Entry 3

It's been a while since I last wrote. Let me check where we left off.

Okay, got it, on with that daily plan.

So, it was time for the group to meet as a guild for the first time, to discuss guildly things. In this case, the matter of approaching the Labyrinth trial. Now, I won't say much, but the guilds all have to complete a mission from the Radha (that's the government if you remember) before you can become a "legit guild".

For some reason, buying a slot in the HQ isn't enough to appease the govena'. They won't accept you as a true guild until you complete their tedius task. Now honestly, I'm kidding, you get paid as a guild by the Radha for completing the mission and it helps you grow. But it may help to note that the guilds never talk about the mission to the newer guilds, or in my case, to you. Yet. As a result, West and company have no idea what they're in for, so they want to be ready for anything. Well...

"Alright, so say we break into two groups," began West, "one to get equipment and supplies, or at least familiarize themselves with the stores, and the other to accept the mission. Is this a good plan?" No one argued. Not because this plan was the perfect plan; it's just no one had another plan. Not the best, but it was a plan. Everyone looked at one another and then they chatted and made groups. Ruby and Fend went to check out the stores while West, Reed, and Raze went about accepting the quest.

The store sector had little luck. They wandered the bizarre bazaar that is the marketplace of Etria and though Ruby saw some curios that she thought would be useful, Fend reminded her that magic good luck charms were rarely worth the ental they would spend. It was weird how little good equipment was on the market then, a rather unfortunate time for the Gales to start, 995 ental would get you a nice, shiny sword. Were it not for this, they would have probably never run into Shilleka's little store.

Now there was an amazing girl. Shilleka had inherited the store from her grandfather who had also served the needs of adventurers. The girl was hardworking and not only ran the store, but made the weapons and armor, as well as experimented with new materials. Just a little problem. She wasn't getting any new materials.

When her father passed away, there was no one to collect stuff. That had always been her father's job, to collect the materials while her grandfather and her worked on new merchandise and traded off the job of running the store. Both were gone now though, her grandfather of old age and father of an unfortunate accident in the labyrinth, quite common really. She was alone.

I'm amazed she chose to keep running store. She was mainly getting by by selling warp wires now. Oh yes, those are charms that are actually good. Warp wires have little useful hexes on them called Return. I hear rather skilled alchemists can use it, meaning Reed probably knows it but refuses to use it. In the labyrinth, it is a must have. You see, the spell is the keyed in to Etria's signal and takes you back without having to fight all the way through the labyrinth. Little things like, warp wires, are so commonplace, many adventurers have knocked on death's door due to simply forgetting to get more. You just begin to assume you have them 'til it's too late.

But I digress, Shilleka's store is in the gutter when Fend and Ruby walk in. "'ello and welcome to Shilleka's Goods, can I 'elp ya?" Said a cheerful voice. Shilleka, the dark skinned beauty she is, covered in light clothes due to the heat of the furnace, with her dark hair bouncing after her has she ran to the counter, looked happily at the new customers. Then frowned. New customers.

Now you may think it unusual that she did this, they only meant well, they were going to buy from her store and make her the money that she desperately needed, right? In fact, newbies are honestly who she sold most to. But there was one little problem. They were very lowest of the low, meaning they (as Shilleka reasoned) hadn't completed the opening task. As a result, she wasn't allowed to sell to them. So she wasn't angry at the new guild, but the Radha. Typical.

"''ahm sorry, gals, I'm naught aloud to sell ta yah 'thout a vouchah. Sorry." Shilleka didn't get many customers, so she was as disappointed as the girls. "But tell ya what, you come back hea when you've beaten tha silly task and I'll give ya the best deals this side of Etria." She grinned a reliable grin, making Ruby smile with her. Fend looked at her seriously then grinned a bit too and replied.

"We'll be back, you can count on it." And she turned and walked out the door without looking back, head held high. Ruby bowed to Shilleka in respect then dashed to catch up with Fend. There was one good thing about this though. Fend still have 995 ental. They headed back to the Inn to meet the other group.

