exept niko was in torble with faustin and he got shot in a hitman and bleads todeath in the side walk. The 911 got called on him but it was to late the bullet ententered in the braun and shut down his life. He did instentley. Roman weant to the hospintal to look in his cousin but he was ded and ramen was sad for his cousins death. He bowed to revenge this death and take down fustin and all his crownies once and for all even if it meant his own life waould also be taken ass well! "never will let this death go down without a fight!" he yells and mallery was "no roman its to dangerous" but he went in his car all ready and mallery was woryed.

Chapter 2: Gunfire rampage

Roman went into nikos gunstash to get his cool guns. He deeded them he if he was going to take down that mob. It woud even take a small army but their was no time! He had to do it fast to satisfy his revengethirst. He got in nikos cool lanborgini and went fast to the house that fastin lived at and he went 100 miles an hour. He went down the door into the house and shot faustin and dimitri in the faces and then all there croneys went there to try ad shoot roman but he was so ragefull that he just shot them all in the head as fast as they get theyre. Then finaly the police go there and roamin was arrested and went t jail for lots of murder.

Chapter 3: was it worthit?

He was in his sell and then he got to go to the phone thing wear theres the glass window and they get to talk to people threw the windowith phones. Mallery was there and she talks to him. "roman I love you but I cant get maryed to a guy in jale I cant love you anny more" she said with crying. Then roman says "I love you malery just peolse forgive me I can stop murdurring people" but it was to late she left for ever and roman had to do his jail for life to think about what he done. He got thinkin about it and he was sad for niko but he dident had to kill all them. He just wanted his revenge to get respect for his cousings name but murder isent even worth it. He got sad then dorped the soap and he desereved that he thinks.

Chapter epilog: after the story

Roman was relleasend after 20 year on god behaveor but all his freins forogot all abut him or else they was in jale now or dead. And he saw mallery but she was marryd to some one else and roman got sad and killes him self dead.

The end

This story is about maybe revenge isent all ways the best way to go sometimes just got to go on with youre life even if bad things happen.