Chapter 1

It was a nice day at Yokai Academy. Or as nice as it could be when the sky was practically blood-red and overhung with clouds. It was almost midday and the students were walking from class as per normal, including one person in particular: Tsukune Aono, the schools resident human who was more than he appeared to be.

He was heading to lunch when he was suddenly surrounded by four girls. These girls were uber cute and were some kind of monster. However, these were not the four he was used to.

The first one he could tell was a werewolf with a good sense of style, she had long curly brown hair and light brown fur/skin with yellow eyes. There were two earrings in her ears and she had a sexy smirk on her face. The next one, who was the tallest of the group, looked like she had been stitched together. She had light green skin, a blue eye and a green eye, she had green and black hair, a similar colored outfit that was various shades of green and black which showed off her long legs.

Next was an African girl with a skull lightly painted on her face, she had green eyes and was dressed in a head rag, t-shirt, vest, slacks, boots, fingerless gloves and a fedora. She had an I-Pod on her arm and ear buds in her ears, with little skulls tied at the end of her braided hair. Lastly was a young girl with red and black hair in pigtails, pale pink-skin and violet eyes, dressed in various shades of red, violet and black. And like the others she was happy to see Tsukune as she ran to him and grabbed him in a huge hug.

"RICHIE!" She shouted in a soft but loud voice. Soft to others, but Tsukune's hearing suffered for it.

Tsukune was shocked at what had just happened, mostly since he didn't know who they were. Though it was nice that they weren't trying to hurt him. The pink-haired girl pulled off of him.

These girls were from 'Monster High', from America, and had come to Japan as part of the monster foreign exchange program. Coming to Yokai Academy they had not expected to see someone they had been wanting to see for the past two years. While attempting to look for him, they found a fortune teller who told them that once they found him, he wasn't going to look the same as the person they had known long ago.

Somehow Draculaura had confirmed that the young man they were seeing was their boyfriend Richie Ryans, the son of a succubi and a fallen angel. But when he was about to graduate, he had been trapped by a group of hunters while buying the girls time to escape. He had been de-aged, his powers sealed, and was kidnapped from his parents.

When they had heard what had happen, the lovely and feisty Clawdeen Wolf had swore that she was going to get the bastard that did that to her beloved 'Incu' and leave them laying.

"I can't believe he doesn't remember us!" the daughter of the Wolfman said, "What are we going to do, Frankie?"

"Don't worry," the daughter of Frankenstein said. "Draculaura's got this covered."

The vampire looked at her friend and nodded.

"Dahila, get his clothes ready." the pink-skinned girl said to the skull-faced girl, then looked at Tsukune with love in her eyes. "I'm sorry, Ritchie, but we need you to remember us." She said, right before kissing him on the jugular, and then bit down on it. Her blood flowing into his body, Tsukune passed out as the girls caught him. Within seconds, his body started to change: wings started to come out of his back, his ears became slightly pointed and a halo with horns appeared over his head. His body started to change, becoming more muscular taller by the minute, however he still had the same Asian-features of Tsukune Aono. Then he started to awaken.

Dahila had a garment bag with his clothes ready.

Tsukune slowly started to sit up, "Oh, what happened?" Then he looked up, "Laura?"

Smiling brightly, she grabbed him in a tight hug. "Oh, Ritchie!"

"Well," said Clawdeen."It's been a long time hasn't it?" She said as she hugged him.

"It's good to see you guys." He said as he hugged the werewolf girl, "does anyone have my gear?"

Dahila held up his garment bag.

"I was waiting for you ta ask for this." the voodoo girl said as she hugged him before handing him the back. He took it and hugged her back.

"Be right back," he said and went in to the gym to get dressed. When he came back out, he was dressed in a black silk shirt with gold flames on it, black cargo pants, boots and a fedora with a gold hat band and blood red horns sticking out the front representing his horned halo. "It's so good to be back to my old self." He smiled flashing fangs, "What do you say we get some lunch, I am starving!"

Frankie slid to his left and Clawdeen to his right grabbing his arms.

Meanwhile, Moka Akashiya-the pink-haired vampire girl, Kurumu Kurono-the blue-haired succubus, and Yukari Sendo-the cute preteen witch, were looking for Tsukune. As they were heading to the lunch room, they paused when seeing the exchange students from America walk up to them with a very handsome young man. But as they got closer, they recognized him.

