Meloetta's Soap Fetish

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: Big thanks to Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus, his Meloetta fetish fics, and his fanfic about Toadette and soap for inspiring me to make this! Consider this fic your PRRROMOTION!

At the Legendary Household, Meloetta entered her bathroom, about to take a lovely shower.

"All right, a quick shower and I'll be good as new!" she said gleefully as she took off her skin and stepped into the shower. Meloetta turned on the hot water as she took in the freshness of a nice, hot shower.

"Aaah that feels nice!" Meloetta said to herself as she washed her hair with shampoo. Meloetta rinsed off the shampoo as her green hair sparkled with shine in the glittering sun from the closed window above the tray of bathroom items. "Now my hair is all clean and shiny!" she stated.

Then, Meloetta felt a chill in her crotch. She had to pee superbad.

"Good thing I'm in a bathroom." she lampshaded as she let her bladder go, the yellow urine getting washed out by the ongoing water and going down the drain as she sighed of relief.

"Now to clean my body with some soap!" Meloetta reached for the soap when when suddenly her stomach growled, prompting her to rub it.

"Getting kinda hungry." Meloetta looked around but there was nothing to eat. Her stomach growled louder as she kept rubbing it. "I need food!" Meloetta looked down at her growling stomach, and then towards the soap.

"I guess this'll have to do. I mean, it's just soap, right?" Meloetta said as she picked up the yellow bar of soap. Meloetta ate the entire bar of soap without hesitation, belching loudly as several yellow bubbles came out of her mouth, each one making a musical note when popping, and each one being higher than the last. Meloetta giggled at the sound.

"Hee hee! That was fun!" Meloetta burped more bubbles that produced more notes as she popped them, sounding like trombones and smelling minty fresh.

"Why couldn't I have done this before?" Meloetta stated as she felt something in her stomach. A barrage of bubbles forming inside Meloetta's stomach. Meloetta farted, her gas coming out in the form of many bubbles, each one smelling rather minty fresh than bad. Meloetta popped the bubbles, the many notes putting together a little song. Meloetta was enjoying herself in the hot shower as she kept burping and farting more bubbles that produced more vivid music when popped.

Thirty minutes later, an impatient Keldeo banged on the bathroom door. Meloetta stopped as she let out a cute little poot in the form of another soap bubble, popping in another musical note.

"Hey Mel come on! Hurry up in there! You're going to use up all the hot water!" he stated impatiently.

"In a minute!" Meloetta turned off the shower and stepped out. She used a nearby towel to dry herself off. Meloetta placed a towel over her naked body as she stepped out of the bathroom with her black skin, allowing Keldeo to go next.

"What took you so long?" Keldeo asked as he stepped in. Meloetta farted again, the bubbles puffing up her towel, making her butt appear bigger.

"Eh heh heh..." Meloetta blushed in embarassment.

"Right." Keldeo stepped into the shower, hoping there was still some hot water left.

Meloetta closed the door, took off her towels and put on her skin, feeling perfectly refreshed.

"That felt great. Now I -HIC- hope Kel -HIC- has a good -HIC- shower." Meloetta said, several minty fresh bubbles coming out each time she hiccupped. "It must of -HIC- been from the -HIC- laughing I've -HIC- been doing. HIC!" Meloetta popped the bubbles, giggling more from their musical sounds.

"HEY! Where's the soap!" Keldeo hollered, as Meloetta was caught off guard, accidently hiccupping again.