Alright, so as disgusting and poorly acted as this movie is, I couldn't help but be interested in the surgeon's character. Yes, yes, call me disturbing, call me gross, call me a waste of space. BUT, I've made a promise to myself to not make this story descend into how the movie was. Meaning that I'm not going to write too much gore or bad dialogue...although that was pretty entertaining in a very comedic way. This story will actually have a plot centered around an OC of mine who was picked up by Jenny and Lindsey before they got their flat tire, and the surgeon whom I really wish to explore and analyze. And I hate boring stories so of course I'm going to add in my spice and mystery and change certain things. I just hope that you keep an open mind despite the fact that this is one of the last movies anyone would every write a fanfic for. Call me demented, but my idea just morphed into something I had to write. Anywho, as always, enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Abrasive Autumn

"Abby Post," she introduced with a breathless grin, throwing her knapsack into the back seat.

"I'm Lindsey and this is Jenny," the two American women introduced with friendly smiles.

Don't look like serial killers. Thank god they speak English. My butchered German would have probably gotten me killed eventually.

"Kind of late to be hitchhiking," Jenny noted as the door slammed shut.

"Well try telling that to Hans "the Assgrabber". He's this cute German guy I met who wouldn't keep his paws off me. I ditched him at a diner a few miles away when he went to the bathroom."

Lindsey and Jenny exchanged glances, pleased with the answer.

Smiling reassuringly, Abby was only thankful that they believed the lie. And that they offered her a ride.

"I'm surprised you guys picked me up. It's the kind of hour that I expected killers to be lurking about," she commented, studying the darkness that had swiftly encompassed the woods as the car began moving.

"Please. I told Jenny that you looked cool and here I was, right all along. We're actually going to a party right now."


"Yep. I think the party is in a large city so I'm sure that you can find a ride back to wherever you're staying," Jenny answered, studying the shivering girl in the rearview mirror.

Lifting the corner of her lips up again, Abby sighed internally. What a great mess the whole day turned out to be. And the worst part was that she was no closer to finding what it is that she came to Germany for.

Tuning out momentarily Jenny and Lindsey's argument regarding directions, Abby closed her eyes in solace, attempting to fight back a cancerous migraine. The past three days were spent locked up in her hotel room, attempting to understand the puzzle before her eyes. So many loose ends remained to it and her mother's involuntary help certainly wasn't doing any good.

I remember he said Berlin. Something about Berlin.

Acknowledging grudgingly that the thought wouldn't reach her, Abby ripped her focus away from the past and set it firmly into the present.

"A little trouble?" Abby questioned.

"No," Jenny spat before throwing an apologetic glance toward Abby. "Sorry. It's just...I swear that these directions are like reading a fucking encyclopedia in Chinese."

Abby expelled a tired laugh as Lindsey rolled her eyes.

"By the time you learn to speak Chinese, it'll be next year. Just let me look at it, alright?"

Grabbing the map from her hands, Lindsey flipped on a car light and studied it.

"Shit," she answered two minutes later. "We passed the road."

"Damn it!" Jenny yelled, slapping her palm against the steering wheel in frustration.

A loud POP! erupted from outside as Jenny momentarily lost control of the car before getting control and pulling it slowly off to the side.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me," she ground out again.

Although Abby didn't say it out loud, her thoughts were along those lines exactly. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere and not being able to continue what she'd came to the country for, especially when she was so near to the answer, was nearly death itself.

Luckily, Abby was resourceful and one of her first of many failed relationships had been with a mechanic. Not only had he inherited his father's business, but also his intense love and devotion to cars. Not much happened in the relationship department, having been in love with his vintage Mustang much more, but their first date did involve her learning how to replace a tire.

"I'm guessing this is a rental car?" Abby asked once Jenny had calmed down.


Nodding her head, Abby swung open the door and felt her teeth chatter loudly. It was brutally cool out and a storm was approaching. The smell was embalmed into the atmosphere.

Her eyes were forced to spring open and nearly teared up as the wind whipped at her vision without mercy.

Briefly glancing at the large tear in the tire, Abby hugged herself tighter as the wind picked up and splayed her black tresses around.

Jenny popped open the trunk from inside the car and as Abby took in the empty space, a frustrated "Shit" flew through her lips.

"What's wrong?"

Slamming the trunk down, Abby threw herself back inside the car.

"No spare tire. Not in the trunk, not under the car either."

Visibly shaking at her words, Jenny attempted to breathe in calmly as Lindsey glared at the road ahead.

And right on cue, thunder sounded loudly in the distance, followed by the pouring of rain that fell like pistols.