"Tsukune?" Moka gasped.

He looked at her with a smile on his lips. "Hi Moka," he said as he walked over to them. "Like the new look?"

"I sense something in him,"said Inner (Silver-haired) Moka. "something Powerful!"

'Doesn't hurt that he's incredibly handsome huh?' Outer Moka said to her Inner-self.

Inner didn't say anything.

"Tsukune," Kurumu spoke up. "What happened to you?"

"The same thing that happens to everyone else Kurumu, I went through a change." he said.

"I think it was a really good change as well." Said Clawdeen as she snuggled deeper in to his arm.

"You must be his friends here at Yokai. He told us about you when we were coming to get lunch." Draculaura said. "You see, he's not the same guy you know."

"His real name is Richard Ryans," Frankie said.

"He be better known as 'Kid Incu'." Dahila said.

The Yokai girls' eyes widen.

"HE'S 'KID INCU'?" Moka and Kurumu gasped.

Richie smiled. "Yep," he said.

Yukari didn't know who he was.

"Who's 'Kid Incu' desu?" the preteen witch asked.

"Kid Incu, is one of the hottest monster entertainers ever." Said Moka.

"Oh my, I...I didn't know." Sent Outer Moka, "If I did, I'd force you to make an effort to go after him."

Just then one of the Monstrels appeared, extremely pissed off and with his arm-blades out.


His transformation finished, he snarled and attacked.

"Girls, get everyone to safety." Tsukune said as Moka slid up to him. He took off his fedora and placed it on Draculaura's head as his horned halo glowed above his head. He rubbed his hands and got ready to fight."You ready?" He asked Moka, and she nodded. He reached for her Rosario and removed it, her body transforming from her super-cute pink-haired form to her sexy silver-haired true form. Then she looked at him and kissed him on the lips. "Mmm. Hot as hell, but cool as ice." He said.

True Moka blushed at his statement.

"Stop it Tsukune-kun." She said.

"Let's make this chump wish he was never born."

So they rushed the Monstrel and beat him down, after wards Moka grabbed him and hugged him tightly before she kissed him.

They continued on to lunch and enjoyed themselves, the two groups of girls actually getting along better than expected. Tsukune/Richie was happy his girls were friends now and even though it sounded like he was egotistical, he knew there was more than enough of him to go around.

However, there was something bothering Kurumu.

"I wonder where that stalker-freak icegirl is?" the succubus wondered. "She's never too far."

As the group was heading back to class, they paused when Clawdeen's ears suddenly twitched as her nose flared just a bit.

"What the..." she gasped, before pulling away from the group and sprinting towards the rear of the school.

Confused and curious, the others followed her, stopping right behind her as she came to a halt, a rather horrified look on her face.

"Clawdeen, what's going..." Tsukune said before he was interrupted.

"AAAAHHHHHHH!" a voice shouted.

The group looked over to where the scream had come from, staring in shock as they saw Kuyo, head of the Security Enforcement Committee, torturing a young man.

Tsukune and the others gasped at seeing Kuyo, left hand on fire, standing before a brown-haired, blue-eyed Japanese teenager, who was on his knees, his arms being restrained by a pair of tough-looking thugs, a large burn mark in the middle of his chest that had burnt a hole in his clothes.

Off to the side, Tsukune and the other Yokai girls saw their fellow classmate, the ice girl Mizore Shirayuki, being held by the spider-woman Keito.

However, Clawdeen was gasping because she recognized the young Japanese teen.

"SHINJI!" she howled and threw herself forward.

Since werewolves are known for their speed, Kuyo didn't know what had happened until a forceful punch knocked him away from the teenager he was torturing and dropped him onto his back.

Everyone else was shocked.

"You Bitch! You Attacked Kuyo! You'll Pay For That!" one of the thugs shouted, roughly dropping the boy they were restraining, and rushing her.

At hearing this, Tsukune and the girls quickly leapt into action. Kurumu rescued Mizore from Keito, while Moka and Frankie took down the Enforcers using their great strength.

"Clawdeen, are you alright?" Tsukune asked.

"Yeah, but... Dammit!" She cursed, "I broke a claw!"

"Ease up, She-wolf." Said Tsukune using his nickname for her. "We can get that fixed," he kissed her.

