Author's note: Warning: mentions of torture and rape. This is a darker fic than I normally write. It'll be three small chapters.

"My daughter is missing, why in the hell are we just sitting here?" Amelia demanded furiously. Tears stinging her eyelids, flowing freely down her cheeks. Her husband John softly put a comforting arm on her back as Amelia broke down in sobs.

It'd been a day since Jamie had disappeared, they'd come home to the house a mess. The glass living room table, shattered. There were chairs overturned everywhere. John shut his eyes, carefully remembering what had taken place. Amelia's face and gone white with shock, and the steaming hot cup of coffee in her hand had fallen to the floor. Seconds later Amy came dashing in the door, he remembered her eyes bugging out as she took in the state of the house, then he remembred yelling out at her as she pushed past him. He'd been worried whoever had been in the house was still there. Then Amy's screams as she slipped in a pool of blood.

John opened up his eyes to see the Agents talking softy to his wife. Explaining to her that they were waiting to see if there was a ransom call. That they needed more information and couldn't just go running out. Where would they find her? In Seattle, such a huge city. Where would they start? He surveyed the surroundings to see Amy's white face. She had her arms around her knees and rocking back and forth slowly. He turned away from her almost instantly. Jamie was missing, Amy and her were identical twins. The resemblence was too much. Amy had the same green eyes, mid back length brown hair... They even had the same frowns... The same smiles...

Amy didn't know what to say, or what to do. She felt lost, confused and scared. She felt as if a part of her was missing, like her heart had been ripped out of her chest. Jamie was only 16. She kept thinking over and over again. Why couldn't it of been me to disappear? Amy thought bitterly. Crying softly, Amy was barely aware of the police officers walking in and out of her house, finding items of clothing, pictures anything to help locate Jamie. Amy closed her eyes and tried to block out the pounding sound of her heart.

Her throat hurt, and her head. Such a headache, Jamie opened her eyes, panicking inside when she realized she couldn't see. Jamie furiously swallowed and tried to move, she felt the restraints above her arms tieing her, cuffing her arms together and tying them above her head. She was standing, and couldn't move her legs together or apart. Then it all came flooding back to her. Seeing the masked man come into the house, trying to run but falling and hitting her head on the coffee table. Finally Jamie let loose and screamed as loud as she possibly could. All that came out were muffled yells, not able to be heard by anyone by who was in the room... Jamie heard the man chuckle and felt her blood run cold.

"My love," she heard his hoarse voice say, soothingly, "can't you see it's useless? No one can hear you. It's just you and me, and we're going to have some fun."

As he opened the window Jamie felt the cold chill of the air hit her body. Realizing she was only in her bra and underwear Jamie began to cry. Her tears falling from her eyes, soaking the gag in her mouth and her blindfold.

The man lovingly caressed her cheek. Jamie yanked her head back as much as she could in the situation. Withdrawing his hand in an angry movement, he reeled back and slapped her as hard as he could. Jamie felt the sting on her face, and stopped crying momentarily from the shock of being struck.

"You're going to wish you didn't do that," the man sneered.

Jamie heard the rustling of his movement and the opening of drawers. Frantically she began struggling, not sure what to expect.

He was near her again, she could feel his prescence. Frozen in fear, Jamie felt the cold touch of metal along her skin, just below the shoulder. Then out of nowhere and hot searing pain caused by the cold metal. She felt the blood trickle down her arms. A knife, he was using a knife. Jamie's crying became more hysterical. Muffled screaming came from the gag as the man carved into her flesh. Her stomach, her back, her shoulders, her legs. Jamie was delirious with pain and slowly began to catch on. The more she cried, the more he cut. Gulping down nervously, Jamie tried to slow her tears. The blood flowing down her entire body, like a waterfall of red.

The man stepped back and admired the way the red outlined the perfect, pale skin of her body. He looked down at the pool of blood on the floor and pulled the knife off of her. Watching as her heavy breathing caused her chest to retract quickly.

Carefully, he removed her gag and lifted the glass up to her lips. Tilting her head back ever so slightly he slowly poured some of the water into her mouth. As she realized what it was, Jamie drank greedily. He pulled the water away and placed it on the table, by the wall behind Jamie. With his hands, he began exploring her body. Jamie reeled back, and anger overtook him again.

He glared at her and slapped her again. Thinking slowly to himself, if she thought before was bad, she was in for the shock of a lifetime.

"I don't know okay?" Amy yelled, helpless as her body broke into sobs. "You keep asking, I don't know. No one had anything against her, she was amazing. Everyone loved her. "

Agent Hotcher nodded slowly. He'd been trying to get ideas of who might of done this, trying to detect whether it was a random or personal.

"If you think of anyone, let me know," he carefully suggested, after slowly thinking through his choice of words. JJ smiled warmly at the girl, trying to calm her as best as she could in the situation.

Amy gave him a look of understanding and turned around to leave, then froze. "Wait," Agent Hotcher looked back at her curiously, "there was this guy." After a lot of thinking Amy began to explain, "he didn't have a grudge or anything against her, but he was in love with her and stalked her constantly." She froze letting the realization sink in. "He had this infatuation with Jamie. He wouldn't leave her alone, he'd follow her to work, to school, he'd be sitting outside."

"That's right!" Amy's mother spoke up. "We pulled out a restraining order on him... But he was always there, at the 100 feet mark..."

Hotch and JJ examined Amy's facial expression as they watched the terror sink in.

"His name was..." Amy began, "his name was Stanley Parker."