Is this really happening? Please let this be a prank. You can come down God and tell me that your sense of humor got carried away and stranding a 22 year old girl in the German woods was your entertainment for the night.

Alas, Abby's wish never came true and within minutes, the rain evolved into a near deafening beat as it slapped the metal on top of the car with vicious precision.

"We could try to find a town or house?" Lindsey suggested.

"I am not getting my hair wet," was Jenny's firm reply.

Studying the two, Abby blew out a lethargic breath. While she did end up lucky with who ended up picking her up, Abby noticed the lack of real life experiences the two women held. It wasn't anything horrible per se, but it only reaffirmed that she'd have to be the negotiator.

"Well, it's either wait in this car until morning or until someone passes by or we try to find some place to dry off," Abby input with an air of finality.

They both shared a look, mulling over their options.

"We're walking," Lindsey stated, swinging open her door.

Abby followed and after a few minutes of mumbling to herself, Jenny poked her head out of the car and begrudgingly set after the duo.


As soon as the house staggered into view, Abby felt a cold chill rush through her. It had nothing to do with the storm banging away at them, nor the continuous bickering from her companions. No, this was a legitimate chill that had crept down her shoulders, all the way to her spinal cord and ended with a splurge, somewhere at her lower back.

"Finally!" Jenny cried in relief.

Before Abby had a chance to voice her discomfort, the two women were sprinting across the vast lawn.

"My god, this is just like a horror movie," Abby muttered as raindrops meandered down her cheeks. "And they usually get killed if they don't follow their instinct."

Abby's instinct was very obviously letting her know that the whole area had nothing but a malignant vibe about it.

"C'mon Abby," Lindsey shouted from the distance.

The rain had become so heavy that Abby could only make out deformed bodies through the downpour.

"What are the chances of it being a serial killer's house?"

But no amusement reached her lips and against her will, Abby began a sprint toward the massive house.


"Hello! Help! Hey!"

Lindsey repeated the same words, banging hopelessly on the door.

Abby stood behind them, keeping her lips in a straight line. The closer she'd gotten to the house, the more unease she felt. It was ridiculous of course to feel malicious vibes from a house, but the feeling refused to leave her no matter how many comforting thoughts she'd tried to pick at.

Jenny pounded on the door again while Lindsey shouted. It was as if the door had been made for incessant banging at eleven in the evening by two American women.

Abby's gaze however strayed toward the window and with squinted eyes, she took in the man staring at them.

His eyes first zoned in on the two women at the door, banging harshly against it before setting back in an almost surprised gesture, at Abby.

Meeting his eyes, Abby tilted her head. The level of strange only seemed to intensify as she briefly wondered why he took the time to peek out his window. If he had nothing to worry about, wouldn't he just open it without checking to see who it was? Did he have something to hide?

The man tore away his gaze first and Abby knew what was coming.

For goodness sake, this is just a house. We're going to get in, get help, and go home.

The door slowly opened and a tall man greeted them with cautious eyes.

"Thank god," Jenny sputtered. "Our car broke down a few miles away. We've been walking for a really long time. Could we come inside?"

Lindsey simply nodded her head, her teeth chattering so badly that a proper word couldn't leave her lips.

The man observed the two women silently before resting his gaze on Abby.

Abby only stared back, her green eyes narrowing almost challengingly.

After what seemed like a minute, he gestured with his head inside.

Jenny and Lindsey threw themselves in to the heated house with relief, but Abby stayed glued to her place on the ground.

Am I really going to deny myself warmth just because this guy's house is setting me on the edge?

"Are you coming in?" he demanded, his dark brown eyebrows forming a straight, steel line.

"I-," Abby began, unsure where all of her caution came from, especially since Jenny and Lindsey didn't seem to feel it around the man, "yeah."

Glancing down at her feet, Abby stepped into the house and immediately responded to the warm with a purr that had her tongue rolling at the sensation.

"Thank you," Abby responded, turning her form toward the man.

All the peace that had momentarily settled in her, vanished as she watched the man lock the door not six, but seven times before pocketing the key used for five of the keyholes.

"Paranoid about a home invasion?" Abby joked, her voice coming out weaker than intended.

Taking in a breath, the man focused on something behind her.

"You can never be too careful," he replied, his obvious accent causing the words to come out distorted and aggressive.

Nodding her head, Abby turned back around and began to walk forward.

I am not going to compare this to the Green Mile. I am not going to compare this to the Green Mile.

Instead, she focused on the striking paintings marring his white walls. The further down the hall she got, the more obvious it was that the man was rich. Nearly screaming out luxurious, the house indicated just in its vastness from the outside that it was bought with a sense of superiority. Not too many furniture pieces littered one place and as Abby entered the living room, the bleak manila couch and matching recliners nearly showcased a sign above them that signified their expensiveness.