"Now, you see, this is why I like you." She said,"why we all like you. It's not because you are an incubus, you are so nice and sweet to us." She wrapped him up in a huge hug.

She suddenly broke the hug when she noticed the still unconscious boy on the ground.

"Oh, Shinji, are you alright?" the female werewolf asked the unconscious boy in her arms.

"Clawdeen! Who is this guy and how do you know him?" the pink-skinned vampire girl asked.

"His name's Shinji Ikari, and I know him because he's part of my family!" Clawdeen answered Draculaura.

"He's what?" Frankie asked.

"Yeah. He's my new cousin." Clawdeen said.

"You're 'new' cousin?" Draculaura asked.

"Long story short: he was turned into a werewolf several months ago when my father and my uncle came over to Japan for a business meeting. A woman and her son were being attacked by gangsters, so my pop and unk decided to help them. The woman was fine, but the boy had been shot by one of the gangsters when they were trying to escape. The only way to save him was to turn him. My uncle did the deed, and that's how Shinji here became my cousin." the female werewolf said.

"Because it was your uncle that bit him." Moka said.

"Right. If dad had done it, he'd be my brother." Clawdeen said.

"Well, that's logical." Yukari said.

"We'd better take him to the infirmary." Tsukune said.

"Right." Frankie said as she helped Kurumu carrying the injured Mizore along with them.

'I'll get you yet, Aono and you're little wolf girlfriend will pay for her insolence!' an injured Kuyo thought as they walked away.

(School Infirmary)

Shinji was lying in one of the beds with bandages and gauze applied to his injuries. Clawdeen was sitting next to his bed with Tsukune standing next to her on one side. Frankie and Draculaura was on the other side of the bed. In the bed next to his was Mizore, who had Yukari and Kurumu sitting next to her bed while Moka was standing next to Tsukune.

"So... if he's your cousin, why does he have ice powers?" Kurumu asked the female werewolf, having noticed his hand frosting over with claws like Mizore's often did.

"Oh. That's from his mother." Clawdeen said.

"His mother?" the succubus asked.

"His mother is a Yuki-onna descendant." the she-wolf said.

"Did she have ice powers when she was attacked?" Moka asked.

"Yeah, but from what daddy said, they weren't very strong."

"And Shinji didn't have them at all?"


"So... Shinji is a late bloomer?" Yukari asked. "It's not impossible."

"Yeah. According to what my dad said, Shinji was born with a 'genetic abnormality' that kinda stunted his ice powers from developing. When my uncle bit him and turned him into a werewolf, it awoke his ice powers, along with giving him the powers of a werewolf." she explained.

"So Shinji-kun is an... ice wolf?" Draculaura asked.

"I guess you could say that. It's pretty rare for something like this to happen, but from what my pop said, there have been a couple other people in our family who have been 'late bloomer monsters' and when they were bitten, their powers just... woke up. So they actually have two powers, really." Clawdeen said.

"When was Shinji turned into a werewolf by your uncle?" Tsukune asked.

"Six months ago. Why?" Clawdeen answered.

"I think I remember him showing up here about three-to-four months ago." Tsukune said.

At hearing this, Mizore, who was lying in the bed next to Shinji, suddenly became more interested in the young man.

While her initial attention was focused on Tsukune, she had noticed something about Shinji that was familiar to her. But she didn't realize it until he had tried to defend her from Kuyo and his Enforcers. He had given her the chance to escape, but she had turned right around to try and help him. This ended up getting her caught by Keito while Kuyo used his fire powers to neutralize Shinji.

It suddenly dawned on Mizore that Shinji wasn't a fighter by nature, but he did have guts.

Having ice-powers is a plus, really. She thought. And he's cute, too.

Off to the side, Frankie and Draculaura noticed the looks Mizore was giving Shinji. Pulling out her cellphone, the daughter of Frankenstein texted a message to her friend.

(Hey, Laura, R U thinking what I'm thinking?) Frankie quickly texted the vampire girl.

(I think so, Frankie.) Draculaura responded. (Clawdeen? U want in on this?) She texted the female werewolf.

Clawdeen smirked as she read her text from the pink-skinned vampire. Looking back from her cousin to the lilac-haired snow girl in the bed next to her, then back to her friends and their glances, before she texted back, (YEAH! :))