"There's no one here," an officer shouted out from inside the cabin. Hotch swallowed slowly. His head pounding with the sounds of the cries of the family. There was so much blood on the inside of the cabin. It was unlikely she was still alive, they all realized this. He crouched down on the steps, placed his head in his hands and began cursing. A girl, only 16. What kind of sick creature would do this? His head overwhelmed with sympathy for the family, guilt for not finding this place sooner and despair sank in. JJ decided to give the family some hope, and spoke out quietly that the blood may not be Jamie's. He glared at her. Hope, hope was more painful. Hope could drive you mad. Just at that point an officer came out with Jamie's clothes. No matter what was said, they understood the probability of the situation and nothing could change that.

Jamie continued to sob as she pulled her aching body across the gravel. How far had she travelled? She could feel the sticky, warm blood all over her arms, face and legs. Carefully, she tried to quiet her tears, it just made the pain worse. In a fit of anguish Jamie started convulsing. She could feel and taste the blood in her mouth. After a few more seconds she heaved and the blood dispersed all on the road in front of her. Coughing, she gripped the road with her hands and continued to pull herself along the deserted road. Jamie groaned sharply as she felt the road burn her already aching legs, the rocks entering her open gashes. Jamie let out a yell, trying to get someone's attention but then felt herself choking on the blood and saliva left in her throat and began coughing again as she spit blood up all over the road

Everything looked white to her, the pain was everywhere. Oh her head, maybe she should just lie right here and let death take her. The pain was too much. Blinded by her pain, she tried to talk to herself.

"It'll be okay, it'll all be okay. You've gotten yourself this far, just keep going. Then you can see mama, papa and Amy again." Oh Amy, she thought to herself. Her twin sister, who she loved so much. Jamie pushed herself further. For her parents. For her sister...

Hotch examined the surroundings and froze up as he saw the blood pool by the steps, he'd seen this before this wasn't what shocked him. What shocked him was the drips along the driveway of a very obvious blood trail. Whistling to the officers, he began giving orders. To get the dogs, to follow the trail and find the girl, that she may still be alive.

The dogs began furiously barking as they were let off the leash and began running down the twisted driveway and police officers followed in hot pursuit.

Jamie heard the dogs barking and began yelling for help. Relief set in, they'd found her. She'd be okay. She opened her mouth to yell for her family, again. Just then she heard footsteps behind her. She was saved, joyously she whimpered in relief. She turned over to lie on her back and froze when she saw the barrel of the gun pointing right at her. She felt the hard tip of the steel toe boot holding her place, pressing down on her stomach. Jamie began to scream. She screamed for hope, for an understanding, for her family, and for a help that would never come.

Hotch froze when he heard the petrified screams and began to run faster, which he never thought possible. The echos of gunshots rang out. He knew that Amy and her parents were behind and looked back to see them tense up at the terrifying sound. As he rounded the corner, he saw the squad cars pass him and heard the sirens stop as they got around the corner. His breath stopped when he saw her. The body, of Jamie lying peacefully on the pavement. There were three bullet holes in her chest, and one in her head. He surveyed the run and realized she'd crawled a mile with one of the bullets in her since he'd only heard three shots. The next thing that Hotch heard were the anguished cries of the father, the sobs of the mother and the endless screaming of the sister.

Stan chuckled to himself as he drove out of state. Jamie, what a catch. Their time together had been great. She was his third victim... He smiled and whistled as he drove, cranking up his rock music. Head banging to ACDC, he began to fantasize about his next victim. He had some new ideas in mind and he couldn't wait to test them out.

Hotch buried his head in his hands. They couldn't save everyone. His entire team told him that... He looked at the picture of Jamie and slammed his hand on the desk. He hated killers. He hated pain. He hated the fact that someone could do this to a child. He hated the fact that the rest of his team had been on another case. They wouldn't split up, not like this again. JJ came running in with a case. Same memo as the one they just did. The guy didn't just murder one child, he'd taken another.

Hotch's jaw twitched. They'd get him this time. He'd see to it.