Currently seated on the ornate furniture were Jenny and Lindsey, soaking and dripping wet.

"Could you call the nearest rental car place?" Jenny questioned as soon as the man entered the living room.

Abby stood next to the seats, unable to find the will to sit down.

The man met her eyes with a somewhat confused glance before seating himself.

"Our car broke down a few miles away," Jenny added again, as if her statement would explain their sudden appearance.

"Yes," he answered slowly.

This time, Abby was proud to notice that the way he answered had set off some sort of alarms in her friends' heads.

"Alright," Lindsey stated uncertainly. "How far do you live from Berlin?"

The man carefully took his time answering the question. It was as if he was calculating a difficult math problem.

"50 miles," he gruffly replied.

"So you don't mind if we crash here until the ride comes, do you?"

Abby hid a smile as the man's eyebrows scrunched up. It was obvious that he wasn't one hundred percent up to date with American lingo.

"Can we stay here until the car service shows up?" Abby translated after a minute of silence.

Turning his head sharply, the man leaned back into the couch and monotonously answered, "Yes."

Seemingly satisfied with the reply, Jenny stood up and Lindsey soon did the same.

"Where's your bathroom?"

"Nearest hallway, first door on left."

It was said in the same detachment that he'd greeted them with.

"Right...well, we'll be right back."

For a second, Abby thought that Jenny was referring to her but Lindsey soon crossed in front and followed Jenny down the hallway.

Are you guys really leaving me with him? Really?

Refusing to meet the gaze locked on to her, Abby's eyes flew over more paintings in the room. One in particular had her crinkling her brow in interest as her eyes explored a symmetrical blob coming together.

"Fascinating paintings," Abby muttered distractedly, "do you live here with your wife?"

"No," was his quick reply.

This caused Abby to glance down and finally take a seat as his eyes seared straight through her.

Leaning back, he lifted his head up as a hand clutched on to the couch in deep concentration.

"I don't like human beings."

Lowering his head, he met Abby's eyes again with an open stare.

"You don't like human beings?" Abby repeated in confusion.

The words bounced around on her tongue, strange and foreign.

"Why not?" she finally asked, her curiosity on overdrive at such a statement.

Blowing in a genuine air of surprise, the man studied Abby skeptically as if deducing how serious she was about the question.

"I like being alone."

Abby leaned back and expelled a giggle through her throat.

"What?" was his sharp reply.

"You didn't answer my question...which technically is your own question. Being lonely doesn't justify your dislike for human beings. There are people who enjoy their privacy but still enjoy human company. In fact, I think human contact is necessary, good or bad, to be able to function. If we never had human contact, we'd still be in the age of the apes."

This time, the man was the one to scrutinize her with something building behind his expression.

Finally, he let out a short, quipped laugh that ended as soon as it began.

"What?" Abby questioned this time, her cheeks sprouting a cherry red.

"Your childish psychology is amusing."

Clenching a fist slightly, Abby observed the man lift the corner of his lips briefly as he stood up.

"I will go call the rental service."

Nodding her head dumbly, Abby attempted to come up with something witty to reply. However, the opportunity passed by as quickly as their conversation had and she was only left to ponder on her own thoughts.

Jerk. I bet he learned human compassion at the bottom of a lake...or from a pack of wolves.

If Abby wasn't in such deep thought, she might have noticed that as the man spoke into the phone in German, his words didn't quite make sense. Having learned most of her German from a little phrasebook she'd kept in her knapsack as well as the residents of Berlin, Abby still wasn't completely deaf to the most basic interpretations of the language.

These interpretations included questions regarding transportation.

But she paid no mind to the conversation and allowed her scurried thoughts to drift from her current situation back to the reason she was in the country in the first place, unaware of the ways that her life would shortly and strangely become derailed.


"What the fuck did you do to her?"

Abby couldn't recognize whether it was Lindsey or Jenny that had screamed. Honestly, she wouldn't have been able to discern the difference if she tried. The world around was slowing down and all of the voices in the room had melted into a melodic pot. She had no sense of falling into unconsciousness, but a part of her understood her dangers clear and present.

The glass of water slipped lazily from her hand and as the surroundings became blurry, Abby could only ponder her cursed situation.

Damn it, damn it, damn it. I knew as soon as he soon as he brought the water. As soon as he yelled at Lindsey for spilling the water. But no...I just had to shove aside my discomfort to make it seem like I wasn't judging him on first impressions. Once I reach consciousness, I'm going to rip off his-.

Another piercing yell lit up the warm surroundings as Abby gracelessly slipped against her own will into an unwanted sleep.

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