Til: Good morning, world! Today is another exciting episode of.

A corny theme song starts playing.

Til: Ask the Power Stone Fighters!

The theme song keeps playing, and a montage of the various PS1 and 2 characters appears. The montage shows each of the characters fighting in the anime and videogames, then shows them individually striking goofy poses while their names in both English and Japanese appear above their heads.

WT: (voiceover) What's with the slideshow thingy?

Til: (voiceover) I just thought this would be a nice touch to the fic.

Falcon: Are we going to do this bloody montage thing in every episode now?

Til: No, I'm just experimenting to see how well this works with the fic.

Ryoma: This sucks! Let's get on with it already!

Til: Hold on. it's almost over.

Falcon: Bloody get on with it!!

Til: All right already! It's done! Now let's start with a letter from. erm. aaaaaasssssss

WT: Potty mouth!

Til: But that's the writer's name!

Falcon: What kind of a bloody name is aaaaaasssssss anyway?

Til: It's just an alias! Now here's the bloody letter! (Good lord, I'm turning British.)

1.To Ryoma:Do you have a sword because you are a weak coward who cant fight?(tell the truth).

2.To Gourmand:How much do you weigh?

3.To Pride:Why do you have low defence?Its lower than Ayames.

4.To Jack:What are you really?

Ryoma: Coward! How dare you call me a coward! Do you realize how much skill it takes to master the sword? How important it is to balance yourself with the proper stances, maintain the right hand positions on the hilt, use the enemy's weakness to his advantage. The sword is no mere toy! It is the tool of the samurai, the love of the samurai, the-

Falcon: Oh, shut the bloody hell up.

Ryoma: Why don't you shut up, you white pansy? It's not like you know how to use a sword anyway?

Falcon: Well, at least I can use my fists on not rely on a silly sword to do my bidding?

Ryoma: *draws sword* Silly, eh? We'll see how 'silly' this sword really is when I dice you up into white and red confetti.

Ayame: That was a pretty corny tagline.

Ryoma: Oh, shut up. *turns to Falcon* Prepare to taste my blade! *charges*

Til trips Ryoma, making him fall flat on his face. His sword flies into the air and gets stuck in the ceiling. Falcon leaps onto Ryoma's stunned body and tries to pummel him. Til pulls Falcon away and throws him against a bookshelf.

Til: Break it up, you guys, this ain't WWE! You two both need a time out! Falcon, you go in that corner, Ryoma, that one!

Falcon and Ryoma both go into separate corners with their backs to everyone else, grumbling about being ordered around by a 15-year-old.

Gourmand: Mah weight eez none of your beeznoh!

Pride: Defense? I was never truly much of a fighter, like my son. I only use violence when it is truly required, and when it is, I let out a furious attack and kick the enemy's arse!!

Falcon: *still in the corner* Gasp! Father, I've never at all heard you speak in that manner!

Pride: Oh, I truly am sorry! It's just then when it comes to fighting I just. No, I'm a man of science, not violence! I just. can't. help it.

Til: Sounds like you need some counseling, man.

Pride: I just. can't. help it.

Jack: I am Jack. And I like shiny things. And my precious. That is all that matters.

Til: Ah. here's a letter from "Ack:"

To Pete:Do any of the powerstone fighters pick on you?

Pete: Well, I often often ridiculed for my diminutive stature and my resemblance to Pinocchio.

WT: And those funny glasses!

Ayame: And the hat.

WT: And he's pretty nerdy.

Pete: *sweatdrop* But they respect my intelligence, and my desire to become human.

Ryoma: *snicker*

Til: Shut up, Ryoma.

Ryoma: All right. grumble grumble, byatch, grumble grumble.

Til: I heard that. Next we have a letter from FlamesheRuby:

Okay, my second review and questions for...*evil grin and drums roll) Jack! ^_^*

Q.1: Do you play darts? (don't hev to answer if u don't wanna.)

Q.2: How old are you?

Q.3: Why are you so cute!!???^____^

Next time, in the next chap., my next target is Wang Tang! Watch out!

Jack: Ooh, yes, darts are fun. Especially with knives. Yes, shiny knives. as shiny as the necklace that mum used to have. And my age doesn't matter. I'm Jack, that's all the matters. Even though I never thought of myself as "cute" before. But I do like shinies, yes.

Til: *sweatdrop* Another man in need of counseling. Anywho, let's wrap this thing up with a question from JediAmateur:

Ryoma, how often do you polish your sword?

Ryoma: *still has his back turned* I polish my sword twice a day with Steel- O. It keep my sword nice, shiny, and sharp!

Jack: Ooh, shiny.

Ryoma: Is my time out over yet?

Falcon: And mine?

Til: Well, all right. But no more fighting, all right?

Falcon & Ryoma: Fine. *both walk out of their corners*

Til: Now shake hands.

The pilot and the samurai shake hands, both with grudged looks on their faces.

Til: And apologize.

Falcon: I'm. sorry. for calling your sword "silly."

Ryoma: And I'm. sorry for attacking you.

Falcon: *starts crying* I'M SORRY!!! *hugs Ryoma*

Everyone: Awwwwww.

Ryoma: I can't breathe. I can't breathe. You're scaring the crap out of me and I can't breathe.

Falcon: Oh, sorry. *lets Ryoma go*

Til: Aww, it's a Kodak moment.

Mel take a picture of Falcon and Ryoma.

Til: Not literally. Goodbye for now, everyone! Stick around for more answers from the questions you asked!

Everyone waves and says "Goodbye!" in unison. The theme music from the beginning starts playing again.

WT: I thought we got rid of that!