Meloetta was moaning in pain, when suddenly the bathroom door bust open, which caused Meloetta to jump in shock. She looked and saw that it was Keldeo.

"Mel! I heard you screaming in pain! Are you ok!" Keldeo hollered.

"It''s ok Kel. I'm good now." Meloetta said softly as she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her white body. "You were right. Too much soap is bad for you..." Meloetta grabbed her stomach, which was in extreme pain from all the soap. "Better that I go back to icing."

Meloetta stepped out of the shower and after drying herself off, went back to drinking all the different kinds of icing she could get ahold of, hoping that she would eventually feel better.


"That was a short chapter! Couldn't you just put this bit into chapter 6?" said Linoone who was in the room with Abomasnow.

"Oh relax. This fanfic wasn't written by the original author of these types of fics." said Abomasnow. "Plus the original author tends to make lotsa short chapters in some stories.