Meanwhile, the questing group was being a bit more productive. They had left the Inn straight for the Radha building with a goal in mind, get in, get the goal, get out, meet the group at the Inn. Simple. Maybe the plan was a bit more thought out than I thought. I need to give West more credit-he actually used his brain!

When they got there, save for Reed, the grandeur of the large building was breathtaking. Both West and Raze had never seen the building in all its splendor. Outside the door were beasts of some kind, carved from marble, standing menacingly outside the hall as if protecting it. Large pillars of the same high quality marble as the beasts were used in holding the structure up, all were gilded with gold and had intricate, artistic carvings up and down, each, they could tell, told a story of the past. And the building itself towered over the largest structures in Etria. It was at least two times taller and much larger. All in all, it was pretty awe inspiring.

Finally, Reed noticed that the other two had stopped moving and had started to march up inside without the others. They soon followed only to be shocked that the inside of the building was even more decadent. Lined on all the walls were gigantic portraits of people, probably past Radha leaders and famous adventurers. There were paintings of the labyrinth as well as typical pictures of the sky. The whole building itself seemed to be made of marble and gold. The building must of cost a fortune.

When they finally walked the long hallway to reach the desk, they were met by a gaunt looking bespectacled young man. He looked busy, scribbling away at his desk, occasionally dipping his quill pen back in the ink. This man was the secretary for the Radha, and usually he handled all affairs pertaining to government-like business. The mayor was always too busy.

Gods above, the mayor. That old fart is the fossil of Etria, he's been here since our grandfathers and their grandfathers... or maybe he had a wife, and just lived here in the Radha building, and his ancestor ran the place. In my humble opinion, I think his existence more of a myth than truth, and the secretary really ran everything. He certainly worked hard enough. The lack of sleep as well as a shower showed. Well, at least he was in good company, the members of Gale smelled rank.

When he saw them approach, he got up, and looked them over with tired, but honest and caring eyes and smiled. "Welcome to Radha Hall, home of Etria's governing body." That's one way of putting it, I suppose. He looked them over again, almost as if calculating his next words. "I assume, newcomers, that you are en route to explore the forest," If the armor wasn't a dead giveaway... "However, we don't recognize just anyone who manages to throw a guild together." He said the last part innocently, but to West, that was like trampling on his pride.

His group wasn't just a ragtag group he had "thrown together". In my opinion, it was. But to him, it was a sock in the face. But not even West-no, not even Raze would talk back to the Radha without a good reason. An insult wasn't good enough.

The man continued after a pause, seeing that West's eye's narrowed, homing in on him. Ah yes, one more thing, that man seems to see every detail, despite his lack of sleep. It felt like he was scanning you, paying attention to your every movement. He was probably great at cards. If he ever got out. "If you wish to become licensed adventurers, then complete the mission we give you." This was it, the moment of truth.

"Your mission is to create a map of the first floor of the Labyrinth. Think of it as an initiation." There were at least twenty thousand maps of the first floor. He was asking the group to basically go into any store in Etria and buy a map. But wait, there's more. "Those who cannot complete such an elementary task are better off staying out of the labyrinth. Explore the first floor and map everything you see there, here is a small map to start you off; fill in the rest of the details as best you can." And now it comes clear.

You definitely have to map it yourself. There was even a little number in the upper right-hand corner of the paper. Probably a failsafe for those who try to cheat. Raze seemed to chuckle. "That's it?" She asked, emphasizing both words, putting emphasis on both words, it sounded awkward, but it got the point across. It seemed so simple. In fact it was, but it forced you to look for every nook and cranny in first floor. It is a very clever trick, in my opinion.

"That's it." He replied, then continued, "Also, you may want to consult the soldier stationed on the first floor. He can give you some mapmaking tools. We seem to be dreadfully short on them here, I wish you the best of luck." The man sat back down and with a calm smile, at the group, dutifully turned back to his work.

With nothing left to chat about the group headed back to the group, however Reed broke off from the group, telling them in one of the few occasions that he spoke, that he would meet them at the Labyrinth. The two groups minus Reed met back up at the Rooster Inn, to converse and the four of them grabbed their gear and headed off for the Labyrinth.

Well that's all for now. I'll go into the details of the mission next time. Entry 3, out.